Best glasses for blonde hair

Blonde hair?

This is the guide for you.

Searching for new glasses can feel overwhelming, but fear not! This article is tailored to assist you in discovering the ideal frame that complements both your style and your golden locks.

Let's dive in.


What colour of glasses looks best on blondes?

Glasses with earthy tones of dark brown, tortoiseshell or black suit blonde hair. These natural colours harmonise with your hair's golden tones. For a vibrant and contemporary look, crystal acetates frames such as transluscent blue or green can also look great.


Glasses to avoid for blonde hair

For a stylish youthful look, avoid rimless glasses. Frames without any material surrounding the lenses are likely to wash-you-out due to their lack of contrast on your face. With your fair complexion and lightly coloured hair, rimless glasses become faint and lost amongst your features instead of framing your eyes.

 Blonde woman wearing tortoise shell eyeglasses covering her mouth with a green book

Glasses to wear for blonde hair

Instead of rimless, try wearing full-rim acetate or metal frames with identifiable colour and definition. Full-rim glasses use material to surround each lens; either acetate, metal or both.

Acetate frames offer the widest range of colour, transparency and pattern. Thin acetate glasses are less shouty but still offer character and personality. Meanwhile chunky bold acetate glasses are far more stark on your face for an out-there look.

Wire frames are a vintage style which look great on anyone with any hair colour. For your blonde hair, keep in mind that wire spectacles create less contrast therefore it’s a good idea to go big with this frame format.



Should blondes wear black glasses?

Black glasses are perfectly suited for blonde hair and are one of the most common colours of frame. Thanks to their neutrality, black rimmed glasses have great versatility which can be worn with any clothing or accessories without fear of clashing.

However, if you have particularly pale skin, thick black monotone glasses may seem quite stark or austere. This is where frame shape and style plays a role in your perception. For a guide on choosing the best glasses for blonde hair, check out the lists below for both women and men.



Best glasses for blonde women

Close view of blonde female wearing round brown eyeglasses beside potted plant

Blonde, dirty blonde, strawberry blonde, peroxide white and anything between, we’ve pulled together this extensive list of blonde glasses styles for your optical inspiration.



Lady with long blonde hair outside wooden house wearing yellow tinted eyeglasses smiling

Matchy matchy

For warming hues to match your golden hair, nude crystal eyeglasses are a fantastic look for any woman who wants a contemporary style. To add depth and character, lightly tinted lenses to match your oversized frame is a nice like-for-like look . Tinted lenses can be very subtle depending on their level of darkness. As little a 10% brown tint can bring a whole new colour realm to your eyeglasses. Plus, they take the edge off harsh sunlight on those exceptionally sunny days.

The Gucci GG0026O spectacle frame is a prime example.

Side view of Gucci nude crystal eyeglasses frame




Do clear glasses look good on everyone?

Clear glasses can flatter every skin tone or hair colour.

For the best look, ensure the frame suits your face shape and doesn’t wash you out.

Transparent acetates come in a variety of colours, so choose one which works for your particular pallete. Crystal glasses with subtle hues of brown, yellow, green or blue are nice way to add depth to your look without being too bold on your face.

A great example of this is the Oliver Peoples Romare glasses frame. The acetate has a subtle pink tint which contrasts beautifully with blonde hair for a wonderfully feminine touch.

Side view of round pink crystal eyeglasses



Young blonde female wearing clear glasses frame and grey jumper eating an apple

Coloured crystal

Lightly coloured crystal acetate frames are a beautiful way to add warmth and depth to your optical look. Nude tones of amber, yellow or pink bring warmth to your face with the benefits of transparency. Clear eyeglasses frames such as the Gucci GG0738O spectacles are forever fashionable and have little chance of clashing with your clothes.

Round crystal spectacle frame



Blonde woman in street wearing puff jacket and frosted eyeglasses with her eyes closed and head back

Frosted frames

Clear glasses frames don’t always have to be completely transparent.

For a softer look, the acetate can be tinted a dark colour so it’s semi-transparent and less plastic looking. Dark tinted crystal frames like the Cutler & Gross 1014 can look more natural and bring a gentler visual impact than an icy clear frame.

