Best eyeglasses for a round face

Choosing new eyeglasses, it can be difficult finding the perfect frame to suit your face shape.

That’s why we’ve assembled this helpful guide to recommend which glasses will suit your round face shape.

Just for you, we’ve searched through hundreds of models in order to give you the best options out there.


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Do I have a round face?
5 signs you have a round face
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Actor Jonah Hill sitting in a leather chair wearing a suit and round tortoise glasses


Do I have a round face?

If your head is equally wide as it is long, with soft cheeks and rounded chin, you probably have a round face. 

The simplest method to know if you have a round face is by using a mirror and some honest self talk.

  • Is your forehead wide?
  • How big are your eyes and nose compared to each other?
  • Are they both equally sized or does one stand out more than the other?
  • Is your chin round, pointed or in between?


The best way to determine if your face is round, not oval, is to determine a lack definition around your chin.

The rounder, fuller and wider your face appears, the more likely you have a round face.


Ask your audience

If in doubt, simply post 2 or 3 selfies of social media and ask family members or friends (preferably those who know what they’re talking about) what shape they think your face is.


Face trace

Another option is to use these images and draw either physically or using the drawing function on your phone. Draw an outline around your outer edge of your face, if the outline is predominately round i.e. no protruding cheek bones or chin then there's your answer!


Find your face shape using your phone


5 signs you have a round face

  • Full cheeks
  • Soft curves/features
  • Rounded chin that isn’t pronounced
  • Cheekbones are the widest part
  • Face is as wide as it is tall


Find your face shape using a photograph 

Do glasses look good on round faces?

For round faces, the key is to choose a frame that sharpens your facial features via angular details and sharp corners where the glasses overhang your soft cheeks.


Brown haired female sitting on floor wearing bright blue spectacle frame


What glasses shape is best for a round face?

Large boxy glasses shapes make your face seem narrower and less round. The larger and bolder the frame, the smaller your face will look. Bold colours like black will dominate your face for strong contrast and definition.

Contrast is key to find the correct frame style.

Rectangular glasses are a classic go-to if you have soft features. 

Small or narrow frames have a habit of making your face appear broader, whereas rectangular frames create better visual balance.

For something more edgy, why not try cat eye glasses or Aviators if you want that glamorous Hollywood look?

Make sure not to choose anything too narrow or you’ll crate the opposite effect and make your face look even wider. If you feel you don’t suit these styles, don’t worry as there are plenty of other options out there.

Let’s get a bit more specific and check out some styles for you:


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Glasses for men with a round face
Glasses for women with a round face




Best eyeglasses for men with round faces


Smiling man with round face wearing white shirt and dark square eyeglasses in front of pale blue background

Large Square frames for men

Large square eyeglasses help contrast your round facial features.

Oddly if you have a large head, you require even larger frames! This helps make your head look smaller by creating an optical illusion. To increase or decrease width, select a frame by its lens width.

These square, boxy frames work well here in contrasting the wider cheeks and rounder features. Further blow, the clear transparent frame works best here as it’s a more modern, contemporary feel.



Young man in front of tree wearing square clear eyeglasses frame and checked shirt

Men’s rectangular frames for a round face

If you have a round face but want to play it safe, a classic rectangular-shaped frame might be your best bet. They’re good for variety of face shapes, but really do balance round face shapes.

For you, rectangular glasses will flatter your face without distorting it or making it appear smaller than it really is.

If you’re looking for a failsafe option, look no further than the classic rectangular frame.

The only thing you should consider is ensuring the frame is wide enough for your head. You certainly don’t want to look like you’ve squeezed your head into someone else's glasses.


African American male looking stern wearing black jumper and 50's style eyeglasses frame

Men's 50's style glasses

Chunky full-rim frames were an incredibly popular style amongst men in the 40s and 50s.

Subsequently, they’re a classic look that’s made a real comeback, especially for those with round faces.

The key is to avoid wearing them small on your face. Make sure they're slightly larger than normal so that they’re not creating any unnecessary extra bulk around your cheeks and jawline. Go bigger rather than smaller if you want to pull-off these retro specs.


Greyscale portrait of man wearing large black oversized eyeglasses suit and tie

Are oversized glasses good for round faces?

A large pair of super-chunky glasses will make anyone’s face seem smaller and thinner. Especially if the frame-front is dominant, bold and tapers inwards in the lower-half.

Going back to rule 1 here.

If you want to make your face appear thinner, you should consider a really thick, boxy and indulgent frame front. The bigger the better because it’s going to compliment your face by making it seem dainty and defined.

Besides, a chunky frame will be more robust, last longer and gives an incredible sense of confidence.

As they say, go big or go home.


