Best glasses for round faces 2024

Best glasses for round faces

Soft facial features? The last thing you need is to be stuck with unflattering glasses for the next few years that you just don't want to wear.

To help guide your next optical investment, this article has got you covered. Whether you're seeking something 'statement', sophisticated, edgy or bold, we're here to help you find the perfect frame to complement your round face.

Scroll below as we delve into the best glasses styles for round faces in 2024 for both women and men.

Illustration of woman and man with round shaped faces both wearing spectacles

What is a round face shape?

A round face shape is characterised by a wide forehead with soft facial features, lacking definition in the cheeks and chin. Your jawline is the widest part of your face, lacking discernible structure which alludes to a roundish facial appearance. You may also have dimples at the edges of your mouth when you smile.


Woman with soft round face wearing square eyeglasses frame

How do I know my face shape?

To easily determine the shape of your face, observe the overall contour of your head taking note of the proportions between your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and chin. While your head may generally be oval-shaped, it's the ratio between these facial "reference points" that defines its unique classification of shape.

Round faces tend to have wide cheekbones and jawlines which gives a softish, round appearance. Similarly shaped to square faces, it's the softness of your cheeks that tends to indicate a round face shape.

If you're having trouble figuring out your face shape, don't worry! Many face shapes actually overlap with each other, so it's possible that you're a combination of two or more types. Some of the most common face shapes include:


3 ways to know your face shape

Woman taking a video of herself on a mobile phone smiling wearing a white T shirt sitting on a sofa

Face measuring apps

To assist you in identifying your face shape, we've curated some of the best apps specially designed for Android and iOS smartphones. They all have slightly different interfaces and outputs, but they're incredibly helpful for establishing the shape of your face. Check out the table below;



Apple Store


My Face Shape Meter




Find Your Face Shape



Not available

Measure Your Face Instantly



Not available





Golden Ratio Face







Ask the public

For an impartial opinion of your face shape, this handy poll website lets you post a photo of yourself. Designed to help you narrow-down the best hairstyles, glasses and makeup for your face, give it a try to see which face shape you have.


Video method

This method might sound really basic, but recording a video of your face from different angles can be really helpful to know what face shape you have. From the perspective of an onlooker, you can observe your face shape to see it looks side to side, up and down.


Brown haired female sitting on floor wearing bright blue spectacle frame

5 signs you have a round face

  1. Full cheeks
  2. Soft curves/features
  3. Rounded chin that isn’t pronounced
  4. Cheekbones are the widest part
  5. Face is as wide as it is tall



How to pick the best glasses for a round face

Identify your face shape. Before you consider looking at any new glasses frames, it's worth taking the time to know your face shape. By establishing the basic geometry of your face, you can hone-in on the right shapes and styles of frames that will suit you best. Invest your time now and it'll pay dividends in glasses that make you look and feel great for years to come.


Know your numbers. Like shoes or clothes, spectacles have their own sizing system. The easiest way to know your frame size is by looking at the glasses you currently own. Look for a series of numbers which look like this 48 [] 18 135. In this specific order, these digits denote your lens-width, bridge-width and temple length in mm. Take a note on your phone and use them as a reference when shopping for new glasses, especially online.


Sharpen up. With soft round features, it's time to bring some angularity to your face. Steer clear of very rounded framed and instead try and select spectacles with sharper and more defined geometry. Rectangular or square frames are perfect for balancing out the curves of a round face shape. Contrast is the name of the game, so keep this in mind.


Keep it wide. To provide balance to your fuller cheeks, look for wide glasses frames to create the illusion of a slimmer face. Avoid overly narrow, or undersized frames as they have the effect of making your face look larger than it actually is. (Plus undersized frames might be too small, weird looking and frankly just uncomfortable.)


A dropped browline is a nifty hack to bring definition to your face. Instead of being completely straight/flat across the top of the frame, the centre of the frame 'dips' in the middle across the bridge section. Dropped brows can be flowing and curved, or conversely, quite abrupt and angular. It's up to you what style you go for.


Rimless or wire frames create the least contrast on your face, therefore have minimal effect on your perception. If you're looking to alter your look, chunky frames will have the strongest juxtaposition - reinforcing a more structured appearance. A good way to go if you have soft/full cheeks.


What glasses suit round faces?

The best glasses for round faces are typically angular, including square or rectangular rims with straight edges and mildly rounded corners. These tall frames (in the lens height) tend to balance wide soft face shapes for a more balanced appearance.

As a general rule, large boxy glasses shapes make your face seem narrower and less round. The bigger and bolder the frame, the smaller your face will look. Stark colours like black will dominate your face for strong contrast and definition.

Contrast is key to find the correct frame style.



Glasses to avoid for round faces

Small or narrow frames have a habit of making your face appear broader and even more round. Similarly, glasses with short lens heights such as slim rectangular frames can make your face seem wider. By avoiding undersized glasses that aren't too slim, you'll create better visual balance for a more harmonious look.

