Glasses for grey hair: 40 styles

Boy have you got choice.

No really you do, because your grey hair is the perfect palette for almost any colour of glasses frame you can imagine.

You might not feel like your silver strands are anything to celebrate…but trust us. You have SO much scope when it comes to finding your next pair of spectacles.


Warm coloured glasses for grey hair

Grey haired women with round tortoise glasses frame and floral blouse


Face up to it

You need address the topic of colour. With your grey hair, you have literally zero chance of clashing with bold colours in your glasses frame. You should opt for an earthy coloured spectacle frame to bring warmth to your appearance. A pair of slim tortoise shell glasses are the classic choice.

Slim tortoise acetate spectacles made by Oliver Peoples


A grey haired man with grey beard wearing a rectangular dark tortoise eyeglasses frame


Don't fear the flecks

For men, a rectangular tortoise glasses frame is probably the safest colour and pattern for your salt and pepper hair. The earthy tones of brown and black are offset by flecks of honey and amber. This is going to give you a very refined, classic look. If bold colours aren't your thing, these glasses are a great choice.


Rectangular brown eyeglasses frame by Oliver Peoples


Woman smiling with grey combed hair wearing rounded eyeglasses frame


Try to avoid this

You've probably worn glasses for a while now. But whatever you do, stay clear of rimless glasses frames. They add years to your appearance, not to mention... they're grey too. Adding even more grey to the mix isn't a great idea, especially if you're looking for glasses that make you look younger. You can shave years off with a large thick-rimmed glasses frame.

Gentleman with salt and pepper hair wearing amber and black spectacles


Bring warmth with natural colours

Warm glasses work hard, so you don't have to. You should consider glasses with mustard and amber hues. They bring a youthful aesthetic to contrast your greying hair and beard. If you have a pale complexion, stick to darker colours of brown and amber. If you have deep skin, opt for a sandy colour to offset your darker hues.

Thick rimmed tortoise shell glasses frame by Oliver Peoples


Caucasian women with very short grey hair wearing tortoise speckled glasses frame


Short hair, big frame

Do you have short grey hair? Your short grey hair will work wonderfully with a reddish speckled frame. It's subtle, but it'll take an integral role in your pared back appearance. If you tend to wear neutral clothing, you can really benefit from a dominant and vibrant pair of glasses.

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Serious looking man with blue shirt and brown suit jacket wearing round tortoise spectacle frames


Timeless in tortoise

If you like to keep things classic, a round pair of tortoise glasses are the perfect match for you. Tortoise acetate is always in fashion so you're going to win with this style of frame.


Grey haired lady with round amber glasses frame with one hand on her head holding a cigarette


Salt and pepper hair? Spice your glasses up

For ladies, a round speckled frame is might seem like an eccentric choice. But come on, it's time to spice things up and bring some colour to your glasses game. Seen above, her round-eye reading glasses bring a real sense of character and warmth. Tortoise is the perfect glasses for grey hair.


Circular tortoise and metal eyeglasses by Tom Ford


Bearded man with grey hair wearing round tortoise eyeglasses



Quirky blue glasses for grey hair

TV presenter Prue Leith wears a rectangular blue spectacle frame with blue earrings inside the Great British Bake Off tent


Bold in blue

You must have seen Prue Leith's rectangular blue glasses? You'd be surprised how easily these glasses can tie-in with your wardrobe. Think of all the blue clothes and accessories you have that you can combine to wear these sapphire spectacles. They're vibrant. They're memorable and they harmonise with your grey hair perfectly.

Bright blue rectangular spectacles frame


Mature man with swept back grey hair and long beard wearing quirky blue spectacle frame



That's a lot of grey for one face. Why not inject some colour to your wizened complexion with a pair of quirky blue glasses? For men, this colour might seem a little out-there but this dapper gentleman has got his glasses on-lock. A pair of round blue glasses are going to jazz things up nicely.

Three quarter view of Tom Ford bright blue spectacles


Lady with long straight grey hair touching her blue rimmed glasses frame


You're scared

Blue glasses for grey hair might feel like a big jump for you. But remember, you have so much potential for unusual colour combinations thanks to your silver hair. If you're unsure about the right sort of colour for your complexion, you can find the right glasses frame using our handy guide.

Glasses for face shape and complexion.


Jeff Goldblum wearing round blue glasses frames and denim jacket


Many glasses, many personalities

The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. Your grey hair opens the door wide open to all sorts of glasses styles, especially if you're thinning up top. Bring back some definition with some statement glasses frames. This way you can introduce your sense of character between different styles of frame depending on the occasion. Party glasses, work glasses, weekend glasses...

Circular bright blue glasses


Prue Leith looking stern in her bright blue spectacle frame and orange blouse in the Great British Bake off tent


This is your chance

You've probably worn glasses for a while now. But with your grey hair, there's never been a better time to branch out and experiment with some radical colours. Your glasses are now a crucial accessory which you can incorporate into your repertoire of clothing and jewellery. Prue Leith does this to great effect, often pairing her bright blue glasses frame with her earrings and necklaces. You can see how this is your chance to start getting creative.

Rectangular bright blue spectacle frame


Steve Carrel wearing rounded blue eyeglasses with bright blue shirt smiling


Avoid this trap

Greying men? Attention please. Don't fall into the trap of the monochrome wardrobe. Your greying complexion is grey enough already. You'll only make things worse by falling into the pit of grey and black everything. Look for glasses with colourful details such as contrasting colourful arms or nose-bridges. These little pops of colour will make all the difference. Paul Smith made his career out of adding colour to menswear.


Linda Rodin wearing massive blue glasses frame and striped blue and white jumper


Bright blue rectangular spectacles frame



Dark glasses for grey hair

Three quarter view of a mature woman with a grey bob haircut and large black framed glasses


You had to, didn't you?

You couldn't resist the calling of the black spectacle frame. That's ok, you clearly like to keep things simple with clean lines and neutral colours. With that in mind, you'll want to pick a frame that'll work for your face shape. You'll want to strike a balance by contrasting the shape of your face with the shape of you glasses.

Round face? Square frame. Square face? Round frame.

You get the picture...


Slim black rectangular eyeglass frame


Tatood man with swept back grey hair lighting a cigar wearing thick black eyeglasses


Brave, bold and black

Your grey hair will marry-up with black glasses perfectly. But this is the time to go BIG and BOLD. As your complexion neutralises, this is the point where you need to step your glasses game up a notch and get brave. Chunky glasses frames are going to take a dominant role in your perception and are the perfect way to make an impact in your attire. Are you ready?

Thick black rectangular glasses frame



Lady with grey long bob haircut wearing formal work clothes and tortoise shell glasses frame

Get around it

Round glasses are eternally stylish. Get around your fear of this glasses style by going for a darker acetate colour. This is your perfect way to break into a whole new look with your choice of a round glasses frame. If you have narrow facial features and long hair, a pair of round glasses will contrast your characteristics perfectly. She's awesome isn't she?

Round black eyeglasses frame with silver staple rivet details


Man with short grey hair and tatoos lying on his side reading a book wearing thick dark spectacle frame


Daddy cool

Meet slick Rick. Besides his tattoos, he's got some serious glasses game. You're going to hear a lot of compliments if you wear a pair of glasses like his. No really, because your new glasses will become your optical calling card of style.


Portrait of lady with curly short bob haircut wearing thick black eyeglasses frame

We lied

This article is actually all about this lady right here. Just kidding. But you have to agree that this silver haired specimen is an icon of grey haired glasses wearers. If you're comfortable with a full-round frame, you should take a look at these black circle eyeglasses by Oliver Peoples.

