Daniel Craig Sunglasses | From Bond to Benoit Blanc

Daniel Craig sunglasses: From Bond to Benoit Blanc he has become synonymous with designer shades. Over the years as Bond, he has worn some iconic shades but also made some icons in the process... Vuarnet.


There’s no doubting Daniel Craig’s place in the style hall of fame. As 007 he has sported some of the most iconic sunglasses in cinematic history. But it’s not just as Bond that Craig has shown his flair for fashion. Away from the cameras, he often steps out in designer shades that make a statement. In this article, we take a look at some of Craig’s best sunglasses moments – both on and off-screen.


Daniel Craigs Sunglasses Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Daniel's most recent appearance as Benoit Blanc sees him return as the much-loved detective in the sequel to Knives out.

 Daniel Craig Sunglasses In Glass Onion Knives Out

Knives Out received rave reviews. In the mystery film, Craig plays the role of Benoit Blanc, a detective who is investigating the death of a wealthy patriarch. The film has been praised for its twists and turns, as well as its witty dialogue.


Craig has said that he was drawn to the role of Benoit Blanc because it was a complex character. "He's smart, he's observant, he's got a great sense of humour," Craig said of the character. "He's someone who can go into any situation and come out on top."

 1302v2 Cutler and Gross

In the sequel, Daniel is seen wearing Cutler & Gross again much like he did in the first movie (more on that later). This time it's the 1302 V2 updated model by Cutler & Gross. A frim favourite with British acting elite with Hugh Grant also being a big fan. The frame is subtly different from the original with a flat brow on the top of the lens. This creates a distinctive profile for the frame. The colour is still the same as the original film: "Honey Turtle" a warm orangey Havana frame. Which would bring warmth to paler skin complexions.


Daniel Craig Glasses in Knives Out


Bespectacled Benoit Blanc, the character played by Daniel Craig in the movie Knives Out, is a detective who is known for his keen sense of observation and deduction. He is able to piece together clues that others may miss, which often leads him to solve cases that others have been unable to.

Daniel Craig As Benoit Blanc Knives Out

In addition to his investigative skills, Blanc is also a skilled knife fighter and is not afraid to use violence when necessary. Despite his tough exterior, however, Blanc is also a compassionate individual who cares about the welfare of others.

 1303v2 Cutler and Gross

The original Knives Out film released in 2019 saw Benoit Blanc wearing 1303 V2 by Cutler & Gross. This is a more rectangular-styled frame but still ovalised suiting those with a more square, angular face.


James Bond sunglasses No Time to Die

Of course we couldn't write about Daniel Craig and not mention Bond. Daniel Craig is the perfect James Bond. He is strong, sexy, and dangerous. He can handle any situation, and he always gets the job done. He is the ultimate action hero, and his movies are always exciting to watch.


No Time to Die is the 25th James Bond film. The film is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. It stars Daniel Craig in his fifth and final performance as Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond.


Bond must prevent a biological weapon from falling into the wrong hands, while M battles political forces to keep the British intelligence agency afloat.

 No Time To Die Daniel Craig Wearing Barton perreira Joe

Throughout this film Bond is seen in several pairs of sunglasses, the most we've ever seen him sport in s a single film!


The first pair we see is Barton Perreira's "Joe" this square sunglass is shown in black with vintage grey lenses.

 Barton Perreira Joe Sunglasses

The signature style in Barton Perreira's limited-edition 007 collection is their iconic Joe sunglasses.


The Joe Sunglasses have been designed with James Bond in mind, featuring acetate frames in a bold angular design. The rectangular mineral glass lenses give the glasses a cool look and feel, perfect for any intrepid adventurer.


They are engineered with striking precision and handcrafted details only a secret agent would expect. The Iconic Joe is available in Four New Colors


Your brand new Barton Perreira sunglasses will come including all official accessories and will be covered by our 24 month global warranty. And if you need further convincing Ryan Gosling is a massive fan of the brand too.

