Seeing Through Style: Jonah Hill's Glasses

We’d like to know, what’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever you hear the name Jonah Hill?


Do you normally think about the chubby sidekick in Judd Apatow's comedies? Or a guy whose outrageous comedic outbursts — and vexatious teenage humor — ended up earning him a seat among the greats in Hollywood’s Hall of Fame?


These questions pretty much sum up Jonah Hills' acting career, as an enrapturing journey of artistic growth and reinvention.


Nevertheless, he’s not just a gifted actor that some of you have come to love and adore. He’s also a director, writer, and more surprisingly, an aspiring eyewear fashion icon.


Beyond his acting prowess, Hill has become a fashion icon, with his eyewear choices standing out as a distinctive element of his signature look.


This article delves into the fascinating world of Jonah Hill's glasses, exploring the evolution of frames that have not only adorned his face but have also become a statement of personal style.


Join us on a journey through the lenses of fashion and discover the allure behind the actor's iconic eyewear selections.


Jonah Hill’s Bottega Veneta Eyewear

Jonah Hill Wearing Bottega Veneta Yellow Sunglasses

The Bottega Veneta brand was founded in 1966, in Vincenza, by Renzo Zengiaro and Michele Taddei. Since then, the company has grown to become a renowned luxury house, mostly associated with ready-to-wear clothing, well-crafted leather items, and exquisite eyewear.

When Superbad (the 2007 teenage comedy film) was about to celebrate its 15th anniversary, Jonah Hill was spotted by paparazzi outside his apartment, rocking the Bottega Veneta BV1162S glasses. This iteration often comes with acetate frames, tinted lenses, as well as straight temples that have the company’s logo engraved on the side. 

If we’re being completely transparent, these glasses are an acquired taste. Only eyewear enthusiasts who love donning head-turners would right away go for them, as they are designed to make a very bold fashion statement. 

Bottega Veneta bv1162s in Yellow


As male celebrities confidently embrace and redefine the boundaries of traditional eyewear. Enter the era of cat-eye sunglasses, a style once considered exclusively feminine but now making a bold statement in the wardrobes of prominent men in the public eye.

Gone are the days when sunglasses were confined to conventional shapes and sizes for men. The cat-eye silhouette, characterized by its upswept outer edges and a feline-inspired allure, has transcended gender norms, becoming a symbol of daring fashion choices and progressive style.

Notable male celebrities, including Jonah Hill, confidently sporting styles like the Bottega Veneta sunglasses, challenging stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of what is considered 'masculine' in the world of fashion. This trend marks a departure from the conventional aviators and wayfarers that have long dominated the male eyewear landscape, introducing a refreshing and avant-garde approach to accessorising.


If you are struggling to get your hands on the elusive Bottega Veneta sunglasses, why not have a look the equally hyped Loewe inflated sunglasses.


Loewe LW40097I 39A Inflated Sunglasses

This style is pretty wild and not for the faint hearted. But if you're into it we're here for it. If that's a little too far Prada offer a similar style but toned down a little, however having said that they are still bright yellow...


Prada PR 26ZS 3L08Z



Jonah Hill’s Garrett Leight Kinney Glasses

Jonah Hill Wearing Garrett Leight Kinney Sunglasses

In the world of luxury eyewear, Garrett Leight has established itself as an iconic brand synonymous with sophistication and style.

However, what truly sets it apart is its undeniable allure to Hollywood's A-listers, with notable stars like Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt, and Tom Holland frequently spotted donning the brand's distinctive sunglasses.

Garrett Leight's rise to prominence in the celebrity fashion circuit is a testament to its commitment to crafting eyewear that seamlessly blends classic design with modern aesthetics.

The brand's attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and commitment to timeless style have made it a top choice among discerning individuals, especially those with a penchant for refined and effortlessly cool accessories.

And the Garrett Leight Kinney frame is no exception. This classic, keyhole bridge style frame is a fail safe option for those looking to invest in good quality sunglasses. Pin rivet hinges ensure the frame is fastened well whilst also allowing for repairability.

