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Choosing the right pair of glasses is a reflection of your personal style. Worn all day, every day, they should complement your best facial features to make you look, see and feel good.

With so many eyeglass styles, colours, and sizes, finding the right pair can be exciting but also overwhelming. To make things easier, this guide will help you pick the right frame for your face shape and the best colour to suit your hair and complexion. So, whether you're a seasoned spectacle wearer or a fresh-faced newcomer, read on to discover the best glasses for you.


Illustration of a man with a white outline around his face shape

How to know your face shape for glasses

There are several ways to determine you face shape for glasses including; using your phone, a face shape app, a self portrait photograph or a mirror. By doing so, this will help you understand which frames will best suit your facial features and bring balance to your appearance.

#1 Phone method: Trace over a photograph/selfie using your phone. Use a photo editing pen-tool to pick out the basic geometry of your face. Don’t worry if your trace is wobbly, the basic shape will be perfect.

#2: Face shape app: Download a face shape app and take a photo of yourself. The app will analyse your facial features and give you an accurate result.

#3: Self-portrait photograph: Take a self-portrait photograph of yourself, print it out and trace over the outlines of your face with a pencil or pen to determine the shape.

#4: Mirror method: Grab a wipeable whiteboard marker and stand in front of a mirror. Trace your face shape onto the mirror’s surface. (Just make sure, you can wipe it off afterwards!)


What is the best glasses for your face shape app?

The best face shape finding apps are Find Your Face Shape (Apple App Store) Face Shape Meter on the Google and Android app stores. These are generally considered the best phone apps to help you find your face shape for choosing new glasses. Alternatively, we've ranked the best face measuring apps in the chart below.



Apple Store


My Face Shape Meter




Find Your Face Shape



Not available

Measure Your Face Instantly



Not available





Golden Ratio Face






Close view of male wearing round dark glasses and grey jumper

How to choose glasses for face shape

Now that you have determined your face shape, it's time to find the perfect glasses for you! Keep in mind that these are general guidelines and ultimately, the most important factor is finding glasses that make you feel confident and comfortable.

A reliable technique is to contrast the shape of your face with your glasses. So if you have a round face, stick to boxy frames. Inversely, if you have a long face shape, round glasses will juxtapose your features.


What glasses suit a round face?

Illustration of woman and man with round shaped faces both wearing spectacles

"You have a slightly wider forehead with soft facial features. Your cheeks are less defined and you may even have some dimples."

Rectangular spectacles make your face seem narrower and less round. Large boxy frames help to make your face look smaller. Dominant colours like black will strongly contrast your face for impactful definition. Spectacles with sharp corners will contrast your soft cheeks to create balance. This is why angular spectacles with straight lines juxtapose your face for good definition.

Glasses for round faces



What glasses suit diamond face shapes?

Illustration of woman and man with diamond face shapes

"Your face is distinguished by high, dramatic cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a pointed chin. The width of your forehead and jawline are typically narrower than the cheekbones, giving the face an overall diamond-like silhouette."

Ovalized or rounded frames are especially flattering for diamond face shapes. With high and pronounced cheekbones, your face shape suits circular frames to balance and accentuate your features. Oval frames offer a contrast to your angular features, while cat-eye glasses can draw attention upward and emphasize your cheekbones, creating a stunning balance. These styles of glasses can bring harmony, emphasizing your unique features and highlighting your face's dazzling symmetry.

Glasses for diamond faces



What glasses suit square faces?

Illustration of woman and man with square shaped faces both wearing spectacles

"You have an equally wide jaw and cheekbones. This gives your face it's geometric appearance which makes glasses selection surprisingly simple".

Square face shapes are easily balanced with round glasses. A circular frame shape will balance your angular jawline and cheekbones to create aesthetic balance. Your frame doesn't have to be completely circular, but rounded corners in the lower half will work nicely.

