Glasses for a diamond face shape

Finding the perfect new glasses can be challenging.

With so many styles and shapes to choose from, it’s tough to know which ones will look best on you.

Fret not.

This guide will show you how to pick the perfect glasses for your diamond face.

Let's delve in.


Diamond shape drawn over the face of a woman looking directly at viewer

What Is a Diamond Face Shape?

A narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and a tapering chin characterize a diamond face shape. The facial contours are widest at the cheeks and taper down to a small chin. Diamond-shaped faces are considered one of the most beautiful face shapes.

In fact, this face shape is often envied because it can wear almost any accessories and clothing style.


Blonde woman looking at herself in large oval mirror in bedroom

How do I know my face shape?

To find your face shape, start by pulling your hair back and looking closely in the mirror.

Pay attention to the overall shape of your face and the width of your forehead, jawline, and cheeks.

If you have a round face, you'll likely see that your cheekbones and jawline are about the same width and that your face is fuller than it is long. Or, if your face is oval-shaped, it will be slightly longer than wide, with a chin that's narrower than your forehead.

If you have a square shaped face, all the edges of the face would be about the same width.

Scroll below for some other methods to identify your face shape.


Portrait of young man with steel measuring ruler across his forehead

Ruler method

You can use a tape measure or ruler to identify your facial shape if you want to be particularly accurate.

  • Measure the width of your brow at its broadest point.
  • At their widest point, measure the width of your cheekbones.
  • At its broadest point, measure the width of your jaw.
  • Measure the length of your face.

You may compare all of these measures to find which is the largest. Your facial shape will be determined by the biggest measurement.


Woman taking a video of herself on a mobile phone smiling wearing a white T shirt sitting on a sofa

Video method

Record your video selfie from different angles, then watch it back and pause it at different points to get a good look at your face shape. This is a great way to see your face shape in action, and you can even ask a friend or family member for their opinion on what they see.


Face Measuring Apps

There are various smartphone apps you can download to help you measure your face and find its overall shape. The most popular is Face Shape Meter on the Apple store.

Alternatively, visit My Face Shape to use their public poll platform where members of the public can vote on what face shape they think you have.


Greyscale image of a man with a diamond face shape

5 signs you have a diamond shaped face

  1. Your jawline and forehead are about the same width.
  2. The most noticeable part of your face is your cheekbones.
  3. Your face is narrow at eye level.
  4. You have a pointed chin.
  5. Your face is roughly as long as it is wide.


The best eyewear for a diamond shape face

Shopping for eyeglasses can be overwhelming.

With several products and accessories to choose from, it can be difficult to actually start.

However, there are a few things to consider in order to pick the best pair of sunglasses for your needs:

Consider your face shape. Different glasses will flatter different face shapes, so it's important to find a pair that complements your own.

Your lifestyle influences your choice of spectacles. If you’re particularly active or have young children, it’s best to look for glasses that won't slip or fall off easily. It’s crucial to get the right fit with glasses which are the correct size for you.

Your prescription determines what kind of lenses you’ll need. These can be single vision or varifocal. Be sure to get the right lenses which suit your lifestyle and prescription. Options such as lens thinning and lens coatings are crucial for longevity and performance.

What your glasses are made of is important; for style, comfort and day to day performance. For example, lightweight wire rimmed glasses are easy to wear and have minimal bulk. Whereas full-rim acetate frames are very classic and can be very durable if treated with care. If you suffer from sensitive skin, consider getting spectacles made from hypoallergenic materials.


Lady with long brown hair and thick eyeglasses looking surprised

What glasses look best on diamond faces?

Round, oval or cat eye glasses look best on diamond faces. Frames with rounded rims help soften your defined jawline, chin and cheekbones for a more balanced look. Rectangular and square glasses are popular too, but be sure they aren’t too angular and sharp in their overall shape.

To balance any face shape with new glasses, the idea is to create visual balance.

You want to add width to the top half of your face and slightly round out the bottom half. Look for wider frames at the top, such as cat-eye or oval shapes.

You can also go for decorated or detailed frames on the top half, as this draws attention to your eyes and helps add proportional width.

Here are some best glasses for diamond face shape for women and men.


