Best glasses for long faces

What's with the long face?

Okay, it can be tricky finding the right glasses frames.

But fret not.

This article will help you find the best spectacles shape and style for you. No matter your budget, you’ll find helpful information for the perfect shape of glasses in this article.


Do I have a long face?

If you have a long face, you’ll likely have an equally wide forehead and cheekbones a long chin and a narrow appearance to your head. If your head looks longer than it is wide, you have a long face shape.

Ask your friends

It's also a good idea to ask your friends and family whether they believe you have a long face. Once you’re sure that you have a long face, you can move on to finding the best glasses for your face shape.

Face measuring apps

In addition, there are also some great face measuring apps that you can use. These apps use your phone's camera to measure the dimensions of your face. To ensure if you have a long face, this is a fantastic technique to double check.


Portrait view of English footballer David Beckham


Five signs you have a long face

  1. Your face is longer than wide: This is the most common sign of a long face. A long face is one in which the length of the face is greater than the width of the face.
  2. Your forehead is large: A large forehead is a sign of a long face. If you have a large forehead, your face can appear even longer.
  3. Your chin is pointy: A pointy chin also hints to a long face.
  4. You have high cheekbones: High cheekbones are another usual indication of a long face.
  5. You have a long nose: A long nose is the final common sign of a long face.

Now, you can tell whether you have a long face by these tell-tale indications. When it comes to finding the perfect pair of glasses to complement your face shape, keep these pointers in mind.



What glasses look best on an oblong face

Wide oval or tall boxy frames contrast oblong facial features and give you a more balanced appearance. By contrast, spectacles which have tall lens shapes are typically best for shortening long faces.

Depending on your preference, there are various glasses shapes you can choose from.

For an overview on shapes and style, scroll below to see the basic categories.


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Square glasses
Two-tone glasses
Thick frame glasses
Oval glasses
Cat-eye glasses
Round eye glasses

Men's glasses for long faces

Women's glasses for long faces


Young male with long face wearing square brown eyeglasses

Square glasses

Dominant boxy glasses are a great option for long faces. The sharp corners and angular details bring definition and width to your face. Bold acetate frames like these help balance your lengthy face.



Actor Chris Evans wearing thick square gradient spectacle frame


Two-tone glasses

Two tone glasses are a classic 50’s style. These acetate frames create an optical illusion that makes your face look shorter. The top half of the frame is usually dark whilst the bottom half is transparent or light in colour. This helps break up your face-length to make it look shorter.

Round black and clear eyeglasses frame



Blonde haired mature male wearing chunky green coloured eyeglasses pointing at viewer


Thick frame glasses

Bold, full rim frames are trending right now, and they’re the perfect style for men or women with long faces. By contrast, chunky frames will make women’s faces look smaller. Celebrities like Chris Evans, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid wear oversized eyeglasses for flattering affect.

For men, bulky frames are a dominant and confident style. Thanks to the sheer size of big glasses, they’ll cater for any type of prescription lenses. In this instance, thin frames are less forgiving and might not be suitable for your required lenses.

Square green spectacles frame with flat bridge



Black male wearing thick rimmed recycled plastic spectacles looking directly at viewer


Oval eyeglasses

Oval eyeglasses are a great frame style because they visually shorten and slim your face. For example, classic round spectacles like those below are the perfect style if your forehead and chin are long and tall. Timeless and stylish, they have the shortening affect you’re looking for.

Large round blue glasses frame


Woman wearing amber acetate cat eye style glasses

Cat-eye eye glasses

Cat-eye eye frames are an excellent choice for long faces. They widen your face and give you a more balanced appearance. Choosing a cat-eye frame that is not too pointy is important, as they can seem overly stylised. These subtle cat-eyes are a good option, as they are slightly rounded at the corners.

Medium size dark grey glasses frame


Woman wearing bold colourful round eyeglasses

Round eye glasses frames

Round eye glasses frames are the perfect style for adding ‘visual width’ to a long face. They help soften facial length and make it look more balanced. However, it's important to avoid overly small frames as this can make your face look long and narrow.

Round green eyeglasses with tortoise temples


6 tips for glasses for a long face

  1. Choose wide glasses frames to visually broaden your head and create a more rounded impression.
  2. Try a frame that’s darker than your skin tone. Pronounced glasses with identifiable shape creates facial contrast and can make your face seem shorter.
  3. Thick full-rim frames dominate your appearance, detract from your long face for a better proportional look.
  4. For women oval or cat-eye frames help to widen your face making it seem less long.
  5. Select glasses frames which are the exact fit for your face. Whilst style is important, badly fitting glasses can be uncomfortable, annoying and even impeded their performance.
  6. Choose eyeglasses you feel confident in. Over their lifespan your choice of glasses become part of your identity.



Which glasses to avoid for long faces?

There are a few glasses styles that you should avoid if you have a long face.

  1. Glasses that are too small.
  2. Glasses that are too pointy.
  3. Glasses that are too short in height.
  4. Glasses that don't fit well.