If round frames are too “out-there" for you, try glasses with a straight-top brow and rounded lower section. This gives you the best of both, giving great visual balance.

Glasses for square faces



What glasses suit a triangular face?

Illustration of woman and man with triangular shaped faces both wearing spectacles

"You have a broad forehead which leads down to your narrow jaw. This geometry gives you a tapering, slightly triangular appearance".

Triangular faces suit a wide array of frame shapes. Depending on your style, you can choose from a number of glasses shapes; but we suggest you avoid boxy frames. Instead, consider wearing rounded spectacle frames. They'll balance your tapering face shape from your forehead down towards your narrow chin.

Glasses for triangular faces



What glasses suit an oval face?

Illustration of woman and man with oval shaped faces both wearing spectacles

"Your forehead is slightly wider than your jaw. Your high cheekbones are softened gently which makes your face oval in nature".

Oval face shapes work particularly well with boxy glasses frames. Angular spectacles will contrast your softer facial features nicely. For that traditional sort of look, big boxier glasses will suit a professional environment, day to day.

If a large boxy glasses frames are too bold, you might want something less stark. Perhaps a slimmer, more rectangular glasses frame might be the one for you. This is a more discreet choice for glasses for an oval face. 

Glasses for oval faces



What glasses suit heart face shapes?

Illustration of woman and man with heart shaped faces

"Your broad forehead and wide cheek-bones lead gradually to your narrow chin. Your hairline is V-shaped, otherwise known as a widow's-peak."

Your forehead and upper brow are rounded and soft, giving your face shape that heart-shaped appearance. We recommend you stick to large rectangular frame shapes. A bigger spectacle frame will juxtapose your narrow chin to create balance and contrast.

If you fancy something a little more adventurous, you can opt for a frame with a straighter brow-line but rounded lower half. This works well as it gives you the best of both frame features. 

Glasses for heart faces



What glasses suit long face shapes?

Illustration of woman and man with long face shapes both wearing eyeglasses

"Your have a high forehead, elongated cheekbones and a long chin. The width of your face is noticeably less than its length, giving your face a distinctively vertical orientation."

Rounded frames disrupt elongated facial structures, adding width to make it appear shorter and more balanced. The soft curves of a circular frame will create nice contrast, giving a softer, more harmonious appearance. They also draw attention to the eyes, diverting it from the length of the face.

In essence, rounded or circular frames act as the perfect counterbalance, offering a stylish, comfortable solution that complements your unique features.

Glasses for long faces




Young woman with blonde hair wearing tortoise shell eyeglasses frame

What glasses suit my hair colour?

Your hair colour can also determine your choice of glasses. Like your skin tone, your hair colour can have warm or cool tones. It's good to recognise this as you can use the colour of your glasses to accentuate or contrast your hair colour. In the list below, we've explored the most common hair colours and the sorts of glasses frames that you should consider. 


Brown hair

Glasses for dark brown hair

We recommend tortoise or black acetates. The honey and amber tones of tortoise will marry nicely with your warm hues. For the more reserved, black acetate is a safe bet. It's neutral and bold and will be a good match. Grey acetate can work here, as long as your hair is definitely dark brown.

Glasses for light brown hair

We suggest you steer away from transparent or grey acetate frames. Instead, opt for warm acetates such as dark brown, black and tortoise. Warm metal colours such as rose-gold and bronze will accentuate your hair.


Blonde hair

Glasses for dark blonde hair

Verging on brown hair, you should consider emphasising your amber and honey notes. Your blonde hair means you want a darker offset, so deep earthy acetates are a good option for you. The best possible acetates for this are aetate colours such as dark brown and black with warm coloured metals. These colours will compliment your hair nicely.

Glasses for light blonde hair

With light blonde hair you have a slightly broader scope of glasses colour choice. Try experimenting with alternative spectacle colours and metals such as green, bronze and nude crystal colours. For an alternative style, you can opt for a brightly coloured blue glasses frame, especially if you have blue eyes.