Best women’s glasses for a round face 2024

Woman with dark hair looking sideways wearing thick dark tortoise eyeglasses

Square glasses

When we say 'square' glasses, they don't have to be soulless boxes for looking through. No mam, square glasses simply imply tall lens heights that help lengthen the appearance of your face. Like the cheerful specimen seen above, she's nailed the drop-brow to bring definition to her roundish face.

For similarly styled frames, you should check out the Isabel Marant IM 0114 086 frame with its charming display of tortoise brown, amber and black. These tall spectacles are big, bold and ooze confidence for 'yo best self'.

Side view of square tortoise spectacles frame



Young lady wearing thick torotise glasses and cream sweater looking directly at viewer

Rectangular glasses

Bring angularity and definition to your appearance with a solid set of rectangular frames. These bold but beautiful spectacles are a sure-fire way to sharpen up your look, whether it's for the office or a casual night out with friends.

For impressive rectangular glasses like those above, perhaps consider the Oliver Peoples Lachman frame - a statement piece that introduces squared edges and a dropped brow lines for a punchy look. If tortoise ain't for you, there's a crystal clear and plain black edition available too.



Portrait of blonde female wearing very large eyeglasses and cream coloured blazer

Rounded square glasses

Square spectacles with rounded corners strike the perfect balance for women graced with round face shapes. The Oliver Peoples Coren frame with its boxy shape and sharp angles, flawlessly contrasts the smooth, rounded contours of the face, creating a striking interplay that adds definition and depth.

Be it a classic black frame for a timeless appeal or a vibrant hue for a touch of modern chic, square spectacles are indeed a versatile companion for women with round faces, enhancing their natural charm while making a unique style statement.

Side view of oversized Oliver Peoples tortoise shell eyeglasses frame



Front view of woman wearing dark brown cat eye spectacles frame

Cat eye glasses

If square spectacles are too 'rigid' for you, perhaps the classic cat eye style is more your thing? These vintage-inspired frames can work for round faces, as long as they aren't too rounded in the rims and brow. The Garrett Leight Star frame features a straight bridge which brings definition and angularity to this subtly 'flicked' cat eye shape. Available in a yellow crystal version, these retro spectacles will bring a '50s touch to your ensemble.

Side view of speckled tortoise Cat eye glasses frame



Black woman with afro hair wearing large geometric eyeglasses frame

Geometric glasses

For something a little more spicy, geometric frames are a contemporary optical style in 2024. Blending corner-curves and straight edges, hexagonal frames like the Woow Breaker Free are a quirky but totally accessible glasses style you can get behind. What's cool about these frames is the combination of both metal and acetate for a lively and fresh look that's a little different to your usual mono-material spectacles.

Side view of Geometric acetate and metal eyeglasses frame



Close view of woman wearing oversized gold Aviator eyeglasses and white blouse

Aviator glasses

Crazy as it might sound, but big glasses are an untapped style-hack for making your face seem smaller, more feminine and less round. If you're looking for something bold, a brazen set of Aviator eyeglasses are a confident glasses style in 2024. These frames are ideal for square and round faces alike, with its thin metal rims and double nose bridge detail.

RayBan are the typical go-to for Aviator glasses, however you may want to venture further away from the mainstream with something more high end such as the Bottega Veneta BV1158O 002. These gold rimmed Aviators feature a chunky brow bar that intersects your face for definition, poise and confidence. A style that Top Gun's Maverick would approve of.

Side view of large gold Aviator eyeglasses frame


Gold Rimmed Aviators are a nice way to brin warmth to your complexion, no matter your skin tone or hair colour. But if you're 'more of a silver kind of girl' then you should check out the stunning Dita Lancier frame. This brutish silver rimmed frame (below) is a single bridge beauty made from lightweight Japanese titanium with acetate temple tips.

Side view of silver Aviator eyeglasses by Dita


Portrait of black woman with large afro hair wearing silver Aviator spectacle frame



Best men’s glasses for a round face 2024

Side view of man wearing large square crystal eyeglasses frame

Square glasses

Simple, straightforward and reliable for any occasion, square spectacles for men are an ideal look if you have a round face. Frames with tall lens heights will bring visual balance to your soft cheeks and jawline, thus 'sharpening' your appearance.

For versatility, neutral frames in black or smoked crystal acetate mean your glasses have no risk of jarring with any of your clothes. Keep it simple and confident with a frame such as the Cutler and Gross 1387 in smoky Quartz acetate as seen below.



Man with beard wearing rectangular gradient eyeglasses frame and white shirt

Rectangular glasses

If tall 'square' frames are too dominant for you, perhaps consider a set of rectangular glasses instead. With their angular edges and lens corners, frames like these bring contrast and definition to your face. Due to the contrast of these boxy spectacles, the squarer the frame, the less round your face will appear.

For inspiration, we suggest the Dior Blacksuit spectacle with its subtle black to navy gradient frame front and slim metal temple arms. Ideal for the workplace, these sharp frames are a stylish look for men with round face shapes.

Side view of rectangular gradient black to blue spectacles by Dior



Bearded man with short curly hair wearing rounded square tortoise glasses and grey sweater

Rounded square glasses

At a glance, the frames (above) look fairly round due to their curved lower rims. But if you observe the brow lines across the top, they're actually relatively straight and flat. If you're looking for a frame that isn't too boxy, flat top frames with rounded lower rims like the Cutler And Gross 1392 frame might just be the best style for you.

