The best glasses for grey hair: 35 inspirational styles

Are those glasses too young for me?

Or will they just make me look older?

We see your grey hair... and warmly welcome you to this definitive guide to your next perfect pair of eyeglasses.

In this blog post, we'll explore inspirational glasses styles for men and women that cater to every taste and face shape, ensuring that your next new glasses frame not only improves your vision but also elevates your overall look.

From classic shapes to modern designs, prepare to find your next statement accessory that harmonizes beautifully with your grey hair.


Warm coloured glasses for grey hair

Grey haired women with round tortoise glasses frame and floral blouse

Face up to it

You need address the topic of colour. With your grey hair, you have literally zero chance of clashing with bold colours in your glasses frame. You should opt for an earthy coloured spectacle frame to bring warmth to your appearance. A pair of slim tortoise shell glasses such as the Oliver People's Riley R are a classic choice.

Slim tortoise acetate spectacles made by Oliver Peoples



Woman smiling with grey combed hair wearing rounded eyeglasses frame

Try to avoid this

You've probably worn glasses for a while now. But whatever you do, stay clear of rimless glasses frames. They add years to your appearance, not to mention... they're very clinical and soulless-looking too.

Adding even more grey to your perceptions isn't a great idea, especially if you're looking for glasses that make you look younger. You can shave years off with a full-rimmed glasses frame made from a patterned or naturally coloured acetate.

The Nisen glasses frame by Oliver Peoples is a prime example. The rectangular shape is ideal for a round face shape and the warm toned tortoiseshell pattern adds depth and dimension to your look.

Rectangular amber coloured eyeglasses frame



Caucasian women with very short grey hair wearing tortoise speckled glasses frame

Short hair, big frame

Do you sport short grey hair? Your silver locks will complement a reddish speckled frame beautifully, adding a subtle yet essential touch to your understated look. If you lean towards neutral attire, a bold and lively pair of glasses can truly elevate your style.

The M111 spectacle frame by Saint Laurent is a fantastic choice for those with short hair. The deep red acetate adds vibrancy to your appearance, while the rectangular shape keeps it sleek and modern.

Side view of Havana pattern eyeglasses frame



Grey haired lady with round amber glasses frame with one hand on her head holding a cigarette

The classic round eye

For ladies, a round speckled frame is might seem like an eccentric choice. But come on, it's time to spice things up and bring some colour to your glasses game. Seen above, her round-eye reading glasses bring a real sense of character and warmth.

Circular tortoise glasses like the Cutler and Gross GR01 are perfect for adding a fun and playful touch to your outfit. The contrasting burgundy and Havana pattern will catch the eye, while the round shape softens angular facial features.

Side view of circular Havana pattern spectacles frame



Lady with grey long bob haircut wearing formal work clothes and tortoise shell glasses frame

Do tortoise shell glasses go with grey hair?

Yes, tortoise shell glasses can go with grey hair. In fact, they make for a stunning combination! The warm tones and intricate patterns of tortoise shell frames add depth and dimension to your overall look. They also pair well with all shades of grey hair from silver, to white to salt-and-pepper.


Blue glasses for women with grey hair

TV presenter Prue Leith wears a rectangular blue spectacle frame with blue earrings inside the Great British Bake Off tent

Do blue glasses make you look younger?

Yes, blue glasses are a fantastic way to make you look younger. Blue spectacles are a contemporary and 'arty' look that adds vibrancy to your overall appearance. It also has a calming effect, which can give the illusion of youthfulness. For women with grey hair, blue glasses instantly inject colour and contrast to your neutral hair colour, creating a youthful and stylish look.


The queen of colour

Surely you must have seen Prue Leith's rectangular blue glasses? You'd be surprised how easily vibrant spectacle frames like these can tie-in with your wardrobe. Think of all the blue clothes and accessories you have that could harmonise with these sapphire spectacles. 

To get the Prue Leith look, you can buy these exact frames here. Handmade in France from transparent blue acrylic, these angular blue eyeglasses are a quirky but fresh look that will keep you looking relevant, youthful and confident.

Side view of vivid blue spectacle frame



Prue Leith looking stern in her bright blue spectacle frame and orange blouse in the Great British Bake off tent

This is your chance

You've probably worn glasses for a while now. But with your grey hair, there's never been a better time to branch out and experiment with some radical colours. In your golden years, your glasses are an integral accessory which you can incorporate into your repertoire of clothing and jewellery.

