Best glasses for long faces 2024

Finding the perfect glasses frame can be a little daunting, especially with so many shapes and styles to choose from.

To help guide your next optical investment, this article showcases some of the best spectacles for women and men with a long face shape.

Scroll below for valuable insights including face shape detection and the top trending glasses styles in 2024.

Illustration of woman and man with long face shapes both wearing eyeglasses

What is a long face shape?

A long face shape is characterised by a large forehead, defined elongated cheekbones and a long chin. The length of your face is noticeably longer than it's perceived width, giving it a distinctively long appearance. Men with receding hairlines may also find their face appears to be longish.


How do I know my face shape?

Although your head is generally an oval, it's the proportions between your facial geometry that indicates its category of shape. Using a mirror, selfie photograph or face shape app, observe the ratios between your chin, cheekbones, jawline and forehead to establish what type of face shape you have.

Remember that there's often an overlap between different face shapes, so you may have a combination of two or more types. Whilst you may have a long face, the other most common categories include;



3 ways to know your face shape

Woman taking a video of herself on a mobile phone smiling wearing a white T shirt sitting on a sofa

Face measuring apps

To help you discover your face shape, we've gathered some really handy apps for both Android and iOS smartphones. We've ranked these apps in the table below to ensure the best user experience and accurate face shape detection.



Apple Store


My Face Shape Meter




Find Your Face Shape



Not available

Measure Your Face Instantly



Not available





Golden Ratio Face







Ask the public

This poll website called Face Shape App lets you post a selfie to ask other members what face shape they think you have. This can be used for advice towards a new haircut or glasses frame and is a good way to get impartial advice. Give it a try.


Video method

Another method to know your face shape is using your phone to record a video of yourself from various angles in different lights or settings. Watching yourself back, from the perspective of someone else is a handy way to help you determine your face shape. Look at your face from side to side, up and down to observe your forehead, cheekbones and jawline.


Portrait view of English footballer David Beckham5 signs you have a long face

  1. Your face is longer than wide
  2. Your have a large/tall forehead
  3. Your chin is long and pointed
  4. You have high, defined cheekbones
  5. You have a long nose



How to pick the best glasses for a long face shape

Know your face shape. Like we mentioned before, the first thing to do when looking for the perfect glasses is to figure out your facial shape. Using one of the methods listed earlier, take the time to understand your facial geometry before you go looking for new glasses. It'll pay-off in the long run and guide you towards a frame that'll complement your facial features.

Tall glasses frames with large lens heights are definitely the way to go if you have a long face shape. Square, oval or circular frames will have a shortening effect on your appearance, contrasting your large forehead to make your face seem shorter.

Accentuate your cheekbones. With a long face shape, you'll likely have pronounced 'high' cheekbones. Lucky you! To compliment your bony facial structure, rounded spectacles will create visual contrast for a more balanced look. Lenses that're equally wide/tall will help shorten your face.

The right size of glasses is super important for comfort and optical performance. Make sure to pick frames that are wide enough for your face, so they don't squeeze your head, and wide enough in the bridge so they rest properly on your nose. No matter how good they look, there's nothing worse than poorly fitting glasses that cause you discomfort, pinching or slide down your nose.

If you have a strong prescription, this can potentially limit your choice of frames. Even with thinning, strong minus (-) lenses are thickest at their edges which can 'spill' out of very thin spectacle frames. It's good to be aware of this, especially if you're getting your glasses online without the aid of an optician to help you. If you have a particularly strong prescription, full rim frames might be a better option for you as opposed to thin, wire or rimless options. Plus, they tend to last longer too.



What glasses suit long faces?

The best glasses for long faces are typically tall in their lens height, adopting round, square or ovalised lens shapes. Glasses like these help to visually 'shorten' your face by contrasting a long chin or high forehead for a more balanced appearance.

Women and men with long faces will benefit from traditional spectacles such as the classic 'round eye' or ovalized Wayfarer style frames. For something more reserved, rounded rectangular frames are also a good frame-shape to wear if you have a long face.

To help guide your optical investment, scroll below for some of the best optical frames for both women and men in 2024.


Best women’s glasses for a long face 2024

Woman with long brown hair wearing thick oversized brown eyeglasses frame

Oversized glasses

Oversized glasses are an excellent choice for women with long faces due to their ability to minimize the appearance of facial length. This might sound counterintuitive, but the use of very large glasses can create an illusion of a smaller and more delicate face. The concept behind this is the idea of contrast - by opting for taller glasses, you can create a visual balance that offsets the elongated features of your face, resulting in a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing look.

For a similar style, check out the Celine CL50086I 054 spectacle with it's bold stature and charming Havana hues. Big frames like these are a fantastic choice when looking to create an effortlessly chic and classy look.