Side view of dark grey transparent eyeglasses frame

Portrait of young blonde woman in street wearing puff jacket and grey eyeglasses staring directly at viewer

Clear frame glasses are a more subtle choice for those with blonde hair compared to bulky dark frames. If you're accustomed to thin or rimless spectacles, thick acetate frames in dark colors can feel overpowering by comparison. This is where transparent frames truly shine—they offer a more understated presence on your face while still exuding confidence.



Lanscape three quarter view of young blonde lady in street wearing grey eyeglasses frame and white polo neck jumper

For blonde hair, clear frame glasses are less stark than bulky dark ones.

If you’re used to thin or even rimless spectacles, thick acetates in dark colours will probably feel very dominant in comparison.

This is where transparent frames can really help as they’ll be less prominent on your face, but still yield a confident look.



Gradient glasses for blonde women

Greyscale image of woman with long light hair looking confused wearing gradient acetate glasses frame

'50s throwback

Two-tone eyeglasses strike a perfect balance between opacity and clarity. With gradient acetates, these frames exude a sophisticated charm and effortlessly draw attention to your eyes by creating a striking contrast against your face. The popularity of gradient or 'two-tone' frames during the mid-century adds a touch of vintage allure.

For your blonde hair, consider frames that feature a blend of black or dark hues in the upper half, seamlessly transitioning to a clear lower half. The Linea C spectacle frame is a perfect example. A robust glasses frame that oozes class and sophistication.

Rounded rectangular two tone colour spectacles lying folded



Oversized glasses for blonde hair

Golden blonde female pouting her lips whilst eating noodles in a restaurant wearing Aviator wire glasses frame

While it may appear unconventional, donning oversized glasses can be a smart choice for women.

Not only do these glasses offer larger lenses to see through, but they also create the illusion of a smaller head and face.

By contrasting the size of your head with larger frames, you can enhance the delicate features of your face and draw attention to your eyes. Below, you'll find some exquisite examples of oversized glasses that perfectly complement women with blonde hair.



Woman with blonde hair wearing oversized tortoise eyeglasses holding books above her head

Square Tortoiseshell glasses

Few frames have the mass appeal and longevity of square tortoise shell glasses. With a rectangular shape, these frames add definition and angles to your facial features, making it an excellent choice for those with round or oval faces.

For blonde hair, the Garrett Leight Earvin glasses frame is a perfect option. These bold and oversized glasses feature a mix of dark brown, amber and honey which creates a striking and sophisticated look that perfectly harmonises with blonde hair.

Three quarter view of square tortoise shell spectacles frame



Three quarter view of blonde lady in floral top and large tortoise glasses frame

Chunky Aviators

Aviator frames aren’t always made of wire. For a massively oversized style, full rimmed acetate Aviators are about the biggest frame you can wear. For the ultimate vintage look, you can even get a tortoise pair.

The Persol Greta seen below is a perfect example of oversized glasses for women. Unapologetically bold, these dominate glasses are sure to make a statement. The chunky frame and tall rounded lens are perfectly balanced, making it the right choice if you love big glasses frames.

Side view of Persol acetate Aviator spectacles frame



Side view of young lady wearing large Aviator spectacle frame

Pilot glasses

Famed for their enormous lens coverage and lightweight skeletal design, Pilot glasses are the perfect style if you really want to make a statement. These glasses were originally designed for pilots in the early 20th century and have since become a timeless style that is still loved by many.

With their iconic teardrop shape and thin metal frame, Pilot glasses such as the original RayBan Aviator offer a sleek and elegant look that can elevate any outfit. For something more upmarket, you might want to check out the Bottega Veneta frame made in Japan from gold plated titanium.

Side view of large gold wire Aviator eyeglasses frame



Oh, and about your nose...

One of the benefits of large wire spectacles are their adjustable pad arms.

If you’re going for that oversized look, look for frames with metal pad arms which can later be adjusted, either by yourself or your optician.

A little tweak means they’re more likely to perch properly on your nose.

But a word or warning…

A good rule to follow is to choose a frame where your pupils are in the middle of the lenses. If they’re equidistant to the edges, you’re onto a winner.

Don’t choose glasses purely on their aesthetic. They need to function properly too!




Woman with orange beret and thin eyeglasses resting her head in one hand

Something slimmer?