Prue Leith does this to great effect, often pairing her bright blue glasses frame with her earrings and necklaces. The Cutler and Gross 1305 is a fine example of a statement piece that will go well with your silver or white hair. Its angular frame shape and matte surface finish are both elegant and contemporary.

Side view of thick blue eyeglasses frame



Linda Rodin wearing massive blue glasses frame and striped blue and white jumper

For a softer look, a dark transparent navy frame in a rounded frame shape might be a better option for you. If so, you should check out the Celine CL40268U spectacle frame. Modelled on the classic Wayfarer glasses shape, this bold but feminine design features triple-rivet hinges for a robust and reliable construction.

Three quarter view of chunky blue spectacle frame



Black glasses for women with grey hair

Woman with tied up grey hair sitting at desk smiling wearing oval black eyeglasses

Do black glasses look good with grey hair?

Yes , absolutely. Black glasses are a timeless and versatile choice that can complement all hair colours, including grey or silver hair. Black-rimmed frames are easily the most popular and versatile style of glasses and can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your overall look.

Black glasses come in various styles and shapes, from classic rectangular frames to trendy cat-eye or round frames. Additionally, some frames also come with different finishes like matte, glossy, or semi-rimless to add a unique touch.

Check out our best suggestions below;


Portrait of lady with curly short bob haircut wearing thick black eyeglasses frame

Mid-century marvel

Harking back to the optical style of the '50s, thick black eyeglasses epitomize a blend of sophistication and vintage appeal, making them an exceptional choice for women with grey hair. The era's signature frames, often characterized by thicker rims, complement your facial features whilst adding a layer of timeless elegance, merging modern fashion sensibilities with classic allure.

The Oliver Peoples Desmon glasses frame creates a striking contrast against lighter hair shades, enhancing your features and adding a sense of confidence to your appearance.

Front view of oval '50s style black eyeglasses frame



Mature lady with grey hair wearing black cat eye glasses frame smiling

The reliable cat eye

Yes, there are some outrageous looking cat eye glasses out there, studded with enough diamantes to sink a hip. But done correctly, they can be an incredibly fashionable style for women with grey hair thanks to their unique blend of retro charm and contemporary elegance. This time-tested silhouette, known for its upswept corners, effortlessly accents your facial features, injecting a youthful vigour and a hint of mysterious allure into your appearance.

For a classy cat eye look, the Cutler and Gross 1370 is an impeccable choice. The bold black frame, coupled with its understated 'flicked' shape, masterfully complements both your hair and skin tone, making it a top pick for any occasion.

Side view of black Cat eye spectacle frame



Woman standing in strong sunlight wearing purple blazer and round black eyeglasses frame

Are thick round glasses too young for me?

Not in the slightest. In fact, thick round glasses can look incredibly chic and sophisticated on women with grey hair. Black circular glasses create a bold contrast against your skin for a stark but stylish look that oozes youthful vitality.

Think about those skeletal rimless rectangular frames. Devoid of any character or soul, what would be the complete opposite choice? Check out the Oliver People's Gregory Peck spectacle frame in black.

Side view of round black eyeglasses frame




Are round glasses attractive?

Classy, chic and forever fashionable, round glasses look attractive on women with high cheekbones and long-ish face shapes. Round spectacles are studious looking style that've been worn for decades and have an effortlessly fashionable look that flatters your eyes, emotion and subtle facial expressions.

For a truly classic and timeless look, traditional full-round spectacles are a wonderful option. In neutral black, they're incredibly versatile and can be worn with any outfit at any occasion for a friendly, youthful and endearing aesthetic. Young or old, anyone who suits round-eye frames such as the Cutler and Gross 9001 can rely on this style - for life.

Front view of round black eyeglasses frame



Three quarter view of a mature woman with a grey bob haircut and large black framed glasses

The safe option?

You couldn't resist the calling of the black spectacle frame. That's ok, you clearly like to keep things simple with clean lines and neutral colours. With that in mind, you'll want to pick a frame that'll work for your face shape. You'll want to strike a balance by contrasting the shape of your face with the shape of you glasses.

Round face? Square frame. Square face? Round frame.

You get the picture...

For a reliably made, neutral black glasses frame, the Cartier CT0291O is a robust spectacle made from thick black acetate. For an added touch of flair, the temple arms are laminated with clear acetate to reveal the reinforcing temple cores within.

