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Tom Holland Wears Glasses in Spiderman No Way Home - And We Love It!

Tom Holland wearing Dita sunglasses in Spiderman

Most people know that Tom Holland wears glasses, whether or not they are fans of the Marvel movies, but it’s been interesting to see how many types of glasses he’s worn over the years in his various roles.

He’s said he has terrible eyesight and these glasses definitely help him get through his day-to-day life, not just filming Spiderman scenes! We can’t wait to see more Tom Holland wearing glasses in future movies.

Spider Man Far From Home Stark Industries Eyewear


You may not realize it, but the glasses Tom Holland wears in the latest Spiderman movie, no way home, actually have a name and come from an actual brand that specializes in designer eyewear.

If you want to look like one of the most famous superheroes around, then you need to get your hands on Tom Holland glasses as soon as possible! Read on to find out more about these brilliant eyeglasses!


First and foremost, Tom Holland’s movie glasses

Tom Holland wearing Dita Flight 006 sunglasses with blue lenses

The main reason you’re here right? To find out who makes Tom Holland's glasses in Spiderman: Far from Home. Check out the scene where Peter Parker discovers a note from Tony Stark himself gifting his E.D.I.T.H. augmented reality glasses.



The frame is by DITA, a luxury Japanese brand, who specialise in making highly detailed, intricate eyewear. The exact model is: Flight 006 in smoke grey with black palladium metal work and a custom light blue lens. The original frame will set you back $625 purchasing it from DITA, and it doesn’t feature the AI head up display unfortunately…

View Through Stark Industries Eyewear Spider Man Far From Home


You can get a similar look from our own Japanese range of aviator sunglasses. We also can help with custom tinted coloured lenses.

This is a popular aviator style glasses frame, the combination detailing between the metal work and the acetate components makes this a lovely frame to wear.


Where does Tom Holland get his glasses?

Tom Holland admits himself that: "I have very bad eyesight so I wore very thick glasses" - he obviously hasn't read about the benefits of high index lenses... However, this has led to him sporting some very cool eyewear over the years. Some of which fans have been very eager to replicate themselves. So in this article we're going to help you source the same frames, and you can also look effortlessly cool in your new Holland inspired frames.

Tom Holland wearing red round glasses

What kind of glasses is Tom Holland wearing?

Tom seems to be a fan of Garrett Leight, choosing numerous styles from their collection. He has also been seen wearing David Beckham’s eponymous label, with those outrageous orange lenses! Even seen wearing little known French-made brand Ahlem. And ofcourse we couldn’t miss out the infamous DITA Flight 006 frames in Spiderman: Far from Home.

We’ve even got a few little known frames Tom has been seen sporting over the years. Let get to it.


Tom Holland black glasses

Tom Holland wearing black Garrett leight glasses

A frame he has been seen wearing several times recently is actually Hollywood's new go-to brand Garrett Leight. The son of Larry Leight the creator of Oliver Peoples who have been supplying Hollywood's greatest stars with their eyewear since it's inception in 1987.

Garrett Leights style is arguably similar to Oliver Peoples but offer some alternative details differing them for other brands. But still attracting A-list clientele such as Ryan Reynolds.

This bold black frame seen on Tom Holland is called "Naples' and it's part of Garrett Leight's first sustainable collection. Produced from bio-based acetate, excluding the petroleum based resin from the material's make-up.

Garrett Leight Naples Glasses Frame in Black

Hence the leaf emblem found on the end pieces of each frame. Inspired by palm trees, southern California’s official tree is a nod to the company's heritage and laid back approach. Whilst also an indicator of it moving towards a more eco-friendly ethos when it comes to their manufacturing.


This classic wayfarer style frame is a fail safe design when it comes to choosing eyewear. It’s easy to see why Tom Holland has chosen to go for it, especially in the timeless black colourway - perfect for a black tie event as seen in the image above. With the inclusion of the silver detailing makes this frame that little bit extra special.

Tom Holland on Graham Norton wearing Garrett Leight Black glasses

Tom Holland has also been seen sporting the Garrett Leight Naples glasses frame whilst on the Graham Norton show on the BBC. If you're a keen Tom Holland fan you can watch the whole episode here. This frame has obviously become a bit of a favourite for the young actor. Its retro, thick rimmed style is a classic go-to for many optical wearers. Its fundamentally a square rimmed frame, but is softened slightly by the butterfly-esk top brow giving it that 50’s style.

Check out this little snippet from the interview and get a look at those frames!

Tom Holland red glasses

Tom Holland wearing red glasses

Tom Holland’s red glasses are another classic style from Garrett Leight called Hanalei C. It’s part of Leight’s premium collection named Mr. Leight, all manufactured in Japan utilising titanium components and premium Japanese acetate.

Red Glasses Worn By Tom Holland made by Garrett Leight

This warm red frame’s colour is “Honey laminate” and features keyhole detailing. Another 1950’s inspired design, this time including a diamond-like emblem on the end pieces. 

 Tom Holland at Spider Man Premiere wearing Garrett Leight glasses

Another red pair of glasses Tom has been spotted wearing in 2019 at the Spiderman: Far from Home film premiere. Again made by Garrett Leight, this time the Winward frame in Brandy tortoise, a warm burgundy styled havana acetate. This frame also features pin riveted hinges and the classic “two-dots” seen on the fronts of the frames. The classic round-eye frame really suits Tom, giving him a rather studious look. 

Garrett Leight Winward glasses frame as worn by Tom Holland

Tom Holland is certainly a fan of red glasses. As he was also spotted wearing these red frames during a photoshoot. But these have been supercharged with red lenses! Reminiscent of Brad Pitts infamous Fight club frames 

Tom Holland wearing red sunglasses with red lenses

It's a bold look, no doubt about that. From the styling of them they most likely look to be Oliver Peoples, the brand who first produced Brad Pitt’s frames.


