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Questions about buying Prescription Glasses

Do I need a prescription?

You can order your glasses with Banton Frameworks without having your prescription. You might not have your prescription from your last eye test or may have even lost it. This isn’t a problem as your lenses are fitted after you’ve tried our glasses on for size. In your own time, get in touch with your optometrist to obtain your prescription details.

Do opticians have to give you your prescription?

You are legally entitled to obtain your prescription. This service is state-subsidised via the NHS and provided via qualified optometrists. When securing your optical prescription, don’t forget to ask for your pupillary distance as it might not be included in your details.

Can you take your prescription for glasses anywhere?

The prescription for your glasses is a universal document. You can take it with you anywhere and it can be interpreted and used to ensure the correct optical lenses are fitted to your glasses. You can enter your details before or after you order your spectacles online at Banton Frameworks using our lens menu.

Do you have to buy glasses from your optometrist?

Depending on the environment, you may feel that you have to buy glasses after your eye exam. If they have a pair of designer optical glasses that you like; great! But, if they don’t, you’re more than entitled to make your glasses purchase-decision elsewhere.