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There will be no Union Jacks here.

Nor any red telephone boxes, bull dogs or novelty items.

Unapologetically, we simply have better things to offer.

Instead, we’ve curated this listicle of British brands who handmake, craft, machine and manufacture their goods, defining the forefront of UK produce.

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What are the best gifts from UK?

The best gifts from the UK are those that exemplify traditional craft, materials and processes from around the 4 nations.

Food, drink, clothing and jewellery are amongst some of the most gifted, however there are a growing number of independent brands who make specialty items in the UK.

Scroll below to see some of the best British made gifts.



What things are made in England?

England produces a variety of goods including sprits, wine, chocolate, confectionary, motorcars, shoes, clothing, outerwear and many more.

Alongside Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the four nations make a wide variety of produce which are commonly exported around the world.



What brands are made in UK?

Britain hosts a number of renowned international export brands. Perhaps the most famous are Cadbury, Marks & Spencer, Burberry, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mini, Wedgwood and many more.

Whilst these are some of the biggest UK brands, this listicle focuses on the smaller, lesser-known companies who made their goods here in the UK.




British made accessories gifts

A table of metal rings and jewellery laid out on white marble table

Alice Made This

Alice Made This make precision jewellery for men and women. They work with British engineers and artisans to layer the precision of engineering with the beauty of hand work, creating unique accessories and jewellery for you to gift, own and enjoy for many years to come.



Man leaning against green tiled wall wearing blue trousers and brown belt with white Tshirt


Awling belts are made entirely by hand in England. Their range of contemporary belts are versatile, stylish and made to last. The perfect gift for any man or woman who likes an understated look.



Person holding brown goat leather zip pouch

Billy Tannery

After discovering that goat hides left over from the UK food industry were going to waste, Billy Tannery decided to take action. Using local leather knowledge, they built a pioneering micro-tannery in the Midlands. Today, they have a growing range of leather goods designed and made in England for those who care about shopping locally and responsibly, without compromising on quality.



Black leather key wrap holder with silver button and braided wire loop on white background

Campbell Cole

Designed & made in England, Campbell Cole create meticulously designed, bags and leather goods including Key Rings, Card Holders, Wallets and iPad Cases. Amongst many of their leather items, one of their most popular gifts is their simple Key Wrap seen in the image above.



Close view of handmade steel jewellery ring

Flinn & Steel

Based in Sheffield, Flinn & Steel make rings for men and woman using various alternative and ethically sourced precious metals from around the world.

Flinn & Steel



Close view of black umbrella with water pouring over it

Fox Umbrellas

The UK is known for its dreary weather. So what better gift than a British made umbrella to keep someone dry? Fox Umbrellas Ltd was founded in 1868 and has been producing the world’s finest umbrellas for over 150 years. If you want the best umbrella, make sure it's a Fox umbrella.



Ginger woman with British made knitted scarf and bobble hat in front of grey background

Green Thomas

Green Thomas design contemporary, luxury knitwear and prints for women, men and your home. Based in Scotland, they’re a design studio and creative partnership who love pattern and colour. Everything is made in limited editions in Scotland and England.



Woman holding large geometric patterned bed throw in front of her body

Hillary Grant

Hillary Grant are a textile design studio, based on the Northerly Scottish islands of Orkney. Boldly, they specialise in knitted pattern. All their textiles are made from luxury grade, cruelty-free 100% lambs wool. Made in Scotland.



A British craftsperson handmaking a wooden horse hair brush


Kent Brushes are amongst the very few hairbrush manufacturers left in the UK. In fact, they are the oldest hairbrush manufacturer in the world. Based in England, Kent makes all kinds of hair, body, shoe and teeth brushes in their Hertfordshire factory.



A square brass cigarette lighter with flame being held open by a hand


Made in England, the KNNOX lighter is designed to last a lifetime. Precision machined from solid brass, each lighter is paired with the brand’s own high-quality wicks, flints and stainless-steel hex tool. A bespoke sliding mechanism allows you to ignite in a number of ways and gives the KNNOX lighter its signature open flame. A luxurious gift and centrepiece for any smoking room.



