Glasses for an oval face shape

Choosing new glasses, it’s crucial to find a pair that compliments your face shape.

In this article, you can suss the best types of spectacles for an oval face shape.

This guide will help if you have an oval-shaped face and need some guidance choosing the right style of glasses to compliment your best attributes.

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What is an oval face shape?
Do I have an oval face shape?

Other common face types
Why determine your face shape?
Celebrities with oval faces
Criteria for choosing the best glasses
Best glasses for an oval face
Best glasses for men with oval faces
Best glasses for women with oval faces
Frames to avoid for oval faces


Young male wearing large square tortoise shell eyeglasses

What is an oval face shape?

The most common face shape of all, oval faces are longer than they are wide, usually with a defined jawline and soft chin. Usually, your forehead and cheeks are the widest region of your face. Because of your balanced proportions, it’s considered to be the ideal face type for wearing many types of glasses.


Do I have an oval face?

  1. Your face is longer than it is wide.
  2. You have a rounded or squared jawline.
  3. Your forehead is wider than your jawline.
  4. You have a rounded chin.
  5. Wide cheekbones.


If in doubt, you can always ask your family, friends or colleagues to judge your face shape.

Alternatively, this website lets you post a selfie where other people can vote on what shape of face they think you have.


Close view of male wearing round dark glasses and grey jumper

Other common face types

There are many face shapes, therefore it’s common to be a mixture of two or three.

So don’t worry if you’re unsure what shape of face you have. To help, here’s a quick breakdown of the most common face shapes.


Oblong faces are often confused with the oval shape. Like the oval face shape, the oblong faces are longer than it is wide however they have a long, straight cheek line.

Square faces have a wide jawline that matches the width of your forehead.

Round faces have soft features, little to no jawline definition and are widest at your cheeks. This face shape merges into oval if you have a longer head.

Heart faces have a narrow bottom third as well as a wide top third, like a heart. A ‘widow’s peak’ hairline adds to the nature of this face shape.

Triangular faces have a broad forehead which leads down to your narrow jaw. This geometry gives you a tapering, slightly triangular appearance.


For a more detailed guide to face shapes click here.


Dual image of man and woman wearing glasses with white lines outlining their face shapes

Why determine your face shape?

Knowing your face shape will help you to choose a style of spectacles or sunglasses to compliment your best facial features. Doing so can help you make the right choice of frame which you’ll wear for at least the next 2 years, saving you money, time, energy and potential regret.


Actress Julianne Moore inside a plane wearing thick rectangular eyeglasses

Celebrities with oval faces

One of the easiest ways to judge if you have an oval face is to compare yourself to well-known celebrities.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Jason Statham
  • Julianne Moore
  • Jessica Alba
  • Eva Longoria
  • Beyonce
  • Olivia Munn
  • Adam Levine
  • Kate Middleton

Other well-known people with the oval face include Eminem, Joe Jonas, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney and Anne Hathaway.

You can find their pictures on the internet and compare their face shapes with yours.


Women with long brown hair looking directly at viewer through yellow tinted crystal coloured eyeglasses

Criteria for choosing the best glasses for an oval face

The oval face is regarded as the universal average shape, but doesn’t mean you can wear any type of glasses frame.

Remember that there are other factors that should be taken into consideration such as;

  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour
  • Skin tone
  • Frame size


Very close view of a human eye with brown iris

Eye colour

Your eye colour can influence the style of glasses you wear. Thick frames made from acetate offer the choice of colours and patterns which you can use to compliment your eye colour. This can be done to match or indeed contrast the colour of your eyes.

Choosing glasses for eye colour


Side view of woman with large curly brown hair style

Hair colour

Your hair colour can influence your choice of new glasses.

For dark hair, you have a broader scope of eyewear colours due to your darker, more contrasting features.

If you have especially fair hair, transparent acetate frames have the effect of washing you out. Whilst if you have ginger hair, crystal clear frames are a great option.

Be sure to select spectacles which balance and compliment your hair tones.

Glasses for blonde hair


Portrait of man laughing wearing tweed suit tie and round tortoiseshell eyeglasses frame

Skin tone

Across all ethnicities, skin tones can range from warm to cool. Rimless or wire frames can appear very clinical, therefore you should take this into consideration if you have cool notes in your complexion.

Subtle hints of colour in metal or acetate frames can bring warmth to your face, therefore it’s worth considering when choosing your new glasses frame.

Glasses for skin tone 


Young blonde female wearing oversized clear spectacles frame looking at viewer

Frame size

Glasses size is crucial for comfort as well as style.

Women can opt for oversized frames with large lenses if they want to create contrast for a flattering, daintier appearance. Big glasses give the impression of looking smaller and offer excellent lens-room for all kinds of prescription lenses.

If oversized frames seem too big, thin acetate or wire frame glasses can be a less bulky option.

Inversely, men can choose to wear small spectacles depending on their sense of style. Currently, big bold acetate frames are very on trend and yield a strong sense of confidence.

Remember, getting the correct fit is crucial for longevity and comfort. Poorly fitting frames are just uncomfortable, don’t sit properly and can even hinder their performance.

For a guide on spectacle frame sizing click here.


Man smiling walking down a snowy street wearing winter coat and glasses frame

What shape glasses look best on an oval face?

Oval faces suit a wide variety of glasses styles. Large boxy frames with straight lines work the best, but Aviator, cat-eye and rounded rectangular frames also look great.

For oval faces, your advantage is that many frames will suit you due to your balanced features and natural symmetry.

In this section, we’ve listed some of the best examples of what kind of glasses suit an oval face shape.