For the best results, look for frames flat brow lines. For men, a straight frame-top indicates a more serious and masculine appearance whilst adding contrasting geometry to your perception.

Side view of thick round tortoise eyeglasses frame



Close side view of man wearing thick black rectangular eyeglasses frame

Flat top glasses

With a round face, straight-lined spectacles are most certainly your friend. For an effortlessly reliable and versatile glasses style, look no further than the flat top frame. Aptly titled, these full-rim spectacles have a stern appearance thanks to their flat upper half.

Channelling the mid-century optical fashion, flat top frames are a classic '50s look that can be worn in any setting, from your workplace to the sacred weekend. Our best suggestion are these rather sleek looking Cutler and Gross 1337 frames. Available in neutral black, tortoise or navy acetate colours.

Three quarter view of thick black rectangular eyeglasses frame


Black bald man in blue knitted sweater wearing thick black eyeglasses frame



Mature gentleman wearing suit and tie with brown Wayfarer spectacles frame

Wayfarer glasses

Depending on how round your face actually is, a set of Wayfarer style glasses could be an option for you. If your cheeks aren't too full or jaw too wide, why not throw the rulebook out the window and go for some classic oval shape frames like the Oliver Peoples Cary Grant?

As opposed to fully round frame, Wayfarer shaped glasses are slightly more forgiving and can give you a timeless sort of look that's forever in fashion. If you have a pale complexion, consider choosing earthy brown colours such as tortoise shell acetate or dark Havana.

Side view of brown acetate Wayfarer eyeglasses frame



Bearded man wearing navy cardigan and gradient two tone glasses frame in dark room

Two tone glasses

Like the flat top frames mentioned earlier, two tone glasses are a great way to emphasize your brow line. Frames such as the Linea J spectacle draw attention to your eyes and brows, creating a strong contrast against your skin.

In a sharp rectangular shape, two tone glasses are an ideal style for men who lack definition in their cheek bones and jawlines. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but the transparent lower half offers some welcome neutrality for all types of skin tones. With a strong dark top, they're a quietly confident look inspired by 1950's eyewear.

Dual tone black and crystal thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded



Black man with short hair wearing white shirt and tortoise Aviator eyeglasses frame

Square Aviator glasses

For an edgy and contemporary glasses style, a set of square Aviator glasses are a worthy consideration. Bold and dominant, double bridge frames like these feature a flat brow-bar that adds welcomed geometry to your round face shape.

Whilst Aviators are typically made from wire, acetate-rimmed versions such as the Hugo Boss 1092 frame offer extra contrast and definition against your skin. For added character, the tortoise version of this stylish frame features charming flecks of amber, brown and black - a classic look for any skin tone.

Side view of tortoise Aviator glasses frame


Three quarter view of a young bearded male with a round face wearing an orange hat and Aviator style eyeglasses

Glasses for round faces FAQ’s

Do round glasses make your face look slimmer?

If you have a round face, round glasses don't create enough contrast to cause a 'slimming' effect. Instead, it's better to add definition and contrast to your soft cheeks and jawline with a pair of angular eyeglasses with straight edges, brow line and bridge. Boxy spectacles are much more likely to make your face look slimmer than roundish frames.


Should round faces wear big glasses?

Yes, big glasses frames are especially good for round faces as they create a large degree of contrast. The bigger and bolder the frame, the smaller and finer your face will seem. As a rule of thumb, large boxy frames tend to suit large/soft facial features.


Should I wear square or round glasses?

Square glasses tend to be tall in lens heights, therefore have a lengthening (and slimming) effect on your facial appearance. Rarely are glasses ever actually 'square' as they usually have rounded corners to accept the lenses. By experimenting with 'tall' frames, find the right balance between round and square that suits your personal style.


Do rectangular glasses suit round faces?

Yes, rectangular frames are one of the best frame shapes for round faces. With a flat brow line and straighter edges, rectangular eyeglasses create the ideal contrast where the frame overhangs your cheeks and eyes.



Glasses to avoid if you have a round face

Actor Jonah Hill wearing undersized Clubmaster spectacle frame

Undersized glasses

Regardless of face shape, poorly fitting frames which are too small look terrible. Not only do they make your head seem wider and bigger, but they're just uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. As a rule of thumb, make sure your pupils are roughly in the centre of each lens for natural looking glasses.


Round glasses

Very round glasses have a habit of broadening your face. This is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, so you’re better avoiding them completely. Circular shaped frames tend to accentuate the softness of your cheeks and jawline.


Rimless glasses

With their minimal design, the temple arms on rimless glasses become the main point of contrast on your face. Visually, this draws attention to the outermost edges and sides of your head, making it seem wider and rounder. Furthermore, sterile frames like those below lack character and tend to have an ageing effect on your appearance.

For a more personable appearance, thin but full rimmed frames are a better option if you prefer very light spectacles. Available in various colours and patterns, they project much better warmth and character than a clinical rimless frame.

Rimless glasses frame with metal bridge and temples


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.