Do you fit prescription lenses?

Do you fit prescription lenses?

Yes we do.

As a small team of just two makers, our shop is only open a handful of times throughout the year.

The prices for prescription lenses will be available with each release of frames.

Check out the options available below.


Optical lenses

  • Plano
  • Bifocals
  • Single vision
  • Ready reader
  • Prescription reading
  • Occupational varifocals
  • Everyday varifocals


Sun lenses

  • Polarised
  • Non polarised 
  • Polarised prescription
  • Non polarised prescription



    Custom lens options

    Maybe you need a specific tint darkness, Transitions or custom coating?

    These options will be available with each release of frames.

    Join our waiting list to stay informed about the next shop opening.



    Ordering lenses outside the UK?

    We can still fit your prescription lenses. For this, there's two options;

    1. We pre-fit your prescription for you and ship your frame. *Prescription lenses are non-refundable
    2. You can order just the frame and have your prescription lenses fitted by a local optician.

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