Person on bicycle tucking their trouser hem up with a metal clip


Sheffield based lifestyle brand Mamnick design and produce an array of high-quality clothing and cycling wares. Ranging from small carry accessories, premium garments and cycling accessories, their items follow a simple but effective mantra; “One thing at a time, made as beautifully as possible.”



Close view of men's colourful pocket square tucked into a blue suit jacket pocket

Otway & Orford

Otway & Orford  are a men’s accessory brand who design and make unique, high-quality silk pocket squares with patterns inspired by sports, iconic aircraft and classic cars. Made and sewn in England, their full-size and luxurious silk pocket squares are the perfect men’s gift to accompany any suit.



Aerial view of four Papau sustainable paper card holders


Inspired by origami, Papau card wallets are entirely crafted from Cordoba Paper - a durable, tear-resistant and versatile material that is made from cellulose and latex. The simple, stitch-less design is perfect for minimalists who wish to slim their wallet, and reduce their impact on the environment.



Two candles burning side by side on wooden table beside small houseplant

St. Eval Candles

Nestled on their working farm in North Cornwall, St. Eval Candle Company was born from humble beginnings, crafting candles by hand in the family farm house kitchen.



Cylindrical stainless steel water flask inside zipped holdall carry bag


Everyday carry brand Wingback make enduring items using exceptional materials and an attention to detail you can see, smell and feel. Useful, sturdy and iconic, all their products are designed and made in England and guaranteed for life.





British made bag gifts

Man in street carrying luxury holdall carry bag in street in front of silver car

Bennett Winch

Bennett Winch bags are handmade in England. Using traditional skills and materials, they engineer luggage and accessories tailored to a contemporary world. Their range of high-quality products are designed for the discerning minimalists: those who seek to own fewer, but better things.




Two leather roll-top bags sitting on concrete steps outside. One black. One brown.

Billy Tannery

Billy Tannery bags are made from unused goat hides leftover from the British food industry. From their pioneering micro tannery, the hides are crafted in Somerset into minimal, stylish and sustainable leather bags.



Man and woman standing together with matching green and brown holdall bags


Cherchbi bags are handcrafted by highly skilled, traditional British leather workers and craftsmen in Melton Mowbray, England. Made using British Hainsworth military grade wool and the finest quality Italian leather, Cherchbi combines traditional British leatherworking with minimalist design principles resulting in a functional and distinctive piece that lasts a lifetime. A hard wearing gift for a design lover.



Close view of man handling brown leather satchel bag in a brightly lit studio workshop


Kingsley Walter Studio

Founded in 2015, Jamaican born Kingsley Walter makes practical and durable pieces by hand. Utilising traditional methods, each bag is hand cut and stitched with his own beeswax coated thread using locally sourced and traceable material in Cardiff, Wales.



Black British made rucksack with leather straps sitting in front of cream and yellow background


Bags and occasional accessories for the great outdoors. Properly handmade in Gloucestershire UK.



Man looking towards lake wearing a beige rucksack jacket and red hat


From their workshop in Glasgow Scotland, carry company Trakke make weatherproof waxed canvas bags and accessories for travel & adventure. Crafted with British-made materials, Trakke bags are guaranteed for life; so you can worry about what lies ahead, not what's on your back.




British made clothing gifts

Detailed view of a man wearing a grey wool cardigan with one hand in the front pocket


Colhay’s champion the dignity of craft, returning to an older philosophy of garment making which puts quality above all else. Partnering with master knitters from Scotland renowned for setting the world's highest standards, they bring you knitwear that combine a modern aesthetic with heirloom quality.



Woman in wild field wearing cream coloured waist apron holding tea mug

Fieldware Co

Based in Somerset England, Fieldware Co specialise in handcrafted workwear and functional products for the garden, work and home. Made from waxed cotton, their enduring garments are the ideal gift for a friend or family member who likes to keep busy around the house.



Man with tattooed hands  reaching inside coat pocket wearing grey jumper underneath


In 2015 co-founders Ed and Brant had an idea in the pub – “was it possible to support small British manufacturers with production sized orders, and get people wearing and using British made products again?” Starting with trousers, Hebtroco now produce denim jeans, shirts, socks, hats and other paraphernalia working with makers, mills and factories right here in Britain.