Tom Holland orange sunglasses

Tom Holland Orange sunglasses

Another much talked about look was Tom Holland's orange sunglasses he wore to the US version of GQ’s Man of the Year awards. The frame worn was by the eponymous label by David Beckham, with the model name DB 7046/S. The frame features a solid black acetate front with dark havana tortoiseshell sides. And of course not forgetting those bold orange tinted lenses. This style was big in the 1970’s and this look has definitely made a comeback in 2022 and I’m sure it’ll be around for the next few summer seasons. 

 David Beckham eyewear DB 7046_S Black Havana Orange Lenses Worn by Tom Holland


The shape of the front itself is quite unusual, especially with its dropped earpieces. Which in turn brings the browline up and above the wearer's eyebrows. Many wearers of glasses prefer their frames to sit below their eyebrows.

The frame also includes DB’s eyewear signature of the silver Talisman which is inspired by the wings of a bird which they state is a symbol of power and freedom. It can be seen in the image above wrapping around the corner of the frame joining the front and side.

Other favourites from Tom Holland’s eyewear collection:

As Tom Holland’s eyesight isn’t the best (self proclaimed we must add!) He is regularly spotted wearing all manner of frame styles. We’ve selected a few frames we think you’ll love and where to buy them. 

Tom Wearing Ahlem Sunglasses for GQ shoot

This shoot for GQ magazine is immaculately styled, his bold all beige suit is a look for sure. But paired with the muted all black Ahlem sunglasses makes it. The super dark black tints of this Granelle round frame with an almost Men in Black vibe to this style. The beautiful temple detailing on this frame has to be seen to be appreciated. The angled facets on the sides make this frame stand out from your usual mono thickness temple. You can get your own pair from Mr.Porter at $420. 

Ahlem Grenelle round sunglasses frame as worn by Tom Holland


Tom Holland is seen here wearing a little known luxury brand Lunetterie Générale, French brand however all their products are made in Japan. The frame name is the Bon Vivant and the specific colourway which has now unfortunately been discontinued is: Tortoise and sand with 14k gold plated hardware. 


Tom Holland wearing Lunetterie Générale sunglasses

Even though it is no longer produced you can still find it available on some archive stores online who stock Lunetterie Générale’s older models. The brand themselves do still produce the Bon Vivant style, however it is now matched with a tortoise side rather than a transparent ‘champagne’ colour acetate allowing for the gold hardware to be showcased.

Lunetterie Générale Bon Vivant in Tortoise and Sand 14K Gold

The hardware on this frame is plated with 14 carat gold. Resulting in a more luxurious finish that has become a signature of this brand.

Lunetterie Générale Bon Vivant in Tortoise and Sand 14K Gold side view



These brown rectangular frames worn by Tom Holland above are a staple of any glasses wearers collection. We’ve all had a frame like this at some point. This isn’t branded in any way unlike the high-end brands he has most recently become accustomed to wearing. Its warm havana brown hues would suit almost any skin complexion, it certainly works on Tom.


Tom Holland wearing brown rectangle glasses

If you like this look check out our 128-brn for a similar style to the one worn here by Holland. 


An older shot of Tom Holland here fetauring his signature curly hair, and sporting another red glasses frame. He sure does love a 1950’s styled frame, with an old school wayfarer vibe. Featuring a retro keyhole bridge aperture and silver hardware detailing. 

Tom Holland with Glasses and Curly hair

If you’re a fan of this frame why not check our our F frame, it’s a very similar 1950s vintage inspired spectacle frame. 


This shot taken for another summer shoot with GQ Tom Holland is certainly cementing himself as a Hollywood up and comer. Seen lounging by the pool looking effortlessly stylish, immaculately dressed and accessorized with yet another Garrett Leight frame. 


Tom Holland Wearing Garrett Leight wire sunglasses for GQ Shoot

A staple in any Hollywood celebrity's eyewear collection, this particular model has since been discontinued. However, you can get your hands on an alternative model named the San Miguel Sunglasses frame. It too is a wire rim sun frame, with the double bridge like all classic aviators. It's also edged with a black acetate rim to compliment the pale silvery gold metal wire.  

Garrett Leight San Miguel Sunglasses worn by Tom Holland

Most recently during the press tour for 2021’s release of Spiderman: No way home Holland was spotted wearing a wire rim optical frame. A step away from what we are used to seeing him wear, with his large acetate glasses collection.

Spider Man No way home Interview wearing wire rim spectacles

Having done a bit of digging around we have sourced that once again it’s a Garrett Leight metal rim frame named Hachi. Most likely named due to it being handmade in Japan, by some of the finest titanium frame makers. As Japan gave the world titanium eyewear and are still masters of this superb lightweight material.


Garrett Leight Wire Rims Hachi Worn by Tom Holland

This frame is beautifully detailed, as you can see from this close up the filigree pattern on the bridge and temples are stunning. This classic panto style really suits Tom, and is a welcome change from his usual acetate staples. Definitely less dominant on his face and makes him look all the more grown up!

Tom Holland wearing round wire rim frame

The metal wire has been finished in an antique silver plating, which gives it a vintage feel. As it looks reminiscent of tarnished silverware, something that has been around for quite some time. 

As it can be seen Tom Holland is very much into his eyewear. He isn’t afraid to experiment with styles, shapes, colours and even some wild sun lens colours. In his own right is starting to become something of a style icon, with his bold outfit choices and his fun attitude to fashion. 

As a permanent fixture on Hollywood's A-List we’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tom Holland's eyewear fashion for years to come. 

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other eyewear icons. Thanks for stopping by.


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