Round black eyeglasses frame with silver staple rivet details


Smartly dressed man standing in front of an old building wearing winter clothes scarf and dark glasses frame


Effortless style

Your glasses play such a large role in your appearance. You'll want your new glasses to be comfortable and effortless to wear wherever you go, whatever you're doing. If you prefer a neutral glasses frame, you should consider a rounded rectangular style. Glasses like these can go with almost anything you wear and are a popular choice for as a bit of on all-rounder.


Confident mature lady sitting in a purple chair with purple blouse and prominent dark spectacles smiling at camera


Sorry, it's about your lenses...

Do you use a varifocal lens or a single vision? Depending on the type of glasses you'll need, different shapes of glasses frame work better for different types of lenses. Varifocals require a large lens-area. A large pair of glasses with a tall lens space will get the most out of this lens-type. Reading glasses don't need so much space and can be really slim and narrow. Single vision lenses can be fitted to almost any frame shape.


Man wearing suit and tie thick dark glasses frame sitting in a chair with his hands on the arm


Receding hair calls for round glasses

Your receding and greying hairline gives your face the appearance of looking longer and narrower. Your best way to contrast this is with a round pair of glasses with softened edges and corners. The soft nature of a rounded rectangular pair of glasses will give a nice amount of balance.

Rounded amber colour spectacles frame with keyhole bridge


Mature African woman wearing a chunky rectangular pair of glasses with striped top looking away from camera


The right glasses for your face shape

Round face, square glasses. It's all about creating contrast with your glasses frame. If you aren't sure about your face shape, you can use a number of methods to determine what shape of glasses will suit you the most. The easiest method is to trace your face using a selfie on your smart phone. Alternatively, you can trace a printed photograph of yourself being sure to follow the contour-outline of your head, jaw and chin.


Disgruntled looking elderly man with short grey hair and rounded rectangular eyeglass frame


Charmingly chunky

You'll have noticed the charm of a chunky-rimmed glasses frame by now. Rimless glasses might seem tempting due to their lightweight nature, but they're are a sure fire way of adding years to your appearance. Your safest bet is to stick to full-rim acetate glasses as they're simply more charming, not to mention more robust. If you're unsure about quality, learn how glasses are made here.


Women with short grey hair side on wearing RayBan spectacle frame and white blouse


Notice how she pairs her black-rimmed glasses with her dark earrings. Small details like these are a great way to incorporate coordination with your accessories and jewellery.


Smart dressed african man with grey beard dark glasses tweed jacket and light shirt side on to viewer


Strong prescription, strong frame

Your prescription has large influence over the shape of glasses you should wear. If you wear high-index lenses, a thick-rimmed pair of glasses with a generous lens-area will serve you well. Prescription lenses with a strength of more than +5.00 tends to call for a thick rimmed glasses frame to be able to take your thick lens-edge. This way, you can avoid having the edges of your lenses 'spilling' out from your beloved glasses frame.

Black thick rimmed glasses frame by Cutler and Gross


Grey haired lady standing in an art gallery wearing glasses and a grey scarf looking at the viewer


Glasses for the galleries

Your new found love for quirky glasses gives you the natural appearance of an art lover. Heading towards retirement, this is the perfect combination for free access to galleries whilst looking like you know what's going on. It's win win really.


Serious looking man with long grey hair with his glasses humorously hanging off the end of his nose


Respectable reading glasses

You've got two choices when choosing your reading glasses. You can choose ready-readers or prescription reading lenses. This is the difference between a quick solution and something truly special. For a superior optical experience, you should look into tailored prescription reading glasses in a high-quality frame. You'll never go back to ready readers once you've had a taste of some large-lensed luxury.

Transparent grey eyeglasses frame by Ray-Ban


Fashion designer Eileen Fisher sitting wearing dark clothes and speckled frame glasses


What do your glasses say about you?

Fashion designer, Eileen Fisher is notoriously shy. You wouldn't know it with her confident choice of flecked acetate glasses. In her creative field, she needs to project a sense of confidence despite her naturally introverted demeanour. Your glasses are the first thing people look at and first impressions are everything. What do your glasses say about you?