Young blonde woman wearing Welsh made jeans in front of white wall

Hiut Denim

For 40 years the Welsh town of Cardigan was home to a factory that made 35,000 pairs of jeans each week for UK retailer Marks & Spencer. But in 2002 the facility closed with the loss of 400 jobs when production was moved to Morocco to cut costs.

Thus, Hiut Denim was born to revive the local talent and make some of Britain’s best jeans money can buy.



Three quarter view of woman wearing charcoal coloured raincoat in front of dark grey background

Kerrie ALDO

KerrieALDO is slow fashion brand dedicated to creating durable, high-quality, handcrafted outerwear with a contemporary twist. Founded in 2014, every garment is designed and handmade in their Dundee studio. Wherever possible, fabrics are sourced locally to support British manufacturing, like their inimitable waxed cotton from Halley Stevensons, a 150 year old fabric mill in the heart of Dundee, Scotland.



Man smiling wearing large thick grey mountain shirt in front of corrugated green metal shed


McNair Mountain Shirts are made from merino wool in Yorkshire, carefully processed to improve thermal efficiency and weather resistance. Teamed with a merino base layer these incredible shirts replace an outer-shell on most days.



Man walking down rural village street looking away wearing orange hat and thick quilted coatPeregrine

Established in 1796, Peregrine clothing make men’s women’s and children’s garments in England. Amidst their array of British made goods, you’ll likely find an exceptionally well made gift for that special someone you know.



Mature man leaning on blue open top car wearing a zipped navy blue bomber jacket

Private White VC

Based in Manchester, Private White VC are a luxury menswear clothing brand. Their exquisite outerwear and fine garments are handmade in England and have been designed to last a lifetime.



Woman and man sitting on beach together on sunny day both looking away towards the sea


Founded in 1860, Sunspel is an innovative British brand with a contemporary edge. They make timeless everyday luxury clothing and would make for an excellent British made gift. To this day, they are the only brand that makes T-shirts in its own factory in the UK, in the same factory they’ve occupied since 1937.



Close view of man's waist wearing British made selvedge denim jeans and blue checked shirt

United Overalls

Using Selvedge Denim woven in Lancashire and constructing every pair in North London, United Overalls craft every pair of jeans with uncompromising quality and attention to unique details. Striving to be as environmentally minded as possible by sourcing in the UK, they aim to offer unequivocally premium products.



A green coloured British made gardeners jacket in front of plain white background

Wood & Meadow

Wood & Meadow make a collection of workwear-inspired clothing, one garment at a time. Starting this journey with their Gardener Jacket, it’s a work jacket that's made to last and well made, in Lancashire, England.



Two young men wearing tailored British clothing in front of cream coloured wall

Workhouse Clothing

Specialising in sartorial tailoring using British cloth, Workhouse Clothing have been making clothes for over twenty years. They prize sustainability and building local supply chains that sit their jackets and trousers outside the traditional model.





British made cookware gifts

Person holding hand forged chef knife in dark room wearing green jumperBlenheim Forge

From start to finish Blenheim Forge knives are carefully hand-made in Peckham London. Having spent many years fine-tuning their signature hand-forging process, they create knives of the highest character and performance that are loved by world-class chefs and cooking-enthusiasts alike.



British made cast iron skillet sitting on white table

Netherton Foundry

Iron cookware, made in Shropshire England.



Person pouring hot water from a silver coloured stove top kettleRichmond Kettle Company

Richmond kettles are hand-made in England by the finest, most experienced craftsmen, who employ the same kettle spinning methods used since the Edwardian times. Each kettle they sell is hand-spun, therefore has its own unique features. Fitted with their signature whistles, each model sings melodiously as it comes to the boil. A quintessentially British gift.



Man standing outside with shovel on one shoulder wearing white T shirt and grey apron

Risdon & Risdon

Risdon & Risdon make stylish and practical cooking and studio aprons from the finest materials, hardware and processes with a lifetime repairs service.



