Best glasses for oval faces 2024

Luckily for you, the oval face shape is one of the most versatile and well-proportioned, paving the way for a broad range of glasses frame options.

In this blog post, we'll define the key characteristics of an oval face shape and present our list of the best glasses styles for both women and men in 2024. Whether you're seeking a bold, stylish statement or a subtle, professional look, we've got you covered.


What is an oval shaped face?

An oval face shape is characterised by a longish appearance with a soft jawline and chin. Your forehead and cheeks are the widest regions of your face which allude to an overall oval shape. With such balanced proportions, the oval face shape is considered to be the most adaptable for numerous eyeglass shapes and styles.

Illustration of woman and man with oval shaped faces both wearing spectacles

How do I know my face shape?

To know your face shape, examine the general outline of your head and the relative proportions of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. Although your head is invariably oval in shape, it's the interaction between these key facial features that defines its specific shape category.

If you're struggling to know which face shape you are, it's perfectly common to be a 'blend' of two or more categories. Oval faces may indicate square, heart or diamond characteristics so you might want to check out which glasses frames suit these unique facial variants via the list of blogs below;



3 ways to know your face shape

Man using phone to scan his face shape

Face shape apps

To help you determine your face shape, there's a myriad of helpful apps out there for both android and iOS smartphones. We've scoured both app-stores for the best user experience and face shape detection listed in the table below.



Apple Store


My Face Shape Meter




Find Your Face Shape



Not available

Measure Your Face Instantly



Not available





Golden Ratio Face





Ask the public

If you'd prefer an impartial opinion, this poll website lets you share a self-portrait. There, you can ask others a question about your appearance. To get the answer you want, post a front-facing selfie asking "what shape is my face?". It's a good idea to list the main face shapes (above) for people to poll their thoughts on your facial structure.


Video Method

Another option is to video yourself with your smartphone. Watching yourself back, you can assess your face shape from the perspective on an onlooker. Take the time to review the footage as this can offer valuable insights into determining your unique face shape. If you require assistance, consider asking for help from a friend or family member. By investing the time and effort now, you can establish your face shape for choosing your imminent new glasses frame.



5 signs you have an oval shaped face

  1. Your face is longer than it is wide.
  2. You have a rounded or squared jawline.
  3. Your forehead is wider than your jawline.
  4. You have a rounded chin.
  5. Wide cheekbones.
Man looking in mirror adjusting his thick eyeglasses frame

Does face shape matter for glasses?

Yes. Understanding your face shape is crucial for selecting the perfect spectacles that enhances your facial features and self confidence. By doing so, you can ensure that you make a wise investment in frames you'll be wearing for the next couple of years, saving you both time and money while avoiding any potential regrets.



How to choose the best glasses for an oval face

The oval face is regarded as the universal average shape, but doesn’t mean you can wear any type of glasses frame. Keep in mind there are other factors you should consider such as;

Eye colour can have an impact on the glasses style that suits you best. Thick acetate frames provide a wide range of colour and pattern options, allowing you to match or contrast with your eye colour. This enables you to enhance the overall look and highlight the unique colouration of your eyes.

Hair colour can also influence your choice of new glasses. For dark hair, you have a broader scope of eyewear colours due to your darker, more contrasting features. If you have blonde hair, transparent acetate frames have the effect of washing you out. Whilst if you have ginger hair, crystal clear frames are a great option.

Skin tone can range from warm to cool across all ethnicities. Rimless or wire frames can appear quite clinical and impersonal, therefore you should take this into consideration if you have cool notes in your complexion. Subtle hints of colour in metal or acetate frames can bring warmth to your face, therefore it’s worth considering when choosing your new glasses frame.

Frame size is crucial for comfort as well as style.

Women can opt for oversized frames with large lenses if they want to create contrast for a flattering, daintier appearance. Big glasses give the impression of looking smaller and offer excellent lens-room for all kinds of prescription lenses.

Men may wish to wear big and bold acetate frames which yield a strong sense of confidence. These look great in darker colours , especially in thick-rimmed frames. For a more understated appearance, metal frames with thinner rims are a timeless option.

It's worth noting that getting the correct frame fit is crucial for longevity and comfort. Poorly fitting frames are just uncomfortable, don’t sit properly and can even hinder their performance.



Man smiling walking down a snowy street wearing winter coat and glasses frame

What glasses suit oval faces?

Oval faces suit a wide variety of eyeglass styles ranging from the ubiquitous rectangular shape, through to classic round spectacles. The sheer versatility of an oval face shape means this decision is largely based on your personal preference, prescription and application for your eyeglasses. However, to help narrow-down your options, check out our suggestions for the best glasses for oval faces below;


Best women’s glasses for an oval face 2024

Blonde woman wearing dark brown rectangular eyeglasses

Rectangle glasses

Rectangular eyeglasses are an excellent choice for women with oval faces because they help to balance the face's natural length. The horizontal lines of the rectangular frames slightly offset the vertical length of an oval face, creating a pleasing aesthetic balance. Additionally, these frames can add a hint of angularity, providing a lovely contrast to the soft dimples and curves typically found in oval face shapes.

