Already starting on 2025

Already starting on 2025

Delaying gratification goes against all our millennial traits, especially when we can have anything at the click of a button, expedited for immediate dopamine highs.

Truth is, building Banton hasn't been fast, sexy or until recently, all that fun.

But things have changed.

We're busier than ever, building relationships with clients just like you, making literally the finest frames in the UK. It's an amazing feeling after 12 years of doing this.

However, despite this being our most successful year to date, we're now working beyond our capacity.

This just isn't how we want to serve you.

If we start rushing (which we definitely don't want to do) we risk your experience with us - all for the sake of chasing short term wins.

Tempting as it is to just keep making more and more frames, we'll also miss delivering you next year's projects.

Which is what this post all about.


Key points

Commencing 26th June 2024, we won't replenish any more of our current frames until 2025.

  • Sold-out frames won't be remade until next year.
  • For transparency, stock levels will be visible.
  • Remaining frames will be available in two future releases.
  • August release (date tbc).
  • November release (date tbc).


          Spectacle frame being handmade in dark workshop

          Next year's vision

          Turning our attention to 2025, we're focusing all resources towards two new optical collections.

          To be clear, 'all resources' means just Lucy and I.

          The power couple, spectacle-making dream team.

          Judging by the terrifying pace at which our thirties are whizzing by, we reckon we've got the perfect amount of time to work towards January next year - the first of two brand new collections.

          Sticking to the chunky Banton style, we're revisiting the sturdy spectacles that prefaced the current, more slender Linea Series.

          Sculpted 8mm thick fronts.

          A burly new temple-arm design that's Lucy's just started working on.

          Solid metal hinges, fastened with reassuringly charming rivets.

          As you'd expect, these new frames will have the usual Banton build-quality that frankly makes 'all the other frames' feel just feeble and flimsy.

          Can't wait.


          "An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards."