Ryan Reynolds Glasses

Does Ryan Reynolds wear Glasses?

The simple answer is yes, Ryan Reynolds does require vision correction and wears glasses to do so. Whilst in the process looking great in all manner of shapes and styles of frames. He is more likely to wear them off-screen than on, however we have collated a collection of frames Ryan has been seen sporting over the years in films. So, you can recreate his look as well. 


What Eyeglasses does Ryan Reynolds wear?

Ryan has been spotted in all manner of styles over the years, more so nowadays seen in thick rimmed, bold acetate frames. However, it has to be said Ryan hasn’t always gone for the perfect spectacle choice… As it can be seen from this image below. Albeit a little outdated the frame really isn’t doing much for him. 

Ryan Reynolds Wearing unfashionable wire rim glasses

However, in recent years Reynolds has definitely got his frame choice on point. Most likely seen wearing Tom Ford, as that seems to be his brand of choice. Maybe he was inspired by Brad Pitt? As Tom Ford eyeglasses are also a favourite of Hollywood legend Mr. Pitt. 

Ryan Reynolds Tom Ford glasses

As mentioned Ryan is usually seen sporting his Tom Ford TF5178-001 model most of the time when off screen. Always in high gloss black acetate featuring the instantly recognisable T emblem on the temple wing. 

 Ryan Reynolds wearing Tom Ford TF5178 001


Most recently seen in his interview on “My next guest needs no introduction with David Letterman” on Netflix  which we’d definitely recommend if you’re a fan. It’s seemingly simple rectangular frame is a nod to a 1950’s style. A slightly extra thick rim gives the frame a retro feel. It's a classic, fail safe style that's always going to look great if you’re into a bolder frame - probably the main reason we see Reynolds wearing it all the time!

Tom Ford TF5178 001 Optical Glasses

As shown above you can see the slight ‘winged’ detail at the edges of the frame, that’s what gives it that slight retro 1950s vibe. Interestingly to see there isn’t much variation in thickness of the rim. Usually you will see the frame get thinner at the base of the lens, and will usually be weightier at the top, not in this case. 

 Ryan Reynolds wearing Tom Ford TF5178 eyeglasses

Ryan Reynolds glasses WSJ

Ryan Reynolds for wall street journal

In October 2021 Ryan was featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal not to feature as an actor but to discuss his multi million dollar business empire. During the interview Reynolds was wearing another celebrity regular frame brand, Garrett Leight. The spin off brand founded by the son of Larry Leight and Oliver Peoples fame, with many notable fans of the brand including Tom Holland. The frame he chose to wear is named the Hampton Combo and as the photoshoot was done in black and white we had to do a little research to find out the exact colourway he was wearing. And after finding Ryan wearing it again in an online interview it’s safe to say the colour is Olive Tortoise fade. 

 Ryan Reynolds wearing Hampton Combo by Garrett Leight

As it can be seen this is a semi-translucent acetate rim, which is a split tone of two colours. The top half being a dark olive/brown and the bottom half being a rippled sandy colour. Paired with a metal side and matching temple tips this is a nicely detailed eyeglasses frame. 

Garrett Leight Hampton Combo Olive Tortoise fade Worn By Ryan Reynolds in WSJ

The style is still available from Garrett Leight and you can get the look yourself for $355. 

Ryan Reynolds wearing Garrett Leight Glasses on WSJ cover


Following on from the Wall Street Journal topic of Ryan Reynolds numerous business ventures he recently purchased Wrexham Football club here in the UK, Wales to be specific. And as part of that he was seen wearing a Clubmaster style frame. 

 Ryan Reynolds Wearing OV5359 Willman eyeglasses

After doing a little research we discovered it was an Oliver Peoples frame named Willman OV5359. Slightly different style of frame from what we are used to seeing Ryan wear but we’re here for it. The retro, 50’s vibes once again and they really suit him! A more weighted brow line defines that vintage shape.

Oliver Peoples Willman eyeglasses frame

Another acetate combi frame with an almost horn-like effect temple tips. They are paired with Oliver Peoples signature filigree metal temples. The metal frame front is beautifully brushed and is a lovely detail - something that Oliver Peoples never ceases to overlook.

Ryan Reynolds glasses in movies 

As we’ve covered quite a few of Ryan Reynolds off-screen eyewears choices we thought it now best to fill you in on a few of the frames worn on the silver screen. 