Three quarter view of Havana pattern Celine glasses frame



Woman with long dark hair wearing cat eye glasses frame in front of blue background

Cat eye glasses

For a classic 1960s-inspired look, cat-eye glasses are a fabulous choice for women with long faces. The gracefully 'upswept' shape of these frames complements the elongated face structure, creating a visually balanced and stylish appearance.

The accentuated upper corners (endpieces) of cat-eye glasses add an element of height to the frame, which cleverly works to visually shorten the face. This effect is especially flattering for those with longer face shapes, as it helps to create a more proportionate and harmonious facial aesthetic.

Wire frame cat eye glasses such as the Tom Ford TF5840-B 001 are very low contrast on your face, yielding a very delicate and feminine aesthetic.

Three quarter view of thin black Cat eye glasses frame


For something bolder, you may want to consider an acetate cat eye, made from a tinted crystal acetate like the Cutler And Gross 1400 04 frame.

Three quarter view of crystal pink cat eye glasses frame

Lady with long blonde hair sitting beside yellow lamp wearing pink crystal cat eye glasses frame



Asian lady wearing dark Wayfarer spectacle frame

Wayfarer glasses

Wayfarer glasses are a classic and timeless style that looks great on all face shapes, including long faces. The tall and chunky frames, crafted from durable acetate material, not only provide a stylish look but also have a subtle shortening effect on your face, enhancing your overall appearance. Emphasizing contrast and balance, don't hesitate to embrace larger frames that make a bold fashion statement while accentuating your unique features.

The go-to brand for Wayfarers are of course their proprietor RayBan who first released 'The Wayfarer' back in the mid '50s. Available in various colours such as tortoise and classic black, they're the industry standard for this frame style.

If you'd prefer something less mainstream, check out the Oliver Peoples Desmon frame which features a classic keyhole nose bridge and stylishly tapered temple arms.

Side view of Havana pattern Wayfarer glasses frame



Portrait of young blonde lady wearing round tortoise shell eyeglasses

Round glasses

Round glasses are not only a fun and stylish option for women, but they also have a way of softening your face's look, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look, round glasses effortlessly complement any style.

Historically speaking, round spectacles hold a special place as the original shape of glasses. They have stood the test of time, symbolizing a traditional and timeless style. So, if you appreciate the allure of classic eyewear, check out the Garrett Leight Carlton in Brandy Tortoise or Olive acetate colourways.

Three quarter view of round brown Havana eyeglasses
Three quarter view of round green eyeglasses frame

Three quarter view of young woman wearing round green eyeglasses frame and white shirt

Do round glasses suit long faces?

Absolutely yes. Long facial features such as a high forehead and long chin are especially suited towards traditional looking 'round eye' spectacles. As the lenses are nearly equal in both width and height, they give the illusion of a shorter face thus creating visual balance.

This is why slim or 'short' height spectacles have the habit of making your face look longer as they don't have the same top-to-bottom height over your eyes and cheekbones.

Furthermore, round glasses are incredibly fashionable often featuring classic detailing such as a keyhole nose bridge and traditional pin-rivets. Since the 1930's, round frames like these have been a perennial glasses style that you can rely on, no matter what. They're the trench coat of optics.

Round tortoise shell spectacles frame lying folded



Woman wearing gold wire Aviator spectacles frame

Aviator glasses

Anyone looks great in Aviators. But for you, their dominance and overall height is ideal for balancing your lengthy facial appearance. Furthermore, Aviator shaped frames compliment women’s delicate features due to their large stature and oversized look.

For a vintage sort of look, the Gucci GG1290O frame is the perfect balance of a dominant lens size combined with tortoise temple sleeves. The gold wire rims and double bridge bring a flattering warmth to any skin complexion.

Side view of Gucci gold wire Aviators



Woman wearing transparent yellow large frame eyeglasses

Square glasses

If you want to reduce the long appearance of your face, why not try some tall square shaped glasses? It visually shortens your appearance, yet remains elegant and feminine due to the frames thin stature. Large frames like these are the perfect way to frame your eyes, drawing attention for strong eye-contact.

A prime example is the beautiful Oliver Peoples Coren OV5374U. These crystal acetate frames are subtly tinted in a warming nude colour, revealing structural details such as the hinges, rivets and wire cores wire add that help 'break up' the frame.

Three quarter view of large square nude crystal eyeglasses frame



Close view of woman smiling wearing round wire spectacles

Hipster glasses

For a vintage look, a growing optical trend are wire spectacle frames. Worn tastefully, they bring personality to your look and can be worn with a variety of outfits. Round wire frames like those seen above are a timeless look and can be either silver or gold depending on your metal preference.