For something less obnoxiously large (as opposed to Aviators) dainty thin wire frames with large lenses can be a beautifully feminine look. Frames like the Saint Laurent SL 555 feature super thin rims which have a very delicate and refine appearance.

Round black wire eyeglasses frame



Portrait of pretty blonde lady with tied back blonde hair wearing large clear glasses frame and denim shirt looking at viewer

'Combi' frames

If you want your face to look more dainty, opt for enormous frames that make your eyes the centre of attention. Oversized transparent frames harmonise with any of your accessories, jewellery or clothing in your rotation. Transparent eyeglasses are the chameleon of optics.

For inspiration, check out these wire and acetate combination glasses by Projekt Produkt. Offering a contemporary geometric frame shape, the metal frame has a lovely rose-gold surface finish, fitted with crystal acetate inner lens rims and temple sleeves.

Side view of rose gold and crystal acetate spectacle frame



Tortoise glasses for blonde women

Three quarter view of blonde woman smiling looking down wearing tortoise shell eyeglasses frame

Those beautiful flecks

Tortoiseshell acetate is a firm favourite amongst glasses wearers with blonde hair. The intricate speckles of amber, rich browns, and deep blacks create a beautiful contrast that complements various shades of blonde, whether it's the delicate hues of strawberry blonde or the boldness of light or dark blonde.

Recently, vintage-style frames have been making a remarkable comeback in the fashion world. If you opt for a larger pair of glasses, a tortoiseshell frame can give you the ultimate retro look, exuding timeless charm and style.

Boxy tortoiseshell spectacles



Young lady with long auburn hair and eyeglasses

If chunky acetate frames are too 'out there' for you, perhaps a thinner spectacle is the way to go. The Carrol glasses by Garrett Leight is wonderful example of timeless tortoise acetate, sculpted into this flowing feminine frame. With your blonde hair, the amber, honey and black tones in this acetate are the perfect accompaniment to your ensemble.

Side view of thin tortoise acetate spectacles



Woman with tied up blonde hair in front of beige background wearing white shirt and tortoise glasses

Subtle Cat eye

For a understated but timeless look, tortoise Cat eye glasses are a must-have for blonde women. The upswept corners on these glasses draw all the right attention to your eyes while the speckled acetate brings out the warmth in your hair.

Without being overly stylised, glasses such as the CL50110U by Celine are a great example of a modern day Cat eye frame. These glasses a perfect blend of modern and classic elements, making it versatile enough to dress up or down.

Side view of Chunky Cat eye glasses frame in tortoise



Blonde girl in pale blue jacket looking through round glasses

Classic roundies

The lighter your hair color, the more freedom you have to experiment with glasses in different colors. Tortoiseshell glasses offer a wide range of patterns and colors, some of which are bold and vibrant while others are more understated. Whether you prefer a striking or subtle pattern, explore various tortoise acetates that match your personal style.

For a timeless look, consider checking out the Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck in this striking Cocobolo acetate. With strongly contrasting streaks of opaque black and brown are peppered with beautiful flecks of translucent amber. As one of the most famous optical brands in the world, the Californian design team have nailed this beautiful round frame.

Three quarter view of round tortoiseshell eyeglasses frame



Woman in round eyeglasses covered in different colours of paint

Something in between?

For those looking to maintain a sleek and lightweight look, consider opting for 'combi' glasses. These frames, often made from a combination of acetate and metal, offer an elegant and stylish choice. By incorporating metal in the bridge and temples, 'combi' spectacles offer a lighter weight option compared to chunky full-rim acetate glasses.

Check out the Persol Vico spectacle frame with its gold plated nose bridge and temple arms, paired with a charming tortoise shell rim. The adjustable pad-arms with silicone pads will perch effortlessly on your nose for day long comfort.

Three quarter view of combination gold and acetate glasses frame



Woman on sofa looking sideways wearing brown jumper and spectacles frame

For blondes, tortoiseshell is a really easy go-to. If you’re unsure what colour to go for, you can bet on this classic pattern for any occasion, be it for work or casual settings. The Banton Frameworks Linea F frame in a gorgeous golden saffron hue will complement your blonde locks beautifully. The handcrafted Italian acetate ensures you enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Rounded rectangular Havana pattern eyeglasses frame lying folded on beige background



Blonde lady in white jumper and tortoise eyeglasses

Gold or silver?