A large silver frying pan on white table containing fish and vegetables

Samuel Groves

From slow cooking stews on an open fire, to searing your favourite cut of steak on your kitchen stove, Samuel Groves cookware is perfect for all styles of cooking - indoor and out. These are some seriously sturdy British made pots and pans. The perfect British made gift for the chef in your life.



Silver cooking knife lying on top of rusty metal surface

Stuart Mitchell Knives

Field, kitchen or plate knives made in Sheffield.




British made drinks gifts

Three bottles of Scottish made gin


World class spirits made in Arbroath Scotland. From field to bottle, choose from the Arbikie range of gin, whisky and vodka. The perfect Scottish made gift for that person in your life who enjoys a tipple.



Three bottles of Scottish made whisky placed beside each other on wooden table


In south western Islay, Bruichladdich are amongst some of the Scotland’s finest whisky distilleries. Besides their excellent range of whiskies, what sets them apart is their contemporary branding and progressive approach to distilling. An excellent Scottish made gift for a whisky lover. 



A bottle of pink fizzy juice on wooden table beside a drinking glass and pink towel

Bon Accord Drinks

Naturally sweetened soft drinks & mixers made in Aberdeen Scotland.



A bottle of dark spiced rum on white background beside drinking glass

Dark Matter Distillery

Dark Matter distil and create award-winning signature Spiced Rum alongside a trio of spiced and flavoured rum liqueurs in their small but perfectly-formed distillery in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.



Cider being poured into drinking glass beside bottles and apples on a log table

Hallets Cider

Hallets Cider produces various still draught ciders at their Blaengawney mill in Wales, all of which are 100% pure apple cider juice. Their various ciders can be bought online via their website.



A colourfully branded bag of coffee in bright room on wooden desk

Hard Lines Coffee Co.

Hard Lines is a coffee roastery based in Cardiff, Wales. They select, roast and serve great coffee that’s been sourced sustainably with the aim of building long lasting relationships at origin. A charming Welsh made gift.



A pink packaging carton of coffee beans in soft natural light with labelling and details printed on

Obadiah Coffee

Edinburgh coffee roastery Obadiah deliver their ethically sourced beans in wonderfully minimal and recyclable packaging. A wonderful British made gift for the coffee and design lover in your life.



A trio of soft drinks cans with colourful labels inside factory setting

Rapscallion Soda

Naturally flavoured soft drinks made with real fruit and fresh ingredients in a railway arch in Glasgow. Rapscallion soda supply local restaurants, bars and café’s with their flavoursome soft drinks. Their no-nonsense approach to their beverages and branding makes for a quirky drinks gift.



A small bottle of low alcohol beer sitting on wooden bench outside in public park

Small Beer Co

In Bermondsey London, Small Beer Co brew classic beer styles below 2.8% ABV. Their low percentage beers deliver world class taste at a lower ABV, giving you a beer for every moment without any of the slowdown.



Three bottles of Scottish made drinking spirits beside each other in front of white wall

Sweet Dram

A modern drinks brand focused entirely on original flavour instead of conventional categories and repetitive trends. Based inside a massive industrial warehouse in Edinburgh, the Sweetdram distillery produces unique and intensely aromatic spirits. An excellent alcoholic British made gift.




Young lady picking tea leaves in England

Tregothnan Tea

In 2005, The Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall was the first to grow and produce commercial tea on British soil. Browse their extensive array of varietals for a truly British made gift.



Apple juice being hand poured into a drinking glass beside apples on a marble tableWildpress Juice

Naturally inconsistent juices for different times. Supporting local agriculture & biodiversity.





British made eyewear gifts

Young man wearing clear acetate eyeglasses sitting in chair looking directly at viewer

Banton Frameworks

Yours truly.

In the outskirts of Glasgow, we Banton Frameworks, handmake luxury spectacles and sunglasses frames from start to finish in our purpose-built workshop. Using premium quality cellulose acetate, solid metal hinges, bespoke hardware and traditional techniques, our eyewear is some of the finest made in Britain.




Blue helmet with goggles sitting on top of motorcycle seat


Halcyon Goggles are the most quintessential vintage driving goggles for any car, motorcycle or aviation enthusiast. Made in Hertfordshire, England, Halcyon goggles are designed to fit open face helmets or over the head. The ultimate gift for vintage motor fanatic.