If you're looking for a luxurious wire frame, these the Cutler And Gross Aurum spectacles are plated with 18KT gold, featuring swivel nose-pads for day long comfort.

At the lower end of the hipster wire glasses market are the Ray-Ban Round Metal RB 3447V glasses. These accessible entry-level frames are a mainstream but affordable option for some lightweight wires.

Side view of round gold wire glasses frame



Greyscale image of woman with long light hair looking confused wearing gradient acetate glasses frame

Gradient glasses

Harking back to the optical fashion of the mid century, gradient glasses are making a comeback in 2024. Contrasting the crystal lower rims is a top-heavy opaque 'upper' which draws attention to your eyes and brows. Compared to mono-colour or patterned acetates, gradient glasses are a stylish way to bring depth to your facial perception.

The most prevalent gradient glasses are typically made with black to crystal acetate. Spectacles such as the Linea C frame are a neutral option, offering the most versatility with no fear of clashing with your clothes, hair or makeup.

Oval shape gradient eyeglasses lying folded on beige background



Black woman with short hair with her hands on her head smiling wearing oversized eyeglasses

Geometric glasses

If you want to step away from the norm, geometric frames are a great option for long face shapes. Instead of your typical round or square rims, geometric glasses use hexagonal or faceted shapes for an Avant garde appearance.

Quirky but stylish spectacles such as the Celine CL50089I can work well if you have a long face and a confident clothing style. For 2024, angular, geometric spectacles like these are bang on-trend, offering a distinctive, stand out style that will set you apart from the mainstream.

Side view of black geometric eyeglasses



Best men’s glasses for a long face 2024

Man wearing square crystal glasses frame resting chin on hand

Square glasses

Dominant boxy glasses with sharp corners and angular details are a great option for men with long faces. These frames not only bring definition and width to your face, but also add a touch of boldness and style. The bold acetate frames help to balance and complement the length of your face, creating a visually pleasing and fashionable look.

If you're looking for eyewear that suits your face shape whilst making a statement, consider glasses such as the Linea A frame with it's transparent crystal acetate and masculine stature. Large boxy frames like these are the perfect style for men who want reliable and versatile glasses for any occasion.

Large square crystal spectacle frame lying folded on beige background



Man with short hair wearing chunky two tone gradient glasses frame

Two-tone glasses

Reminiscent of the classic 50's style, two-tone glasses are a fashion statement that never goes out of style. The top half of the frame typically sports a darker shade, while the bottom half is transparent or light in colour.

This clever design element helps to visually break up the length of your face, giving it a more proportionate and balanced look whilst drawing attention to your brow line. For inspiration, check out the Linea J spectacle in this two-tone 'Midnight Vertigo' acetate.

Rectangular gradient black and crystal spectacle frame


Front view of man with swept back hair wearing round gradient eyeglasses frame

For a more studious look, round-style gradient glasses are a good option if you have a particularly long face, pointed chin or high forehead. Circular frames help with a receding hairline or a shaved head by making your face appear more 'bottom heavy'. Check out the Garrett Leight Kinney frame for a classic example of a two-tone round-eye.

Brown and crystal two-tone spectacle frame



Portrait of man wearing thick black spectacle frame and black cardigan

Thick frame glasses

Bold, full rim frames are trending right now, and they’re the perfect style for men with long face shapes. Bulky frames like the Dior CD are a dominant and confident style due to their sheer size, scultped facets and decadently thick acetate. Details such as the exposed temple cores and triple-pin rivets allude to a sturdy and masculine appearance. Frames this size simply ooze confidence and will easily cater for any type of prescription lenses.

Side view of Dior thick black eyeglasses frame



Three quarter view of mature man wearing mustard corduroy short and thick eyeglasses frame

If you're considering a chunky glasses frame, it's worth thinking about your skin tone. Thick frames have immense contrast against your skin, therefore it'd be wise to select an acetate colour (or pattern) which will harmonise with your complexion. For most chaps, dark and earthy acetate colours such as black, brown and tortoise are the safest bet.

Check out the Cutler And Gross 0692 in Dark Turtle acetate. These bold frames are the perfect mix of old school style with a modern twist. The thickness of the frame ensures that it stands out, while the color options give you some choices. Known for their high-quality craftsmanship, these Cutler and Gross glasses will last you for years to come.

Three quarter view of thick rectangular Havana pattern eyeglasses



Black male wearing thick rimmed recycled plastic spectacles looking directly at viewer

Oval eyeglasses

To freshen up your look, oval style glasses are great for men with long face shapes to create a more balanced and proportionate appearance. Instead of a 'true round' frame, which can seem very stylised, glasses like the Cutler And Gross 1389 are perfect if your forehead and chin are long and tall.