As one of Netflix’s biggest draws to the platform, Ryan Reynolds has starred in some of their most viewed films. And seemingly if he’s in it we all want to watch it! I wonder if the sales of the frame he wears also see a spike to match?

Ryan Reynolds Glasses in Red Notice

Ryan Reynolds wearing Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Sunglasses in Red Notice

Late 2021 saw the Netflix release of Red Notice, the latest film to feature Ryan Reynolds.  An action comedy starring alongside Dwayne Johnson which has received mixed reviews by film critics but still one of Netflix’s most watched movies of 2021 - so they must have done something right! 

Two scenes in which Ryan is spotted wearing sunglasses one which many think is the Cary Grant frame by Oliver Peoples. However, under closer inspection he is wearing a different (yet similar) frames in each scene. The first scene is near the start of the film where Nolan (Reynolds) arrives in Bali by boat. 

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Sunglasses Worn by Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice

The frame worn looks very similar to the infamous Cary Grant frame worn by many a Hollywood star over the years. But its appears to be Oliver Peoples lesser know cousin to the Grant frame: Sheldrake in the “Buff” colourway. According to People’s it’s inspired by the frames worn by Andy Warhol.

In the closing secen Nolan appears to annoy Johnson’s character one last time, whilst wearing Cary Grant sunglasses by Oliver Peoples in the Dusty Olive colourway and fitted with warm ‘Rosewood’ coloured sun lenses. 

This frame is one of Oliver Peoples signature styles. A traditional frame shape with it’s classic keyhole bridge. We have to say though we are partial to a bold acetate/lens combo and this is a winner! Those warm burgundy red lenses are a brilliant pairing with the olive acetate.

Oliver Peoples Cary Grant Frame in Dusty Olive with Rosewood Lenses

Glasses worn by Ryan Reynolds Fast & Furious Hobbs and Shaw

 Ryan Reynolds Wearing Tom Ford Glasses in Fast and Furious

2019 saw yet another release from the Fast and Furious franchise, this time features our favourite… Ryan Reynolds. He is seen sporting what may appear to be ‘actor’s own’ glasses. The Tom Ford TF5178-001 in high gloss black once again. We can’t blame the stylists to be fair they do fit him perfectly! 

Ryan Reynolds Sunglasses in Hitman’s Bodyguard

Sunglasses GIFfrom Hitmans Bodyguard GIFs

2017 saw the release of action comedy ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ with Reynolds playing disgraced bodyguard Michael Bryce - after an incident on his watch (the assination of a distinguished Japanese client) saw him take on a less than savoury job. However, like most good bodyguards/security he must have the perfect pair of sunglasses for the role. In steps trusty ole’ Tom Ford to the rescue. No stranger to the brand Ryan Reynolds is seen sporting the Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses for the scene. 

Ryan Reynolds Wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses in Hitmans Bodyguard

 Now I wouldn’t blame you for thinking these look pretty much identical to the Tom Ford TF5178-001 previously mentioned. They do look remarkably similar! To be honest we’re struggling to tell the difference ourselves…

Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses Worn in Hitmans BodyGuard


These frames are also worn by Daniel Craig in 2015’s James Bond Spectre, so they are no stranger to the big screen. Classic black, rectanglar sunglasses with dark lenses, of course featurinmg that all important T emblem on the wing. 

Ryan Reynolds sunglasses in Hitman’s wife’s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds wearing garrett leight sunglasses

The sequel to 2017’s Hitman’s Bodyguard came in 2021 with the Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard. Follows up on Michael’s career in security at a bit of a difficult point, where he finds himself having to take a bit of time out due to the stress and pressure of the job. In steps the sunglasses scene, with Reynolds relaxing on the beach wearing none other than Garrett Leights Brooks frame in the Matte Espresso colourway. 

Check out the frame in action:


Garrett Leight is commonly found in many a Hollywood film, based in California the brand frequently appear on a famous face. 


Garrett Leight Sunglasses Worn By Ryan Reynolds


A much thinner style compared to the frame worn in the initial movie. With the classic keyhole detail giving the frame a more timeless look. Less 'security guard', that may be intentional but we’re doubtful such consideration would have been given to the eyewear in a movie of this calibre. 

Glasses worn by Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

Free Guy 2021 is a cornucopia of eyewear with sunglasses taking a starring role in this film. Bringing wearers all manner of super-hero like powers. Reynolds dons several pairs of glasses throught the movie so more talked about online than others, here we leave no frame out!