British made food gifts

A gift set of four chocolate bars in colourful paper packaging lying on grey concrete table surface

Bare Bones Chocolate

Bare Bones Chocolate is a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow Scotland. They make their chocolate in the centre of Glasgow, in batches of around 30kg at a time. This is a tasty Scottish made gift for those have a sweet tooth.



A pile of Scottish made sea salt on grey slate beside a thorn branch and packaging carton

Blackthorn Salt

Making beautiful crystals on the West Coast of Scotland, Blackthorn Salt use nothing but the nearby sea, accompanying wind and an ancient technique using a Graduation Thorn Tower. This exceptional sea salt is the ultimate Scottish made gift.



A small jar of flavoured honey with brown paper and white label on pale wooden table

Edinburgh Honey Co.

Edinburgh Honey have been keeping bees in Scotland since 2017. Their wonderful range of honey is untouched by additives, syrups, or preservatives. A family-owned business who jar, pack, and ship by hand using recycled materials.



A wicker hamper surrounded by jars and tins of luxury food in front of teal coloured wall

Fortnum & Mason

Best known for their wicker hampers around the world, food specialists and department store Fortnum and Mason are home to some of the finest food and drink gifts in the world. From confectionary to cookware, the company was founded in London 1707 and continues to supply luxurious food goods via their online shop and multi-national stores.



Two cylindrical white cartons of sea salt sitting on beach rocks and seaweed

Isle of Skye Sea Salt

A multi award-winning, natural sea salt made entirely from the mineral-rich sea waters of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye. Using just the sun and wind to transform it into pure sea salt crystals, Isle of Skye Sea Salt has a distinct texture and flavour. The ideal gift for any foodie who wants to take their seasoning to next level.



Close view of a chocolate bar beside cacao beans on wooden table

Lauden Chocolate

Award winning luxury chocolate made in Leeds, UK. Lauden Chocolate supply local Michelin Star restaurants and British Airways 1st class passengers with their array of decadent and adventurous chocolates which won them UK & IRE World Chocolate Master 2022. An indulgent gift packed full of flavour.



Aerial view of chocoloate gift pack on ceramic plate on white table beside yellow packaging carton

Ocelot Chocolate

Ocelot are an independent artisan chocolate company who create ethical and delicious chocolate in their micro factory in Edinburgh, Scotland. You can sample their range of chocolates in person or via their online store.



Quicke's cheese gift packs and cheese wheels on wooden table

Quicke's Cheese

In Devon, Quicke’s Cheese have nurtured the family’s land for 14 generations, treating cheesemaking as an art. They use time-honoured methods and recipes passed down through the years to create outstanding cheese, handmade, clothbound and slow-matured to perfection. With a ‘letterbox cheese’ delivery service, their cheeses are a tasty gift for wine lovers or foodies alike.



An assortment of jars and bottles of wasabi gifts and condimentsThe Wasabi Company

A unique gift for the Japanese cuisine lover, this is the only wasabi grown in Europe. Based in their purpose-built Hampshire farm hosts a defiantly popular crop of English grown wasabi plants. Despite the market’s initial scepticism, The Wasabi Company now supply British and European Michelin-starred restaurants.





British made footwear gifts

Brown leather Derby boots sitting on white window sill

Alfred Sargent Shoes

Alfred Sargent shoes are synonymous with quality English shoemaking. Since 1899, working in Northamptonshire (the heart of the world-renowned English shoemaking region) their handcrafted goodyear welted footwear is crafted to the highest standards using the finest materials.



Aerial view of brown leather shoes outside on the groundCheaney Shoes

Joseph Cheaney & Sons have been making shoes and boots in Northamptonshire, England since 1886. Amongst some of the finest shoemakers in the UK, they make men’s and women’s footwear for all occasions. Formal, casual and practical occasions, their shoes would make a quintessential British made gift.



A pair of white British made training shoes leaning up against wooden stool


Handcrafted resoleable shoes made in Sheffield, UK. Made with 85 years of experience, Goral produce a range of contemporary trainers and leather boots for everyday wear. An excellent gift of modern British fashion with subtle detailing and excellent quality.