Jewelry and accessories can complement your choice of glasses, adding a finishing touch to your look. Pay attention to the subtle details of your glasses, such as the pad arms, temples, hinges, and rivets. When it comes to blonde hair, gold is a natural choice, so keep an eye out for frames that feature this color in their hardware.

If you struggle with skin sensitivity, ensure any metal components are made of hypoallergenic materials such as titanium. Good quality spectacles and sunglasses use titanium for it's strength and lightness and it's less like to cause a reaction.

Otherwise, stick to acetate. It's a safe bet.



Wire glasses for blonde hair

Three quarter view of blonde female with round wire eyeglasses

In recent years, wire spectacle frames have experienced a remarkable resurgence, bringing back a touch of retro charm. These slim and delicate frames provide a striking contrast to the bulkier acetate styles. If you prefer a more slender look, consider exploring the elegance of skeletal wire glasses.

When choosing a frame, it's important to consider your face shape.

For those with a round face, opt for square or rectangular glasses. The sharp angles and straight lines will help define your soft cheeks and round chin.

On the other hand, if you have an oval or long face shape, classic round wire frames are the perfect choice. They will effortlessly balance and harmonize your features.

To give you a better idea, scroll below for examples.



Blonde lady in spectacles and black top with hand under her chin

Vintage flair

Back in the mid-century, round glasses were one of the most common frame shapes. And here in the UK, subsidised healthcare spectacles by the NHS came in standardised models, one of which was the 422HJ or 423HJ round style glasses.

Due to their geeky aesthetic, these thin round frames had a bad reputation amongst young spectacle wearers. Today however, round wire glasses such as the Garret Leight Wilson (below) couldn't be more popular thanks to celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Emily Ratajkowski.

Side view of Garrett Leight round wire spectacle frame



Woman with peroxide white hair with her eyes closed


Possibly the greatest of all time, RayBan round wire glasses are one of the world's most popular glasses styles. Available in various colours, these round rims are an accessible option if you're looking for an affordable upgrade for your eyeglasses. Check out the RB 3447V glasses here.

Three quarter view of round RayBan spectacles



Young woman leaning on marble bar top wearing black top and round wire glasses frame



Best sunglasses for blondes

Street view of blonde woman wearing large butterfly tortoise shell sunglasses frame

With their dark tinted lenses, sunglasses create a strong contrast on your face.

If you have pale skin and fair hair, sunglasses will naturally be quite stark against your light complexion. This is why earthy colours such as tortoise shell acetate with brown tinted lenses are natural choice for blondes.

Sunglasses such as the Chanel 5380 frame are a prevalent style for women, thanks to it's oversized stature and large lens coverage. Big sunglasses like these make your face and head seem smaller; all whilst channelling your inner Audrey Hepburn.

Side view of women's Chanel tortoise sunglasses frame



Woman with peroxide white blonde hair wearing square black sunglasses

Go big or go home

Nothing screams confidence more than a massive set of angular black sunglasses. For blonde hair, an all-black pair of shades is bold look that will contrast your fair skin and light hair. The large lenses will counterbalance your features, and the sharp edges of frame will add definition to your face.

For a designer option, check out the Victoria Beckham 651s. These edgy sunglasses are as big, bold and boxy as you could ever hope for. Available in black (below) and three variations of tortoise.

Side view of very large black sunglasses frame



Young female with peroxide white bob standing in street holding her phone wearing round tan sunglasses

Do blondes look better in black or brown sunglasses?

Muted colours of black, brown, (or both) coloured sunglasses work perfectly for blondes as they harmonise nicely with your hair. Monotone black full rim frames or thin gold wire frames are safe options, whilst gradient or patterned sunglasses such as tortoise are a more stylised look.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that sunglasses have large dark lenses which makes-up the majority colour and not the surrounding rim/frame. So when you're choosing your next set of shades, consider the lens colour and how this works with your hair.

For example, dark grey or brown lenses will harmonise with fair hair, whilst green, blue or mirrored lenses will be much more prominent and stand-out. A natural and classic sunglasses style is this round brown crystal Serengeti Leonora frame with gold polarised lenses.

