Glasses that make you look younger: 29 examples

Sure, you need glasses to see.

But the last thing you want is to look older wearing them.

For your ultimate optical style guide, we’ve gathered 29 examples of grey-haired glasses wearers doing this correctly.

Let’s slipstream these silver-haired examples and trim away those years.

Ladies first.

(Gents click here).


Ladies eyeglasses to look younger

Lady with grey long bob haircut wearing formal work clothes and tortoise shell glasses frame

The classic round-eye frame

Round black glasses are easily the most timeless optical style you can wear.

Simple and to the point, spectacles like these encapsulate both sophistication and playfulness in their design. The round shape softens the angles of your face, lending an air of youthfulness and stylish energy.

Thick dark frames like these might feel a little bold, but they yield superb confidence in your perception whilst drawing attention to your eyes. These glasses provide the right balance of classic and modern style, making them an excellent choice if you want to exude a youthful, vibrant image.

Key points

  • Timeless style
  • Traditional sort of look
  • Bold but not shouty
  • Neutral frame colour
Round dark eyeglasses frame


Grey haired women with round tortoise glasses frame and floral blouse

Look timeless in tortoise

For ladies, round tortoiseshell glasses frames are an excellent way to bring natural warmth to your complexion.

Earthy colours of amber, brown and black will effortlessly tie-in with many of your clothes to make colour-coordination an absolute breeze.

Pairing your jewellery such as you earrings and necklace with tortoiseshell acetate is a great way to accentuate this youthful choice of glasses.

Key points

  • natural tones
  • warm on your complexion
  • easily combined with outfits
  • a timeless colourway
Round tortoiseshell acetate glasses frame
Anne Robinson wearing thick round tortoise shell eyeglasses

Contrast is your friend

British TV personality Anne Robinson wears these chunky round spectacles to great effect. The bold nature of these glasses accentuates her femininity and yield a younger appearance.

These are a perfect example of acetate glasses that don't make you look old. The sheer dominance of this big glasses style makes your face seem smaller and more dainty, all whilst giving a very confident look. Whilst it can be tempting to hold-back from chunky frames like these, they can really work for looking and feeling younger.

Key points

  • Bold glasses = feminine look
  • Youthful appearance guaranteed
  • Experiment with outfit combinations
Round burgundy acetate glasses frame lying folded


Naomi Watts wearing thick rectangular eyeglasses frame

Do rimless glasses make you look younger?

Glasses without any sort of acetate or metal rim have a tendency to make you look older. The distinct lack of frame-colour with your ageing complexion has an ageing effect on your appearance.

Indeed, rimless glasses weigh less and seem a little less dominant on your face, but a chunky black glasses frames have a far more contemporary aesthetic.

Be brave with your choice of acetate glasses. Thick frames like the ones seen above can work wonders for a youthful look.

Naomi Watts (above) is an exemplary ambassador for the full-rim glasses style. In the 2022 Netflix thriller The Watcher she wears these boisterous spectacles by Californian optical brand Jacques Marie Mage.

Notice how these brutish frames actually make her face seem smaller and more feminine? This is a classic example of facial-contrast doing its fine work.

Thick rimmed black acetate spectacle frame lying folded


Woman with short grey haircut wearing oval black eyeglasses frame

Your chance to go chunky

For women, thick black glasses frames are a great way to appear younger.

At first, chunky glasses like these will seem very stark on your face, but the benefits speak for themselves. Thick glasses like these became popular in the mid-century and have been a perennial-cool glasses style ever since.

Big frames like these give you the opportunity of having a large lens which is handy for multifocal prescriptions such as varifocals (progressives). Large lenses are easier to use and let's face it... you get much more from your eyewear investment.

Key points

  • Exude confidence
  • Stronger glasses frame
  • Good for strong prescriptions
  • Bigger lenses
Oval shaped thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded


Portrait of lady with loose curly bob haircut and round turtle shell acetate spectacles frame

Large and in charge

To look younger, you can certainly try a slightly thinner glasses frame. But for the best results, we suggest you stick to glasses that have material surrounding the lenses.

These are known as full-rim glasses, which are usually made from acetate (bio plastic) and come in variety of colours, patterns and transparencies.