Woman walking in front of white wall wearing brown suede boots


Despite their age, Grenson apply a contemporary approach to their branding and British made range of men and women’s footwear. With their tiered manufacturing model, their G:Zero and G:One shoes are made entirely in their Northampton factory, England.



Person in green apron sitting down polishing a new brown brogue shoe


Since 1880, Loake Shoemakers have produced some of the world’s finest footwear from their Wood Street factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Family-owned since the very beginning, they’re proud of our history and heritage as traditional shoemakers. A luxurious gift for someone who appreciated tradition, quality and craftmanship.



Aerial view of purple leather shoe on wooden workbench beside leather shavings and hand tools


Founded in 1829, Tricker’s is proudly the oldest established shoemaker in Britain. Still owned by the founding family, their commitment to making shoes and boots of outstanding quality remains wholeheartedly consistent. Tricker’s footwear is made entirely from start to finish at their Northampton factory and, whilst manufacturing processes have changed over time, their craftspeople continue to follow the traditional techniques.



Person dangling their feet off white box wearing grey and white casual trainersNew Balance

A gift for sneakerheads. New Balance offers their range of British made trainers from their Flimby factory in England which produces over 30,000 pairs of shoes a week. Embracing decidedly 90’s aesthetics, browse their UK range of casual and running trainers via their website.



A pair of brown leather casual shoes on rough workbench surface

Noble & Wiley

Noble & Wylie produce high quality, handmade leather and vegan leather footwear, custom ordered and crafted by hand in their Sheffield workshop. Kenneth McClure, the creator of Noble & Wylie, imparts his core values of craftsmanship, modern utilitarian design, and sustainability. His focus is on crafting ethical shoes, producing truly made to last, repairable products, creating sustainable fashion for the ethically conscious customer.



Three quarter ankle view of person wearing two tone green trainers

Norman Walsh

Made in Greater Manchester, Norman Walsh have been making running and casual trainers since 1961. Their range of colourful men and women’s trainers is extensive, making an ideal and stylish British made gift for that sneakerhead you know.





British made fragrance gifts

British made fragrance bottle on marble table in front of dark background

Floris London

Made in London, Floris use the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world to make their royally approved range of fragrances. In their 9th family generation, the Floris family make exceptional scents for men and woman. A luxurious gift from one of Britain’s oldest and most esteemed perfumers.



Small clear fragrance bottle with pale blue lid sitting on grey wool textile material


GALLIVANT is a multi-award-winning independent perfume-maker from London, founded and created by Nick Steward, with a collection of travel-inspired playful, thoughtful, unisex fragrances. Perfumed escapism.




A small fragrance bottle with gold rams head cap resting on sofa chair arm in front of brick wall


Still made and bottled in England, Penhaligon's scents are created using the finest ingredients, such as jasmine and hand-squeezed bergamot. The company has long been a supplier to the British royal family including Queen Victoria and Diana Princess of Wales. A scented gift worthy of royalty. 



A trio of gift fragrance bottles with gold caps sitting next to one another


4160Tuesdays is an artisan perfumery based in London where they’ve been hand-making adventurous scents since 2011. They create all their perfumes in small batches of 50-200 bottles at their Hammersmith studio, where they also run fragrance-making workshops. A quirky fragrance brand which would a thoughtful British made gift.




British made homeware gifts

A chandelier of black pendant lights hanging from cream coloured ceiling


Arcform creates modern British lighting and sculptures designed and handcrafted in the UK. Their mission is to create effortless products, with clean lines, free of unnecessary detail using beautiful materials and a restrained palette of finished materials.



Circular green and gold lampshade hanging in front of concrete wall

Bert Frank

Award winning luxury lighting. Designed and made exclusively in the UK. Bert Frank have paved the way for art deco and mid-century sensibilities and created a reputation for producing timeless, high quality British made products.



Person holding a large pair of British made scissors in dark room

Ernest Wright

For cooking, stationery or making clothes, a good pair of scissors is a must have in any household. Luckily, Ernest Wright makes some of the finest in Britain. Based in Sheffield (the home of steel) they offer a collection of exceptionally made scissors for everyday use. A practical but enduring British made gift for anyone who appreciates things made to last.