Garrett Leight Kinney

Garrett Leight's legacy in the world of eyewear is deeply rooted in a rich familial history of optical craftsmanship. The brand's founder, Garrett Leight, is the son of Larry Leight, the visionary founder of Oliver Peoples, a renowned luxury eyewear brand that has left an indelible mark on the industry.

If you are looking to invest in high quality sunglasses these could be an excellent option. Timeless design, in a neutral colour way will allow it be worn at any occasion.

Oliver Peoples O'Malley Sunglasses

Can't get a hold of the Kinney? Then why not try another classic frame the Oliver Peoples O'Malley. Another favourite with A-listers such as Jennifer Aniston. Its a classic round eye, very similar to Garrett Leight's Kinney frame - I wonder where the inspiration came from...


War Dogs: Jonah Hill’s Gucci Sunglasses  

Jonah Hill Wearing Gucci Sunglasses in War Dogs

In 2016, during summer, we were treated to a typical American comedy crime film, “War Dogs”. Based on Guy Lawson’s Rolling Stone article, this film tells us the real-life story of two men who took advantage of the loopholes in our US procurement system, to finesse the government 300 million dollars.


Unfortunately for them, unforeseen chaos inevitably ensued, leading to some life-threatening consequences.


In the film, Jonah plays the character of Efraim Diveroli, while his buddy Miles Teller narrates the story of David Packouz. Efraim is the architect behind the scheme, seeing as he has the street-smarts, and a knack for spotting lucrative opportunities. 

Gucci GG 1018S

He also relishes the flamboyant lifestyle, and that’s why we see him wearing the Gucci GG 1018/S glasses everywhere he goes. This style has since bene discontinued by the manufacturer. There are still a few available online through resellers. But if you cannot manage to find a pair why not try the Gucci GG1188S 003


Gucci GG1188S 003 For individuals with round face shapes like Jonah, the square aviator sunglasses emerge as an excellent and stylish option that effortlessly complements their facial features. The geometric contrast of the square frames helps add definition and structure to the softer curves of a round face, creating a flattering balance.


The angular lines of square aviators work to elongate the appearance of the face, providing a subtle slimming effect. This choice not only adds a touch of contemporary flair but also enhances the overall symmetry of the facial structure.


Square aviator sunglasses, with their timeless design and versatile appeal, offer a winning combination of fashion and functionality for those seeking a flattering and on-trend eyewear solution for round face shapes.


Jonah Hill’s Friedrich’s Optik Bespoke frames


Jonah Hill Wearing Bespoke Horn Rim Glasses


Friedrich's Optik, with its roots deeply embedded in old-world German craftsmanship since 1816, stands as a beacon of eyewear excellence and heritage.


The Paulick family took the reins in 1977, preserving and expanding the brand, which now operates under the names Friedrich's Optik in New York City, Palm Beach, and Washington Depot, CT, and as Campbell Optik in Hamburg and Berlin.


With a commitment to customer service and a legacy of introducing innovative concepts in eyewear fitting, Friedrich's Optik continues to produce custom frames that offer unparalleled fit and comfort. Their unique eyewear is a fusion of heritage and modern style, ensuring that each pair reflects the individuality of the wearer.


Jonah Hill, a trendsetter known for his distinctive style, has elevated his eyewear game with the exclusive touch of Friedrich's Optik. The actor boasts not one, but at least two bespoke frames crafted by the renowned eyewear brand, showcasing the epitome of luxury and individuality. What makes these eyeglasses even more exceptional is the choice of material — buffalo horn.


Now as Friedrich's Optik only produce bespoke frames you won't be able to get your hands on the exact model Jonah is wearing. But we've have selected a similar style from iconic British brand Cutler & Gross.


Cutler and Gross 1380 01


This is a softly squared frame, with a classic keyhole bridge giving the style a vintage feel. The classic black is acetate rather than buffalo horn which is decidedly harder to get a hold of. But you'll still achieve a very similar look.


True Story (2015): Jonah Hill’s Moscot Lemtosh Glasses

Jonah Hill Wearing Moscot Lemtosh glasses in True Story

This 2015 true story based on Michael Finkel’s memoir. His character was played by Jonah Hill, who used his artistry knowledge to detail Finkel’s interactions with the convicted murderer, Christian Longo.

