How to choose the best glasses for your eye colour

Wearing glasses isn't just for visual correction—it's also a significant style statement. When it comes to selecting a pair of spectacles, it's crucial to consider how they will complement your natural features. One factor that's often overlooked is your eye colour. Just as certain colours can emphasize the beauty of your eyes, they can also clash with your natural palette and detract from your overall appearance.

This article will take you through the nuances of choosing the perfect eyeglasses that enhance, rather than detract from your eye colour. So, whether you're looking to make those baby blues pop, your mossy greens stand out, or your deep browns alluring, your guide to spectacled elegance starts here.

Illustration of pie chart depicting global eye colour by percentages

What is the rarest eye colour?

According to a 2024 study, the most common eye colour is brown with 79% of the world's population having brown or hazel coloured eyes.

Eye Colour

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Choosing glasses for your eye colour

Each eye colour is beautifully unique, therefore your choice of glasses can both highlight and harmonize with their appearance. For advice of selecting the best spectacles for your eye colour, here are our top picks for frames that do justice to your peepers.

Scroll below for each eye colour and our suggestions of what glasses would suit you the most.

Glasses for brown eyes

Best glasses for brown eyes

Brown eyes are versatile, so you can pull off a wide range of frame colours. However, earthy tones like tortoise, copper, or honey can bring out the warm, golden hues in your eyes. Consider semi-rimless or aviator frames for a sophisticated look that won't overshadow the richness of your browns.

Round tortoise shell glasses frame

The Linea G Hazelnut Tortoise glasses frame is the quintessence of elegance that subtly accentuates brown eyes. Its hazelnut tortoise pattern exudes the warm, earthy tones that naturally highlight the golden and amber specks in brown irises, making the colour of one's eyes look more vibrant.

The hand polished, high gloss finish catches the light and adds depth, providing a sophisticated yet understated look. Moreover, the classic round shape design of the frame is versatile enough to suit any occasion, ensuring that your brown eyes remain the centrepiece of your visage.



Best glasses for amber eyes

Frames that accentuate the golden or copper flecks in amber eyes are ideal. Bright and lighter colours like transparent nude, coral, or beige can enhance the warm tones without overpowering. Square or cat-eye frames offer a modern, glam look that complements amber eyes beautifully.

Large square nude crystal eyeglasses frame

The Lite 001 glasses frame in transparent Sandstone Ecru is an excellent choice for those with amber-coloured eyes, as the subtle yet elegant ecru crystal tones complement the warm golden characteristic of amber irises. This frame avoids overpowering the natural radiance of the eyes, instead serving to frame and enhance their inherent lustre.

The nude crystal acetate allows for a play of light, adding depth and a soft glow to the face, while its neutral shade harmonizes with the earthy specks in the eyes, making them appear more luminous and striking.



Best glasses for hazel eyes

Hazel coloured eyes can benefit from darker, more earthy acetate spectacle frames. Your lighter brown irises will work nicely with deep acetates such as dark browns, tortoise, amber and black. These are the most traditional sort of acetates and are the best glasses for brown eyes. These suggestions work particularly well for this very common eye colour. You really do have the largest pick when it comes to selecting new glasses.

Three quarter view of tortoise clubmaster eyeglasses frame

Inspired by the 'brow line' frames of the '50s, the Garrett Leight Gibson frame is a quintessential match for hazel eyes. In this timeless design, these combination frames feature a bold, dark upper acetate rim contrasted with a lightweight wire lower.

The defined lines of the frames accentuate the intricate mix of colours in hazel irises, while the darker colour palette of the frames serves to deepen the richness of hazel tones — drawing attention to your eyes and brows. The Gibson style offers a sophisticated look that complements the multifaceted nature of hazel eyes, making them a perfect accessory for adding a touch of elegance to any personal style.



Glasses for blue eyes

Best glasses for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, you'll want to add depth and dimension with frames in warm and neutral tones. Crystal acetates in shades of pink, rose, and coral will create an appealing contrast, making your eyes the focal point. Round frames or stylish transparent frames are great choices for blue-eyed elegance.