Two champagne flutes sitting on gold coloured serving tray


Aluminium trays, trolleys and hotplates, made in London since 1947, sold throughout the world.



Assortment of household gift items laid out on grey floor

Labour & Wait

A digital and bricks and mortar shop specialising in traditional, classic homewares and accessories. Adopting practical nostalgia, Labour & Wait source and curate sturdy items for the kitchen, garden, bathroom and more. The ideal store for gifting good old fashioned, British made ‘bits and bobs.’



Geometric patterned cushions on brown sofa inside clean living room space

One Nine Eight Five

One Nine Eight Five is a sustainable British design studio that create unique textiles, cushions, home furnishings and commissions made in the UK.




Assortment of blue ceramic tableware and food gifts

Stolen Form

Since 2012, StolenForm has specialised in recasting industrialised objects, transforming them into home accessories and giftware. Each product is individually handmade in slip-cast earthenware ceramic and finished in a variety of high gloss on-trend colours.



Close view of cream clock face with black dials and hands in front of white background

Synchronome Clocks

Synchronome make traditional metal spun clocks in England. Using the traditional metal spinning process, the clock bodies are made from steel in their Hay-on-Wye factory.





British made skincare and bathing gifts

Bar of yellow soap beside white and orange packaging carton


Droyt Glycerine Soap is a privately owned, independent company which has been making soaps in England since 1938, continuing a tradition that goes back to 1893.



Numerous jars vials and tubes of skin care gifts laid out on white table in front of brown wall


It was in 2012 when Dom Bridges founded Haeckels. Based in Kent, their small creative team endeavour to make truly sustainable skincare and natural scent products utilising the indigenous fauna of surrounding Margate and further England.




British made sports gifts

Close three quarter view of black leather cycling saddle with copper coloured metal work and rivets


Brooks England was founded in 1866 and has been producing bicycle saddles from its factory in Smethwick, West Midlands, since 1882. Renowned for their leatherwork and enduring rivet construction their British made saddles will please any cyclist as a high-quality gift.



Woman in swimsuit standing on beach with the sea behind her


Surf and lifestyle brand Finisterre make a subset range of British made clothing for men and women. With their unwavering approach to sustainable manufacturing, Finisterre are a certified B-Corporation British surf brand.



Side view of person holding up a green bicycle in street

Freddie Grubb

Designed and built in Britain, Freddie Grubb are an independent bicycle brand making quality city bicycles. Their hand built bicycles utilise lightweight steel frames making them perfect for commuting, leisurely or for touring. In London, they make their stylish town bicycles that combine striking colours and clean lines with distinctive, quality components.



A collection of plain wooden snow skis lined up against black wall beside a man holding one ski

Lonely Mountain Skis

Lonely Mountain Skis is a micro ski company based in Perthshire, Scotland. There, they build handmade beautiful custom skis that are a blend of traditional and modern materials and techniques. In the lift-que or at the mountain café, people will most certainly ask about the artisanal nature of these handmade skis. A truly beautiful gift for the alpine go-getter.




Man holding a large wooden surfboard vertically outside of wooden workshop doors

Otter Surfboards

Otter Surfboards have been pioneering sustainable wooden surfboards since 2008. In Cornwall England, they handmake custom surfboards and provide expertly guided workshops to anyone wishing to make their own. An artisanal gift for a surf lover made in the south coast of Britain.



Bearded man in workshop making a steel bicycle frame

Saffron Frameworks

Saffron Frameworks create custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each Saffron frame is unique, hand-crafted especially for you. With some detailed measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting their team turns your design into your perfect travelling partner on two wheels. Building just a few frames each year, this is the ultimate cycling gift made with love and care in England UK.





British made stationery gifts

Stainless steel writing pen resting on cork tray amongst scattered cork offcuts


Combining precision British engineering with the soul of craft, AJOTO make enduring tools for life’s journey. At their core, the design studio champions the best minimalist pen. A sustainably and ethically made writing tool constructed from the world's finest materials. The perfect gift for a graduation or job promotion for someone who revels in fine details and great design.