If you've already transitioned to grey hair, a thick dark frame is going to work well for your salt and pepper locks. It's a stylish combination that brings quirk and personality to your perception. Experiment with acetate and metal colours that work with your complexion and wardrobe.

Round red coloured glasses frame


Prue Leith wearing thick blue glasses frame smiling

Do rimless glasses look better?

There's nothing necessarily wrong with rimless glasses, but their minimal construction makes them a little... lifeless.

Glasses frames that make you look younger tend to be bold and impactual.

Truth is, chunky glasses seem more daring, more exuberant, which alludes to a younger style.

A great example of this is 'Great British Bake Off' presenter Prue Leith. As seen above, she expertly harmonises her thick-rimmed frames with her vibrant attire. If you choose thick glasses like these, it's a great opportunity to tie them-in with your earrings, necklace and other accessories.

Chunky blue acetate glasses frame


Middle aged woman wearing thick tortoise shell eyeglasses frame smiling

Friendly flecks

Semi-rounded acetate frames are an excellent way to exude a warm and approachable perception.

Even with formal attire (like hers seen above), charming flecks of yellow and amber in these semi-round tortoise glasses are a great way to indicate a friendly character.

Consider how you'd like to be perceived.

Rimless glasses are very clinical and minimal whilst subtly patterned acetates can bring friendliness to your demeanour.

Thick rimmed tortoise shell acetate spectacle frame lying folded


Side view of blond haired lady wearing power suit and cateye glasses frame

Something more punchy?

Cateye glasses, with their upward sweep at the outer edges, embody a sense of vivacity and youthful energy that can significantly uplift the style quotient of mature women. They're a perfect blend of retro charm and modern sophistication, adding an intriguing edge to the wearer's persona.

The playful yet elegant curves of cateye frames bring a sense of dynamism, signifying a spirit that is evergreen and age-defying. These frames are an excellent choice for mature women who embrace their age while showcasing their vibrant zest for life. They subtly accentuate the cheekbones and add a touch of glamour, reinforcing the idea that style and elegance are timeless, transcending the boundaries of age.

Chunky black cat eye glasses frame


Anne Robinson wearing round shaped tortoise glasses frame

Get your hair and glasses in sync

To look younger, thick full-rim frames can give your more personable, youthful look.

As seen above, Anne Robinson demonstrates the classic bob haircut and oval glasses combination. Her semi-round, tortoise-rimmed spectacles are the perfect match for her auburn hair and pale complexion.

Natural colours of her green top and gold necklace harmonise with the warming hues of her glasses frame.


Stylish lady with swept back textured bob haircut wearing round black eyeglasses

Classic & comfortable

Fully round glasses frames are unquestionably timeless which makes them an incredibly popular glasses style for people of all ages. Frames like these are an easy way to appear intelligent, youthful and confident.

The contrast of the round-eye worn by the lady above creates a quirky, friendly look yet doesn't appear overly stylised.

Her small face and feminine features are accentuated by the round shape of her glasses giving her a more dainty and fresh-faced appearance.

Black circular glasses frame lying folded


Andi Oliver smiling wearing black cat eye glasses frame on top of her head

Loud garments, quiet glasses

If you wear a lot of bright clothing, it's best to neutralise your eyewear by choosing a black, clear or grey coloured frame.

A great example of this is TV presenter and food enthusiast Andi Oliver. With her vibrant and playful outfits, she usually wears a simple but stylish pair of cat-eye style glasses.

Her energetic demeanour and colourful clothing work perfectly with a muted glasses frame. Frames made from dark acetate make plenty room for her bright attire - on and off camera.

If you tend to wear a lot of bright patterns or prints, an understated frame is the easiest way to avoid clashing or being too over stated.


Mature lady with long grey hair and tortoise shell eyeglasses looking out of window

Organic optics

Earthy spectacle colours such as green, amber and dark brown are an excellent way to bring natural warmth to your appearance.

Whether you have colour in your hair or not, frames with with amber, brown or honey is an easy way to incorporate complementary tones to your complexion.

Earthy acetate colours are a fantastic way to bring warmth to your face, whilst cooler tones of blue and green are a good way to offset ginger or auburn hair colours.

If you're naturally pale, consider a Havana or tortoiseshell spectacle frame. If you're lucky enough to have a tanned complexion, you can explore more aquatic colours to compliment your olive skin.


