Best glasses for a diamond face shape 2024

For your vision, personal style and self-confidence choosing your new glasses frame is largely determined by understanding your unique face shape.

If you're lucky enough to have high cheekbones, a narrow forehead and chin - this blog post is for you. We'll guide you through the defining characteristics of this face shape and then offer suggestions for the most flattering glasses.

Stick with us to discover the ideal eyewear to compliment your diamond face shape.

Illustration of woman and man with diamond face shapes

What is a diamond face shape?

A diamond face shape is characterised by narrow forehead, high defined cheekbones and a tapering chin. Your facial contours are widest at the cheeks and taper down to a narrow chin. Often described as 'chiselled'  (or less fondly 'gaunt'), diamond-shaped faces are widely deemed as one of the most attractive face shapes.



Woman with diamond face shape wearing round black eyeglasses

How do I know my face shape?

The easiest way to know your face shape is by noting the general outline of your head and the ratios between your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and chin. Yes, your head is generally an oval shape - but the relationship between your facial 'reference points' is what defines it's classification of shape.

If you're struggling to determine what face shape you have, many face shapes overlap with each other. You may experience that you're a mixture of two or more kinds. The most common face shapes include;



3 ways to know your face shape

Woman taking a video of herself on a mobile phone smiling wearing a white T shirt sitting on a sofa

Face Measuring Apps

To help you determine your face shape, we've discovered some incredibly useful apps designed for both Android and iOS smartphones. For the best user experience and accurate face shape detection, we've ranked these apps in the table provided below.



Apple Store


My Face Shape Meter




Find Your Face Shape



Not available

Measure Your Face Instantly



Not available





Golden Ratio Face







Ask the public

Using this poll website, you can share your self-portrait to ask other users a question about your appearance. For optimal results, it is recommended to post a front-facing self portrait photograph, accompanied with your question; "What is my face shape?" This approach encourages constructive feedback on your facial structure.


Video method

Record your video selfie from different angles, then watch it back and pause it at different points to get a good look at your face shape. This is a great way to see your face shape in action, and you can even ask a friend or family member for their opinion on what they see.



Greyscale image of a man with a diamond face shape

5 signs you have a diamond shaped face

  1. Your jawline and forehead are about the same width.
  2. The most noticeable part of your face is your cheekbones.
  3. Your face is narrow at eye level.
  4. You have a pointed chin.
  5. Your face is roughly as long as it is wide.


How to pick the best glasses for a diamond face

Identify your face shape. As we mentioned earlier, the first step in finding the best glasses for your diamond face shape is to identify your facial shape. By using one of the methods listed above, you can determine if you have a diamond shaped face.

Accentuate your cheekbones. With a diamond face shape, your cheekbones will be your most prominent feature therefore these can be complimented with a rounder, softer shape of spectacles. Frames with softer curves can help balance out those angles and create a more harmonious look.

The size of your glasses is crucial for comfort and optical performance. Be sure to choose frames that are wide enough for your face so they don't pinch the sides of your head, and tall enough in the lens area so they're not too short from top to bottom. This will help balance out the proportions of your diamond shaped face.

Your prescription determines the type of lenses you’ll need - which can also influence the type of frame you can choose. If you have a strong prescription which requires thinned lenses (high index) then you may wish to choose thick-rimmed eyeglasses. If you use progressive (varifocal) lenses, taller frames help accommodate these lenses better than slim/short rectangular ones.

Frame material is important for style, comfort and day to day performance. For example, lightweight wire rimmed glasses are easy to wear and have minimal bulk. Whereas full-rim acetate frames are very classic and can be very durable if treated with care. If you suffer from sensitive skin, consider getting spectacles made from hypoallergenic materials.



Lady with long brown hair and thick eyeglasses looking surprised

What glasses look best on diamond shaped faces?

For those with diamond-shaped faces, round, oval, or cat-eye glasses are the most flattering. Choosing frames with rounded rims can help soften the defined jawline, chin, and cheekbones, creating a more balanced appearance. While rectangular and square glasses are also popular, it's important to ensure that they have a balanced and gentle overall shape, without being overly angular or sharp.

For the best results, aim to create visual balance.

You want to add width to the top half of your face and slightly round-out the bottom half. Look for wider frames at the top, such as cat-eye or '50s oval shapes.
Here are some best glasses for diamond face shape for women and men.



Best women's glasses for a diamond face 2024

Close view of woman wearing butterfly glasses frame

Butterfly Glasses

If you have a diamond face shape, you're incredibly lucky - you can wear just about any style of glasses.

To show-off your features, butterfly glasses are a great option. Butterfly frames are widest at the temples, which helps to balance out a narrow chin.

They also tend to have intricate details and bold colours, making your eyes pop. So, if you're searching for a new pair of glasses and want to make a statement, butterfly frames are worth considering.

