Glasses for triangular faces

Looking for glasses that don't make your face look more pointed?

Do you feel like every time you try on a new pair of glasses, they only make your features more pronounced?

In today's article, we'll highlight how to find glasses that suit your triangular face shape.


What is a triangular face shape?

A triangular face shape is distinguished by a narrow forehead and wide cheekbones. A defined jawline is the broadest area of the face, usually with a pointed chin. Triangle-shaped faces tend to be longer than wide, and they often have a widow's peak - a V-shaped indentation at the hairline.

  • Your cheeks and jawline are wider than your forehead.
  • You may have a widow’s peak hairline.
  • You have a prominent pointed chin.
  • You have a defined jawline.
  • Your face is longer than it is wide.
  • You have sharp, defined features.


Greyscale image of man wearing glasses with white outline drawn around his face shape


How do I know my face shape?

To establish your face shape, trace your basic facial outline in a self-portrait photograph or looking in a mirror with a non-permanent marker pen. These are the two simplest methods to establish your face shape.

An important consideration is the overall length and width of your face.

You should also take note of any distinguishing traits, such as the size of your forehead and the shape of your jawline.

Additionally, you may want to consider things like the curve of your cheekbones and how prominent or narrow your nose is.

For ease, you can use these simple methods at home.


iPhone on grey table with photo of a man on screen with a trace outline around his face

Picture Method

Using your phone or digital camera, take a front facing self-portrait. Using a pen, simply trace a single continuous line around the periphery of your face including your hairline, jawline, cheekbones and chin.

What overall shape does the trace resemble?


Using a mirror to trace your face shape

Mirror Method

Get yourself in front of a mirror looking square-on. Grab a non-permanent marker pen and carefully trace around the shape of your face. Like the picture method, follow your hairline, jawline, cheekbones and chin. Take a step back and see what this outline looks like.

Before wiping it off, take a photo of the trace for reference. You can also send this to friends or family for a second opinion.


Woman taking a video of herself on a mobile phone smiling wearing a white T shirt sitting on a sofa

Video Method

Try looking at yourself in a video recording. Start by looking at yourself from the front, then turn to the side and look at your sides. Finally, take a look at yourself from the back. As you do this, pay attention to the overall shape of your face and match it to the triangular shape definition mentioned above.



Face Measuring Apps

There are several apps available to help you determine your face shape. Typically, they use measurements of your face to generate a reading, or they will require you to take a few selfies and then compare them using an algorithm.



Ask an expert

Another way to know for sure what your face shape is will be to consult with a professional such as a stylist or makeup artist.

They'll be able to give you useful feedback based on their years of experience working with other people's faces, allowing you to make informed decisions about which products and styles will work best for you.

With a little effort and some guidance from experts, it will be easy to determine which face shape is right for you.

Once you know what kind of face shape you have, the next step is finding the right pair of glasses.


Close view of male wearing round dark glasses and grey jumper


What glasses suit me?

Getting new glasses, there’s several key factors to consider.

First and foremost, your face shape largely determines what style of glasses suit you the most. By means of geometric contrast, this helps you select glasses that compliment your best features.

  • For a round face, you may need to try rectangular or square eyeglass frames.
  • For a square face, try rounded or cat-eye frames.
  • For a long face, try tall frames with equilateral lens shapes.

You should also consider the frame’s size in relation to your face. Your new glasses should be proportional to your face size; if they're too small, they'll make your head look bigger. Too large and they’ll make your head seem smaller.

Finally, don't forget about your hair colour and skin tone when choosing glasses. You want the frames to contrast with your colouring, so if you have light hair and skin, you might want to try dark frames and vice versa.

How to choose glasses


Brown haired lady wearing square grey eyeglasses looking directly at viewer

Best glasses for triangular faces

With a triangular face, you’ll likely have prominent features, especially in your cheekbones, jawline and pointed chin. Lucky you!

The best way to contrast your facial angularity is with rounded spectacles. Frames with soft corners and rounded lens rims will bring balance to your appearance and compliment your best attributes.

  • The glasses should complement your defined cheekbones and jawline.
  • The glasses shape should be rectangular or square, with rounded edges
  • The glasses colour should flatter your skin tone and complexion.
  • The glasses colour should complement your eyes.
  • The glasses should be suitable for your prescription lenses.

Most glasses use flowing curves and rounded corners, but their overall shape and style will become part of your identity. For inspiration, check out the types of glasses for women and men that suit triangular face shapes.


Best glasses for women with triangular faces

Three quarter view of young lady wearing round tortoise eyeglasses in front of brown wall

Cat-Eye Glasses

With their distinctive flaring browline and 50’s styling, cat-eye glasses are an elegant, sophisticated choice that will add some uniqueness to any look. Whether you're looking for a classic black pair or something more colourful, there's a cat-eye style to suit any woman.

Medium size dark grey glasses frame


Blonde woman wearing retro style gold wire aviators

Aviator Glasses

A great alternative for women's triangular faces is aviator glasses. With their teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frames, aviators are a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Aviators are also a great way to add some contrast to your look if you have a round face shape. If you're looking for a classic pair of aviators, go for a simple metal frame in a neutral colour.

Large gold wire Aviator style eyeglasses frame


Woman with tied up blonde hair in front of beige background wearing white shirt and tortoise glasses

Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer glasses are also an excellent choice for women with triangular faces. With their thick, square-shaped frames and elegant, retro styling, wayfarers are a sophisticated choice that will add some vintage flair to any outfit. Whether you're looking for bright colours or classic black, these mid-century style frames are never going out of fashion.

Large square tortoise glasses


Blonde female wearing geometric style eyeglasses

Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses are a great way to add some spice to your look. With their unique shape and bold, contemporary styling, geometric glasses will make you look more fashionable. Seek for designs that are broader at the top than they are at the bottom, if you have a rectangular face. This will smoothen your features and give you a somewhat more oval face.

