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Best colour glasses for grey hair


Boy have you got choice.

No really you do, because your grey hair is the perfect palette for almost any colour of glasses frame you can imagine.

Okay, so you might not feel like your silver strands are anything to celebrate…but trust us; you’ve much more scope when it comes to finding your next pair of spectacles.

To give you some grey-haired glasses inspiration, check out the list below.

We reckon these suggestions will suit your neutral hair perfectly.


Blue glasses for grey hair



Straight out the blocks, we’d like to address the topic of colour. Face on.

With your grey hair, you have literally zero chance of clashing with bold glasses frame colours. We urge you to let loose with vibrant spectacle frames and express your personal flair.

Blue rimmed glasses like these are the perfect excuse to accompany your style of dress. For men or women, your new glasses can really tie in with items from your wardrobe.



Women: These blue glasses are the perfect companion for similarly coloured items such as blue shawls, scarves or shoes.

If you regularly wear a lot of blue, perhaps in your jewellery or accessories, blue glasses will tie in with your repertoire perfectly.

If blue isn’t your colour, your grey-haired freedom might be suited to our other styles reading glasses frames.



Men: It might feel safe but going for the plain black reading glasses is a little…predictable.

There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour, especially if your hair hasn’t got any. To celebrate your silver hair, these blue glasses are a great idea for using around the house.

The large round-eye is a classic frame shape and that blue acetate is much easier to spot before you accidentally sit on them.



Tortoise glasses for grey hair



You weren’t born yesterday. So you’ll be perfectly aware that tortoise acetate is truly timeless. This warm acetate has been at the forefront of spectacle frame fashion for a very long time. A wise choice for a wise person.

This acetate is the perfect pairing for your grey hair, especially if you’d like to project a warmer perception.

What better way to see the world than with an acetate that’s never going out of fashion?



Women: By now, you’ll know a thing or two when it comes to wearing colour. Tortoise has a number of tones to tailor your outfit to.

Seen above, these dark browns, black and amber all have a part to play. We suggest you take full advantage of this adaptability and adorn natural coloured clothes such as beige, brown and black. 



Men: Between reading the paper or browsing a restaurant menu, these tortoise reading glasses are a taste of large lensed luxury.

With a boxy construction and robust steel hardware, these reading glasses will tie in with your maturity and refinement. A white shirt or grey jumper will really make these glasses speak for themselves.

The waiter will definitely see you when you’re wearing these.



Grey glasses for grey hair



If colour really isn’t your thing, we get it.

Bold colours like blue might seem a little bit extravagant so why not opt for something discreet?

Monochrome acetates give you the largest scope for wearing colourful clothes.

If you have a lot of brightly coloured garments and want to avoid clashing with them, a grey pair of glasses is a good idea.




Women: Bright clothing and jewellery can be offset with a neutral glasses frame. Spectacles like these give room to the other parts of your attire. Vibrant necklaces and earrings can speak for themselves, hanging in harmony with these grey glasses.

If it’s an understated style you’d like, grey spectacle frames are the ones for you.



Men:Give yourself one less thing to think about with these grey frame reading glasses. The semi-opaque acetate is the perfect palette for brightly coloured ties or jazzed-up shirts.

Grey hair and grey glasses mean gives you free reign with your wardrobe.

If you’d prefer something more subtle, these grey-frames glasses have you covered.




Jamie Bartlett: co-founder  |  Remember that reading glasses tend to be worn temporarily.

For something you can wear for 5 minutes or even 5 hours, these spectacles are more of an accessory than a fully fledged frame.

If however, you do wear your specs for long periods, we suggest you take a look at our UK-made, luxury reading glasses range.

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Jamie Bartlett
Jamie Bartlett

Co-founder of Banton Frameworks.

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