Side view of thick black rectangular spectacles



Confident mature lady sitting in a purple chair with purple blouse and prominent dark spectacles smiling at camera

About your lenses...

As you age, your prescription may nudge you into the multifocal lens category; requiring you to use either varifocal (progressive) or bifocal lenses. If so, you'll want to maximise these advanced lenses by choosing the right shape/style of frame.

You might be wondering how this works, so as a rule of thumb, varifocals typically work best in glasses with a tall lens space. If you know you need progressive prescription lenses, consider a large-lens frame such as the Celine CL50066I glasses frame. As seen below, these beautiful black frames offer ample lens height for uninhibited viewing.

Side view of tall square black glasses frame



Mature African woman wearing a chunky rectangular pair of glasses with striped top looking away from camera

Choosing glasses for your face shape

Selecting the correct glasses for your face shape is more than just a stylistic preference—it's a crucial aspect of ensuring that your eyewear enhances your overall appearance and balances your facial features.

For instance, the right frame shape can make your face look more proportionate, whether you're trying to elongate a round face or soften the angles of a square jaw. This synergy between frame and face shape not only boosts your confidence but can also make you look younger and more 'current'.

Beyond aesthetics, choosing glasses that suit your face shape contributes significantly to your comfort and vision. Furthermore, when eyewear fits properly, it maximizes your field of vision and effectiveness of your prescription lenses, which is especially important if you wear multifocal lenses.



Stylish looking mature woman wearing thick black spectacle frame and white blouse

Do big glasses make you look younger?

Yes - big glasses frames have an inherently younger look as they create a strong and confident looking contrast on your face. With a thick rim and large lenses, big glasses frames become the central focus of your appearance, drawing attention to your eyes and expression.

Small glasses (either rimless or wire frames) are less impactful on your face, indicating less confidence and vibrance for a reserved and often older look.

Ultimately, large full rim frames made from thick acetate tend to make you look younger. The most popular colours are typically black, tortoise shell imitation or transparent earthy colours such as brown, beige or amber. These tones are a great way to imbue natural looking warmth to your complexion, all whilst freshening-up your perception.


Mature lady in round spectacles with long grey hair

Do clear glasses look good with grey hair?

Clear glasses with grey hair is a risky move. If you have tanned skin or a naturally warm coloured pigment in your complexion, neutral transparent acetate glasses can look fantastic. They're much less bod on your face compared to opaque black frames and offer a more delicate sort of look thanks to their transparency.

However, if you have very pale/cool coloured skin, neutral crystal acetate can badly wash you-out. Instead, you should try some nude crystal glasses which has more warmth. Transparent colours such as amber, coral or nude are a better look if you have grey/ing hair.

Round nude crystal eyeglasses frame



Best men's glasses for grey hair

Mature beareded man with grey hair wearing thick oval eyeglasses and striped sweater

Age-defying tightrope

Trying to look younger without trying at all.

Choosing the right men's glasses for grey hair is fine balance. Of course, you want that one frame you can rely on for years to come. It needs to look stylish and masculine without being overly flamboyant or 'shouty'.

We've got you covered.

Below is an inspiring array of grey-haired chaps with strong glasses game. No matter your personal style, there's something here to suit everyone. So let's get started.


Tortoise glasses for men with grey hair

Grey haired man wearing blue shirt and thick eyeglasses frame outside in street

Forever Fresh

Thick round glasses embody a timeless elegance that perfectly complements the distinguished look of mature men with grey hair. The bold silhouette of round frames provides a striking contrast against softer facial features, often accentuated by the natural aging process, thereby giving you a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

The thickness of the K-BURG spectacle frame creates a substantial visual element that adds character and depth to your face, harmonizing beautifully with the rich texture of grey hair. This style not only enhances your features but also exudes confidence and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a statement with their eyewear.

Front view of round burgundy eyeglasses frame



A grey haired man with grey beard wearing a rectangular dark tortoise eyeglasses frame

Don't fear the flecks

For men, a rectangular tortoise glasses frame is probably the safest colour and pattern for your salt and pepper hair. The earthy tones of brown and black are offset by flecks of honey and amber. This is going to give you a very refined, classic look. If bold colours aren't your thing, the Oliver Peoples Denison frame is a great choice.

Side view of rectangular streaked brown spectacles



Gentleman with salt and pepper hair wearing amber and black spectacles

Bring warmth with natural colours

Stylish eyeglasses do the heavy lifting for you, offering a youthful touch with mustard and amber tones to complement your greying hair and beard. For a fair complexion, go for darker shades of brown and amber, while those with deeper skin tones can opt for transparent or sandy hues.