By contrast, rectangular frames like the Saint Laurent SL M118 002 bring a touch of boldness, character and even professionalism enhancing your features without overpowering them. The straight lines and sharp edges can also help 'sharpen' your cheekbones, further enhancing your appearance.

Front facing view of tortoise rectangle eyeglasses frame



Portrait of pretty brunette wearing rounded rectangular eyeglass frame

Rounded rectangle glasses

Rounded rectangular (Wayfarer) glasses are an outstanding choice for women with oval faces. These classic eyeglasses have a timeless aesthetic, featuring a bold upper browline with the lower half of the frame curving gently, much like a soft rectangle. This perfect blend of angles and curves offers a harmonious contrast which suits oval faces perfectly.

Glasses like the Oliver People's Ahmya are a great wat to add definition to the face, drawing attention to your eyes and forehead. Meanwhile, the lower rounded part of the frame complements the softer features of an oval face, accentuating cheekbones while maintaining the face's natural balance.

Ladies red and orange oversized spectacle frame



Woman wearing clear round eyeglasses

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses frames, with their upswept outer edges and rounded lower half, are a fantastic choice for women with oval faces. The high, upswept corners of these frames accentuates the natural balance of oval faces, drawing attention upwards to your eyes and brows. This heightens the perceived symmetry of the face, a key factor in aesthetic appeal. The rounded lower half of the frame, meanwhile, mirrors and enhances the rounded features of an oval face, creating a harmonious look.

The distinctive, vintage-inspired style of cat-eye frames adds a touch of glamour and sophistication, upgrading any outfit and occasion. These frames like the Woow Say Yes 1 3064 not only enhance your facial features but also make a fashion statement, reflecting your personality and style.

Three quarter view of crystal Cat eye glasses frame



Side view of woman smiling wearing black Pilot eyeglasses frame

Aviator glasses

With their rich wartime history, Aviator glasses are a bold eyewear style for women with petit oval face shapes. Due to their classic ‘teardrop’ shape, they have an inherently large lens coverage which dominates your face. The overall height of Aviator glasses is what works so well on so many face shapes. If you’re looking for a big frame-style, glasses such as the RayBan RB 6489 2503 are a great choice.

Three quarter view of RayBan Aviator eyeglasses frame



Portrait of young blonde lady wearing round tortoise shell eyeglasses

Round Havana glasses

Few frames match the perennial appeal of classic round eyeglasses. Year after year, these traditional looking frames maintain their popularity. For women with oval faces, the delicate round shape of these frames adds softness to your face, creating a balance between angular features and rounded curves.

The slim and lightweight design of thin round glasses also ensures that they don't overpower your facial features. Instead, they subtly frame your eyes and enhance your natural beauty. For a modern twist on this timeless style, check out the Oliver Peoples O'Malley frame with its classic keyhole bridge and sophisticated colour options.

Three quarter view of round spectacle frame



Woman wearing round black eyeglasses frame and turtleneck sweater

Black circle glasses

Perfectly round spectacles (seen above) are a fashionably stark option if you like bold eyeglasses. For oval faces, these geometric frames give a strong artistic aesthetic, ideal for those looking to make a statement with their eyewear. The thicker rims of black circle glasses add definition and structure to your face, while the round shape adds softness and balance. To embrace this avant-garde look, check out these round black frames.

Black circular glasses frame lying folded



Pale young woman with long face wearing clear wayfarer spectacles frame looking directly at viewer

Crystal eyeglasses

If chunky, opaque frames seem too bold for you, you may want to consider transparent glasses instead. Frames like these are a contemporary style which are much less dominant on your face. Thanks to their transparency, they have a much subtler contrast on your face which can be far less stark. Tinted crystal frames such as the Barton Perreira Cecil boast all the benefits of a chunky acetate frames, without being overly shouty.

Three quarter view of Barton Perreira Cecil eyeglasses frame



Young blonde lady sitting at beach hut wearing grey jumper and amber eyeglasses

Hipster glasses

Oversized glasses, known for their distinctive thick-rimmed frames and larger size, are a fantastic choice for women with oval faces. Larger frames like these are a cheat-code to making your face seem smaller and more feminine... as long as you get the sizing right. These glasses often feature retro-inspired designs, adding a splash of vintage charm to your overall look.

With their bold and stand-out shape, oversized hipster glasses not only accentuate your facial features but also make a strong style statement. Plus, they offer ample room for lenses of any prescription strength, making them as practical as they are fashionable. For inspiration, check out the Persol 3318V 24 frame.

Three quarter view of amber spectacle frame



Best men's glasses for an oval face 2024

Man resting his chin in his hand wearing thick square eyeglasses frame

Square glasses

For men the square frame shape is one of the most popular if you have an oval face shape. Square black glasses are regarded as the most versatile for long, ovular face shapes. Thanks to their sharp angular aspects, your soft facial features will be contrasted by a boxy glasses frame. They provide definition and structure to your oval head’s facial features.