Ryan Reynolds wearing Garrett Leight in Free Guy

First up we have Garrett Leight Kinney Combo in Matte Brandy Tort, seen first in the movie in what is dubbed by fans as “the best scene in the movie” where Ryan quickly manages to put his specs on just in time. 

Check out the scene here: 

This combi frame is very similar to one from Ryan’s own personal collection mentioned earlier from the WSJ shoot. However, can be seen from the movie that this frame includes two distinctive screws which join the nosebridge together. 

Garrett Leight Kinney Combo Worn by Ryan Reynolds Free Guy

The Oakley Gascan - Free Guy

Next up we have the much talked about Oakley Gascan. Clearly a sports wrap frame, Oakley’s specialism since their inception in the 1980s. However, these are not your standard sunglasses frame… much like Tom Holland’s DITA Flight Sunglasses in Spider Man’s No way Home. These are Ai glasses, offering a step into a world akin to a videogame reality. 

Check out this epic scene here: 

Unfortunately if you’re looking for superhero like powers or video-game reality this frame isn’t going to bring you that. But if you are looking for a sports wrap frame from the specialists of all things wraparound this is the one for you. 

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy wearing Oakley Gascan Sunglasses

DITA NACHT 2: Free Guy

Next up in this array of eyewear we have the Japanese brand DITA, again no strangers to epic action superhero films as Ironman’s frame of choice.

Ryan Reynolds wearing DITA Nacht 2 sunglasses in Free Guy

This rather unusual goggle style frame naturally lends itself to the world of Sci-Fi and fantasy. 

Watch the scene with Ryan once again in this epic movie:

From the image below you can get a closer look at those futuristic side guards on this frame. If you're looking to buy this frame it'll set you back a cool $750.



The next frame to get the superhero treatment in Free Guy is this remarkably similar once again to the Tom Ford frames previously discussed. However, missing any branding at all the frame isn’t by Ford. There are two side rivets on the temples but other than that it’s completely blank.

Ryan Reynolds wearing black thick rimmed glasses in free guy

Suggestions online of Rayban wayfarers aren’t correct even by their own admission. The shape is closer to the Tom Ford TF5178-001 than a wayfarer so if you prefer the shape and don’t mind the T branding I’d go for them to get the look. 

What Sunglasses does Ryan Reynolds wear in 6 Underground?

Ryan Reynolds wearing Randolph sunglasses in 6 underground

This action thriller starring Reynolds sees him play a billionaire philanthropist turned vigilante. He aims to put wrongs to right by faking his own death and forming a team of likeminded individuals to help him achieve his mission. 

Randolph USA Matte Black Aviators worn by Ryan Reynolds

No leader of any military-style group would be complete without a pair of aviators. In steps the Randolph aviator that perfectly fits the bill. Originally developed for military use it now makes frequent appearances in many an action film, most likely featuring Tom Cruise... 

 Ryan Reynolds wearing Randolph USA Sunglasses

Its slim bayonet temples make it perfect for wear under headgear. And it’s classic wire aviator shape comes in many forms. The one worn here by Reynolds is the square version compared with the classic teardrop shape. 

Sunglasses Ryan Reynolds wears in Selfless

Ryan Reynolds Wearing Tom Ford Sunglasses in Self Less

Here we are again Ryan Reynolds and Tom Ford… I do hope he gets royalties for the number of times he’s spotted wearing TF frames. 

This time in the 2015 film Self Less. The scene is brief but Reynolds is seen living his best ‘second life’ in a Lamboughini aventador and then again having fun on a speed boat. 

Check out the clip here:

By the looks of it the frame is most likely Tom Fords Snowdon sunglasses once again. It looks very similar to that model and throughout 2014-15 Tom Ford were very popular amongst the Hollywood elite. With Daniel Craig also sporting a pair that same year as James Bond.

Tom Ford Snowdon Sunglasses Worn in Hitmans BodyGuard


And that’s it, the run down of all Ryan Reynolds glasses worn both on and off screen. We did think at the start of this article it may just be a tribute to Tom Ford eyewear but we were wrong. Reynolds has been spotted wearing all manner of styles over the years - some more stylish than others. But it has to be said Ryan definitely has a way with choosing fantastic looking glasses. Sticking with the thick rimmed, classic shapes is the way to go for sure. 


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other eyewear icons. Thanks for stopping by.

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