Brad Pitt's Sunglasses: From the Big Screen to the Red Carpet

What Brand of Sunglasses does Brad Pitt wear?

Brad Pitt’s style has changed dramatically since his breakout role in Thelma and Louise, but one thing that has remained relatively consistent throughout his career are his sunglasses. From Vintage finds to the Oliver Peoples aviators worn in Oceans 13, Brad Pitt’s sunglasses have been some of the most iconic accessories in Hollywood history. In fact, several of Brad Pitt’s sunglasses have been so popular that they have been replicated by other brands as their own items of clothing, accessories, and memorabilia.

In this blog we’ll cover some of the most iconic sunglasses worn in films and on the red carpet. Also help you figure out if it’s the right look for you and relive some of Brad's best film moments.  


Cliff Booth: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Brad Pitt Wearing Vintage gold Aviators in Once upon a time in Hollywood

The exact model of this frame is unknown, however, a custom tinted lens in a full rim, gold aviator would achieve a very similar look. Brad was sporting a vintage aviator in Quentin Tarantino’s with a retro warm red, brown sun lens.  The warm brown tint is very on-trend for summer '22 and no doubt will continue on into '23. It's reminiscent of the 1970's style, fitting perfectly with the theme of film.

Check out the scene here:

One of the most iconic, classic sunglasses styles is undisputedly the aviator. The Aviator has been around since 1937 when Bausch & Lomb introduced them as Anti-Glare Aerobics Sunglasses they were worn by pilots during World War II.

They have remained popular ever since but have changed styles over time, most notably becoming slimmer over time to suit modern trends. Nowadays they are most commonly associated with celebrities such as Brad Pitt. His choice of frames reflect his personality; larger than life and full of style, wearing them both on and off screen. Showing up on the red carpet or featuring in his films, this retro style really suits him.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: RayBan 3030 Outdoorsman Sunglasses

Another feature of the aviator style is found in Brad Pitts 2008 release of Benjamin Button. This time more iconic and instantly recognisable as the Rayban 3030 Outdoorsman. This frame in particular actually features cable temples, making them perfect for motorcycle rides.  Motorcycle Scene Benjamin Button Wearing RayBan Outdoorsman 3030 Sunglasses

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Moscot Lemtosh

In an earlier scene where Benjamin is reunited with Daisy again Benjamin Button  is seen wearing the classic Lemtosh frame by Moscot. This is a classic 50’s style frame very much in keeping with the time period this film was set.

Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button wearing Moscot Glasses

A traditionally thick rimmed style is paired back slightly by the use of translucent gradient acetate. The classic frames are well suited to Pitts' face shape and features with its strong brow line and sharp jawline. The glasses are often seen as part of a retro look as they bring back memories of past generations who wore similar styles on their faces.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Oliver Peoples Westley OV1128T 

Older Benjamin Button Wearing Oliver Peoples Westley frames

The first frame worn by Pitt in this movie was a wire rimmed, round eye frame. Produced by Oliver Peoples OV1128T Westley - T47. This traditional style is commonly worn by the older generation and accentuates his character's unusual aged appearance in the film for what should be a young boy. 

The Counsellor: Vintage Cazal 901

In the 2013 movie “The Counselor” Brad is scene wearing eyewear’s cult classic brand Cazal. Another bold aviator style from a brand synonymous with the Hip-Hop scene of the 1980’s.

Brad Pitt Wearing Cazal 901 Sunglasses in the counsellor

This frame is the 901 from cazal and an original from 1980 will set you back $1754 and only available from auction sites. Of course you can always source cheaper replicas. However vintage Cazal is definitely an investment piece rather than the average pair of sunnies for your annual holiday. 

Mr & Mrs Smith: Oliver Peoples Victory OV1001

Brad definitely prefers a more traditional aviator shape, a teardrop style. Which is great if you also have sharp, chiseled features like Brad… If you don’t, fear not, going for a square styled aviator would suit softer, rounder features. So, get the Hollywood look but a bit more suited to your face shape. 

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Worn by Brad Pitt in Mr. Mrs. Smith

Something like the shades worn by Pitt in Mr & Mrs Smith in 2005. The frame is the Oliver Peoples model Victory OV1001. And if you have softer features this could be the better option for you, as its more rectangular profile will contrast a rounder face well. Worn in the scene depicting how the couple first met can be seen here:

Mr & Mrs Smith: Oliver Peoples Nitro

A further wire frame featured in Mr & Mrs Smith which was synonymous with this film was Nitro by Oliver Peoples with their bold yellow tinted lenses. A bold look, not for everyone but one can assume the yellow tint was more for it’s functionality rather than a fashion statement.

Oliver Peoples Nitro Glasses With Yellow Lenses Worn by Brad Pitt in Mr and Mrs Smith

Yellow tinted lenses help filter out UV rays of light, more specifically blue found in UV light. As blue light can obscure your vision and make things appear blurry and out of focus. This is the reason a yellow tint is worn by many firearms professionals - hence the reason for Pitt to be seen sporting them in Mr & Mrs Smith.