 Daniel Craig No Time To Die Vuarnet Sunglasses

Next up we have of course the Vuarnet Edge 1613, following on from its much talked about feature in Spectre with the Glacier Goggles. Vaurnet have been included twice in No Time to Die. This is a combination round-eye sunglasses frame. Produced from bio acetate and stainless steel and of course features their signature mineral glass lenses.

 vuarnet Edge VL1613 Sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig

Vaurnet sunglasses are a popular brand among athletes and celebrities. They are known for their high-quality, durable sunglasses that offer superior protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Vaurnet sunglasses come in a variety of styles, so you can find the perfect pair to suit your taste and needs. Finding inspiration in the mountains their frames definitely have an outdoors design influence.

Daniel Craig No Time to Die in Jamaica sunglasses

Whilst "retired" in Jamaica Bond is seen sporting another of Vaurnet's frames, this time the: Legend 06. The unisex Legend 06 has a skinny cat eye silhouette for an attractive look. Bio nylon frames are lightweight and flexible, Vuarnet signature mineral glass lenses provide the best possible eye protection.

 Vuanet Sunglasses worn by Bond in Jamaica

Bond's version includes the additional Eyewear strap "V-on-Ski" if you're looking to achieve the exact look featured in the film.

Daniel Craig as Bond Wearing Barton Perriera Norton Sunglasses

Next up we revisit Barton Perreira's Bond collection for another edition, this time the "Norton" sunglasses frame. This is a smaller, round, full acetate rim sunglasses frame. Daniel is seen wearing the tortoiseshell edition with bottle green polarised lenses.

 Barton Perriera Norton Sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig

Barton Perreira is a designer sunglasses company that was founded in 2007 by two friends, Bill Barton and Patty Perreira. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Barton Perreira is known for its unique and high-quality sunglasses designs. The company has collaborated with several celebrities, including Rihanna and Lady Gaga and of course, created the Bond Collection.

Daniel Craig sunglasses Spectre

Spectre, was released in November 2015 and has been met with mixed reviews. Some people have complained that the plot is too convoluted, while others have praised the film's action sequences and performances. However, most people seem to agree that Spectre is a good but not great Bond movie.


One of the main problems with Spectre is that it tries to do too much. The plot involves numerous different storylines which never really tie together properly. Additionally, the film has a lot of exposition which slows down the pace and makes it difficult to follow what's going on.


On the plus side, Spectre features some excellent action scenes. The opening sequence in Mexico City is particularly spectacular, and there are also some great fight scenes between Bond and his nemesis, Franz Oberhauser (played by Christoph Waltz). Daniel Craig once again gives a strong performance as Bond, and other notable actors such as Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, and Naomie Harris all turn in good performances.


But the real stars of the show have to be the sunglasses featured. With the return of Tom Ford as the leading role with its numerous features across both Spectre, Skyfall and Quantum of Solace.

 Daniel Craig as Bond Wearing Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses

This time includes the much loved "Snowdon" sunglasses worn by many a celebrity in several films Ryan Reynolds to name a few. A classic Wayfarer shape. Sleek and timeless, these black acetate shades with greyscale lenses will make any suit look sharp-whether you're on your way to work or taking down an international terrorist organization these are perfect for any occasion.

Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig in Spectre

Of course instantly recognisable with the inclusion of the famous Tom Ford "T" emblem on the hinge junction.


Next up, it's the Clubmaster style from Tom Ford called the "Henry".

Daniel Craig as Bond Wearing Henry Sunglasses Tom Ford 

Clubmaster sunglasses are a classic style that has been around for decades. They have a retro look that is popular among both men and women. Clubmaster sunglasses are often made of metal or plastic, and they come in a variety of colours and designs.

 Tom Ford Henry Sunglasses

Many celebrities have been seen wearing clubmaster sunglasses, including Daniel Craig in the movie Spectre. They are a versatile style that can be worn for any occasion, and they provide good protection from the sun's UV rays.