Side view of round brown sunglasses with gold mirror lenses



Blond lady at beach wearing floral serong and round mirror sunglasses on bright sunny day

Retro & round

Round sunglasses are a stylish choice that transcends age and hair color. These timeless frames, popular in the 50s and 60s, exude a retro charm that never goes out of fashion. Whether you have light blonde locks or peroxide hair, a pair of round shades is always a winning option.

If you have a long or oval face shapes, round frames offer a lovely and flattering look. A perfect example is the RayBan RB3447 frame with its thin rounded rims and flash blue mirror polarised lenses. Slim circular sunglasses like these are a contemporary take on your classic 'round eye' shades.

Side view of round gold wire sunglasses with blue lenses



Young blonde lady in front of white wall wearing black leather jacket and large tortoiseshell sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses

Oversized butterfly sunglasses such as the Gucci GG0459S are a fabulous choice for women. Not only do they lend a stylish appeal, but they also create a flattering effect by making your face and head appear smaller. Moreover, their ample lens coverage provides excellent protection for your eyes and skin.

By opting for larger lenses, you can reduce eye fatigue and avoid squinting, which can lead to the formation of crows-feet. This, in turn, minimizes strain on your eyes and promotes overall eye health. Remember to ensure that your sunglasses are rated with UV40 protection to safeguard your eyes effectively.

Three quarter view of butterfly tortoise sunglasses frame



Blonde woman near trees wearing oval wire sunglasses frame smiling

Oval wire sunglasses

An emerging trend in women's sunglasses fashion are oval shaped wire frames. Harking back to '90s fashion, these edgy shades have made a comeback in recent years with the likes of the RayBan 3547N frame as seen below.

Wire frames are typically lighter in weight compared to acetate equivalents, yet they offer the same level of lens coverage and style. If thin frames are your thing, sunglasses like these are a great option with their gold rims and green tinted lenses. Ideal for reducing glare in varying sunlight, they'll protect your eyes in style.

RayBan oval wire sunglasses with green tinted lenses



Glasses for blonde men

Blonde haired man wearing round tortoise acetate spectacles and grey suit

Attention all fair-haired fellas.

Are you in search of the perfect eyewear to complement your blonde locks? Look no further, as we've curated a collection of solid spectacles that are sure to inspire and guide your next optical investment.

From sleek frames to bold designs, these handpicked options will elevate your style and enhance your overall look. Don't let your hair colour hold you back – embrace the optical inspiration below to find the perfect glasses frame for you.



Blonde guy wearing yellow tinted clear glasses frame outside

Round clear glasses

For a studious, informed sort of look, thick round eyeglasses for men are a great way to announce your optical style. For blonde hair, a crystal-clear frame with light colouration is a stylish way to wear chunky frames. Visible hardware within the temples give definition, structure and a touch of class.

For inspiration, check out the Linea K spectacle frame in "Arctic Grey" which boasts a subtle hue of muted grey amidst it's icy clear tones.

Round clear spectacles lying folded on beige background



Young man with blonde skin fade hair wearing amber round glasses and black shirt

Round and bold

Round-style glasses are the quintessential eyewear shape. In fact, the very first optical lenses were round and so were the frames that held them. If you're after a classic look, thick round glasses such as the Cutler & Gross 1396 frame are the way to go. And if you have blonde hair, consider opting for earthy frame colours such as amber, brown, olive, or black. These colours will harmonize beautifully with your hair, while the thick frames will draw attention to your eyes, making them the centre of attention.

Side view of chunky amber crystal coloured eyeglasses frame



Man with dyed blonde hair looking through black circle eyeglasses

Wayfarer glasses

Thick, confident, and effortlessly stylish, Wayfarer frames are a timeless choice for men. Typically characterized by a substantial rim and square lenses, they can help create a balanced facial appearance. Popularized in the 50s and 60s, these bold spectacles take center stage, complementing your blonde hair and enhancing your classic sense of style.

Dark acetate glasses like brown, amber and black are a sensible idea. Not only are they the most popular colours for men's glasses frames, but they also bring natural warmth to your complexion and harmonise with your hair colour perfectly.