Mature lady with short grey hair resting her hands on chin looking through tortoiseshell eyeglasses

What glasses are most flattering?

The most flattering women's glasses styles often depend on the individual's face shape, complexion, and personal style. The most popular style of eyeglasses tend to be oval or rounded rectangular shapes which tend to suit the majority of face shapes and ethnicities. These frames are especially flattering on women with heart-shaped faces as they balance the face's narrow lower half.

Rectangular frames are bets for complementing round or oval faces by adding a sharp contrast to the soft facial features. Angular lines and sharper corners will bring definition to your cheeks, chin and forehead.

Oval or round glasses work well, particularly for those with long, square or diamond-shaped faces featuring prominent cheekbones and a narrow forehead or chin. Rounded rims are nice way to soften your appearance for a timeless optical look.


Lady wearing hijab and nude crystal eyeglasses frame

Does clear glasses make you look younger?

Clear frame glasses are perfect for a younger, stylish look. They're much less bold than dark acetate frames but still yield a playful and subtly confident deameanour.

But beware, neutral crystal can be quite 'cold' on the skin, so it's worth experimenting with lightly coloured 'crystal' acetates such as nude, tan, amber or orange. These warming tones are naturally more forgiving, especially if you have a pale complexion.

Coloured crystal acetate spectacles strike a sublime balance between style and subtlety, offering a youthful yet distinguished aesthetic. The transparent, subdued nature of crystal acetate enables the spectacles to enhance your features without becoming an overly dominant aspect of your appearance.

Crystal acetate frames come in a variety of soft, pastel colours that can compliment your skin tone and add a youthful glow to your complexion. They offer an element of fun and fashion-forward style, whilst their semi-transparent quality ensures they don't overpower your natural beauty. The result is a fresh, youthful look that emanates sophistication and elegance.

Round crystal clear glasses frame lying folded


Woman with short curly hair wearing very thick glasses frame striking a pose

Two tones = twice as fun

Two-tone eyeglasses are a fun and playful way to inject a bit of youthful style into your overall look. These frames feature a clever blend of two distinct colours, often with he darker hue on top and a lighter one on the bottom.

This unique design detail not only adds a quirky twist to your eyewear, but it also has a flattering effect. The darker upper half subtly defines the brow line, while the lighter lower half minimizes the visual weight of the glasses, making them less overpowering. Perfect for those who wish to express their personality and stay on-trend, two-tone eyeglasses are sure to make you stand out from the crowd while exuding a youthful charm.

Dual tone black and crystal thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded


Woman with tied up grey hair sitting at desk smiling wearing oval black eyeglasses

How do I choose glasses for my face?

To find glasses which truly suit you, you should first recognise and identify your face shape.

By doing so, you can compliment your best features by balancing your facial geometry with the right shape of glasses frame. To determine your face shape, you can use one of three methods.

  1. Trace your face shape using a selfie on your phone.
  2. Manually trace your photograph with a pen.
  3. Trace your face by looking in the mirror.

Once traced, you'll be able to see if you have the outline of a round, square, oval, heart or triangular face shape. Depending on the results, you can offset your face shape with a contrasting style of glasses.

Round faces tend to suit square glasses. Narrow faces tend to suit round glass. You get the gist...


Ginger haired women wearing rimless spectacles holding her cell phone

Do rimless glasses make you look older?

Yes, rimless have very little contrast on your face which typically 'washes you out' and can often make you look older.

Their lack of presence intentionally makes them as discreet as possible, which often makes them appear somewhat lifeless and clinical. Due to their minimalistic style, they tend to have an ageing affect on your appearance.

There's nothing wrong with rimless glasses, they just lack character and confidence.

If you're used to lightweight rimless glasses, thick rimmed frames can seem incredibly dominant and very 'out there' . But, if you try a slim 'full rim' frame, you'll be amazed how quickly you acclimatise.

A handy tip is to try transparent acetate frames. They can still be quite chunky, but they lack the dominance of brutish opaque acetate frames.


Woman speaking on telephone at her computer wearing round tortoise eyeglasses frame

Do glasses make you look older or younger?

Depending on the style of your glasses, they can make you look either older or younger.

