Trendy Glasses for Men | The Definitive Guide to Men's Eyewear Trends in 2024

Eyewear has long been a symbol of fashion and continues to play a pivotal role in contemporary culture. It allows the wearer to express their unique style, and in the corporate environment, glasses can be used to exude professionalism and intelligence.

In the past, finding the perfect pair of glasses often depended on the analysis of facial features, with an ideal type of frame being recommended for different face shapes. However, in recent years, we have seen a shift in this traditional approach.

Now, eyewear has more to do with the expression of personal style than it does with face shapes. To ensure that you are able to keep up with this trend, we have not listed our recommendations in this article to suit different facial features but have instead adopted a fashion-focused approach to men's glasses.

Our aim in this post is to explore the emerging trend that blends traditional and nostalgic elements with modern design. If you have been asking the question, "What men's glasses are in style for 2024?" then you have come to the right place.

Here, you will find the eyewear you need to make a bold statement and take advantage of contemporary trends.


Trend 1: Grandpa Core Eyewear

Have you noticed that modern trends are reaching for inspiration from vintage collections? That's because people today have come to appreciate earlier designs and styles. They have begun using them in a more modern way to showcase their love for these nostalgic shapes.

You can take inspiration from your grandpa's collection with these eyewear trends that have taken the fashion world by storm in 2024:


Thick-rimmed, Retro Glasses

Made famous in the 70s, thick-rimmed glasses are in this year. You can choose from square and rectangular frames, not to mention round or oval ones, to take advantage of this look and adopt the vintage charm and nostalgic appeal it offers.

Thick-rimmed eyeglass frames are surprisingly versatile, as they suit a number of face shapes. Plus, they tend to bring out your facial features, making them suitable for a wide range of individuals. If you like this look check out more thick rimmed frames here.

Oversized Frames

Not too long ago, oversized transparent frames were seen as outdated (think Steve Urkel from the classic TV show Family Matters). However, this trend is making a comeback. The resurgence of traditional trends has seen celebrities adorning themselves with larger-than-necessary clear frames.

These shades can be paired with several different types of outfits, so whether you want to go for a more casual look or want to keep things professional, oversized glasses are the way to go.


Classic Shapes

From round to classic aviator-style glasses, frames today continue to draw inspiration from times gone by. Whether you prefer round or oval frames, you can keep up with modern trends by sticking to vintage frame shapes.


Frames That Use Traditional Materials

It's not just the shape that has designers inspired this year. Many are using classic materials, such as amber and tortoiseshell patterns, to pay tribute to times gone by.

In addition to being trendy this season, your square frames made from traditional materials will also offer great comfort, making them great for everyday wear.


Trend 2: Tinted Sunglasses or Lightly Tinted Lenses

This next section is for you if you are hoping to steer away from the more classic clear glasses.

Frames and lenses with a slight tint are trending, so whether you prefer round frames or a classic pair of angular square spectacles, choosing non-traditional colours can make you fashion-forward.


Pink Frames

2024 has seen a sharp increase in the popularity of pink frames and lenses for men as a result of evolving gender norms and a rising tolerance for various forms of masculinity. Although pink was formerly seen to be a traditionally feminine colour, today, it represents self-assurance and uniqueness.

In an effort to defy gender stereotypes and make daring fashion statements, men are embracing this trend. They are being encouraged to experiment with a greater variety of colours and styles due to the growing popularity of gender-fluid styles and diversity in the fashion industry.


Blue Shades

Because of their classic appeal and flexibility, blue frames and lenses have also become trendy amongst men. The colour blue is suitable for several different skin tones, making this style of sunglasses universally pleasing.

Blue is a popular colour for eyewear since it is also linked to attributes such as intellect, stability, and reliability. It also complements men's clothing with style and communicates professionalism.


Yellow Tinted Glasses or Lenses

Vibrant and unconventional colour choices are in this season, and yellow is another option to go for if you're hoping to make a bold statement.

Since yellow promotes happiness, ingenuity, and optimism, it's a great option for anyone looking to display a subtle uniqueness. The popularity of yellow eyewear has also been boosted by the growth of retro-inspired clothing, which combines contemporary elements with nostalgic ones.


Two-tone Frames

Can't pick a colour? The good news is that two-toned frames are also gaining momentum this year. They make a fantastic option for the modern man hoping to showcase his own personal style and adopt a dynamic and memorable look.

Moreover, having unusual glasses can complement your clothing in a unique way for a personalized look that screams, "Trendy!"

Trend 3: Polished Preppy

If standing out is not your thing, then the good news is that there are eyeglass frames to meet your needs. With a minimalist and sophisticated appearance, these glasses are great for the office, especially if you want to leave a good impression on your co-workers.

The Ivy League aesthetic, which is renowned for its timeless and sophisticated elegance, is where the polished preppy glasses trend first emerged.

Keep in mind that the frames on this list have sleek shapes and are often constructed using acetate or metal, drawing inspiration from the eyewear worn by Ivy League students.