Dark tortoise acetate glasses frame



Jonah Hill wearing round black glasses with purple tinted lenses

Coloured lenses

Lightly tinted lenses, a trend revived from the 70's and 80's, are making a strong comeback. Hollywood stars like Jonah Hill showcase the impact of coloured spectacle lenses as a fantastic way to add personality to your eyewear choice.

With a broad spectrum of colours available, a 10% - 20% tint adds a whole new dimension to your glasses, elevating your style to new heights. If you're considering lightly tinted lenses, pairing them with a neutral-coloured frame is a smart move to strike the perfect balance. Opt for black or dark grey glasses to enhance the vibrancy of your lenses.



Man sipping espresso from paper cup wearing crystal clear glasses frame

Boxy transparent glasses

If patterned frames are too out-there, why not go for a mono colour or crystal instead? Translucent acetates are a subtle style. They're much less ‘shouty’ than thick stark frames in bold colours like black. Why not go for a lightly tinted crystal coloured frame instead? Grey, amber, yellow or brown acetates can be much more forgiving.


Large square nude eyeglasses frame



Young guy with blonde hair looking sideways through round brown eyeglasses

A quick word on acetate

The beauty of acetate is its sheer variety of colours, patterns and transparencies. There are so many to choose from so take your time to find one that works for your skin tone and hair colour.

Once you know the kind of frame shapes that suit you, a great style-hack is to have two colours of the same model of frame. This gives you the opportunity to have different prescription lenses for different purposes, all whilst maintaining the same fit and feel.

If you're unsure what shape of glasses are best for your face shape, check out this handy guide.



Rectangular shaped tortoise shell acetate glasses frame lying folded

Not sure?

If you're stuck on which acetate to choose, tortoiseshell is one of the most eternally fashionable styles. Since the 1900's, this speckled look of black, brown and honey works with literally any skin colour. Furthermore, a tortoise frame in a rectangular shape suits the majority of face shapes, so you really can't go wrong with glasses like these.



Portrait of blonde male wearing wire Aviator spectacles and orange jumper


Aviator glasses

For a large and bold style of men's glasses, Aviators are the perfect choice. Their iconic teardrop shape and double bridge design are instantly recognizable. For decades, they've been worn by pilots, celebrities, and fashion forward men for their confident and dominant aesthetic.

Aviators come in a variety of materials such as metal, acetate, or a combination of both. A perfect example are the Dita Lancier LSA-115 DLX glasses frame. These stunning glasses feature a gold plated titanium frame with squared-off lenses for a luxurious Japanese-made frame.

Side view of Dita Aviator eyeglasses frame



Three quarter view of blonde man wearing thick rimmed spectacles

Men’s two tone frames

Gradient glasses frames draw attention to your eyes and brow line. This is the most expressive part of your face and can give a serious, confident sort of look. In the examples above and below, dark frames with a clear lower half are the perfect colour for your blonder hair. The dark black upper gives just enough contrast to your face, whilst the transparent lower half gives way for a subtle aesthetic.

Dual tone black and crystal thick rimmed glasses frame lying folded



Side view of male photographer wearing thick round spectacle frame

Round tortoiseshell glasses

One of the most popular men’s eyeglass styles for blonde hair are round tortoiseshell frames.

Since the early 1900’s tortoise glasses have been one of the most iconic colours of spectacles for men. Throughout the acetate, honey hues and flecks of dark brown are the perfect pairing for your blonde hair.

You really can’t go wrong.

Round Havana acetate spectacle frame



Glasses for blonde hair FAQ's

Young woman inside with long strawberry blonde hair with head tilted to one side

What glasses suit strawberry blonde hair?

To complement blonde ginger hair, opt for eyeglass frames in tortoiseshell, amber, black, or clear acetate. Coordinating your frames with your hair subtly ensures a harmonious look without overwhelming contrasts. Take inspiration from the image above, where the thin rectangular tortoiseshell frame beautifully complements her strawberry blonde hair.

Rectangular Havana eyeglasses frame



Blonde woman laughing wearing round black glasses frame

Can blondes wear black eyeglass frames?