Side view of thick tortoiseshell oval eyeglasses



Three quarter view of man in brown hat and browline glasses frame touching his faceBrowline glasses

Wire rims capped with acetate, these 'best of both' glasses are an excellent choice for men with long faces to counterbalance facial length. With a thick acetate upper and a metal-rims, they create an appealing top-heavy aesthetic that imparts a shorter appearance to the face.

If these frames are your kind of style, the most famous of all are the classic RayBan Clubmasters. These entry-level spectacles are so famous, more people know of Clubmasters than the original term 'browlines' these days.

For something more upmarket, check out the Garrett Leight Elkgrove frame featuring 'whisky tortoise' acetate and brushed gold rims. A beautifully modern interpretation of this classic optical style.

Brown rimmed Clubmaster eyeglasses frame



Street view of blonde man in suit and tortoise wayfarer eyeglasses

Wayfarer glasses

Wayfarer frames are a fail-safe option for men. Usually, they have a thick rim and squarish lenses which help shorten your face's appearance. Commonplace in the 50’s and 60’s, chunky spectacles like the Linea C in Rosso Red acetate take centre stage in your appearance, detracting from the length of your face and adding to your classic sense of style.

Havana Wayfarer style eyeglasses frame lying folded on beige background



Greyscale three quarter portrait of man wearing beanie hat and round wire spectacle frame

Wire glasses

Thin wires are back on trend thanks to the resurgence of vintage styling, offering a retro 70’s look that would make John Lennon proud. Today, most brands have their own proprietary 'round eye' styles including the ever-present RayBan line up.

However, if you're looking for an investment piece few other countries in the world are better at wire frame manufacturer than the Japanese. One brand in particular you might want to check out is Matsuda with their M3085 BS frame. Handmade in Sabae from high quality titanium (what else?) these spectacular frames take craftmanship to the next level.

Front facing view of silver round wire spectacle frame



Close side view of David Beckham wearing thick Aviator spectacle frame

Acetate Aviator glasses

Introducing the comeback of a timeless classic, wire Pilot glasses showcase a distinctive double-bridge and wide lenses. This frame style is perfect for balancing long triangular faces, offering a lightweight yet spacious design.

A contemporary take on the iconic Aviator frame is the rounded Pilot glasses, exemplified by the David Beckham 7087 frame. With their circular lens profile, they are better suited for eyeglasses rather than the traditional Top Gun-style sunglasses.

Three quarter view of Havana acetate Aviator eyeglasses frame


Glasses for long faces FAQ's

Do Aviators look good on oblong faces?

Yes, Aviators look great on oblong faces due to their tall lens heights and dominant facial coverage. As the lenses are equally tall as they are wide, they help bring proportion to those with a pronounced/high forehead and long chin.

However, it's important to choose the right size and shape of the glasses. Boxy Aviator glasses can help bring definition and structure to your face, whilst rounded Aviators tend to look more classic and organic. Aviators are typically very large frames, therefore it's important to ensure you get the right size and proper fit to avoid them sliding down your nose and resting on your cheeks.


Which glasses should I avoid with a long face?

Long faces are suited to the vast majority of frame styles, however there are a few glasses styles that you should avoid if you have a long face.

  • Glasses that are too small or large
  • Glasses that are too 'short' in lens height.
  • Rimless glasses


Poorly fitting glasses will likely slide down your nose and make your face look longer. Conversely, incorrect bridge width or temple length can cause pinching and your frame may sit too high on your nose or ears. This can interfere with the performance of your lenses, especially varifocals.


Short height spectacles also tend to make your face appear longer. This is because of the lack of facial coverage from your brow line to your cheeks.
Rimless glasses are designed to be minimal and create as little contrast as possible against your skin. However, because of their skeletal nature, they lack character and seem very clinical. Glasses like these are often guilt of making you look older.

Rimless glasses are designed to be minimal and create as little contrast as possible against your skin. However, because of their skeletal nature, they lack character and seem very clinical. Glasses like these are often guilt of making you look older.

If full-rim chunky frames seem too bold, it’s best to start with some very fine acetate ones which aren’t too dominant. At first, they may seem bulky. But you’ll be amazed how warm and personable they can make you look.


Middle aged man wearing rimless glasses and shirt in front of plain beige background


  • A long face shape is defined by a large forehead, elongated cheekbones, and a long chin.
  • Long faces appear noticeably longer than wide
  • Men with receding hairlines may also have a longish face.
  • Long face shapes suit most frame styles
  • Glasses with short height can make the face appear longer due to lack of facial coverage.
  • Poorly fitting glasses can slide down the nose, making the face appear longer.
  • Incorrect bridge width or temple length can cause discomfort and may interfere with optical performance.
  • Rimless glasses typically lack character and can make you look older.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.


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