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Eyeglass frames to look younger


It’s ironic when you think about it

You briefly spent the first portion of your life trying to look older.

Thereafter, you spend the rest trying to look younger.


Finding spectacles that make you look younger is a crucial consideration, and if done correctly, can work wonders for a more youthful perception.

As such, we’ve gathered the best 20 examples of grey-haired glasses wearers doing this correctly.

Let’s slipstream these silver-haired specimens and trim away some years.



Tortoise glasses that make you look younger



These round-eye tortoiseshell glasses are a paragon of timeless eyewear.

This enduring glasses style is popular across all age groups, making it an adaptable and ageless glasses style for you to wear.

If it's a refined esthetic you're looking for, these are a perfect example of mens glasses that make you look younger.




For ladies, round tortoiseshell glasses frames are an excellent way to bring natural warmth to your complexion. 

Earthy colours of amber, brown and black will effortlessly tie-in with many of your clothes to make colour-coordination an absolute breeze.

Pairing your jewellery such as you earrings and necklace with tortoiseshell acetate is a great way to accentuate this youthful choice of glasses.




You'll have already noticed the efficacy of a thick-rimmed tortoise glasses frame.

Seen above, Anne Robinson regularly wears spectacles like these to great effect. The chunky nature of these glasses accentuates her femininity and yield a younger appearance.

These are a perfect example of acetate glasses that don't make you look old.




Black glasses that make you look younger 




Do rimless glasses make you look younger?

Glasses without any sort of acetate or metal rim have a tendency to make you look older. The distinct lack of colour with an ageing complexion is a sure-fire way to add age your appearance.

Indeed, rimless glasses weigh less and seem a little less dominant on your face, but a chunky black glasses frames have a far more contemporary aesthetic.

Be brave with your choice of acetate glasses. Thick frames like the ones seen above can work very very well.




For men, thick black glasses frames are a great way to appear younger.

At first, glasses like these will seem very stark on your face, but the benefits speak for themselves. This is an established glasses style and gives you the opportunity of having a large lens.

Large lenses are easier to use and let's face it... you get way more from your eyewear investment.




You can opt for a slightly thinner glasses frame if you wish, but we suggest that you try to keep it bold.

If you're beginning to go grey, a thick dark frame is going to work well for your salt and pepper hair. A mono-tone glasses frame like these can be worn with patterned shirts and colourful blazers.

There's no fear of clashing here.




Who looks good in rimless glasses?

There's nothing necessarily wrong with rimless glasses, but their minimal construction makes them a little... lifeless.

Glasses frames that make you look younger tend to be bold in colour and thick in construction. Chunky glasses seem more daring, more exuberant, which alludes to a younger style.

Prue Leith expertly uses her thick-rimmed frames to offset her brightly coloured clothing. A thick black frame like her's can be worn with almost any colour of garment you have, vibrant or not.




For men, a boxy pair of eyeglasses is a great way to create a youthful appearance.

You can wear glasses like these in every social scenario which makes them an effortless consideration. There's little to worry about when dressing up or dressing down in a pair of glasses like these.

If you prefer a more neutral glasses style, thick black eyeglasses are the ones for you.





Blue glasses that make you look younger 



How many blue clothes, accessories or jewellery pieces do you have?

Blue is such a familiar clothing colour, so why not opt for a pair of blue glasses?

Sure, spectacles like these are on the alternative end of the spectrum, but they're far easier to wear than you think.

In the image above, notice how her ring and jumper make for a perfect match?





For grey-haired men, blue-rimmed glasses frames are a fantastic choice.

Colourful, exuberant and stylish, these are a perfect example of men's glasses that make you appear younger.

Hardware such as the metal hinges and rivets of your glasses can harmonise with your wristwatch and accessories.

If you're looking for an alternative glasses style, round blue acetate glasses is a good way to inject this easily worn colour.




Prue Leith expertly adorns her choice of blue-framed glasses.

She incorporates subtle details such as her blue earrings to really make her glasses really work for her outfit. This colour of spectacle frame is undoubtedly vibrant and is worn to great effect.

For ladies, these blue reading glasses are perfect for greying hair with no risk of clashing.





Semi-round glasses that make you look younger



Semi-rounded acetate frames are an excellent way to introduce a warm perception.

Even with formal attire, colourful flecks of yellow and amber in these semi-round tortoise glasses indicate your personality.

Consider how you'd like to be perceived.

Rimless glasses are very clinical and minimal whilst colourful acetates can bring friendliness to your demeanour. 




Do rimless glasses make you look older?

Ann Robinson certainly thinks so. 

Instead, she regularly adorns semi-round acetate frames, carefully avoiding the ageing effects of rimless glasses frames. Seen in the image above, her auburn hair works perfectly with her choice of tortoise-rimmed spectacles.

Natural colours of her green top and gold necklace harmonise with the warming hues of her glasses frame.




Fashion designer Paul Smith is renowned for his use of glasses.

His vibrant personality and creative sense of dress call for a youthful pair of reading glasses.

Seen in the image above, his amber-toned frame brings warmth to his complexion, offsetting his greying hair and formal attire.




The youthful effect of a round pair of glasses frames in undeniable.

The contrast of the round-eye worn by the lady above creates a quirky, friendly look.

Her small face and feminine features are accentuated by the round shape of her glasses giving her a more dainty and fresh-faced appearance.




TV presenter and food enthusiast Andi Oliver regularly adorns stylish cat-eye style glasses.

Her energetic demeanour and vibrant clothing work perfectly with a muted glasses frame. Her choice of dark acetate gives room for her colourful attire on and off the TV cameras.

If you wear a lot of bright clothing, you can neutralise your eyewear with black or grey acetates. 




Alternative colours such as green and brown are an excellent way to bring a natural palette to your dress.

Whether you have colour in your hair or not, rames with with organic colouration is an easy way to incorporate complementary tones to your complexion.

Earthy acetate colours such as amber and brown work well to bring warmth to your face, whilst cooler tones of blue and green are a good way to offset ginger or auburn hair colours.




Jamie Bartlett: co-founder  | Spectacle frames without any sort of rim can often look steely and cold.

The characteristics of a rimless glasses frame mixed with a mature complexion has a habit of making you look older.

We suggest you stick to thick-rimmed glasses with warm colours in an effort to create a younger perception.

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Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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