Formal spectacles with little colour or character can have an ageing effect on you. Rimless glasses frames are especially 'ageing' as they lack contrast on your face and are really just a pragmatic, soulless solution for deteriorating eyesight. (Sorry but it's true!)

Stylish spectacles that suit your face shape can be a real asset for a more youthful appearance. Full-rim glasses made from acetate, metal or both typically have much more character, energy and self-expression.

Because spectacles cover a large area of your face and eyes, they have a large influence in your perception. For the year/s between your eye exams, they eventually become part of your identity... for better or for worse.

This is why it's crucial you choose a frame that you feel comfortable wearing that portrays your personal style. Something that make you feel confident wherever you go.

If you've read this far, check out our article on hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses.





Men's glasses that make you look younger

Welcome sir.

In the list below you'll find a series of silver spectacle-wearing specimens. These stylish chaps are the perfect inspiration upon which to model your imminent optical upgrade.

To determine the best glasses that make you look smart and sophisticated, ask yourself this simple question...

Which of these traits describes you?


Serious looking man with blue shirt and brown suit jacket wearing round tortoise spectacle frames

I'm a traditionalist

With your leather brogues and buttoned shirt, your spectacles complete a classic wardrobe that never goes out of fashion.

Just like the gent above, you know a thing or two about pairing textures and tones in your impeccable attire. With your acute sense of attire, you'd do well to adorn a glasses frame with a keyhole nose bridge in a versatile colour; perfect for any occasion.

This is the frame for you.

Round amber acetate glasses frame


Gentleman with salt and pepper hair wearing amber and black spectacles

Quietly confident

You avoid brand logos or flashy gimmicks.

The very thought of a graphic T-shirt makes you shudder. Instead, you prefer to keep things low-key and rely on classic styling to do the talking for you.

Minimal and simple, a subtly coloured acetate in a versatile frame shape is fine and plenty.

These glasses await you.

Oval shaped tortoise shell acetate glasses frame lying folded

Round-eye tortoiseshell glasses are the definition of men's timeless eyewear.

They're a safe bet.

This enduring glasses style is popular across all age groups, making it an adaptable and ageless glasses style for you to wear.

If you're looking for a refined aesthetic, the earthy tones of tortoiseshell acetate are the perfect eyeglass style make you look younger.


Mature man with grey afro hair wearing thick black eyeglasses frame

Loud & proud

Never hesitant, always sure, your confidence is plentiful in every decision you make.

Thick, geometric eyeglasses are a contemporary trend that can help you achieve a more youthful look. These frames add a distinct touch of modernity and energy to your appearance, shifting the focus away from age-related features.

Bold browlines and sharp angles can enhance your facial structure, while the thick frames command attention, diverting from wrinkles or age lines. Geometric eyeglasses are particularly flattering on round or oval faces, as they provide a striking contrast.

Opting for bold colours or unique patterns can further boost your youth-enhancing effect. Remember, being young is all about embracing boldness and expressing individuality, and thick, geometric eyeglasses are a perfect accessory to do just that.

Vintage style black acetate spectacle frame lying folded




Clear spectacle frames offer a subtle yet stylish approach to eyewear for mature men aiming to look younger. With their minimalist and modern appeal, these frames blend seamlessly with any attire, enhancing your overall look without overpowering it.

Transparent acetate reveals the finer intricacies of your frame's construction. Components such as hinges, rivets and temple cores are exposed for a stylish and structural sort of look. Furthermore, clear frames are a symbol of genuineness, openness, and contemporary style - qualities often associated with youth.

Pairing these frames with a suit or casual wear can add a sophisticated touch, reflecting a youthful and energetic vibe. Remember, subtlety can often be the most powerful style statement, and clear spectacle frames perfectly embody this principle.

Round crystal clear glasses frame lying folded


Smart dressed african man with grey beard dark glasses tweed jacket and light shirt side on to viewer

Understated classic

Do you prefer to keep things simple and straightforward?

Plain rectangular frames are the 'understated classic' in the realm of eyewear and are an excellent choice for mature men seeking a subtle spectacle style. These glasses offer a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics, featuring a sturdy construction and neutral colour.

