Glasses for bald men

You know what they say.

No hair = high testosterone.

But for such a manly man, choosing your new glasses frame can still seem like a challenge.

So, what style of glasses suits a bald head?


“Choosing glasses for a bald head depends on four main factors. Your facial structure, frame shape, skin tone and personal dress-style can each influence the style of your glasses frame. There is ‘no one-style suits all’ as your personal characteristics are unique to you.”


So in this article we've listed each of these influencing factors to help you make an informed decision about your next pair of glasses.


What glasses suit a bald head?


Bald man wearing black glasses frame


1. Find your face shape

The shape of your face is arguably the most important factor when choosing your new glasses frame.

It’s insufficient to imply that all bald men have a round face shape. Your lack of hair has nothing to do with your facial structure, so frankly, you can put that straight to bed.

Sculpted, faded, slicked back or shaved, your hair (or lack of it) can give the impression of head shape. But in reality, your face shape is mostly defined by your jawline, chin and forehead.

To help you choose the best shape of glasses, it’s crucial to identify which face shape you really are. So, to make things super easy, you can trace your face using one of these three simple methods.

Phone: Using a photo editing app, trace the outline of your face with a coloured pen tool to identify your face shape.

Photograph: Print a photo of yourself and grab a coloured pen. Carefully trace around your face to identify your shape.

Mirror: Using a non-permanent pen, stand in front of a mirror and carefully trace around your face. Take a photo with your phone/camera to record it before you wipe your mirror clean.

Now you’re traced, you can identify with one of five main face shapes in the list below.


Bald head round face shape illustration


Bald head square face shape illustration


Bald head triangular face shape illustration


Bald head oval face shape illustration


Bald head heart face shape illustration



Bald man putting on black glasses frame


2. Frame shape

With your face shape identified, choosing your new glasses just got a whole lot easier.

So now, it’s time to select the best shape of frame for you.

You may find your in-between two face shapes, which by the way, is totally fine. There’s no right and wrong here but the key is to find balance by contrasting the shape of your face with the shape of your glasses.

Think square peg, round hole...


Bald head round face shape illustration

Round face?

Round face shapes tend to suit square glasses frames. You’re best sticking to angular glasses shapes where their sharp corners overhang your cheeks. This will bring your face balance and contrast. Rounded corners are okay, but try to avoid circular or round-eye frames.



Bald head square face shape illustration

Square face?

Square face shapes tend to have a wide jaw line. You should try to choose a tall frame which give a narrowing and lengthening appearance to your face. Tall boxy frames, perhaps with rounded corners is the best way to go. Best avoid slim rectangular frames as they tend to make your face seem wider.



Bald head triangular face shape illustration

Triangle face?

You have a broad forehead and narrow chin giving you a mildly triangular or diamond-like face shape. Similar to a heart face shape, you’re oblong face shape will suit a round-eye frame style to contrast your pointed chin and narrowing jawline. Square frames are ok too as they’ll broaden the mid-section of your face.



Bald head oval face shape illustration

Oval face?

Oval faces are fairly adaptable and suit most glasses shapes. If you have more of a round face, stick to large boxy frame styles. If your face is bonier and more skeletal, you can definitely opt for a round-style glasses frame. Oval face shapes are a mix of triangle and heart so you have a little more freedom to experiment.



Bald head heart face shape illustration

Heart face?

Heart face shapes are more commonly defined by a “widows peak” hairline. If you have very short hair and your wavy hairline is still visible, you may find that you have a heart shaped face. If so, you’ll likely have defined cheekbones and a narrow facial appearance which generally suits round-eye glasses. Try and stick to frames which have rounded corners to soften your angular features.




Struggle to find glasses that suit you? 


Download this guide to find glasses for your face shape.





Man with no hair wearing thick black glasses and red T shirt


3. Skin tone

Just like frame shape, the key to frame colour is all about creating contrast.

The colour of your glasses should juxtapose the colour of your skin to create a nicely balanced look. This is why black glasses for men are so popular, simply because they contrast every skin tone.

However, introducing colour and acetate patterns can be very effective to inject personality into your appearance. Depending on your skin tone, here’s some handy tips to help you choose the right colour of frame.


Pale skin tones tend to suit dark, earthy glasses colours. If you’d like a single-colour frame, opt for dark brown, black, burgundy or amber. For a patterned frame, tortoise acetate is a fantastic option to add natural warmth and a classic aesthetic. Avoid lightly coloured glasses as they’ll wash you out. Transparent frames are great too, but avoid rimless frames to prevent looking older.


Mid skin tones are far more adaptable to more adventurous frame colours. An Asian complexion can easily adorn a green or blue glasses frame, just as easily as a traditional black acetate. Your choice is far broader as your skin is neither pale nor very deep. Most, if not all glasses colours will suit you as long as they are the correct shape for you. Mixed acetate colours are a quirky option where your frame front and temples don’t match.


Deep skin tones can suit shiny metal frames or even pale, milky coloured acetates. Due to the deep tone of your complexion, you can go either very light or dark with your choice of glasses colour. Transparent or semi-transparent acetates are also a fantastic option here, especially with smart details such as rivets, wire and nosepads. These shiny little components will contrast your skin as they catch the light, yielding a refined, sophisticated sort of look.





Glasses for bald men inspiration


Bearded bald man wearing semi opaque thick glasses frame

This chap is making the most of this yellow transparent acetate. The amber tinge in this frame is perfect for bringing warmth to his pale skin. A good example of how to wear glasses with style when you're bald.