Glasses for grey hair

Searching for glasses for grey hair, there's literally zero limitations. Embrace your monochrome hair and experiment with some alternative frame colours and metal choices. With such neutral hair, you can really go for it with a bold and bright glasses frame.


Glasses for ginger hair

You probably know this by now but your hair colour is strong, so let it do the talking. Keep things neutral and choose a frame made from grey, transparent or black acetates. If chunky eyeglasses aren't your style, a thin wire frame is far less bold on your face.


Glasses for auburn hair

Copper hair tones are slightly less restrictive to your glasses choice. Most people have tints of auburn in their hair so you should celebrate this with warm coloured metals and/or deep coloured frame fronts. Earthy acetates such as deep browns will work well for you.

Alternatively, if a coloured frame seems like too much, you can play it safe with a neutral coloured frame. Whilst your hair isn't all-out ginger, you might want to avoid clashing with your gingery hues. Go monochrome with grey and black acetates, these are the plain-safe option. 


Dark hair

Glasses for very dark hair

Your hair is deeply coloured and is nearly almost black. With such a dark hair colour, you've got a large degree or choice when it comes to frame choice. A grey frame with silver metal can work particularly well for a formal/neutral style.

If you like colourful glasses, stick to warm acetates and metals such as walnut browns, tortoise or caramel acetates. If you prefer metal frames, rose gold or bronze temples will have a warming effect on your skin, which will tie nicely with your dark hair.


Glasses for dark hair

Verging on blonde, your light brown hair lends itself to darker, more earthy glasses frame colours. These consist of dark black, deep brown or tortoise patterned acetate. Amber and honey hues will tie-in nicely with your mid-coloured hair.

For a neutral style, you can opt for grey acetate and silver metals. A neutral frame can be easier to dress-for and are less stark if you have a warmer skin tone. 


Glasses for bald men

If you're bald, it can be a good idea to play around with bolder frame colours that work with your wardrobe. The best glasses for bald men are masculine, chunky frames that accentuate your eyes and face. Your face shape and skin tone are going to play a much large role in your frame decision. With one less thing to think about, you can be much bolder in frame colour and shape.

Bald man wearing black glasses frame



What glasses suit my face colour?

If you have a particularly light or dark skin tone, your choice of eyeglasses require greater consideration. Just like your face shape, it's a good idea to create contrast whether you prefer neutral or colourful spectacle frame colours.

Eyeglasses are made from a large variety of colours, patterns and transparencies, with varying metal colours, tones and textures. The combination of frame colour and metal should be considered when you're deciding how to pick the right glasses frame for your face, especially in relation to your complexion. Listed below are our best suggestions per skin tone.


Best colour of glasses for pale skin

For individuals with pale or cool skin tones, the best colours for eyeglasses are those that provide a striking contrast while still complementing the skin's undertones. Dark hues of acetate such as black, deep blue, and charcoal are excellent choices as they frame the eyes without washing out your complexion. Metallic shades like gold or silver can also be flattering, adding a touch of sophistication and warmth. For a pop of colour, consider trying frames in crystal pastel shades such as lilac or rose, which can beautifully complement pale skin without overpowering it.

If your skin has pale/warm tones , it's best to choose warm-toned frames such as tortoiseshell or rich brown. These colours will bring out the golden undertones in your skin and add subtle warmth to your complexion.


Best colour of glasses for medium skin

For individuals with medium-toned or Asian skin, a broad spectrum of colours can work wonderfully. You generally have a good balance of warm and cool undertones in your skin, which means eyeglass frames in classic black, tortoiseshell, and clear or transparent tones are all great options.

Additionally, rich earth tones such as olives, khakis, and deep browns can enhance your complexion, while metallics like gold or copper can add a refined warmth. Vibrant hues like crimson or royal blue can also look fantastic, adding a lively pop of colour. The key is to choose a frame colour that complements your unique undertones and enhances your complexion rather than overpowering it.