Round crystal clear eyeglasses

If you prefer a neutral spectacle frame, the Linea K Arctic Grey glasses is an exceptional choice for individuals with blue eyes. This translucent acetate accentuates your eyes' natural vibrancy without overwhelming their delicate hue. The subtle grey tones seamlessly blend with the coolness of blue eyes, creating depth and highlighting their brightness. This harmonious combination enhances your features with understated elegance, and the translucency of the frame ensures that the eyes remain the centrepiece.



Moderately blue eyes are less intrusive to frame colour-choice. You may find that your eyes are partially made of grey which makes your scope for glasses much broader. We suggest you opt for aquatic colours such as blue or green if you want to accentuate your sapphire hues; these frames can be the best glasses for blue eyes.

Three quarter view of transparent blue chunky eyeglasses frame


The Cutler and Gross Brooklyn glasses frame presents a striking look for blue eyes due to its unique design that complements the coolness of blue hues while adding a sophisticated edge. The frame's deep, rich colour enhances the brilliance of blue eyes, drawing attention and creating a statement. Moreover, its high-quality Italian craftsmanship ensures that the glasses not only look good but also feel comfortable and durable. Adorning the slightly quirky glasses, you can amplify your natural eye colour in a sleek, fashion-forward manner that's bound to turn heads.



Alternatively, you can go for less colourful frame option and stick to neutral acetates. Frame colours such as black, dark browns or grey make for a more reserved frame choice. Additionally, a neutral acetate will make room for those hints of blue in your eyes.

Side view of black and transparent brown eyeglasses frame


The Garrett Leight Mr. Leight Wright frame is an excellent choice for those looking to subtly highlight their blue eyes without overwhelming them with colour. The refined design features a classic shape and a sophisticated neutral palette that effortlessly complements the blue eye's natural vibrancy.

By embracing the black and muted brown hues, this two tone frame provides a soft contrast that makes the blue in your eyes appear more vivid and enchanting. These frames encapsulate elegance and versatility, ensuring that your blue eyes become a distinguishing feature, framed by understatement and style.



Strongly coloured blue eyes will work brilliantly with blue acetate spectacle frames. This is an absolute no-brainer and will compliment your ocean blues. With such a strong colour, the blue acetate will emphasise your most defining attribute.

Crystal blue eyeglasses frame

The Linea L Tanzanite Blue glasses frame is the perfect style statement for individuals with striking blue eyes, adding a touch of sophistication to an already captivating feature.

Mirroring the depth and intensity of tanzanite gemstones, these frames boast a rich blue hue that complements and accentuates the natural brilliance of vibrant blue eyes. The bold colour not only enhances your eyes' natural tones but also serves as a chic accessory, making it the perfect blend of fashion and flattery for those with this rare and alluring eye colour.



If you’d rather steer away from blue acetate, we completely understand. For some people it can be a little too ‘out there’, sometimes because of your hair colour, skin tone or dress sense. Instead, why not opt for a grey or transparent crystal acetate frame? These are more subtle and will work well in professional environments.

Round clear frame eyeglasses

The Oliver Peoples Riley R glasses frame is a timeless choice that subtly enhances the allure of blue eyes without overtly matching their tone. Its subtly tinted grey acetate provides a neutral and versatile look, ensuring your baby blues are the main focal point.

The sophisticated and slightly retro round shape of the Riley R frames imparts an intellectual vibe, making them particularly suitable for professional settings where style and subtlety are appreciated.

This frame bridges the gap between statement and simplicity, giving blue-eyed wearers a distinguished appearance that stands out with quiet confidence.



Glasses for green eyes

Best glasses for green eyes

Lightly coloured green eyes tend to made of a mix of grey. With only 2% of the world's population having green eyes, this is a very rare eye colour, offering a large scope for glasses frame choice.

Considering the scarcity of this beautiful eye colour, we suggest that you celebrate your coastal-green hues with aquatic coloured glasses frames. Blue or green acetate spectacles are a good suggestion for glasses for green eyes. These frame colours will accentuate your green tints and bring them to the forefront. 