Bald man with glasses sitting on pavement in the street

This bold glasses style has a straight, strong browline but with a curved lower-rim. A good balance between boxy and round for his oblong face.

If you have a beard, it's a good way to visually "lengthen" your face which can be offest with a rounded pair of glasses.



Bald african american man wearing round tortoise glasses

Image credit: Drakes | Tumblr D-e-t-a-l-e-s"

Sartorial style with a a tortoise acetate round-eye. This is a very classic sort of look and it works perfectly together. If you're into menswear, a pair of round spectacles will go perfectly with smart jackets and trousers.



Man with receeding hair wearing thin framed black glasses

Another example of a round pair of men's glasses but with a thin acetate rim. If chunky isn't your thing, you can still create a nice contrast of shape but with a more subtle acetate in a thinner stature.



Man with shaved head and glasses wearing no shirt

Image credit: 


Tall bald man wearing thick dark glasses frame

Image credit:

Bald with glasses and a's a strong look.

This guy has nailed his frame shape with that round classic style. Everything about his dress sense comes together with this frame as ties-in with his bold choice of jewellery, belt and beard. 

A prime example of statement glasses.



Stanley Tucci wearing suit and glasses

Famous actor Stanley Tucci wears these thin rimmed glasses perfectly.

Evidently, he has a long face with defined cheekbones and jaw. If you're lucky enough to have a face shape like his, a pair of round glasses will create the perfect balance for your skeletal features.

For pale skin, opt for dark earthy acetates such as brown, black or tortoise.

For mid to deep skin tones, experiment with some quirky colours such as blue, green or transparent acetate. 



Serious-looking Caucasian bald man with tattoos beard and glasses


Partially bald man wearing thick black glasses and denim shirt


Man with thinning hair with black circle glasses

Image credit:

Tortoise acetate is an undoubted all time classic.

Regardless of face shape or skin tone, these amber hues and dark browns are the perfect choice if you want to go for that timeless look. 

What's cool about tortoise is it can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your clothing. Perfect for the office through the week. Perfect for when you're out at the weekend.



Disgruntled looking bald man wearing glasses

Image credit:

If you're looking for an example of a square head... you've found it.

This guy has a very solid looking composition, especially with his beard and short neck. Which is why his boxy glasses frame is the perfect way to soften his sturdy looking stature.

Those rounded corners on his glasses are creating a nice contrast over his cheeks. Little flecks of amber in the acetate are a nice touch, adding some personality to his bold appearance.



Mature bald man wearing smart suit and thick glasses frame

Image credit: Drakes | Tumblr "D-e-t-a-l-e-s"

Not sure what colour of frame is for you?

Black acetate frames are an obvious choice, as well as grey or semi-transparent. Because let's face it, you don't want to give yourself more work or worry when it comes to your wardrobe, right?

For less stress, keep it simple.



Smartly dressed bald man wearing glasses and suit jacket


Small man with moustache and round clear glasses on

Image credit: Drakes | Tumblr "D-e-t-a-l-e-s"


4. Dress style

Without hair, you’re in a strong position to make a statement.

Gone are the days of worrying about hairstyle, brushing, combing or any of those hair related hang-ups. Instead, you can focus your energy (and previous haircut budget) towards your glasses frame.

Depending on your style of dress, you should consider your glasses as an integral item in your daily appearance. In the creative industries, architects, designers, photographers and artists are best known for their bold glasses styles.

Maybe it’s time to project your creative-self with a pair of thick rimmed glasses?


Architect Phillip Johnson | Bold paddle temple | Image source: Architect Glasses


Blending in or being bold?

Over the past few years, the corporate dress code has become noticeably more relaxed.

Balancing formal with casual, mainstream glasses brands tend to offer very safe options which wouldn’t look out of place in the office or indeed your local pub.

If blending in is your thing, great. If not, there’s a plethora of quirky eyewear brands which differentiate with more outlandish frame styles. For a bold look, opt for the correct frame shape in bold acetates which will compliment your face shape nicely.

Based on your face shape and skin tone, your glasses can take the leading role in your appearance with no fear or conflicting with your hair colour.

A great example of bold and bald glasses style is the paddle temple. Straight and uniform, the temple tips are more visible from your lack of hair. Equally, a large chunky temple can be a bold feature for your glasses frame.

Take the time to find the glasses that you’ll still want to wear by the time your next eye exam comes around. Even if your prescription changes, your glasses can be re-fitted to keep the love alive.

Glasses don’t have to have a 2 year life span.


Bald man wearing black square glasses talking to a group of people


Bald with glasses, final advice

Glasses for bald men shines a different light on spectacle wearing.

With little to no hair, your glasses become a far more predominant feature in your day to day appearance. To make the most of your purchase, you should choose a frame that represents your style and taste, just like your other items of dress.

The difference being that your head is a blank canvas for some really interesting and unique glasses. 

It's time to paint your personality to your corner of the world. 


For a reserved look

Stick to the basics and select a frame that compliments your face shape. Remember to choose a frame that juxtaposes your facial structure to achieve a flattering contrast. Round face, square frame. Thin face, round frame. Wire frames give a subtler look than acetates, however try to avoid completely rimless glasses. They have a habit of making you look older.


    To make a statement

    Go for bold chunky glasses in the correct shape for your face. Thick rimmed frames with bold temples are a fantastic way to represent your memorable personality and creative flair. Be confident with your choice of frame colour to inject character and intrigue. Your glasses say a lot about you, so take the chance to own your unique look.


      Thanks for taking the time to read this article.

      Hopefully you found it useful.


      Large square black glasses

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