Best colour of glasses for dark skin

Describe the best colour of eyeglasses for dark skin tones.

For individuals with dark skin tones, eyeglass frames in bold and high-contrast colours can be a stunning choice. Classic black or rich, dark brown frames can add depth and contour to your facial features. Bright and vibrant hues like cobalt blue, emerald green, or ruby red can beautifully juxtapose against dark skin, providing an exciting splash of colour.

Metallics, particularly silver and gold, can create a captivating juxtaposition, while also adding a sophisticated touch. However, the key is to choose frames that reflect your personal style and compliment your skin's undertones, enhancing your features without overshadowing them.

Try to avoid rimless or thin glasses frames here as they will become lost on your cooler skin. Rimless glasses also have a habit of making you look older. For more details, check out this article about glasses to make you look younger.



Very close view of a blue coloured eye

What glasses suit my eye colour?

Your eye colour can also determine how you choose new glasses. If you’re lucky to have a vividly colourful eyes, why not choose a frame to enhance one of your best attributes?

The best glasses for blue eyes are typically fairly neutral. Transparent 'crystal' acetate frames let the intensity of your eye colour come to the fore. If chunky glasses aren't your style, you may wish to choose neutral metal frames such as wire-rimmed spectacles to let your eyes do the talking.

The best glasses for brown eyes are typically full-rim and darker in colour. Spectacles made from Havana, tortoiseshell or black acetates tend to work best with your hazelnut colouration. For a slimmer style, rose gold or classic gold wire rimmed frames are also a good option.

The best glasses for green eyes are typically dark, bold frames. Black or earthy acetates such as tortoiseshell tend to be the most flattering, drawing attention to what is the most rare colour of eyes.

The best glasses for grey eyes are often said to be deep blue or green. If you’re lucky enough to have this mesmerising shade of eye colour, try a frame in cobalt blue or emerald green to really bring out the colour in your eyes. For a less bold approach, try a black frame with subtle pops of these colours on the temples.

For women, your glasses can be an excellent accessory to enhance the look of both your eyes, make-up and even your eyebrows. A common question is whether glasses should cover your eyebrows or not. If you've unsure about this occurrence, check out this guide.



Glasses for face shape FAQ's

Man wearing round black eyeglasses frame resting his head on his hand

Does face shape matter for glasses?

Yes, face shape is an important factor to consider when choosing glasses. Different face shapes suit different styles of glasses, so it's important to find a pair that complements your face shape in order to achieve the most flattering look. Ultimately, you want to look and feel your best in your new glasses, so knowing your face shape can help guide your choice of spectacle frame.


Do glasses make your face look different?

Yes, glasses can definitely make your face look different. They enhance your facial features and even change the perceived shape of your face. As the first thing people will see, your spectacles say a lot about you - just like your clothes, posture and self confidence. For example, round frames can soften angular faces while rectangular frames can add structure to rounder faces. It's important to choose a frame that balances out your features and complements your face shape.


What shape glasses are in fashion 2024?

Predicting fashion trends five years in advance can be difficult, but currently, round frames are very much in fashion. They have made a comeback from the 60s and 70s and are now seen as stylish and trendy. Round glasses work well for most face shapes, particularly square or rectangular faces. However, it's important to remember that personal style should always come before trends. The most important thing is to find a pair of glasses that make you feel confident and comfortable.


What glasses are most flattering?

The most flattering glasses are the ones that complement your face shape and enhance your features. Generally, if you have a round face, square or angular frames will provide balance and structure. For those with a more angular face, round frames can soften harsh angles. Oval faces are lucky in that they can pull off almost any style of glasses, while heart-shaped faces suit cat-eye or butterfly frames. Ultimately, the most flattering glasses are the ones that make you feel good about yourself. So don't be afraid to try different styles and find what works best for you.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.