True Story earned an incredible rating on Rotten Tomatoes because of the way it explored the psychological complexities and moral ambiguity of both characters. Instead of offering answers, it lures you in, compelling you to rack your brain around some of the ethical dilemmas presented to us in real life. 

Even though there was so much going on, it wasn’t enough to draw our attention away from the Moscot Lemtosh Glasses that Jonah was wearing in almost every scene. In their own way, they sprinkled grains of introspection and intellectualism into his character.

It’s difficult not to recognize those vintage frames even if they are a mile away, as the brand has maintained that same Moscot signature since the 50s. Moscot is renowned for applying traditional techniques in their production process, to create products that are of premium quality.

If you can't get a hold of a Moscot frame why not check out our C-model frames. They're very similar in style, giving you that 50s look. We've got them in several colour ways: Onyx Black, Rosso Red and for the ultimate retro, vintage look why not try the Midnight Vertigo version?


Jonah Hills Glasses in Wolf of Wallstreet


Jonah Hill's character, Donnie Azoff, not only captivates audiences with his larger-than-life personality but also makes a striking fashion statement with his distinctive eyewear. Donnie's glasses, reminiscent of the bold and extravagant style of the 1980s, perfectly encapsulate the era's excess and decadence.


With oversized frames and a bold color palette, these eyeglasses become an integral part of Donnie's on-screen persona, adding a touch of eccentricity to his character's flamboyant presence.


Beyond their functional purpose, Jonah Hill's character glasses in "The Wolf of Wall Street" become a sartorial signature, reflecting the film's vibrant portrayal of excess and indulgence during the roaring '80s on Wall Street.

Jonah Hill Wolf of Wallstreet Vintage Glasses

The first style we see Donnie sporting is most certainly a vintage frames, most likely Oliver Peoples, the Wallstreet go-to if Patrick Bateman is anything to go by. Now to find the exact pair would be a bit of a search but if you are loving the 80's amber acetate we may have just the frame for you.

Our B-Frame from the Linea collection in Golden Saffron would be perfect to get the look.

Jonah Hill Wolf of Wallstreet Oliver Peoples Glasses


Donnie's second look from the film was a little more refined. In-keeping with a more wealthy sartorial style you'd expect from a wealthy Wallstreet mogal.


Again we're going to stick with it most likely being an Oliver Peoples frame. These were rife in the 80/90's and the go-to for any glasses-wearer of that era. Especially as they were veiwed as a bit pricey so an excellent opportunity to display ones wealth.

Oliver Peoples Finley 1993 Vintage Glasses

If you're looking to recreate this look yourself we'd recommend the Oliver Peoples Finley 1993 Vintage frame. It's a perfect replica of that iconic tortoise acetate frame found during that era.

Oliver Peoples Finley Esq OV5298U 1003 Cocobolo

If you can't get ahold of the 1993 vintage version the updated style could be the best option: Finley Esq OV5298U 1003 Cocobolo. Same classic shape with the signature keyhole bridge and dark imitation acetate with golden flecks of yellow and amber.


Jonah Hill's Glasses Style: Conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Jonah Hill's eyewear journey, it becomes evident that his glasses not only serve a practical purpose but also stand as a canvas for self-expression and style evolution. From his on-screen personas to his off-screen appearances, Jonah Hill has demonstrated a keen eye for eyewear that transcends mere functionality.


Whether it's the bespoke frames from Friedrich's Optik or the iconic glasses worn by his characters, each pair tells a unique story, reflecting his eclectic taste and the ever-changing landscape of fashion.


As we celebrate the actor's eyewear choices, we are reminded that glasses are more than accessories; they are extensions of one's identity, leaving an indelible mark on personal style.


Jonah Hill's glasses journey is a testament to the transformative power of eyewear, showcasing how a simple pair of frames can be a statement of individuality, nostalgia, and the ongoing pursuit of sartorial excellence.


We hope you've enjoyed this article and if you are keen to find out more famous frames check out the rest of our Eyewear Icons blogs.


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