Best glasses for women with a diamond face shape

Large nude pink butterfly sunglasses frame in lightly lit room

Butterfly Glasses

If you have a diamond face shape, you're lucky - you can wear just about any style of glasses.

If you're looking for a pair that will show off your features, butterfly glasses are a great option. Butterfly frames are widest at the temples, which helps to balance out a narrow chin.

They also tend to have intricate details and bold colours, making your eyes pop. So, if you're searching for a new pair of glasses and want to make a statement, butterfly frames are worth considering.

Transparent yellow crystal sunglasses


Blonde haired female wearing yellow crystal eyeglasses eating an apple

Oval glasses

Oval glasses are a great option for diamond faces. Rounded lens rims (at the lower corners) helps to balance out a diamond face.

If you're looking for extra flair, try a pair of oval glasses with embellishments on the sides. These can help draw attention to your eyes and give your look a touch of glamour. Oversized frames can help your face look more dainty and smaller, but make sure not to go overboard as they’ll just dwarf you.


Lady wearing tortoiseshell cat eye glasses frame

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses are a great option for women with diamond face shapes. The pointed corners of the glasses help soften the angularity of the face, while the upward sweep of the frame accentuates the cheekbones.

If you're looking for that ultimate 50’s look, why not go for a pair of cat-eye glasses with bejewelled or metal details?

For a subtler look, choose a classic black or tortoiseshell frame.

Medium size dark grey glasses frame


Greyscale image of women putting on round black eyeglasses frame

Round Glasses

For people with diamond faces, round eyeglasses are possibly the best choice.

Frames with smooth, curving lines serve to even out the face's angles. They have a quintessentially classic look to them and can make you look very studious and intelligent. Subsequently, they're often called designer's or architect glasses.

For a retro aesthetic, you could opt for colour tinted lenses. In blue, purple, green or orange, colour tints are a vintage style that adds a whole new dimension to your look.


Brunette lady wearing square tortoise shell eyeglasses

Square Glasses

The most iconic and popular type of glasses, square glasses, are characterized by sharp angles and geometric shapes. Often seen as the "intellectual" style, square glasses can make you look smart and serious.

They can, however, be very bold and dominant. So if you’re looking for statement spectacles, big rectangular glasses like these can be a great choice.

Boxy tortoiseshell spectacles


Best glasses for men with a diamond face shape

Man wearing scarf jacket and round eyeglasses looking away

Round Glasses

Round glasses can help to soften the angularity of your features and give you a more balanced appearance. When choosing round glasses, it is important to ensure that the frames are not too small or too large for your face. You also want to make sure that the frames sit evenly on your nose and don’t slip down.



Bearded young man wearing blue shirt and black and silver clubmaster eyeglasses

Clubmaster Glasses

Clubmaster glasses are stylish and classic for men with diamond face shapes. The accentuated acetate browline and sharp angles of the frames complement the angular features of the diamond face shape, while rounded lens rims help accentuate the eyes.

Clubmaster glasses are available in various styles, from classic black to tortoiseshell and even brightly coloured options, whether you are looking for a sophisticated pair of glasses for work or a statement pair for weekends.


Greyscale portrait of man wearing browline spectacles

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are a great option for men with diamond face shapes.

The key is to find a pair that is the right proportion for your face. Look for glasses with a strong browline and slightly wider than your cheekbones.

The lenses should also be in proportion to your forehead - too small, and they will make your face look top-heavy, too large, and overwhelm your features. When it comes to lens shape, round or oval lenses will help soften the angles of your face, while square or rectangular lenses will help balance out your proportions.

And don't forget about colour - dark frames will help accentuate your features, while light frames will help keep the focus on your eyes.


Man wearing large gold Aviator spectacles and green shirt

Aviator Glasses

Men with diamond face shapes should look for aviator glasses that complement their broad forehead and narrow chin. Dominant wire rimmed frames are a good option for making a statement and offer incredible lens space. Look for glasses with metal accents on the brow line, as this will help to draw attention upwards.

Large gold wire Aviator style eyeglasses frame


Close view of young man wearing Wayfarer style glasses frame

Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer glasses were first designed in the 1950s, popularised by singers and movie stars such as Buddy Holly and James Dean. The Wayfarer style is characterized by its squared-off lenses and thick frame.