If your glasses don't fit well, they’ll slide down your nose and make your face look longer. For a guide to frame sizing click here.

Conversely, incorrect bridge width or temple length can cause pinching and your frame may sit too high on your nose or ears. This can interfere with the performance of your lenses, especially varifocals.

Glasses for big noses






Best glasses for long face male

If you're a man with a long face, a few different glasses styles will look great on you.

To get started, hit any of the quick links in the box below to jump ahead.


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Best men's glasses for long faces

Browline glasses
Oval glasses
Wayfarer glasses
Wire glasses
Oversized glasses
Aviator glasses
Clubmaster glasses
Rectangular glasses


Three quarter view of man in brown hat and browline glasses frame touching his face

Browline glasses

Browline glasses are a great option for long faced men as they help break up your facial length. They’re thick in the upper half and thin in the lower. This top-heavy aesthetic helps to make your face look shorter. An excellent example is the classic clubmaster frame.


Portrait view of actor Dan Levy wearing oval shaped eyeglasses

Oval glasses

Oval spectacles give your face additional breadth to balance it out. This spectacle style is truly timeless thanks to their surge of popularity during the mid-century. Depending on your preference, oval glasses frames can be metal, acetate or both in numerous colours.

Large dark grey oval glasses frame


Street view of blonde man in suit and tortoise wayfarer eyeglasses

Wayfarer glasses

Wayfarer frames are a fail-safe option for men. Usually, they have a thick rim and squarish lenses which help shorten your face's appearance. Commonplace in the 50’s and 60’s, chunky spectacles like these take centre stage in your appearance, detracting from the length of your face and adding to your classic sense of style.

Large square tortoise glasses


Ginger male with long face wearing round wire eyeglasses with yellow tinted lenses

Wire glasses

Wire frame glasses are back on trend thanks to visionaries such as Steve Jobs. Behind a set of stylish wires, you’ll have a refined 70’s look, one of which John Lennon would strongly approve.

Taking your wire frame to the next level, you could always introduce a little colour using a mild lens tint. A subtle splash of blue, orange or green can add a whole new dimension to your ensemble.



Three quarter view of man wearing oversized Aviator spectacles frame

Oversized glasses

Dominant glasses frames are ever-popular for men. They simply yield such bold confidence. For long faced men or those without hair, a large boxy frame is the perfect way to balance your appearance.

Look for frames which are tall and square in their lens shapes. The taller the frame, the shorter your face will look. Slim rectangular frames have the opposite affect and make your face look longer.


Bearded man with long face looking downwards wearing Aviator eyeglasses frame

Aviator glasses

Aviator glasses are a popular choice for long faced men. The classic 1930’s tear-drop shape was designed for maximum eye coverage, thus reaching way down on your cheeks.

This extra frame-height helps to shorten your face and makes an excellent choice for either spectacles or sunglasses.

Large gold wire Aviator style eyeglasses frame



Greyscale portrait of man wearing browline spectacles

Clubmaster glasses

Also known as browline frames, clubmaster glasses utilise a bold acetate upper half. This feature accentuates your eyebrows, the most expressive part of your face and draws attention to your eyes.

Browline frames are a great way to shorten the look of your face in a retro style that’s never going out of fashion.



Long faced man wearing rectangular glasses frame looking at viewer

Rectangular glasses

With a long face, rectangular frames can be your best pick for a safe look.

They're suitable for a wide range of facial shapes, but they're particularly effective at balancing long ones. It's best for you to use rectangular glasses since they won't distort or make your face look longer than it is.

But make sure the frame is broad enough to accommodate your head. You don't want to seem like you've crammed your skull into someone else's spectacles.

Large Square Black Glasses


Middle aged man wearing rimless glasses and shirt in front of plain beige background


There’s nothing wrong with them per se.

But rimless eyeglasses should be avoided.

They have a habit of making you look older.

Glasses like these are intentionally designed for minimal contrast. With their lack of definition, rimless frames won’t alter your appearance or contrast the length of your face whatsoever.

However, if full-rim chunky frames seem too bold, it’s best to start with some very fine acetate ones which aren’t too dominant.

At first, they may seem bulky. But you’ll be amazed how the pronounced shape can compliment your face.



Curly haired woman with long face wearing large oversized retro eyeglasses

Best glasses for long face female

If you're a woman with a long face, there’s many different glasses styles which will look great on you.

To get started, hit any of the quick links in the box below to jump ahead.


Quick links

Best women's glasses for long faces

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Cat-eye glasses
Wayfarer glasses
Round glasses
Aviator glasses

Square glasses
Triangular glasses
Hipster glasses
Rectangular glasses
Vintage glasses
Pilot sunglasses
Fancy glasses
Geometric glasses



Three quarter view of woman in blue suit and large glasses with her being blown upwards

Oversized glasses

Oversized glasses are a great option for women with long faces, as they help to minimize the look of your face. As strange as it sounds, if you want your face to look smaller and daintier, very large glasses will do just that.

