Naomi Watts glasses in ‘The Watcher’

Naomi Watts glasses in The Watcher

Naomi Watts is no stranger to the big screen.

Since her debut in the mid '80s, the British actress has starred in some fairly prominent films such as 'The Ring', 'The Impossible' and 'King Kong'.

In her latest project, the 2022 Netflix mystery thriller series 'The Watcher', Watts plays the role of Nora Brannock, an American middle class wife and mum of two who's making the big move with her family to their new dream home in the leafy suburbs of Westfield, New Jersey.

Between her pottery and tennis sessions at the local Westfield country club, she embodies the aspirational American-dream lifestyle of 'moving up in the world'. With her lavish new home, she seems aptly dressed in her invariably ecru ensemble. Her manicured wardrobe follows a pristine pallete of natural tones including turtle neck jumpers, blazers, trench coats, cable knit sweaters and even a beige fedora hat.

But for you, the eagle eyed eyewear enthusiast, we couldn't possibly overlook her choice of square glasses. A stylishly bold pair of thick rimmed spectacles we simply can't get enough of.

Thick black eyeglasses frame lying folded on top of white marble surface



What glasses does Naomi Watts wear in The Watcher?

In the Netflix series 'The Watcher', Nomi Watts wears the 'Dealan' spectacle frame, designed and produced by Los Angeles luxury optical brand Jacques Marie Mage (JMM). During the mystery thriller series, she intermittently wears these chunky acetate glasses which have an angular '60s design featuring rectangular lenses. This design inspired by the legendary sunglasses worn by Bob Dylan.

One of the characterising details of these glasses are the 'arrowhead' deco-rivets seen on the outermost edges of the thick frame front. These identifying accents are a metallic signature of the Jacque Marie Mage optical range and confirm both the make and model of Watt's spectacles. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston also a massive fans of the brand.


Black square eyeglasses frame with arrow shaped rivet on the front

In stark contrast to her otherwise lightly coloured outfits and blonde bob haircut, the Dealan is an intentionally austere glasses frame for Watts. Made from 8mm thick Takiron, the black acetate front is incredibly dominant on her fare complexion and petite bodily frame.

Inspired by the bold eyewear of the '60s, the Dealan is a unisex model and can be worn either as spectacles or sunglasses. This particular design by JMM comes in a variety of colourways, including the 'Noir' acetate worn by Watts in 'The Watcher' series.


Naomi Watts wearing large square black spectacle frame and white cardigan

Naomi Watts oversized glasses style

Just like those worn by Naomi Watts, the oversized glasses style is one that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity. Favoured by women and men alike, this look features frames that are significantly larger or thicker than average.

The oversized glasses style can be worn by anyone, however its particularly favourable for women. For starters, the oversized glasses frame can help 'feminise' your face by making it seem smaller and more dainty. The sheer dominance of large square glasses will visually minimise your appearance, similar to oversized clothes or wristwatches. Additionally, angular spectacles frames like the Dealan helps 'sharpen' your facial features, making the wearer appear younger and more approachable.

Finally, the oversized glasses style is simply trendy and stylish. Instead of playing it safe with a forgettably thin, average looking pair of spectacles, Watts wears these bold glasses with panache. Aligning with her creative and sharply dressed character in 'The Watcher', big glasses like these are a confident look that harks back to the big frame glasses of the mid-century. Whether you're going for a professional or casual aesthetic, oversized frames like these elevate your presence and make your appearance more memorable - in a good way.


Naomi Watts wearing thick rimmed glasses and white sweater in the Netflix series The Watcher

Nomi Watts' glasses in 'The Watcher'

Central to her role as Nora Brannock in the Netflix series 'The Watcher', Naomi Watts wears an impeccably crisp white wardrobe and thick rimmed eyeglasses. As if to emphasise her privilege, her monochromatic outfits suggest purity, power and ambition.

Nora epitomises and lives up to the the stereotypical white, privileged, suburban American woman. Having just moved to their dream home, 657 Boulevard, in Westfield's luscious suburbs, she balances and enviable lifestyle of creative pottery work, motherhood and a seemingly flourishing marriage with her devoted husband Dean Brannock.

On the surface, Nora's life seems to be going all as planned. However, as disturbing events inevitably unfold during the series, we get pulled into the twisting 'who dunnit' plotline.

Trying desperately to unravel the strange occurrences, like the threatening and creepily written typewriter letters from 'The Watcher', Nora becomes increasingly distressed, neurotic and paranoid. Her family's new-home euphoria quickly fades to panic as they realise they've moved into a potentially haunted house which they later discover had previously hosted a mass family murder.

Seeking help from a her real estate friend Karen Calhoun (Jennifer Coolidge) and hiring a private detective Theodora Birch (Noma Dumezweni) Nora becomes increasingly panicked. Trying to figure out who's writing these threatening letters (The Watcher) she and her husband Dean begin building their own investigation in their basement. Wearing her impeccably crisp wardrobe and thick rimmed glasses, Nora's pure white attire positions her as an innocent but scared mother and wife.

Literally framing her fear, Nora's piercing blue eyes are seen through her chunky eyeglasses. Faced with the prospect of her new but haunted house, her trepidation is emphasised behind her chunky eyeglasses - a prominent aspect of her increasingly terrified character.

A scene from the 2022 Netflix series The Watcher starring Naomi Watts

Initially appearing to be just a normal, suburban American woman, Nora's calm and collected character starts to crumble as strange and disturbing events occur in her idyllic new home.

Watts wears large, thick-rimmed glasses throughout the series which help to frame her fear and paranoia. As the wife and mother of a family who has recently moved into a new home that is potentially haunted, Nora embodies the fear and unease that many people feel when confronted with the unknown.

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