The rounded lens rims of Wayfarer glasses can help soften your face's sharp lines, and the thick frame will help to balance out your features.

If you're looking for spectacles or sunglasses that are both stylish and flattering, then the Wayfarer style is an excellent pick for you.

Large dark grey oval glasses frame


Ginger haired lady touching her round tortoise shell eyeglasses looking directly at viewer

Do round glasses look good on a diamond face shape?

Round glasses can look good on a diamond face shape, as they help soften your defined cheekbones, jawline and chin. The key is to choose frames that are not too small or too large, as this can make your head look disproportionate.

Tortoiseshell or metal frames with rounded rims are a good option, as they will help balance out the face.

Avoid overly decorated or oversized frames, as these can look overwhelming. Instead, opt for simple and elegant designs that will complement your features.

With the right pair of round glasses, you can add a touch of softness to your look while still maintaining your signature style.


Young lady with dark hair and wire rimmed spectacles smiling

What is the difference between a diamond and an oval face shape?

Diamond faces are similarly long to oval faces, but have a narrower forehead with strongly defined cheekbones, jawline and chins. Oval faces are also long, but lack the same strong definition with a more rounded chin.

Oval and diamond face shapes are both considered to be versatile and easy to work with when choosing a hairstyle, makeup, or accessories.


Is diamond face shape rare?

No, a diamond face shape is not rare. In fact, diamond face shapes are among the most common face shapes amongst men and women. Considered as very versatile and attractive, diamond faces can wear almost any shape or style of eyeglasses.


What frame shape is best for diamond face?

Oval and round frames are typically the best shapes for diamond faces. These frame shapes help soften the angles of the face and can help to create a more balanced look.


Actress Angelina Jolie smiling

Is diamond face shape attractive?

The diamond face shape is considered as attractive. Celebrities such as Megan Fox, Christy Turlington and Rihanna are excellent examples of this face shape.

This unique facial structure gives diamond-faced individuals an intriguing, exotic, or even regal appearance.

While the exact origin of the term "diamond face" is unclear, it is generally thought to refer to how the angles of the face are reminiscent of a cut diamond.

In recent years, the diamond face shape has become increasingly popular, thanks to celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman. Celebrities like these have contributed to the appearance of this being more mainstream.

There’s no doubt that this striking facial structure can add an element of intrigue and mystery to any individual's appearance.


What celebrity has a diamond shaped face?

Celebrities with diamond faces shapes include Kim Raver, Felicity Huffman, Elizabeth Hurley, Jenifer Lopez, Christy Turlington and Rihanna. These are some of many celebrities with diamond faces.


Lady with brown hair sitting down wearing blue shirt and thick rimmed eyeglasses

Should glasses cover your eyebrows?

Depending on the style, size and thickness of a glasses frame, they may or may not cover your eyebrows. By their nature, thick-rimmed oversized spectacles are likely to encroach on your browline. However, slim or wire-rimmed frames are much less likely to cover your eyebrows.

For better eye protection, it’s suggested that sunglasses should cover your eyebrows. The likelihood of sunlight ‘leaking’ from above or from the sides of your frame is minimised if the frames covers more of your face, has a high base curvature, is for sport or uses side shields.

Whether glasses cover your eyebrows is a matter of facial structure, glasses style and personal preference.



Mistakes people make when shopping glasses for diamond face shapes

When looking for glasses, the most common errors is failing to consider your facial shape.

Just as different styles of clothing flatter different body types, certain styles of glasses complement certain face shapes.

For example, those with diamond-shaped faces should avoid frames that are too big or too small, as they can throw off the face's proportions. Instead, opt for medium-sized frames that will help to balance the face.

Additionally, avoid designs that are too ornate or busy, as they can overwhelm the delicate features of a diamond face.

Considering your face shape when shopping for glasses can ensure that you find a pair that flatters your features and makes you look your best.



The diamond face shape is angular with strong, well-defined features. Because of this, people with a diamond face shape should choose glasses that soften their features and create balance.

If you're not sure whether your current pair of glasses complement your diamond-shaped face, why not take advantage of our virtual-try-on-app?

Using your computer or smart phone’s camera, you can quickly browse and virtually try-on any of our handmade glasses frames.

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