Ocean's 13: Oliver Peoples Strummer OV1004

Rusty Ryan in Oceans 13 can be seen wearing Oliver People’s Strummer OV1004s with a green gradient tint.

Brad Pitt Wearing Oliver Peoples Strummer in Oceans 13

This is a style very much of the early noughties, slimline aviator not quite as oversized as you would expect today. However, with 90’s style being very much the thing in ‘22, who knows noughties eyewear may be the hot trend for summer ‘23! Get in there early.

Fight Club: Oliver Peoples 523

No blog about Brad Pitt's sunglasses would be complete without a mention of the iconic Fight Club frames. Produced by Oliver Peoples the 523 was a bold style, defined by their blood red lenses.

Tyler Durden wearing Oliver Peoples 523 Red Sun Lens sunglasses fight club

Made from Titanium and produced in Japan, the home of titanium eyewear, these frames are super lightweight. The price tag nowadays however, not so much… Original frames are selling on eBay for as much as $1700! That’s right, more than three times what they cost originally back in 1999.

A big part of that is down to their rarity and use in one of Pitt’s most famous films, but there’s no denying that these are cool shades. If you want them badly enough then you could probably get them at that price too! 

As seen on the red carpet: Brad Pitt's Sunglasses

Brad Pitt has been seen sporting aviators off-screen as much as on. It’s a timeless style which undeniably suits him. This style shown below is the Carrera 44- T61_EN 

Brad Pitt Wearing Carrera 44 Aviator Sunglasses


What makes aviators so popular? The key factor is their high visibility. It’s a style that you know immediately when you see it, and it’s hard not to turn your gaze in their direction. This instant recognisability has long been part of what made them a popular style for pilots, but as styles change, celebrity endorsements like Brad Pitt make aviators even more fashionable.

Brad Pitt Wearing Dolce and Gabana Gold Edition Aviator Sunglasses

The frame shown above is the Dolce & Gabana: DG2073-K Gold Edition - T61 Costing $860.

Tom Ford Sunglasses

Brad Pitt wearing Black Tom Ford Sunglasses

A move away from the classic aviator look Brad is partial to a thick rimmed acetate frame. This rectangular style by Tom Ford is a go-to fail safe frame for most face shapes.

Brad Pitt Wearing Tom Ford Tortoise sunglasses

As you can see Brad is sporting them in two different colours - traditional black and tortoise. For a 70s vintage spin he has opted for a subtle burnt orange lens tint. Creating an interesting twist on what could be viewed as quite a conventional frame.  The colourway combined with his choice of retro styling shows that even big name stars like Brad aren't afraid to mix things up when it comes to their eyewear. This particular model is called: Tom Ford TF5178. 

Garrett Leight Sunglasses

More recently Brad has been seen wearing Californian brand Garrett Leight, a spin off brand from the son of Oliver Peoples Creator Larry Leight.

Brad Pitt wearing Garrett Leight Callabar Sunglasses

 Pitt has been spotted on several red carpets wearing their frames causing them to become some of the hottest selling frames of the season. And from looking at them it’s easy to see why! The 50’s inspired styling of these frames are reminiscent of Wayfarers making them timeless and suitable for wearing both casually and formally as you can see from the image below.

Brad Pitt Cannes Film Festival wearing Garrett Leight Sunglasses

If they’re good enough for the Cannes film festival they’re good enough for your holidays! This specific model is named “the Calabar” and is shown in both ‘Black laminate’ and ‘Champagne’ colourways.

GQ Cover 2019 - Jacques Marie Mage

In a rare interview with GQ Brad was styled wearing an American brand named Jacque Marie Mage.

Brad Pitt GQ Cover wearing Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses by Pool

This "Taos" frame is thick rimmed and bold, shown on Brad in a dark translucent orange. This oversized frame with its intricate detailing which JMM are famous for is excellent for larger faces and square jaw lines.

Brad Pitt Wearing Gold Aviator Sunglasses

It has to be said Brad has donned some of the most iconic eyewear throughout his lengthy career; some have been made more iconic as a result of him wearing them. But no matter which frame he chooses to wear Pitt does have an air of effortlessly cool style about him, which may intimidate us mere mortals to try out any of his bolder looks.

Brad Pitt wearing large black sunglasses

The general theme of his own eyewear choices are: stick to the classics, you really can't go wrong. Investing in something timeless will serve you well regardless of the item. A thick rimmed 50s inspired acetate or fine wire aviator are ever enduring styles which have stood the test of time despite what 'trendy fashion' has thrown at them. So the lasting piece of advice we will leave you with from this article is: invest in timeless eyewear. Stick with simple shapes and classic tints you won't regret it. 



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