By sticking to versatile shades such as black, brown, or tortoiseshell can keep your look sophisticated yet understated, perfectly aligning with a mature aesthetic. Simple frames like these yields a sense of timeless style and confidence providing a subtle charm that can instantly rejuvenate your appearance.

Thick rimmed black acetate spectacle frame lying folded


Jeff Goldblum wearing chunky rectangular eyeglasses frame and blue polo shirt

The '50s look

Thick rimmed frames, like Jeff Goldblum's, offer a robust, contemporary style that injects youthful energy into your look. These frames, often crafted from black or tortoiseshell, are a nod to the '50s and 60s fashion - a golden era synonymous with timeless style and charisma.

The bold design of thick rimmed glasses exudes confidence and assertiveness, while their distinct shape can add definition to facial features, creating an illusion of a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, these frames are a visual focal point, drawing attention to the eyes and away from any age-related features.

Perfect for both formal and casual wear, chunky frames are an expression of individuality and contemporary style, subtly communicating an adventurous, forward-thinking mindset - qualities traditionally associated with youth. With these frames, you're not just wearing a piece of eyewear; you're making a bold fashion statement that defies age and embraces modernity.

Thick black rectangular eyeglasses frame


Man with short grey hair and tatoos lying on his side reading a book wearing thick dark spectacle frame

Mr Stylish

You keep an eye on men's fashion and know how to dress yourself well.

Oval full-rim eyeglasses are the epitome of timeless elegance, an ideal choice for the mature man who appreciates classic appeal meshed with modern sophistication.

Rounded spectacles are ideal for softening your strong jawline and prominent cheekbones. Ovalized frames are inherently versatile and suit the majority of face shapes from diamond, long or square.

Full rim frames add definition to the face and draws attention to your eyes - the most expressive aspect of your face. High quality spectacles with a solid construction alludes to a sense of reliability and wisdom, traits often associated with maturity.

Oval shaped thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded


Ryan Reynolds wearing Clubmaster eyeglasses frame

Best of both worlds

Clubmaster glasses, characterized by their distinctive 'combination' design are an enduring frame-style in men's eyewear fashion. Their charming blend of retro and modern elements gives them a timeless appeal that transcends your age.

These frames, with the top half constructed from sturdy, lustrous acetate and the bottom half from sleek, durable metal, offer the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The sturdy acetate top emphasizes the eyes and brows, creating a striking, confident look, while the subtler metal lower half has a less dominant presence on your face.

Clubmaster glasses cater to the distinguished gentleman who seeks a perfect balance between practicality and style, making them an appropriate choice for men of any age. Their universal allure lies in their ability to seamlessly fit into any wardrobe or occasion, be it a formal business meeting or a casual weekend outing.

RayBan Clubmaster spectacles frame


Close view of Stanley Tuccie wearing thick rimmed eyeglasses

Sculpted solid

Thick rim frames, akin to those worn by Stanley Tucci, have an inherent sense of confidence and youthfulness combined. These frames, with their robust construction and distinct profile, command attention and exude an aura of assertiveness, enhancing your self-assured perception.

The bold lines created by the thick rims will encapsulate your eyes, thereby drawing focus and constructing an impression of self-assured charisma. While their vintage-inspired design conjures a nostalgic charm, they simultaneously evoke a sense of modernity and fashion-forwardness, contributing to your new youthful appearance.

Thick rimmed black acetate spectacle frame lying folded


Bald man wearing round black glasses frame

The architect

Abundantly inspired, you lean into your quirky style with vigour and panache.

With a great eye for detail, what better way to view the world than through the right looking glass?

Round style glasses bring an undeniably artistic and intellectual vibe into your persona. This optical style is often associated with creative visionaries such as Le Corbusier, Philip Johnson or David Hockney. The round frame resonates with the meticulous precision and aesthetic sensibilities inherent in designers and architects, making them the quintessential choice for mature men aiming to channel their creative self.

The simplicity of round glasses belies its considerable impact – the clean lines and minimalistic design echo the principles of architectural design, where every element serves a purpose. Just as in well-designed buildings, there are no superfluous details on round glasses. By choosing to wear round frames, you reflect these characteristics, subtly hinting at your appreciation for craftsmanship, precision, and well-executed design.

Round burgundy acetate glasses frame lying folded
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