Large transparent spectacle frame


Pale young woman with long face wearing clear wayfarer spectacles frame looking directly at viewer

Fancy Glasses

Fancy glasses are a perfect choice for women with triangular faces. With their unique, boldly coloured frames and stylishly retro styling, they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. If you're looking for bold acetate, traditional rivets and solid metal hinges, a pair of fancy handmade glasses will perfectly complement your look.

Lightly tinted yellow eyeglasses frame with tortoise temples


Brunette women wearing cream Stutterheim jacket and square black glasses

Square Glasses

Square glasses are excellent choice for women with triangular faces. Boxy shaped frames make a strong statement with their sharp, angular lines and bold styling. Go for a set of square spectacles with thick, bold frames if you want to look trendy.

Square green spectacles frame with flat bridge


Blonde lady with bangs wearing round amber glasses and black leather jacket smiling

Oval Glasses

These types of oval frames are a great choice for women. With their soft, curved lines and feminine styling, oval glasses add a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you're looking for a pair of glasses that will soften your features and give your face a more oval appearance, try a pair of oval glasses.

Oval amber eyeglasses frame


Mature woman with long blonde hair and thick black eyeglasses

Oversized Glasses

Oversized glasses are a trendy choice for women with triangular faces. Their bold, oversized frames add an instant touch of style to any outfit. Whether you're looking for bright colours or chic black frames, there's an oversized pair of glasses that will perfectly suit your unique sense of style.

Large square black glasses


Woman with brown hair and triangular face wearing slim rectangular eyeglasses

Hipster Glasses

If you're looking for glasses with a classic, yet modern feel, hipster glasses may be the ideal choice. With their fun colours and unique styles, these frames are perfect if you want to look different from other people while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Whether you prefer rectangular or round lenses, or thin or thick frames, a pair of hipster glasses out there are perfect for you.

Slim brown rectangular eyeglasses frame



Best glasses for men with triangular faces

Bearded young man wearing shirt and eyeglasses leaning against blue wall

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle frames are a popular choice for guys with triangular faces, as they can help soften the angular lines of your jaw and cheekbones. They also tend to be large and dominant, which helps to make your jawline and cheeks appear less wide.

Large black rectangular eyeglasses frame



Wayfarer-style glasses have been around for decades, but they continue to be a popular choice for men with triangular faces. That's because they have a slimming effect that can help to make your face appear narrower and more balanced overall.

Large dark grey oval glasses frame


Side view of Asian male wearing denim jacket and 50_s Clubmaster spectacles in front of white background


Clubmaster glasses are a retro-inspired option that can add some personality to your look. They're also great for triangular faces, as they have a soft, streamlined shape that helps minimize the harsh lines of your jaw and cheekbones.


Portrait of blonde male wearing wire Aviator spectacles and orange jumper


Another classic style is the aviator, which features thin metal frames with a famous bridge and teardrop-shaped lenses. This frame style can help balance out wide or long faces, making it a great choice for guys with triangular faces.

Hexagonal gold wire eyeglasses frame


Young man with brown hair wearing oval green spectacles and dark checked shirt


Oval frames are a good choice for triangular faces. Ovals tend to be narrower than other frame styles, which helps to make your face appear less wide.

Speckled transparent green eyeglasses frame with diamond shaped rivets


Jeff Goldblum wearing thick black spectacles with lightly tinted lenses


While square glasses can be bold and dramatic, they can also be flattering for guys with triangular faces. Because the curving lines of the frame will contrast pleasantly with the straight lines of your cheeks.

Large square black glasses


https://cdnThree quarter portrait view of black male wearing brimmed hat and coat with clubmaster spectacles touching his face


Try a semi-rimless frame in an understated color like black or tortoiseshell for a more minimalist look. This will help to soften your sharp features without overwhelming your face shape.


Crouching blonde haired male looking up towards viewer through Clubmaster eyeglasses


Browline glasses are a great choice for triangular faces, as they can help to accentuate your features. Additionally, the brow bar's thick lines will help make your face appear wider and more balanced overall.


Side view of Japanese man wearing round yellow glasses with tortoise acetate temples

Retro Glasses

Retro glasses are the perfect option for men who want to stand out from the crowd. These unique and stylish frames feature classic styling, making them perfect for formal and casual occasions. Whether you're looking for a pair of black or tortoiseshell frames, there will be a style that suits your tastes and needs.

Round green eyeglasses with tortoise temples


Blonde haired man wearing round tortoise acetate spectacles and grey suit

Tortoise Shell Frame

If you're looking for something a little more classic, tortoiseshell glasses frames are a great option. It's perfect for adding a touch of personality and depth to your look. The flecks of amber, brown and black are a timeless aesthetic that dates back to the early 1900’s.

Boxy tortoiseshell spectacles


Greyscale image of man sitting in front of plain grey background wearing a shirt and oval spectacles


Is triangular face shape rare?

Triangular face shapes are less common than round or square ones, but are generally not that rare. A triangular face has wide cheekbones, a defined jawline and a pointed chin. The hairline is often wavy, often called a widow’s peak.


What is the best eyeglass shape for a triangular face?

The best eyeglass for triangular faces is rounded or oval frame shapes. Oval glasses help to soften the angular lines of your triangular face and bring balance to your appearance.


Is a triangle face shape attractive?

Yes, a triangle face shape can be attractive. With the right hairstyle and makeup, you can easily flatter your triangular face and highlight your best features.


Hopefully this article has given you some useful guidance on the best glasses for your unique facial features.

Choosing your new spectacles, this advice should help you feel more confident and emphasise your best characteristics.

Thanks for stopping by.


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