Glasses for a round face: your 9 step guide

Glasses for a round face worn by Jonah Hill in the wolf of wall street movie

Finding glasses for a round face can be really easy.

Using this ultimate guide, you can find the perfect shape of glasses frame for your face shape.

Today, your soft face is getting some hard advice.



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A PDF guide to finding glasses for your face shape

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    What glasses look good on a round face?

    Actor Jonah Hill talking on the phone wearing round glasses and a suit


    1: Create facial contrast

    Soft cheeks?

    Listen in.

    Your first rule to choosing glasses for a round face is all about creating facial contrast. Primarily, this is achieved by a juxtaposing frame shape.

    Round face shapes tend to be dimpled, fuller in the cheeks and have an overall soft appearance.

    If you have any of these characteristics, you’ll want a frame that contrasts these facial details.

    Rule of thumb? Stick to one of two of these shapes.

    • Strong brow-line frames
    • Boxy, angular frames.

    To find the best glasses for your face shape, you should download our PDF ultimate guide.

    Better details mean better decisions.


    Glasses for a round face guide



    Model Miranda Kerr with wind swept hair wearing stripey blue jumper


    2: Consider your contours

    So you’ve got an idea about frame-shape.

    But what specific glasses shapes are we talking here?

    If you have a wide jawline, you’ll want to juxtapose this with a frame with a narrowing lower half. These styles of frames tend to have a more classic appearance which always a good thing.

    Classic is good. Classic is timeless.

    The tapering nature of a “swept lower half” will create the illusion of a thinner face.

    If your jaw isn’t particularly wide but you have full-cheeks, your best bet is a rectangular frame with sharp corners. The angularity of this frame-shape will offset your cheeks perfectly.

    This is exactly what you’re looking for if you want an optical overhaul.


    glasses for round face male

    glasses for round face female



    Brown haired female sitting on floor wearing bright blue spectacle frame


    3: Can we talk colour?

    With a better idea of frame-shape, the colour of your glasses plays a secondary but oh-so important role.

    Choose wisely and you can revolutionise your appearance.


    Light skin

    For heaven’s sake, pale folks need to stick to darker, earthier, duller frame colours. Caucasian skin really doesn’t need the icy blast of a white coloured glasses frame.

    Stick to black, brown, dark greens and blues.

    Clear glasses frames are a maybe, but it depends if you’ve made the right choice of frame shape.

    Find your face shape


    Mid/deep-toned skin?

    Okay, you win.

    Your deeper skin is very adaptable, not to mention very easily paired with a lot of glasses frame colours.

    This sounds vague but you easily have the largest choice of frame colours, as long as you chosen the right glasses for a round face shape.

    Unlike Caucasian people, you can opt for a lighter, sand coloured frame depending on the deepness of your skin.

    Our advice, make sure you create contrast by considering your hair colour and sense of dress. If you dress vibrantly, a neutral frame is a safer option.

    If you wear a lot of neutrally coloured clothes, a vibrant pair of spectacles will make a strong statement.




    For more support on how to pick the right glasses frame for your face shape, you can download your free PDF guide here.



    Actor Jonah Hill sitting in a leather chair wearing a suit and round tortoise glasses


    4: Can a round face wear round glasses?

    You had to go there didn’t you?

    Round glasses have a tendency to accentuate the roundness of your face and cheeks.

    You probably don't want that so the best glasses for round face male or female, tend to be square, boxy and rectangular.

    This rule isn’t concrete, but if you’ll want to choose glasses that will create the best degree of balance. Square glasses do this perfectly.

    if you’re face isn’t particularly wide, you can wear round glasses, otherwise we suggest that you stick to rules 1 and 2.

    Besides, you don’t want to do an Ed Sheeran do you?



    Young dark haired female wearing colourful speckled cat eye glasses


    5: Can a round face wear cat glasses?

    Yes you can.

    Cat-eye glasses have a certain, je ne sais quoi about them.

    They date back to the 1950’s, (one of the best era’s for eyewear fashion.) They have that timeless charm that can work nicely for your round face shape.

    Depending on the severity of the flick, a cat-eye glasses frame are actually a very sensible choice.

    The “flicks” at the top-outside edges create a tapering, downward effect on your round face shape.

    Glasses like these are a smart move if you have a wide chin as the tapered lower-half of the frame creates a narrowing effect.

    Clever cat-eyes.

    Shop our subtle cat-eye glasses frame for women.



    Blonde female wearing black rectangular glasses frame in a grey hoodie


    6: What type of glasses make your face look thinner?

    This might sound mad…

    But a large face needs even larger glasses.

    Think about it for a second.

    A large pair of super-chunky glasses will make anyone’s face seem smaller and thinner. Especially if the frame-front tapers inwards in the bottom-half.

    Going back to rule 1 here.

    If you want to make your face appear thinner, you should consider a really thick, boxy and indulgent frame front. The bigger the better because it’s going to compliment your face by making it seem more dainty and defined.

    Besides, a chunky frame will be more robust, will last longer and gives an incredible sense of confidence.

    As they say, go big or go home.


    glasses for round face men

    best glasses for round face female



    Apprentice candidate Charles Burns wearing suit and round glasses frame


    7: Glasses to avoid

    Still unsure about the right shape of glasses for a round face?

    Here’s some quick-fire glasses shapes you should try to steer away from.

    • Rimless glasses.
    • Thin wire glasses which are round.
    • Completley round glasses with chunky arms.
    • Aviator glasses.
    • Aviator sunglasses.

    Round glasses have a habit of broadening your face. This is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve so you’re better avoiding them completely.

    Avoid rimless frames. The temples (arms) become the main point of contrast which draw attention to the sides of your head.

    Frames like these add years to your appearance and visually 'widen' your head.

    Glasses shapes you should avoid



    Ed Sheeran wearing round black glasses frame


    8: Celebrities get it wrong too

    Without naming names, some celebrities get their glasses choices catastrophically wrong.

    Actually, Ed Sheeran isn’t getting away with this one so we’ll break that promise.

    Sure, the guy can write a song, but he can’t choose glasses very well.

    Word on the street is that he had these dingers made for him, completely bespoke, for a tearful price-tag we won’t mention.

    Take notes because this is the shape of glasses you should definitely avoid.

    Sorry Ed.



    Brunette women wearing cream Stutterheim jacket and square black glasses


    9: Trends change, your face doesn't

    Fashion is fickle, so don’t follow the fads.

    Trends come and go but your face shape is going to remain much the same.

    Following our advice, you should stick to the shape of glasses frame that suits you the most and work from there.

    You can learn which frame shape suits your the most in our PDF face-shape guide below.



    A PDF guide to finding glasses for your face shape

    Download this guide to find the perfect glasses for your face shape.




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