Three quarter view of large butterfly tortoise eyeglasses frame



Ginger haired woman wearing round crystal eyeglasses frame

Oval glasses

Oval glasses (sometimes referred to as walnut glasses) are an excellent choice for individuals with diamond-shaped faces. The rounded lens rims, particularly at the lower corners, contribute to balancing out the facial proportions.

If you're looking for an added touch of style, consider opting for clear oval glasses which reveal the reinforcing hardware (cores) within. Clear acetate frames are less visually 'stark' on your face and have a modern contemporary sort of look to them.

Additionally, clear frames can create an illusion of delicateness and minimize the appearance of facial size. However, it is crucial to exercise moderation, as excessively large frames may overpower your features.

Yellow crystal coloured eyeglasses frame



Lady wearing tortoiseshell cat eye glasses frame

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses are an excellent choice for women with diamond-shaped faces. The pointed corners of these glasses work wonders in softening the angularity of the face, while the upward sweep of the frame beautifully accentuates the cheekbones.

If you're aiming for that quintessential 50's aesthetic, why not opt for a pair of cat-eye glasses adorned with exquisite bejewelled or metal details? For a more subtle and timeless look, a classic black or tortoiseshell frame would be the perfect choice.

Tortoise shell acetate cat eye glasses frame for women



Side view of blonde lady wearing thick round Havana eyeglasses and wool coat

Round Glasses

Round eyeglasses are an excellent choice for women with diamond-shaped faces. These frames, characterized by smooth, curving lines, effectively balance the angular features of the face. Not only do they offer a timeless and classic appearance, but they also impart an air of intelligence and studiousness. Some even refer to them as designer or architect glasses.

For a touch of retro charm, consider opting for colour-tinted lenses. Whether in blue, purple, green, or orange, these vintage-style tints add a new dimension to your overall look.

Round burgundy acetate glasses frame lying folded



Brunette lady wearing square tortoise shell eyeglasses

Square Glasses

The epitome of style and popularity, square glasses boast sharp angles and geometric shapes. With their "intellectual" allure, they exude an air of intelligence and seriousness. Yet, their bold and commanding presence cannot be denied. If you want to make a statement with your spectacles, these oversized rectangular frames are an exceptional option.

Square tortoiseshell spectacles frame



Best men's glasses for a diamond face 2024

Side view of male photographer wearing thick round spectacle frame

Round Glasses

Round glasses can effectively soften the angularity of your facial features, creating a harmonious and balanced appearance. When selecting round glasses, it is crucial to find frames that are proportionate to your face, avoiding both overly small and excessively large options. Additionally, ensuring that the frames sit comfortably on your nose and stay in place without slipping is equally important.

Round tortoiseshell acetate glasses frame



Bearded young man wearing blue shirt and black and silver clubmaster eyeglasses

Clubmaster Glasses

Clubmaster glasses are a stylish and timeless choice for men with diamond face shapes. The accentuated acetate browline and rounded metal rims are the perfect style for the angular features of the diamond face shape.

You'll find Clubmaster glasses available in a variety of styles, ranging from classic black to tortoiseshell and even vibrant, colourful options. Whether you need a sophisticated pair for work or a bold statement piece for the weekends, they're a '50s inspired style that's never going out of fashion.

Black and silver RayBan Clubmaster eyeglasses



Man wearing large gold Aviator spectacles and green shirt

Pilot Glasses

Pilot glasses (also known as Aviator glasses), are an excellent choice for men with diamond face shapes. The unique large and slightly drooping teardrop shape of the lens can add width to the lower half of the face while highlighting the sharp and high cheekbones - a defining feature of the diamond face shape.

These frames typically have a thin metal rim that doesn't compete with the facial features, allowing the cheekbones and narrow chin to stand out. Additionally, the double or triple bridge design can add balance to the narrow forehead typically associated with this face shape. Available in a variety of colours and styles, Pilot glasses offer a versatile and stylish eyewear choice for men with diamond-shaped faces.

Large gold wire Aviator style eyeglasses frame



Close view of young man wearing Wayfarer style glasses frame

Wayfarer Glasses

A perennial-cool style, Wayfarers are iconic, bold and the perfect optical style for men who prefer a timeless look. With their thick acetate frames and angular lines, Wayfarer glasses can add definition to a square jawline while balancing out the forehead. They also provide a well-proportioned look by adding width to the narrow chin.

First released in the 1950s by optical giant RayBan, it wasn't until the '80s before they became popularised by singers and movie stars such as Tom Cruise, Sonny Crockett and the Blues Brothers.

If you're looking for a traditional look, the most popular versions of the the Wayfarer is the black or tortoise editions. style is characterized by its squared-off lenses and thick frame.

The rounded lens rims of Wayfarer glasses can help soften your face's sharp lines, and the thick frame will help to balance out your features. If you're looking for spectacles that are both stylish and flattering, then the Wayfarer style is an excellent pick for you.