If you struggle to find the right shape of eyeglasses, one of the most popular styles is the '50s inspired oval frame. Not overly round, nor sterile square, the Oliver Peoples Carey Grant is a stylish spectacle for any man to wear with confidence.

Thick rimmed tortoise shell glasses frame by Oliver Peoples



Serious looking man with blue shirt and brown suit jacket wearing round tortoise spectacle frames

Timeless in tortoise

Tortoise glasses frames stand out as a stylish choice for mature men looking to instill a youthful vibe into their appearance. Their intricate blend of brown, amber, and honey shades harmonizes with a variety of skin tones, making them universally flattering.

Additionally, the unique pattern of tortoise frames adds a layer of depth and character to your face, diverting attention from signs of aging and injecting an element of sophistication and timeless appeal.

Tortoise glasses frames like the Garrett Leight Carlton frame remain a perennial favourite, capable of elevating any look with an effortlessly chic and age-defying touch.

Side view of brown Havana pattern spectacles frame



Man wearing suit and tie thick dark glasses frame sitting in a chair with his hands on the arm

What glasses suit receding hair?

A thinning hairline gives your face the appearance of looking longer and narrower. Your best way to contrast this is with a round pair of glasses with softened edges and corners. The soft nature of a rounded rectangular pair of glasses will give a nice amount of balance.

To bring natural warmth to your appearance, consider an earthy coloured acetate such as semi translucent amber, honey or brown. The Garett Leight Clark spectacle is an elegant example.

Rounded amber colour spectacles frame with keyhole bridge



Transparent glasses for men with grey hair

Mature man with grey hair adjusting his round clear eyeglasses frame with one hand

The chameleon of eyewear

Clear acetate suits everyone.

No matter your skin tone or the clothes you wear, transparent spectacles are one of the most versatile styles you can choose from. If you find that chunky frames are just 'too bold' on your face, crystal acetate is a great way to go.

Same thickness.

But less stark.

Transparent acetate simply make less contrast on your skin compared to burly black frames. Better still, it doesn't clash with even your brightest garments, which for some, is a consideration.

For inspiration, check out the Linea K glasses frame in Arctic Grey acetate. These round clear glasses are a great option for men with grey hair, as they add a touch of modern sophistication while keeping the focus on your face. Pair them with a sharp suit or dress them down with a casual button-down shirt for an effortlessly stylish look.

Round clear frame eyeglasses lying folded



Mature male wearing clear frame eyeglasses

Swiss army knife

For any occasion, clear frame glasses are your go-to choice. They are perfect for formal events, professional settings, and even casual hangouts with friends. Not only do they complement all outfit styles, but they also add a touch of elegance to any look.

Moreover, transparent glasses for men with grey hair have the added benefit of being unobtrusive and not attracting too much attention to your face. Which is ideal if you struggle with the boldness of thick-rimmed glasses frames.

If round frames are too stylised for you, add some angularity with the Cutler and Gross 9101. Made from this neutral crystal acetate, the top-heavy browline and rounded-rectangular rims are a safe choice.

Side view of Wayfarer clear frame eyeglasses



Blue glasses for men with grey hair

Mature man wearing round blue crystal eyeglasses frame running his hand through his grey hair

A bit of colour

Subtly coloured glasses, particularly in shades of blue, can significantly enhance the aesthetic of men with grey hair, offering a refreshing pop of colour that is neither overwhelming nor too bold. The understated hue complements the natural silver tones of the hair, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.

Subtly blue coloured glasses can act as a soft yet impactful statement piece, drawing attention to your eyes. This colour choice is perfect for those seeking to inject a subtle element of vibrancy into their appearance without deviating from a classy, refined style.

Side view of thick round blue spectacles




Subtle but confident

Your grey hair opens the door wide open to all sorts of glasses styles, especially if you're greying up-top. Bring back some definition with some statement glasses frames. Instead of opting for the basic colour options of black or neutral, why not go for something slightly more daring?

Lightly tinted blue spectacles such as the Linea G in Tanzanite Blue can add a touch of personality and confidence to your overall look while still maintaining a sense of sophistication and maturity.