Mature bearded man with round face wearing very large bold black spectacles looking serious


Go big or go home.


Grey haired man wearing large burgundy eyeglasses in black turtle neck jumper

Geometric eyeglasses for men

Geometric glasses work wonders for round faces, especially if you choose a frame with angular facets, lens corners and bold browline.

The sharp edges in these frames will help balance out your roundness and make it a little less obvious.

Most frame-shape guides recommend oval frames, but faceted or square eyeglasses can visually sharpen your facial roundness.

They bring visual definition.

Of course, always keep an eye out for good colouring options and matching materials (metal/wood/plastic).


Three quarter view of a young bearded male with a round face wearing an orange hat and Aviator style eyeglasses

Aviators for men with a round face

Aviator eyeglasses can also be an great choice for men with a round face.

They provide definition to your features and draw focus to your eyes within the dominance of the frame. Being so large, they create the illusion of your face being slimmer and less wide.



Best eyeglasses for women with round faces

Woman with round face wearing oversized boxy eyeglasses


Square frame glasses for women with a round face

A square glasses frame will definitely work well if you have soft, round facial features. The sharp edges of a boxy frame will create contrast to balance you out.

Slightly rounded corners are perfectly okay if the frame is still boxy in shape. By opting for a larger frame than what you’d normally choose will help make your face look a little more petit and feminine.

This is the perfect example of what an oversized, boxy frame can do to create a stylish more balanced look to a rounder face.



Woman with round face wearing rectangular eyeglasses

Rectangular frame glasses for women with round faces

Like boxy frames, rectangular eyeglasses will contrast your soft facial features.

If big square shapes are a little too dominant, something slimmer in height would be a good option. Especially if you aren't wanting a frame that’s too overbearing.

Rectangular eyeglasses for round face shapes will work wonderfully to bring attention to those amazing eyes of yours. Similar to oval these frames are quite versatile and able to be styled in any number of ways.

Rectangular glasses obviously have stronger angularity than round frames. Generally, they suit much more face shapes which is why they’re such a popular style.

Frames like these emphasize your high cheekbones and draw attention away from your jawline; a flattering effect for round face shapes.


Brunette female wearing tortoise shell cat eye glasses frame

Is cat eye glasses good for round faces?

Cat eye glasses have a stylised browline to draw attention upwards and towards your eyes. For round face shapes, this makes your face seem narrower and less round.

Cat eye glasses are the undisputed classic ladies look.

Have no fear if you have a round facial structure. You can most certainly wear a cat eye spectacle frame and in excellent style too.

As shown in the example above, why not try a contemporary oversized variation of the iconic shape?

Any cat eye draws visual attention upwards along the browline and away from your face’s roundness.



Woman with round face shape wearing geometric hexagonal eyeglasses

Geometric glasses shapes for women with round faces

Fancy something bold?

Quirky glasses shapes can work wonders for if you have a round face and an confident dress style.

Steer clear perfectly circular frames as they’ll only accentuate the width of your head.

Angular, geometric eyeglasses have grown in popularity over recent years and offer an excellent contrast to your softer features.

Hexagonal and even octagonal frames will be a great option for those looking for something a little bit different, wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Sharp angles and facets will bring definition to your eyes and face, whilst allowing you to flaunt your unique style. Don’t be frightened to be bold with your colour choices either!



Women wearing large aviator spectacle frame for round faces

Aviators for ladies with a round face

This may sound like an odd suggestion but in the right circumstances, Aviators can really really work. Especially if you like that oversized style.

A larger frame can actually accentuate your smaller, more delicate, feminine features. Opt for big and bold frames, with angular lines and accents of silver or tortoiseshell.

Big frames, make for petit faces.





Glasses to avoid if you have a round face

Ginger bearded male with round face wearing large black circle eyeglasses

Round glasses

Round glasses have a habit of broadening your face. This is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve so you’re better avoiding them completely.

The also accentuate the softer, rounder features you already have.

In the image above, you can see the round frame accentuates the models round face.


Rimless glasses frame with metal bridge and temples


Avoid rimless frames. The temples (arms) become the main point of contrast which draw attention to the sides of your head.

Frames like these add years to your appearance and visually 'widen' your head. You would be much better going for a bolder, acetate rimmed frame to contrast.

Without naming names, some celebrities get their glasses choices catastrophically wrong.

Actually, Ed Sheeran isn’t getting away with this one… so we’ll break that promise.

Sure, the guy can write a song, but he can’t choose the right glasses.

Word on the street is that he had these dingers made for him, completely bespoke, for a tearful price-tag we won’t mention.

Take notes because this is the shape of glasses you should definitely avoid.

Sorry Ed.


Portrait of Ed Sheeran wearing round black eyeglasses


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