Three quarter view of round green crystal eyeglasses


The Garrett Leight Carlton glasses frame, with its eco-friendly bio acetate, is the perfect accompaniment for the unique and often mesmerizing quality of green eyes. This muted shade of deep olive will harmonise wonderfully with the green tones of your mossy eyes, bringing their natural vibrancy to the fore.

The rounded design of the Carlton frame is the perfect glasses style for those with long and defined face shapes who're looking for a sophisticated and studious appearance.



Three quarter view of thick brown Wayfarer style eyeglasses

For something more earthy, the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake spectacle is a chunky Wayfarer frame that will contrast your green eyes. This beautifully crafted frame is made of a beautifully mottled 'raintree' acetate with a matte surface finish and classic keyhole bridge. This vintage inspired design is perfect for those looking to add more definition to their facial features, drawing attention to the eyes while providing a sharp and edgy look.



Vividly coloured green eyes are without exception, a very uncommon eye colour. If you’re one of the rare few, we suggest you let them do the talking with a neutral coloured glasses frame. Any sort of monochromatic acetate is going to let your emerald green eyes do the talking here. Stick to grey or black acetates and you can’t go wrong you rare specimen.


Chunky oval shaped back spectacles lying folded

For ultimate versatility, a neutral pair of thick rimmed glasses can be a great way to showcase your vividly coloured eyes. Handmade from this decadent black acetate is the Linea C spectacle frame. The thick rims add a bold and confident aesthetic, while still allowing your green eyes to take centre stage.



Glasses for grey eyes

Best glasses for grey eyes

There’s no other way of saying this but you have very little to worry about when it comes to choosing glasses for grey eyes. You easily have the most adaptable eye colour and have zero risks of clashing with loudly coloured glasses frames. This neutrality gives you complete freedom to adorn more vibrant coloured spectacles in unusual acetate colours.

Front view of circular purple crystal eyeglasses frame

Hailing from one of the most renowned spectacle making regions in the world, these round rimmed beauties are made in Sabae, Japan. Handcrafted from this translucent purple acetate, the Matsuda 2054 is a lightweight combination frame featuring slender (quintessentially Japanese) titanium temples and adjustable pad arms.

Positioned at the luxury end of the optical market, these stunning spectacles are the perfect way to frame your grey coloured eyes. Subtly but richly coloured, these circular glasses are the ideal style for long, oval face shapes who love a traditional sort of look.



Side view of angular crystal blue spectacle frame

If you're looking for a quirky frame to make a statement, look no further than Kirk and Kirk. Specialists of translucent acrylic frames, the British company have their outlandish frames handmade in France.

For your steely grey eyes, a pop of colour is the perfect way to inject character, vibrancy and individuality to your appearance. These otherwise angular glasses frames are softened with the gentle transparency of this blue acetate, making them an ideal glasses style if you have a round or soft face shape. The contrast of the jagged brow line and sharp corners are a great way to bring definition to your face.



Side view of round tortoise shell acetate eyeglasses frame

If colourful or transparent glasses frames are too stylised for you, then perhaps a more traditional look is just what you need. Look no further than the Oliver Peoples O'Malley; a quintessential glasses style with timeless elegance. These frames, inspired by classic '50s eyewear, exude sophistication with their impeccable craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials.

The round, 'cocobolo' silhouette provides a subtle warmth that complements the coolness of grey eyes. This iconic design does not overpower the features; instead, it underscores a polished look with its understated charm, making it the ideal selection for those seeking a refined and enduring glasses style.



Young woman wearing tortoise spectacles looking away from viewer

Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses Frames

Selecting the appropriate frame style can make all the difference. Here are three essential tips to consider when browsing for a pair of glasses that both feel and look just right.


#1 Glasses Frame Size

The fit of your glasses frame is crucial to optical performance and comfort, but this also helps how you look and feel too. If you're looking for new glasses (especially online) it's helpful to understand how glasses are measured via three key aspects; lens width, bridge width and temple length. Check out this detailed guide on how to measure your face to find the best-fitting glasses online.


#2 Face Shape Considerations

Choosing the right style and shape of glasses frame can really enhance your best features. For oval faces, almost any frame shape works. Round faces generally benefit from angular frames to add definition, while angular faces can soften their strong features with more rounded frame styles. Heart-shaped faces can look great with cat-eye or clubmaster glasses, and square faces can balance their proportions with larger, rounder frames. For more details, check out this guide to choosing glasses for your face shape.