Mature man wearing bright yellow jacket blue hat glasses walking down the street looking away from the viewer


Bright clothes means dark glasses

If your attire is outgoing and vibrant, you can tone things back with a neutral pair of glasses. Investing in a monochrome spectacle frame means you can effortlessly wear them with your colourful wardrobe. This guy has a lot of colour going-on so his black eyeglasses frame taking a bit more of a back seat. If you wear a lot of colour, perhaps a large pair of black glasses are the ones for you.

Slim black rectangular eyeglass frame





Outfits for glasses with grey hair

Old couple walking down the street talking to each other and laughing

Thinking of making the move to a bolder pair of glasses?

If so, there's numerous ways you can incorporate your new-found style with your wardrobe.

In the examples below, you can build a picture of the types of clothes, accessories and footwear that you can match-up with your glasses to embrace your new style.


Outfits for tortoise glasses for grey hair

Tortoise glasses for grey hair


You weren’t born yesterday. So you’ll be perfectly aware that tortoise acetate is truly timeless.

This warm acetate has been at the forefront of spectacle frame fashion for a very long time. A wise choice for a wise person.

Tortoise acetate is the perfect pairing for your grey hair, especially if you’d like to project a warmer perception.

What better way to see the world than with an acetate that’s never going out of fashion?


Clothes to wear with tortoise reading glasses

Women: By now, you’ll know a thing or two when it comes to wearing colour. Tortoise has a number of tones to tailor your outfit to.

Seen above, these dark browns, black and amber all have a part to play. We suggest you take full advantage of this adaptability and adorn natural coloured clothes such as beige, brown and black.

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Mens clothes to wear with tortoise glasses and grey hair

Men: Between reading the paper or browsing a restaurant menu, these tortoise reading glasses are a taste of large lensed luxury.

With a boxy construction and robust steel hardware, these reading glasses will tie in with your maturity and refinement. A white shirt or grey jumper will really make these glasses speak for themselves.

The waiter will definitely see you when you’re wearing these.

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Outfits for blue glasses for grey hair

Round blue reading glasses for grey hair

Blue rimmed glasses like these are the perfect excuse to accompany your style of dress. For men or women, your new glasses can really tie in with items from your wardrobe.

Womens clothes to wear with round blue glasses and grey hair

Women: These blue glasses are the perfect companion for similarly coloured items such as blue shawls, scarves or shoes.

If you regularly wear a lot of blue, perhaps in your jewellery or accessories, blue glasses will tie in with your repertoire perfectly.

If blue isn’t your colour, your grey-haired freedom might be suited to our other styles reading glasses frames.

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Mens clothes to wear with blue glasses with grey hair

Men: It might feel safe but going for the plain black reading glasses is a little…predictable.

There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour, especially if your hair hasn’t got any. To celebrate your silver hair, these blue glasses are a great idea for using around the house.

The large round-eye is a classic frame shape and that blue acetate is much easier to spot before you accidentally sit on them.

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Outfits for grey glasses for grey hair

Grey glasses for grey hair


If colour really isn’t your thing, we get it.

Bold colours like blue might seem a little bit extravagant so why not opt for something discreet?

Monochrome acetates give you the largest scope for wearing colourful clothes.

If you have a lot of brightly coloured garments and want to avoid clashing with them, a grey pair of glasses is a good idea.


Womens clothes to wear with grey glasses and grey hair

Women: Bright clothing and jewellery can be offset with a neutral glasses frame. Spectacles like these give room to the other parts of your attire. Vibrant necklaces and earrings can speak for themselves, hanging in harmony with these grey glasses.

If it’s an understated style you’d like, grey spectacle frames are the ones for you.

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Brightly coloured clothes for men to wear with grey glasses and grey hair

Men: Give yourself one less thing to think about with these grey frame reading glasses. The semi-opaque acetate is the perfect palette for brightly coloured ties or jazzed-up shirts. Grey hair and grey glasses mean gives you free reign with your wardrobe.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.

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