Circular blue spectacle frame



Black glasses for men with grey hair

Tatood man with swept back grey hair lighting a cigar wearing thick black eyeglasses

Big and bold

For a confident look, big bold glasses are the only way to go. As your complexion neutralises, it's crucial to elevate your eyewear game and embrace confidence. Chunky frames will play a significant role in your look, adding a stylish touch to your outfit.

These boxy glasses by Barton Perreira are sculpted from decadently thick black acetate , with a strong brow line to enhance your features. Boisterous frames like these command a confident look on any man.

Three quarter view of thick black rectangular eyeglasses frame



Man with short grey hair and tatoos lying on his side reading a book wearing thick dark spectacle frame

Effortless style

'50s style black glasses frames embody an iconic blend of nostalgia and timeless elegance, positioning them as an impeccable choice for mature men. This vintage-inspired style not only enhances facial features with its bold, clean lines but also instils a sense of distinguished sophistication and confidence. Their classic appeal is universally flattering, offering a direct nod to an era where style and substance went hand in hand, making them an ideal accessory for the modern gentleman who appreciates the finesse of vintage fashion.

'50s style oval black spectacles frame



Smartly dressed man standing in front of an old building wearing winter clothes scarf and dark glasses frame

Can you wear black glasses with grey hair?

Absolutely! Black glasses can complement grey hair perfectly, adding a touch of contrast and sophistication to your overall look. The key is to choose the right style and shape of glasses to suit your face shape, as well as achieving the right fit for your head-size.

If you're concerned black glasses are too harsh or stark on your face, consider opting for a thin acetate frame. This does two things; 1: you and onlookers will become accustomed to seeing you in full-rimmed glasses. 2: The next time you update your frame, you can choose something bolder with less 'shock' value.

Easing you-in to your new glasses look, a slim black spectacle frame is a great place to start. Check out the Lite 002 spectacle in Onyx Black. The thin acetate front is a versatile rectangular style which suits the majority of face shapes with a flat-top brow line for added masculinity.

Slim black rectangular shape eyeglasses



Smart dressed african man with grey beard dark glasses tweed jacket and light shirt side on to viewer

Strong prescription, strong frame

Your glasses' shape should complement your prescription. If you have high-index lenses, opt for thick-rimmed glasses with a generous lens area. Prescriptions stronger than -5.00 often benefit from thick-rimmed frames to support the thicker lens edges. This choice prevents the lenses from protruding beyond the frame.

The Cutler And Gross 0772 is a prime example of a robust and masculine glasses frame. Its thick black acetate frame and rectangular shape can complement grey hair while maintaining a strong presence on the face.

Black thick rimmed glasses frame by Cutler and Gross



Disgruntled looking elderly man with short grey hair and rounded rectangular eyeglass frame

Noticed the pattern yet?

Many of the glasses frames featured in this blog post are noticeably thick, full rimmed and made from acetate. Ans for good reason. Rimless glasses might seem tempting due to their lightweight nature, but they're are a sure fire way of adding years to your appearance. 

Your safest bet is to stick to full-rim acetate glasses as they're simply more charming, not to mention more robust. Regardless of your age, a solid set of glasses like these can make you look and feel more confident. Because let's face it, who doesn't want to look and feel their best?

Slim oval shaped black spectacles



Serious looking man with long grey hair with his glasses humorously hanging off the end of his nose

Wear reading glasses?

When selecting reading glasses, you face a choice between ready-readers or custom prescription lenses. This decision marks the distinction between a quick fix and a genuinely exceptional experience. For a top-tier optical journey, consider personalized prescription reading glasses housed in a premium quality frame. Once you indulge in the luxury of large-lensed elegance, you'll never settle for ready-readers again.

Side view of slim rectangular eyeglasses frame



Mature man wearing bright yellow jacket blue hat glasses walking down the street looking away from the viewer

The architect look

Thick round black eyeglasses are known as the quintessential style for accomplished male architects and designers. Worn by the likes of Le Corbusier and Philip Johnson, they embody a blend of intellectual boldness, minimalist aesthetic, and practical functionality.

The bold geometric lines and the simplicity of the thick black acetate contrast strikingly against different skin tones and outfits, making these glasses a versatile choice for professionals who invest in their personal brand. Furthermore, the round shape softens your facial features for a stark but studious aesthetic.

For the architect look, check out the Linea H spectacle in Onyx Black. These round black glasses are handcrafted from premium Mazzucchelli acetate and custom metal hardware. With their timeless design and superior quality, these glasses will elevate any outfit to new heights of sophistication.

Black circle eyeglasses frame


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.



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