Glasses for heart shaped faces

Finding the right pair of glasses be challenging.

Not all frames are created equal, therefore some will look better on you than others. For men and women, this guide explores the different styles of frames to look for and provides useful tips on choosing the right ones for a heart shaped face.

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What is a heart shaped face?
What glasses are best for a heart-shaped face?
What glasses don’t suit a heart-shaped face?
How do I know my face shape?
5 signs you have a heart shaped face
Women’s glasses for heart shaped faces
Celebrities with heart-shaped faces
Men’s glasses for heart shaped faces



Heart shaped outline drawn over blonde woman wearing tortoise eyeglasses

What is a heart shaped face?

A heart-shaped face is wider at the top than the bottom. Your chin is pointed with a soft jawline and full cheeks. It’s likely you have a widow’s peak hairline which gives your face that top heavy heart-shaped appearance.


What glasses are best for a heart-shaped face?

Tall glasses which are round, oval or aviator shaped are best for heart-shaped faces. Because your face is widest at the top with full cheeks, it’s best to choose glasses with rounded corners and reaches from your eyebrows right down to your cheeks.


What glasses don’t suit a heart-shaped face?

Heart shaped faces are typically very top heavy with rounded cheeks. To avoid your face looking wider, avoid slim rectangular glasses which aren’t very tall in their lens heights. Glasses like these have a visually ‘widening’ effect on your appearance.


Woman with long brown hair looking in mirror

How do I know my face shape?

Using a mirror or a printed self-portrait photograph, simply trace the basic outline of your hairline, cheekbones, jawline and chin. This method helps to indicate the basic contours of your face which can be categorised as square, oval, round, triangular, diamond, long or a mixture.

It’s common to be a mixture of two different face shapes, so if you’re struggling to detect yours, here are a few other methods to help.


Young woman sitting in front of pink wall smiling taking a photo of herself using her smartphone

Face measuring apps

There are a variety of face measuring apps available for both iOS and Android devices. Using the front-facing camera on your phone to analyse your facial measurements, these apps give you a general idea of your face shape.

In the chart below, we’ve ranked the best face measuring apps.



Apple Store


My Face Shape Meter




Find Your Face Shape



Not available

Measure Your Face Instantly








Golden Ratio Face






Woman with long dark hair taking a selfie on her phone whilst smiling

Video Method

Using your smartphone, you can observe your face shape by video-recording yourself from all angles. From the perspective of onlookers, watching yourself back on a video can be helpful to determine your face shape.

For help, why not ask a friend or family member to film you?

If your jawline is the widest part of your face and you have a V-shaped chin, you have a heart-shaped face.


5 signs you have a heart shaped face

  1. Your forehead is wide.
  2. Your cheeks are full.
  3. Your jawline is soft.
  4. Your chin is small and pointed.
  5. Your hairline is wavy (widow’s peak).

Keep in mind that everyone's facial features are unique, so there is no single indicator that guarantees you have a certain face shape. However, if you notice several of these characteristics on your face, you likely have a heart-shaped face.


Women’s glasses for heart shaped faces

Lady wearing tortoiseshell cat eye glasses frame

Cat-Eye Glasses

Women with heart-shaped faces look especially great in cat-eye glasses. The quintessential upward ‘flicks’ across the frame’s browline help draw attention to your eyes and brows. Stylised frames like these are great for balancing your face shape and gives flattering feminine look. Heart-shaped faces tend to be the widest at the forehead, so these top-heavy glasses help create a more proportional aesthetic.



Woman wearing rose gold wire eyeglasses

Wire rim glasses

If bulky acetate glasses are too thick for you, why not go for some dainty wire rimmed ones instead? Thin metal glasses like these have made a come-back in fashion and offer a versatile vintage vibe. For your heart shaped face, aim for rounded rectangular frames with large lenses. Large wire frames make your face look smaller and your cheeks less full.

In terms of frame size, it’s a flattering look for women to wear oversized spectacles. However, make sure your select the correct bridge width so they rest properly on your nose. For a guide to glasses sizing click here.


Woman in round eyeglasses covered in different colours of paint

Round Glasses

For a retro look, a pair of round glasses are the way to go. Metal or acetate, round rimmed glasses are a timeless throwback that looks great on everyone. As the lenses are equally as wide as they’re tall, they visually ‘lengthen’ the look of your heart-shaped face for a lovely balanced look.



Young blonde lady smiling wearing round tortoise shell acetate eyeglasses frame

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses are a great choice for women with heart-shaped faces. Glasses like these are incredibly versatile and can be worn for various occasions and environments. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated look for work or a more relaxed look for weekends.

Large round blue glasses frame


Gwyneth Paltrow wearing formal suit jacket white shirt and clubmaster sunglasses outside

Celebrities with heart-shaped faces

The most notable celebrities with heart-shaped faces include Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria-Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary-Kate Olsen, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Richie, and Reese Witherspoon.

For your optical inspiration, scroll below to see these heart face-shaped celebrities and their choice of eyeglasses.


Close three quarter view of Cheryl Cole wearing white brow line cat eye glasses

Singer, performer and reality TV show host Cheryl Cole wears these pearl acetate browline glasses to perfection. They have a subtle cateye shape which suits her heart shaped face perfectly. The pale colour works nicely with her complexion and draws attention to her eyes and brows.