 Vuarnet PX goggles Spectre

Of course, we couldn't discuss Spectre without mentioning the Vuarnet PX Glacier goggles. These became something of a must-have item back in 2015 when they made an appearance on the most famous spy in cinematic history. We feel the term "goggles" is a bit of a stretch they're more like skiing sunglasses with their mineral glass lenses and leather side shields. If you're looking for that steampunk style with an air of Bond style these will be the sunglasses for you.

Vuarnet glacier goggles worn by Daniel Craig 

James Bond sunglasses Skyfall


Daniel Craig is seen wearing only one pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in the 2012 release of Skyfall. I a slight detour from what we're used to seeing him wearing in recent films. This is a traditional wire aviator sunglasses frame. Its the "Marko" frame, shown in silver with blue temple tips frame with blue lenses.

 Daniel Craig wearing Marco Sunglasses Tom Ford

There are a number of face shapes that suit aviator sunglasses. Round faces, for example, can wear aviators to soften their features and make them look more oval. Heart-shaped faces can also wear aviators to make their faces look more symmetrical. Square faces can wear aviators to soften their features and make them look more oval. Triangular faces can wear aviators to make their face look less pointy.

 Tom Ford Marco Sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig

Quantum of Solace sunglasses


Quantum of Solace is a 2008 spy thriller film directed by Marc Forster and written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. It is the twenty-second instalment in the James Bond film series produced by Eon Productions and is the sequel to 2006's Casino Royale. The film stars Daniel Craig as James Bond and Olga Kurylenko as Camille Montes. The film was well-received by critics, but its box office performance was weaker than that of Casino Royale.

 Daniel Craig wearing tom ford TF108 sunglasses

Daniel is seen wearing the TF108 metal rim sunglasses frame in this early James Bond film. It's quite dated now by today's standards looking very 'noughties' in style. It's an undersized design which is a bit more unusual for a sunglasses frame as normally it's a case of bigger the better.

 Tom ford tf108 Quantum of Solace

These Tom Ford James Bond glasses, made from a semi-matte rhodium frame with black temple tips and smoke blue lenses (19V), are handmade in Italy by Marcolin. They come in a special case with the James Bond logo. This stylish frame is executed in typical Tom Ford fashion and includes the brand's signature logo. These are still available in very small numbers from some reseller websites as this was a limited edition collection means it's no longer in production.


Daniel Craig sunglasses Casino Royale


Casino Royale was Daniel Craig's first Bond film. It was released in 2006 and was a reboot of the series. The film was a critical and commercial success, and Craig's performance was praised.


James Bond has been seen wearing Persol sunglasses in several films over the years. It'd be Bond's go-to eyewear brand for many years. However, for Daniel as Bond, it was the first and last time he was seen wearing Persol as OO7.


Persol sunglasses are the perfect choice for Bond because they are stylish and durable. The lenses are treated with a special coating that makes them resistant to scratches and reflections. And the frames are made from lightweight and durable titanium alloy.

 Daniel Craig wearing Persol Sunglasses Casino Royale

As with most of the Bond films an official sunglasses frame was released in conjunction with the movie. This time it was the Persol 2720, a sports-style wraparound tortoiseshell frame, with the Supreme Arrow emblem on the temples. The lenses are treated with a special coating that makes them resistant to scratches and reflections, and the frames are made from lightweight and durable titanium alloy.

 Persol 2720 Casino Royale

The sunglasses are very stylish and Bond-esque, and they come in a special case with the James Bond logo. They are still available in very small numbers from some reseller websites.

Daniel Craig casino royale persol 2244 sunglasses

The other style worn by Bond in Casino Royale was the Persol 2244. The Persol 2244 boasts a trendy and chic design, made with a metal front connected to acetate arms. These are joined by satin finish metal plates which give the glasses their dynamic double bridge look. The Meflecto system is an exclusive addition consisting of two cylinders- making this pair both comfortable and fashionable. You can buy them in many colours, including eight different shading options for the polarized versions! Our favourite style here is 834/33 because it brings out the personality of these designer frames. They have brown lenses that go great with the gunmetal grey colour of the satin metal frame.

