Next Release: August 28th

Limited Edition Eyewear.

Eyewear you won't find anywhere else. Released six times a year.


Eyewear done differently

We prioritise quality & distinctiveness over mass production.

From the hands of just two makers: Lucy Ross & Jamie Bartlett.

We release small collections just six times per year.


A rare offering

Big brand spectacles are mass produced in their hundreds.

Don't settle for the mainstream and be like everyone else.

Handmade by just two makers, our glasses are made limited releases just a few times a year.

Join our waiting list for small-batch frames you won't find in your optician.


Eyewear crafted with care. Released in small numbers.

From the hands that made them

For you, the optically obsessed, our handmade glasses are the next step up.

Crafted from Europe's finest acetate and built from sturdy bespoke hardware, elevate your vision with Britain's finest frames.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Free worldwide shipping on all our handmade spectacle frames.

Lifetime Repairs

To prolong happiness, longevity and sustainability, we promise wherever possible to repair your damaged or broken acetate frames for a small fee.

Unlimited Adjustments

For comfort and performance, we promise to adjust your glasses free of charge at any time after purchase.

After finding Banton Frameworks I made the investment for Jamie and Lucy's handmade frames and honestly they're the best pair of glasses I've ever had!They look and feel superb, plus they're incredibly well crafted. I'd recommend Banton Frameworks to anyone considering a new pair of glasses, thank you!

Adam Eckworth

If you care about your eyewear, love modern and innovative design then this is truly the go to company for you.From the website through to the glasses and packaging every single step oozes quality. The craftsmanship is second to none.Outstanding eyewear, made in the UK.

Andrew Whetton

The product is top notch. If you're looking for frames that are special and make a unique statement, Banton Frameworks is the frame for you. The website is easy to use with all of the information you could need to make your decision. The customer service is fantastic.

James Fitzgerald