Parts of glasses

What are the parts of glasses called?

24 min read

What are the parts of a glasses frame actually called? In this detailed article, you can learn to locate and name the basic and the detailed components of a spectacle frame.
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Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose acetate | glasses making

9 min read

What the heck is cellulose acetate? Click to discover this fantastic bio-plastic, how & where it's made and why we use it to make our glasses.
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Dieter Rams Glasses

Dieter Rams glasses: a tribute frame

6 min read

A simplistic spectacle frame inspired by one of the most influential industrial designers of the century.
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Glass lenses

Glass lenses: shedding some light with these Q&A's

6 min read

We've shed some light on the characteristics of lenses made from glass.
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