Taller glasses = shorter face.

It’s all about contrast!

Large transparent spectacle frame



Woman wearing transparent cat eye style glasses

Are cat-eye glasses good for long face?

For a classic 60’s look, cat-eye glasses look great on women with long faces. Their accentuated edges give the frame greater height which visually shortens your face.

Frames like these can range from a subtle style, right up to theatre bejewelled props. But the fact is, they help lessen the length of your face.

How ‘catty’ you want your frame to be is totally up to you.

Large clear square glasses



Pale young woman with long face wearing clear wayfarer spectacles frame looking directly at viewer

Wayfarer glasses

Wayfarer glasses are a timeless style that looks great on all face shapes, including long faces. Tall, chunky frames made from acetate have a shortening effect on your face. In the name of contrast and balance, don’t be scared to wear large frames.

Lightly tinted yellow eyeglasses frame with tortoise temples


Portrait of young blonde lady wearing round tortoise shell eyeglasses

Round glasses

Round glasses are a fun and stylish option for women. They help soften your face's look and can be worn both casual and dressy.

Historically speaking, round spectacles are the original glasses shape. If you like a traditional style, look no further than a round pair of glasses.

Small matte tortoiseshell eyeglasses frame




Side view of young lady wearing large Aviator spectacle frame

Aviator glasses

Anyone looks great in Aviators. But for you, their dominance and overall height is ideal for balancing your lengthy facial appearance. Furthermore, Aviator shaped frames compliment women’s delicate features due to their large stature and oversized look.

Large gold wire Aviator style eyeglasses frame



Brunette female wearing grey coat pink top and large black eyeglasses frame on sunny day

Square glasses

If you want to reduce the long appearance of your face, why not try some tall square shaped glasses? It visually shortens your face whilst being one of the most popular glasses styles. Dominant boxy frames yield confidence and contrastingly make your face seem smaller and less long.

Large Square Black Glasses



Young woman in desert wearing triangular sunglasses frame

Triangular glasses

Triangular glasses are a stylish choice for women. With their tapering shape and oversized width, geometric frames like these make your face appear softer and more attractive.



Woman wearing large hipster glasses frame and hoodie

Hipster glasses

For a youthful look, a growing optical trend are oversized or ‘ironic’ spectacle frames. Worn tastefully, they bring personality to your look and can be worn with a variety of outfits.



Brown haired female wearing black rectangular glasses frame and cream coloured coat

Rectangular glasses

These glasses are good for a long and thin face. Their boxy shape will make a face more proportional. With the help of rectangular glasses, their sharper lens corners and angular details help to visually balance long faces.

Medium size dark grey glasses frame




Close view of black lady wearing vintage style eyeglasses wool hat and turtle neck jumper

Vintage glasses

Vintage glasses are a smart and stylish option for women with long faces. Inspired by the oversized glasses of the 70’s and 80’s, vintage style frames can be worn with a range of outfits adding uniqueness to your look.

Small rectangular tortoiseshell eyeglasses



Female aeroplane pilot inside flight deck looking through window wearing pilot sunglasses frame

Pilot sunglasses

Pilot sunglasses are a bold and stylish option for women. Similar to Aviators, they have large eye coverage and are generally very tall. For your long face, this shape will work well, especially if you like wearing bulky sunglasses. Some pilot glasses even come with old-fashioned side shields for that retro look.

Gold titanium Japanese sunglasses with green polarised lenses



Side view of Asian woman wearing chunky fancy sunglasses

Fancy glasses

If you like the finer things in life, fancy eyeglasses or ‘high-end’ eyeglasses, are for those who take their frames very seriously indeed.

Luxury optical brands push the boundaries of what glasses can be, how they’re made and the materials they use.

At a much higher price point, the shape and style are crucial if you want the most from an expensive pair of glasses. But if you love being a glasses wearer, fancy eyeglasses can be an indulgence worth investing in.

We, Banton Frameworks, handmake artisanal eyeglasses using premium quality acetate and bespoke hardware. Our luxury eyewear is made from start to finish in our purpose-built workshop in central Scotland.

To see our handmade frames, hit the button below.



Woman wearing geometric style eyeglasses

Geometric glasses

Do you want to try something new? Quirky eyewear forms can work well if you have a long face and a confident clothing style. Round frames help to emphasize your head's breadth which is good if you have a long face.

In recent years, angular, geometric spectacles have become increasingly trendy, and they provide a great contrast to your softer features. For something distinctive and stand out, hexagonal and even octagonal frames will be a great alternative.

Sharp angles and facets will define your eyes and face while also letting you show off your flair. Also, don't be afraid to be daring with your colour selections!



So, what glasses make your face look shorter?

As you can see, there are a variety of glasses frame styles that look great on long faces. Remember to select a design that looks good but also fits you correctly. Try and choose glasses which;

  • Are tall
  • Fit correctly
  • Broaden your face
  • Are comfortable


So, these were some of the best glasses styles for men and women with long faces.

Thanks for stopping by.


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