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Square glasses
Rectangle glasses
Rounded rectangle glasses
Cat-eye glasses
Walnut-shaped glasses
Aviator glasses
Squared aviator glasses
Rounded square glasses
Browline glasses
Double bridge glasses


Man with oval face wearing blue shirt and chunky black rectangular eyeglasses

Square glasses

The square frame shape is one of the most popular amongst those with the oval face shape.

It has also been regarded as the best frame for the oval-shaped face. Your soft facial features will be contrasted by their sharp angular aspects. They provide dimension and structure to your oval head’s facial features.




Mature lady with long grey hair wearing rectangular spectacle frame

Rectangle glasses

For a professional look, rectangular shaped frames are a popular choice.

They’re easily the most fashionable glasses for both men and women and work for a wide variety of face shapes and prescription types. An oval face person should get rectangular eyeglasses that are as wide as their face’s broadest part.




Portrait of pretty brunette wearing rounded rectangular eyeglass frame

Rounded rectangle glasses

Rectangular frames with softened corners are a nice balance between glasses which are either too boxy or indeed, too round.

Giving you the best of both, rounded rectangular frames like these tend to have a fairly straight upper half but with rounded lens rims in the lower.


Woman wearing clear round eyeglasses

Cat-eye glasses

A flattering frame choice for women, classic cat-eye glasses can be worn with any outfit for any occasion.

They suit oval faced woman perfectly, enhancing your best facial features and highlighting your cheekbones.

Furthermore, cat-eye glasses have a timeless appeal, stemming directly from mid-century fashion.



Blonde guy with oval face wearing yellow tinted clear glasses frame outside

Walnut-shaped glasses

Otherwise known as oval frames, walnut-shaped glasses are a great look if you have an oblong oval face shape.

Circular frames can appear very stark and quite rigid, therefore oval spectacles can look more natural than fully round glasses.


Woman wearing clear acetate retro aviator eyeglasses

Aviator glasses

With their rich wartime history, Aviator (or pilot) glasses are a bold eyewear style for oval face shapes. Due to their classic ‘teardrop’ shape, they have an inherently large lens coverage which dominates your face.

The overall height of Aviator glasses is what works so well on so many face shapes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a big glasses style, this is a great choice.


Portrait of blonde male wearing wire Aviator spectacles and orange jumper

Squared aviator glasses

Similar to the classic teardrop Aviator, a square version brings better definition to your face. Angular lens shapes and a straight browline creates a sharper look which can work especially well if your oval face has soft facial features.

Hexagonal gold wire eyeglasses frame


Pale young woman with long face wearing clear wayfarer spectacles frame looking directly at viewer

Rounded square glasses

Tall and boxy, square glasses help to balance long oval faces. Where the frame overhangs your cheeks, the square stature of these glasses brings definition and contrast. For both men and women, square glasses with rounded corners are a fail-safe option for everyday use.

Lightly tinted yellow eyeglasses frame with tortoise temples


Three quarter view of Asian male wearing browline eyeglasses frame

Browline glasses

Hugely popular in the 1950’s, browline glasses are a great choice for both male and female oval face types. With a thick acetate upper, browline glasses draw attention to your eyebrows, the most expressive part of your face.


Side view of male wearing large double bridge eyeglasses and polo neck jumper

Double bridge glasses

Usually made from metal wire (but sometime acetate) double bridge glasses feature two separate bridges joining the lens rims of the frame.

Because of this structure, they have a strong utility aesthetic similar to that of Aviators.

If you like intricate details or have a wide oval head, the double bridge feature draws attention to the middle of your face and away from its outer edges.



Three quarter view of Jude Law wearing thick square eyeglasses looking upwards

Best glasses for men with oval faces

If you’re an oval faced male, you should check the frames worn by your fellow oval-shaped stars like Chris Pine, Adam Levine, Zac Efron and Jude Law.

Geometric frames work perfectly for oval faced men who’re looking for an everyday style they can wear to work or at casual events over the weekend.

  • Rectangular glasses
  • Rounded square glasses
  • Squared Aviator glasses
  • Square glasses
  • Browline glasses
  • Double bridge glasses


Actress Julia Roberts sitting at table wearing rectangular glasses frame smiling talking

Best glasses for women with oval faces

There are numerous frames that suit oval face women.

These eyeglass frames would fit oval face shaped celebs like Courtney Cox, Charlize Theron, Julia Roberts, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.

This section gives an outline of the best glasses for oval face shaped females.

  • Cat-eye glasses
  • Rounded square glasses
  • Squared Aviator glasses
  • Square glasses
  • Rectangle glasses
  • Browline glasses
  • Double bridge glasses


Grey haired man with oval face wearing very small hexagonal wire frame glasses

Frames to avoid for oval faces

If you have an oval face, it’s best to avoid glasses which are far too small or narrow for your head. Undersized spectacles (like those above) make your head seem wider and larger than it actually is.

Similarly, avoid glasses which extend way too far beyond the edges of your head. Overly wide frames will make your face seem very narrow, negatively affecting your appearance.

Comfort is crucial, so it’s best to avoid frames which pinch your nose, sit too high or too low or the temples are the incorrect length. Over time, poorly fitting frames can cause discomfort and even headaches.

Circular frames may be too stark for your oval face, so if you prefer round spectacles, oval glasses can be a more versatile choice.


Young blonde lady sitting at beach hut wearing grey jumper and amber eyeglasses


An oval face shape is generally regarded as the universal face type.

If your face is long with soft cheeks and jawline, you most likely have an oval face shape.

Geometric frames like rounded squares and rounded rectangles work equally well for males and females who have an oval face.

Choose a comfortable pair of glasses which compliments your hair colour and skin tone. This means creating contrast with colour whilst bringing warmth to your complexion where possible.

Hopefully you found this article helpful.

Thanks for stopping by.


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