Scissors pens notebooks and stationery gifts laid out on white table

Before Breakfast

Sleek and sustainable stationery made in Highbury and Islington, London. Stationery brand Before Breakfast offer a range of contemporary pens, note pads, desk items and accessories for everyday use. A thoughtful gift for a design-lover who likes putting pen to paper.



Subscription gift box of stationery items

Mark + Fold

Mark+Fold is a London-based stationery studio, creating understated, modern stationery with an unwavering commitment to quality and provenance. Their range of diaries, planners, notebooks and desk items are made in the UK and northern Europe. A thoughtful gift for the stationery lover you know.



Plain paper notebook lying open on grey table surrounded by scissors pens and paperclips

Ola Studio

Tired of pretty but poorly made notebooks, Katy Goutefangea founded Ola Studio in 2013. Based in Bristol, they design, print and bind their range of beautiful notebooks adopting playful geometric patterns and superior construction methods. Their flagship ‘lay flat notebook’ makes a handy everyday essential and ideal gift for that designer in your life.



Scissors pencils pens and other stationery gifts laid out on retail shop table

Pencil Me In

In Elgin, Scotland, Pencil Me In are passionate purveyors of British Designers, Illustrators & Makers as well as the best of the rest from around the world. They select stationery items that you need & love for yourself as well as making excellent gifts.



Close view of person holding lined notepad on blue table


Supreme quality notebooks and journals made in Britain.





British made tableware gifts

Blue dyed concrete candle holders on wood and glass dining table

Concrete & Wax

Luxury concrete homeware and candles. Hand Poured in Suffolk, England



Finely patterned floral ceramic plates and tableware on wooden table

Burleigh Pottery

The home of handcrafted pottery since 1851. Burleigh is the only pottery in the world to still use the tissue transfer decorating technique. Made in Stoke on Trent, England, their range of ceramic tableware is some of the most traditional still being made in the UK.



Aerial view of wooden handled table cutlery laying on concrete surface

David Mellor

David Mellor Design have been creating and manufacturing cutlery in Sheffield since 1969. Each piece is a design perfectionist's dream, made by highly skilled craftsmen. Their exceptional expertise in metalwork and the high degree of hand-finishing used in their manufacturing process mean their cutlery sits beautifully in the hand, giving easy elegance and sophistication to any table. An exquisite gift for any food lover.



Person pouring milk into a ceramic cup on wooden table full of wooden and stone of tableware

Jono Smart

Jono Smart and Emily Stephen are a Scottish based couple working as craftspeople. Together, they make both pottery and wood turnings in their renovated home and studio in the foothills of the Cairngorms in rural Angus. Their work is minimal, characterful and dedicated to showcasing the materials they use. 



Blue gift box of shiny silver cutlery upon wooden table

Legacy Silverware

Hand-crafted silverware, silver cutlery and silver products made in Sheffield, England. Suppliers to the Royal Family, Sultan of Brunei, Concorde and The Titanic. The company was originally formed in 1898 by two brothers Albert and Joseph Yates.



Numerous black and blue ceramic vases in dark room


Since 1940 the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, England has been making some of Britain’s finest and most famous ceramic tableware. Combining modern technology with the ancient skills of throwing, modelling and decorating, they offer a wide variety of quintessentially british gifts for any household around the world.





British made watch gifts

Close view of a green wrist watch dial with white numbers silver casing and brown leather strap


Based in Glasgow, Scottish watchmakers anOrdain specialise in mechanical watches with vitreous enamel dials. Amidst the mass produced metal watch dials, anOrdain set themselves aside with their signature in-house process of enamelling. Beautiful yet incredibly demanding to make, their watches would make any watch fanatic incredibly happy indeed.



Close view of black and silver wristwatch made by Bremont


At the forefront of British horology, Bremont are renewing watchmaking in the UK. In their recently built headquarters ‘ The Wing’, the company are the first to make a watch movement on British soil since the 1970’s. An extravagant but truly British made gift for timepiece collectors and wristwatch lovers akin.



Sideview of craftsman inside shoe factory working on large metal machine

More British handmade gifts

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