#3 Skin Tone Considerations

Against your skin, the colour/s of your glasses should coexist harmoniously. As a general guide, cooler skin tones pair well with dark, brown or Havana pattern frames, while warmer complexions tend to suit with gold, beige, green or even transparent frames. If you're unsure of your skin tone, look at the veins in your wrists—blue veins typically point to cooler tones, while greenish veins often indicate warmer skin.



Glasses colour & style FAQ's

Woman with long dark hair wearing cat eye glasses frame in front of blue background

How do I know what colour glasses to get?

The colour of your glasses should complement your overall complexion including your eye colour, skin tone and hair. If you're unsure about what colour of glasses to get, the most popular choices are typically dark, earthy natural colours such as black, brown or Havana pattern frames like tortoise shell. Acetate glasses in these colours are an effortless way to bring warmth and depth to your appearance without being overly stylised or vibrant.

Pale complexions tend to suit warm glasses colours, whilst medium to dark skin tones can typically wear cooler or transparent rimmed frames.

Conversely, if you like wearing vibrant colours in your clothes and accessories, why not go for something more lively? With so many to choose from, bright acetate colours (in crystal or opaque) can be a great way to enhance your vivid ensemble.


What colour glasses make you look younger?

If you have grey/ing hair and wish to look younger, bold colourful frames look incredibly stylish and confident. Paired with brightly coloured accessories like earrings, necklaces or pocket squares, chunky bright glasses frames are a no-brainer!

And if you have no hair at all, thick burly frames are the perfect way to bring definition and character to your appearance. Check out this handy guide on the best glasses for bald men.



What colour glasses are most flattering?

The most flattering glasses are those that harmonise with your skin tone and eye colour. Typically these are reserved, muted tones such as black, brown, and subtle patterns such as mottled or streaked Havana. The best looking full-rimmed frames are those that mimic natural materials such as wood, horn or tortoise shell as they compliment the natural pigments in your skin.

This is because they have non-uniform characteristics with random flecks, streaks and transparencies for a balanced and natural aesthetic. Compared to stark mono-colour frames, you'll inevitably suit a naturally patterned full-rim acetate frame.

Do clear glasses look good on everyone?

Yes - most people look great in clear frame glasses as they're completely neutral and won't clash with your complexion or clothing. However, if you're particularly pale with fair hair, lightly coloured transparent frames such as nude crystal will help bring warmth to your perception. Crystal rimmed frames can sometimes appear very clinical, potentially washing you out, so a light acetate tint can help with this.



Are black frames too harsh?

Not at all! Black frames are a classic choice and can look fantastic, especially on those with deep-coloured eyes or darker skin tones. They provide a sophisticated, professional vibe that many people find flattering. Furthermore, thick black frames look incredibly confident and can really assert your appearance to onlookers.


Should eyebrows show above glasses?

Ideally, your eyebrows should be visible just above the top of your glasses frame to help people read your facial expressions. However, this visibility of your eyebrows depends on several factors such as the thickness and fit of your glasses as well as your facial structure.

Thick-rimmed glasses are more likely to encroach on your brow line so it depends on well your glasses rest on your nose. For more details on the positioning of your glasses to your eyebrows, check out this blog post.


Selecting the right eyeglasses is about balancing function and aesthetics to complement your individual style and facial features. Ultimately, the right pair of glasses enhances your features and instils confidence in your appearance.

  • Brown eyes suit warmer coloured glasses such as, black, brown or tortoiseshell
  • Blue eyes suit cooler toned frames such as transparent acetate, crystal blue or green
  • Green eyes are the most rare eye colour and look great with green, brown or black glasses
  • Grey eyes are the most versatile and suit both warm and cool-toned frames
  • Getting the right fit of glasses is crucial to how they perform and look.
  • Familiarise yourself with the lens width, bridge width and temple length of your glasses before you get new ones
  • Eyebrows should ideally be slightly above the top of your glasses to aid in facial expression recognition.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.



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