Yes, blondes can definitely wear black eyeglass frames. Black frames can add a bold and chic touch to any outfit and are especially suitable for those with lighter hair as they create a striking contrast. For an effortless look, consider round or subtly cat-eye shaped frames in black, as seen on the model above wearing Gucci 3413 spectacles frame.

Side view of women's round black cat eye glasses



Young  female with dark square glasses with her blonde hair being blown about

Are black glasses too harsh?

Black glasses can look harsh if you have very pale skin and fair hair. But this stark contrast can be very fashionable if you like that oversized glasses look or want to make a statement.

For an understated look, thin black acetate glasses look great on anyone and are a safe bet if you have blonde hair. Plus, they’ll look great with any colour of clothes you wear.

For a bold look, amp up the frame thickness. Chunky thick acetate frames are ultra cool and yield a very confident style. Either way, black frames work with blonde hair perfectly and are a very classic style.

Front view of rectangular black spectacle frame



Jennifer Aniston looking over her shoulder smiling

What kind of glasses does Jennifer Aniston wear?

Jennifer Aniston is known to wear Oliver People’s glasses, often in brown, tortoise or semi-transparent acetate colours. These natural, earthy tones work perfectly with her famously blonde hair. Naturally coloured glasses like these look very organic and bring flattering warmth to your complexion.

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake OV5036 1552 - As Seen On Jennifer Aniston


Portrait of Jennifer Aniston talking in street

Jennifer Anniston's choice of glasses usually feature round or oval shapes, giving her a soft and feminine touch. These frame styles also tend to be lightweight and not too overpowering on her face. Overall, her glasses style is classic yet stylish, with an emphasis on natural tones that compliment her blonde hair. 

Jennifer Aniston in round sunglasses waving and smiling

The Sheldrake frame by Oliver Peoples is a great example with its round shape and, in this instance, nude crystal acetate material. Another signature style of Jennifer Aniston on sunny days, also by Oliver Peoples, which she has been spotted wearing on multiple occasions. This frame features a semi-transparent blush pink colour, adding a touch of femininity to her overall look.

Three quarter view of crystal nude sunglasses frame with green tinted lenses



Lady with grey long bob haircut wearing formal work clothes and tortoise shell glasses frame

What glasses make you look younger?

Full rim, round, or rectangular glasses are your best opportunity to look younger, particularly when opting for classic colours such as tortoise, brown, or black. Acetate frames exude a vibrant charm and distinctiveness that surpasses rimless glasses, which tend to make you look older.

Like the lady above, her Tom Ford TF5629 glasses are a light brown colour. Complimenting her grey hair, this style of frame suits her face shape and contrasts her skin perfectly.



Young blonde female in pink top and round blue spectacles

Do blue glasses frames look good?

If you have blonde hair and pale skin, blue glasses can be particularly flattering for both and women alike. Crystal blue glasses can bring wonderful depth to your perception, especially if you have blue eyes. Instead of opaque frame colours, consider tinted crystal acetates for a stylish alternative.

Striking blue frames such as the Cutler & Gross 1396 are especially well-suited for blondes. Fair hair pairs beautifully with vibrant sapphire acetates like these, which make for some truly stylish 'statement' eyewear.

Side view of thick round blue eyeglasses frame

Portrait of young blonde female in pink top and round blue spectacle frame looking sideways



Blonde lady with bangs wearing round amber glasses and black leather jacket smiling

What colour glasses suit dark blondes?

Dark blondes suit amber, brown or tortoiseshell colour glasses. The dark honey hues in your hair match perfectly with earthy tones for a warming, flattering look. A neutral option are clear eyeglasses which contrast your brownish blonde hair.

For dark blonde hair, a wonderful acetate colour is amber or deep red. Frames like these have a retro 70’s look which is making a big comeback.

Round red coloured glasses frame

How do you tell if glasses are too big for your face?

If your glasses are too large for your face, they'll likely slide down your nose, rest on your cheeks and frankly look like you've borrowed them from someone else. When looking for new spectacles, be sure the nose pads poise the frame comfortably on your nose and the lower rims don't make contact with your face.

A helpful tip to avoid excessively large glasses is to choose a frame where your pupils are roughly aligned to the middle of each lens (in the horizontal aspect). This helps to ensure your frames isn't too large for better optical performance.


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.



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