Three quarter view of RayBan Wayfarer eyeglasses frame



Greyscale portrait of man wearing browline spectacles

Browline Glasses

Browline glasses are an excellent choice for men with high cheekbones and chiselled facial features. With these classic '50s style frames, the key is to find a pair that complements your facial proportions.

Characteristically, these frames have a well-defined acetate browline that naturally draws attention to your eyebrows. Due to this heavily contrasting upper-half, it's crucial to ensure a proper frame fit. If they're too small, they may make your face appear very wide. If they're too large, they might overwhelm your face and slide down your nose.

Let's not overlook the importance of colour - dark browline frames can highlight your facial features, while lighter or tortoise patterned frames can draw attention to your eyes.

Black acetate and gold metal browline eyeglasses frame



Portrait of young lady wearing transparent brown eyeglasses and blue blouse

Do round glasses look good on a diamond face shape?

Round glasses are a perfect match for diamond face shapes, as they effectively soften and complement your distinct cheekbones, jawline, and chin. It's important to strike the right balance when selecting frames—not too small or too large—to avoid any visual disproportion. By doing so, you'll enhance your overall appearance and achieve a harmonious look.

Traditional round tortoiseshell frames with rounded rims are a good option, as they will help balance out the face. It's best to avoid overly decorated or oversized frames, as these tend to age poorly over the duration of your prescription. Instead, opt for simple and elegant designs that will complement your features.

Three quarter view of Ted Baker tortoiseshell eyeglasses



Glasses for diamond faces FAQ's

Actress Angelina Jolie smiling

What is the difference between a diamond and an oval face shape?

Diamond faces are similarly long like oval faces, but differ in having a narrower forehead and distinctively defined cheekbones, jawline, and chins. While oval faces are also long, they lack the same level of cheekbone definition and feature softer cheeks and chin. Both oval and diamond face shapes are known for their versatility and ease when it comes to selecting hairstyles, makeup, and accessories such as eyeglasses.

Is diamond face shape rare?

No, a diamond face shape is not rare. In fact, diamond face shapes are among the most common face shapes amongst men and women. Considered as very versatile and attractive, diamond faces can wear almost any shape or style of eyeglasses.

What glasses frame shape is best for diamond faces?

Oval and round frames are typically the best shapes for diamond faces. These frame shapes help soften the angles of the face and can help to create a more balanced look.

Is diamond face shape attractive?

Yes, the diamond face shape is considered as attractive. Celebrities such as Megan Fox, Christy Turlington, Rihanna and Angelina Jolie are excellent examples of this face shape.

This unique facial structure gives diamond-faced individuals an intriguing, exotic, or even regal appearance.

While the exact origin of the term "diamond face" is unclear, it is generally thought to refer to how the high and defined cheekbones resembled the facets of a cut diamond.

Amidst popular culture the diamond face shape has come to the fore thanks to celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman. Celebrities like these have contributed to the appearance of this being more mainstream.

Which celebrities have a diamond shaped face?

Celebrities with diamond faces shapes include Kim Raver, Felicity Huffman, Elizabeth Hurley, Jenifer Lopez, Christy Turlington and Rihanna. These are some of many celebrities with diamond faces.



Lady with brown hair sitting down wearing blue shirt and thick rimmed eyeglasses

Should glasses cover your eyebrows?

This depends on the style, size and thickness of your glasses frame. Furthermore, the bridge-width largely affects how high/low the frame rests on your nose which can determine if they cover your eyebrows. Wide bridge frames will naturally sit lower, whilst narrow bridge frames will sit higher.

By their nature, oversized or thick-rimmed spectacles are more likely to encroach on your browline. Conversely, slim or wire-rimmed frames are much less likely to cover your eyebrows. Whether glasses cover your eyebrows is a matter of facial structure, glasses style and personal preference.

Round burgundy coloured Oliver Peoples Cary Grant eyeglasses frame



Glasses to avoid for diamond face shapes

When searching for glasses, one of the most frequent mistakes is neglecting to take your facial shape into account. Just like how various clothing styles enhance different body types, specific glasses styles harmonize with specific face shapes.

Avoid frames that are too big or too small, as they can unbalance your facial proportions. Instead, opt for correctly fitting frames that rest properly on your nose, with the centre of the lenses aligning with your pupils. Oversized frames have a habit of aligning too narrowly for your eyes which can affect how your lenses are made.

Avoid ornate spectacles with excessive embellishments. Jagged or intricate details can further 'sharpen' the look of your face which is already very well defined thanks to your high cheekbones and defined jawline.

  • Diamond faces are widely deemed as attractive
  • Diamond faces suit rounded or oval style spectacles
  • Eyebrow coverage depends on nasal structure and bridge width
  • Frames that are too big or too small can disrupt the balance of facial proportions and impede optical performance
  • The centre of your lenses should align with your pupils
  • Ornate spectacles with intricate details are not recommended for diamond face shapes

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.


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