Three quarter view of Gucci black eyeglasses frame



Blonde guy with oval face wearing yellow tinted clear glasses frame outside

Walnut-shaped glasses

Otherwise known as oval frames, walnut-shaped glasses are a great look if you have an oblong oval face shape. Circular frames can appear very stark and quite rigid, therefore oval spectacles can look more natural than fully round glasses. For a translucent spectacle style (like those above) check out the Oliver People Gregory Peck glasses frame.

Front view of yellow transparent eyeglasses frame



Blonde haired man wearing thin round eyeglasses frame

Round wire glasses

A timeless choice for men with oval faces, round wire eyeglasses can add an element of sophistication and elegance to your look. Due to their minimalistic design and thin frame, they subtly highlight the face's natural contours without overpowering your features. The circular shape of the lenses balances out the length of an oval face, providing a harmonious blend of shapes. This style, which has a vintage appeal, can suit both casual and formal attire, making it a versatile addition to any eyewear collection. For an iconic round wire glasses option, consider these Ray-Ban round metal frames.



Portrait of blonde male wearing wire Aviator spectacles and orange jumper

Squared aviator glasses

Similar to the classic teardrop version, square shaped Aviator frames brings better definition to your face. Angular lens shapes and a straight browline creates a sharper look which can work especially well if your oval face has soft facial features.

Gold wire Aviator spectacle frame



Man wearing Clubmaster eyeglasses frame

Browline glasses

Hugely popular in the 1950’s, browline glasses are a great choice for both male and female oval face types. With a thick acetate upper, browline glasses draw attention to your eyebrows, the most expressive part of your face. For a vintage vibe, these 'combi' style glasses use both acetate and metal for a timelessly classic optical look.

Three quarter view of RayBan black and silver Clubmaster eyeglasses



Mature man wearing Aviator eyeglasses frame

Double bridge glasses

Usually made from metal wire (but sometime acetate) double bridge glasses feature two separate bridges joining the lens rims of the frame. Because of this structure, they have a strong utility aesthetic similar to that of Aviators. If you like intricate details or have a wide oval head, the double bridge feature draws attention to the middle of your face and away from its outer edges.

Front view of clear acetate and wire double bridge eyeglasses frame



Mature man wearing very thick clear spectacle frame

Thick clear frames

For men with oval faces, thick clear frames can be a stylish and modern option. These eyeglasses feature bold and chunky frames made from clear acetate, giving them a unique and eye-catching look. The clear material allows your features to show through, making them an ideal choice for those with softer facial features.

Additionally, the thickness of the frames adds definition to your face, making it appear more structured and angular. These glasses can be paired with both casual and formal outfits, making them a versatile choice for everyday wear. Whether you opt for a classic rectangular shape or a trendy round frame, thick clear frames are sure to make a statement on any oval face.

Three quarter view of chunky crystal eyeglasses



Young woman wearing crystal rectangular spectacle frame

Glasses for oval faces FAQ’s

Do geometric glasses look good on oval faces?

Geometric glasses can look great on oval faces, as long as they are not too narrow or small. These can either be very boxy frames, or conversely, circular spectacles. Regardless, it's important to find eyeglasses that balances the natural symmetry of your face whilst providing a comfortable fit. There's nothing worse than uncomfortable glasses, no matter how good they might look.


Should oval faces wear square or round glasses?

Both square and round glasses can look good on oval faces, but it ultimately depends on personal preference and the image you'd like to project. Square frames add structure and definition to an oval face, whilst seeming quite formal. Meanwhile, round frames can soften your impression and add a more studious, wise sort of look.


What shape glasses are in fashion 2024?

Fashionable glasses in 2024 include round, square, and cat-eye frames. Oversized glasses are also making a comeback, harking back to the big frames worn during the '70s and '80s. Crystal acetates such as nudes, brown and green are also on-trend, favouring those who prefer transparent eyeglasses.

Can oval face wear cat-eye glasses?

Yes, women with oval faces can definitely pull off cat-eye glasses. The upswept corners of the frames add a touch of glamour and playfulness to an otherwise long-ish face shape. However, it's important to ensure that the cat-eye frames are not too wide or narrow for your face, as this may throw off the balance and proportions.



Women with long brown hair looking directly at viewer through yellow tinted crystal coloured eyeglasses

What glasses should I avoid if I have an oval face?

Oval faces should avoid overly small or narrow frames that can make your head appear wider and larger than it actually is. Similarly, steer clear of frames that extend too far beyond the edges of your head. Very wide frames can make your face appear narrow (even child-like) and negatively impact your overall appearance.

Furthermore, you should prioritize comfort when selecting frames. Avoid glasses that pinch your nose, sit too high or too low on your face, or have temples that are the incorrect length. Ill-fitting frames can cause discomfort and even headaches over time.



  • Oval faces are regarded as the universal face type
  • Oval faces are long with soft cheeks and jawline
  • Geometric frames like rounded squares and rounded rectangles work equally well for males and females who have an oval face
  • Choose a comfortable pair of glasses which compliments your hair colour and skin tone. This means creating contrast with colour whilst bringing warmth to your complexion where possible.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.


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