They have become a sign of contemporary professionalism and refined tastes over the years, beloved by executives across a range of industries.

Here are some of the most prominent styles that are making a comeback this year:


Thin Metal Frames

Hoping to up your style this year? Thin metal-framed eyeglasses are trending in 2024. The sleek lines and minimalistic appeal ensure that you are left with an elegant and classy look.

Because metal is used in the design, these frames tend to be more durable than those made from other materials, adding to the luxurious appearance.


Geometric Shapes

In the past, frames included various geometric shapes to match the trends of the time. Today, this same style has been adopted and muted slightly to create the perfect contemporary style.

These frames stand out as stylish accessories because of the geometric shapes' dramatic and unique aesthetic. Additionally, guys who want to exhibit their personality without sacrificing a polished image are drawn to their sleek shape and crisp lines.

Moreover, these glasses are ideal for both formal and informal occasions, perfectly balancing the modern man's sophisticated sense of style.


Restrained Colours

Restrained colours, such as black, silver, and gold, are also trending this year because of their classic and timeless elegance.

These glasses work best with a minimalistic style. Black indicates a sense of professionalism and class, and silver and gold touches can be used to add visual interest and a sense of luxury. These glasses generally suit a wide range of skin tones and are suitable for both formal and informal settings.


Trend 4: Quiet Luxury

Have you ever purchased a pair of glasses only to realize that they don't last very long? Quality is always recommended when buying frames. The glasses in this section cater to the modern man who wants excellent workmanship and luxury without looking flashy or overbearing.

Frames Made from High-end Materials

There are a number of quality materials that you can choose from for your next pair of sunglasses or clear frames. They include the following:

  • Titanium. This material offers the benefit of durability. However, unlike other metals, it is lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear. Plus, it is resistant to corrosion and won't cause any allergies, making it a sensible choice.

  • Acetate. Acetate is a plant-based substance made from wood pulp and cotton fibers. Because of its extreme toughness and flexibility, it can be used to create complex designs and eye-catching colour schemes. Many premium eyewear producers prefer acetate frames because they exude luxury.

  • Precious metals, such as gold and silver. These metals, which are often used to adorn glasses with elaborate designs, lend a feeling of exclusivity and grandeur to eyewear creations.


Muted Colours

If you are the kind of person who prefers not to make a bold statement with eyewear, then muted tones can be the perfect option for you. Colours such as grey and olive are great because they go with almost any outfit and can be used to bring out your natural features.

Muted tones also do not overpower your look, so if you want to draw attention to your eyes or other aspects of your appearance, then these glasses can be ideal.


Unique Textures and Finishes

Men's eyewear gains depth and personality from unique textures and finishes. They improve their visual appeal and make a daring fashion statement. These components, which can have a glossy, matte, or rough finish, add visual interest and support the overall design.

Different textures transform eyewear from a purely practical item into a fashionable accessory that showcases the wearer's uniqueness and individuality.

Furthermore, these elements can distinguish a pair of glasses from popular designs, giving men the chance to show off their personal style and stand out from their peers.


Trend 5: Jazz Revival

Flamboyance and an expressive style are what describe the Jazz Revival trend, which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Like many of the styles and recommendations made so far, these glasses add a modern take on traditional aesthetics.

If you want to hop on the bandwagon and take advantage of this modern trend, which draws inspiration from times past, then you can find a few great suggestions in the next section.

Bold Frames

While these frames were recently viewed as "nerd glasses" or old-fashioned goods, they've since made a comeback. With roots in the Jazz era, bold frames are a fantastic option for the modern man who appreciates the fashion of the '20s and '30s.

These hipster style frames can help you make a strong statement and suit various styles and face shapes. If you aim to be on the cutting edge of fashion trends, give these glasses a try!

Unique Shapes

The Jazz era was a time of experimentation where daring shapes and unique designs often found their way to the forefront of eyewear trends. If you want to showcase your personal style and take a step away from traditional designs, then go for something that's a little different.

Explore glasses that are in various geometric shapes and veer away from traditional options, such as square or oval frames, to take advantage of this emerging trend.


Thick Frames

Suppose you are looking for trendy glasses for men that are bold but not too "out there." In that case, thick-framed eyewear is perfect for you.

While these glasses offer unique aesthetic qualities, they still provide a sense of quiet minimalism that can make you fashion-forward in 2024 and help you stand out from the crowd.


Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect pair of modern, trendy men's glasses can seem challenging if you don't know what to look for. However, with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, you are better equipped to make an informed decision.

Whether you prefer classic round frames or lightly tinted glasses and lenses, there's something for everyone at Banton Frameworks.

Some of these recommendations made here might seem far removed from what you're normally used to, but with the freedom of expression making waves in the fashion industry, men are encouraged to embrace their own unique styles.

We hope you have found this article helpful, be sure to check out our Stylish Glasses for Men collection to find your next frame. Or if you are still a little stuck why not check out more of our style articles here.

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