Actress Eva Longoria wearing dark frame cat eye glasses smiling

Actress Eva Longoria is another great example of the heart face shape. Her pronounced full cheeks and broad forehead give her face that upside down tear-drop shape.

Seen above, she wears a dark pair of cat eye glasses which harmonises with her dark hair, eyebrows and warm complexion.


Mary Kate Ohlsen in street wearing round wire eyeglasses with pink tinted lenses

Round glasses are a great option for heart face shapes, as demonstrated by Mary-Kate Olsen in this street-shot. These circular wire rims are lightweight, versatile and have a 70's vintage aesthetic.

You don't have to have tinted lenses like hers, but round glasses like these are timeless style for any occasion.


Naomi Campbell wearing large butterfly tortoise sunglasses looking upwards

Although these are sunglasses, Naomi Campbell proves that big frames are a great way to make a statement with your choice of eyewear.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but large frames work especially well for women with heart shaped faces. Big frames with dominant lenses make your head seem narrower, more dainty and more feminine. 


Nicole Richie wearing circular wire sunglasses frame

Round eyeglasses are a timeless style that's never going out of fashion. Did you know that the earliest versions of optical lenses were entirely round? This is why circular frames are so ubiquitous since lenses were almost always round in shape.

Nicole Richie wears these round shades, complimenting her full cheeks and short pointed chin. If you have a similarly wide forehead, round shades are a great style of frame to balance your face shape.


Actress Reese Witherspoon wearing black cat eye glasses

Did we mention cat eye glasses already?

Once more time, they suit heart shaped faces perfectly. The up-swept browline is incredibly flattering for women as it accentuates your eyes and brows for maximum effect.

A subtle cat eye shape is more than enough without having to go full 1950's with insane 'flicks', diamonds and frame chains. Unless that's your thing...



Men’s glasses for heart shaped faces

Street view of blonde man in suit and tortoise wayfarer eyeglasses


Wayfarer glasses were popularised in the 1950s thanks to their unique design, simple shape and increasingly timeless appeal. They’re a stylish choice for both sunglasses and spectacles which men’s suit heart-shaped faces incredibly well. The angular frame shape helps balance your soft cheeks and wide forehead. If you're looking for a classic style of glasses that will never go out of fashion, wayfarers are the perfect choice.

Large square tortoise glasses


Young man wearing blue shirt and blue wayfarer eyeglasses in front of grey wall

Rectangular frames

Rectangular frames are a great choice for men with heart-shaped faces, as they help broaden the face's appearance. Look for glasses which are tall in height reaching from your brow line down to your lower cheeks. Frame thickness is up to you, but rectangular frames look great when they’re big, bold and bullish.

Crystal blue acetate eyeglasses


Three quarter view of bald man with beard and thick rectangular black eyeglasses

Square Frames

While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing the right frame shape for your face, certain shapes tend to flatter certain face shapes more than others. If you have a heart-shaped face, you may want to try square frames. Square frames can help balance out the proportions of your face, and they can also help make your chin look more pronounced.



Man with dark hair and beard wearing oval tortoiseshell spectacles

Oval Frames

If you have a heart-shaped face, you might want to consider oval frames for your glasses. This shape will help soften your face's angles and give you a more delicate appearance. Oval frames are also very versatile and can be worn with various looks. Whether you're going for a sophisticated or casual look, oval frames can help you achieve the perfect style.

Speckled transparent green eyeglasses frame with diamond shaped rivets


Young woman with blonde bob haircut wearing white shirt and Aviator wire sunglasses

Do aviator glasses look good on a heart-shaped face?

With their characteristic tear-drop lenses, Aviator glasses suit heart shaped faces perfectly. Thanks to their tall and tapering frame shape, Aviators help make your face look narrower and proportionate whilst providing excellent UV protection due to their dominant lens coverage.


What face shape can wear Aviators?

People with various face shapes can wear Aviators, but they look best on those with oval or round faces. This is because Aviators tend to have a very defining tall shape, which can help to balance out the softer curves of these face shapes.


Lady with blonde hair wearing tortoiseshell cateye spectacles frame

What is the most feminine face shape?

There is no definitive answer to this question as beauty is subjective. However, some face shapes typically considered more feminine include oval, round, and heart-shaped faces. These face shapes tend to be softer and more delicate-looking than other shapes, such as square or rectangular.


Young female with peroxide white bob standing in street holding her phone wearing round tan sunglasses

Do round sunglasses suit a heart-shaped face?

Yes, round sunglasses can suit a heart-shaped face. The key is to find a pair that is the right size that fits you properly. Frames which are too small can make your face look larger and wider, whilst frames that’re too big may slide down your nose and be unpractical.

When choosing the correct size of spectacles or sunglasses, the main measurements to consider are the lens width, bridge width and temple length.

A guide to frame sizes



  • Know your face shape
  • Heart faces have wide foreheads and cheeks
  • Heart faces usually have a pointed chin
  • Heart faces suit tall rounded glasses shapes
  • Large glasses make your face look smaller and narrower
  • Be sure to get the correct frame-fit


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