 2244 Persol Sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig

Again these aren't easy to come by, eBay is your best bet if you're looking to get your hands on these.


Daniel Craig Persol sunglasses

 Daniel Craig wearing Persol 0714 folding sunglasses

It's not just James Bond who is a fan of Persol, Daniel himself has been seen sporting a pair on occasion in his personal life and when promoting Bond films. Here he's seen wearing the icon that is the 0714 folding sunglasses.

PERSOL 0714 Folding sunglasses as worn by Daniel Craig

The Persol Steve McQueen PO0714SM is a unique, elegant pair of folding eyewear that will effortlessly add a touch of designer flair to any outfit. Made from acetate, the iconic aviator frame features a keyhole bridge, Persol’s iconic arrow and the Meflecto system – all of which make this pair extremely fashionable and sure to keep you looking good from every angle.


Daniel Craig Glasses The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


A bit of an oldie here but still a frequently asked-about frame is what Daniel was wearing in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

 Daniel Craig wearing Mykita Helmut glasses

Daniel Craig's portrayal of Mikael Blomkvist in the girl with the dragon tattoo is nothing short of amazing. He brings the character to life with his fantastic acting skills, making him seem like a real person to that audience can relate to. This is essential for a character who is often at the center of the story, and Craig does an excellent job of making him someone that viewers can sympathize with. Additionally, he manages to inject a sense of humour into the role, which helps to lighten up some of the more intense scenes. all in all, Craig's performance is one of the highlights of the film.

 Mykita Helmut glasses worn by Daniel Craig

Daniel's character is seen wearing the Mykita Helmut frame from their acetate collection. Mykita is a German-based eyewear brand specialising in manufacturing all of its own unique frames. Their eyewear is unlike any other brand. Primarily due to the fact they design and develop their own components and hinges in house. This brand is a favourite of fellow British actor Tom Hiddleston who is frequently spotted wearing Mykita's acetate frames.


Daniel Craigs glasses

Finally, we'll cover a couple of pairs of glasses Daniel himself has been spotted in over the years whilst out and about.

 Daniel Craig spotted wearing Christopher Cloos glasses

A frame which caused quite a stir when he was seen out and about wearing it was this model by Christopher Cloos.

Christopher Cloos glasses are a must-have for any fashion-savvy individual. His unique style and eclectic designs have made his glasses some of the most popular on the market.

 Christopher Cloos glasses worn by Daniel Craig

A Danish brand with classic taste in eyewear design this frame is perfect for almost any face shape. With keyhole bridge detailing and a tortoiseshell colourway it's a timeless option for those looking for a fail-safe frame.


Another brand Daniel Craig has been seen sporting regularly Lunor in particular the A6 246 02.

 Daniel Craig wearing Lunor glasses

Lunor eyeglasses are some of the most high-quality and luxurious glasses on the market. They are handmade in Germany with the utmost precision and care, and they feature unique designs that are both stylish and timeless. Whether you're looking for a new pair of glasses to wear every day or a special set to wear for a special occasion, Lunor has something perfect for you.

 Lunor A6 246 as worn by daniel craig.jpg

The frame worn by Daniel is classic and timeless again in a softly square shape with a keyhole bridge.


Square glasses can look great on certain face shapes, such as triangular or diamond-shaped faces. If you have a wide forehead, square glasses can help to balance out your features. If you have a narrow face, avoid square glasses as they will make your face appear even more elongated.


Daniel Craig is a style icon in his own right, and he has been seen wearing many different types of sunglasses over the years. We've covered some of his most iconic pairs here, from the designer folding glasses he's worn promoting Spectre to the timeless classic he sported in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


If you're looking for a new pair of shades that will make you look as good as Daniel Craig himself, then we recommend trying out one of the brands or models mentioned in this article.


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other eyewear icons. Thanks for stopping by.

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