19 best thick frame glasses: Find your perfect pair

19 best thick frame glasses: Find your perfect pair

Fashionable and stylish, chunky glasses are a tempting new look.

But which ones are right for you?

And can you really pull them off?

In this article, we will discuss the different styles of thick-rimmed glasses and how to choose the right pair for your face shape. So, whether you're on the hunt for new glasses styles or just curious about what's out there, this is the guide for you.


What are thick framed glasses called?

Thick frame glasses, better known as full-rim glasses, are characterised by the surrounding material which encompasses the outer-edges of each lens within. Full-rim frames are typically made from acetate (a type of bio-plastic) but can also be made from metal or horn. Vintage full-rim frames were originally made from wood or animal-based materials such as ivory, leather or real tortoise shell.



6 best thick women's thick frame glasses


Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts wearing large square black spectacle frame and white cardigan

Naomi Watts effortlessly embodies a blend of sophistication and vintage charm in the 2022 Netflix mystery thriller series 'The Watcher' donning the iconic Jacques Marie Mage Dealan glasses frame.

This particular frame, known for its thick, full-rim construction, accentuates her features while adding a profound depth to her character's persona. Crafted from high-quality acetate, this rectangular glasses style boast a distinctive thick-rimmed rectangular shape with a slight cat-eye uplift, making them a perfect match for those seeking a balance between retro allure and contemporary elegance.

To get the Naomi Watts look, check out the Cutler and Gross 1391 glasses frame. These thick-rimmed frames are handcrafted in Italy and feature a similar rectangular shape with a flattering cat-eye uplift. The black-on-blue color adds a touch of modernity to the classic design, making them perfect for any occasion.

Three quarter view of thick rimmed black spectacles frame



Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Aniston wearing thick rimmed burgundy eyeglasses

Image credit: US Weekly

Jennifer Anniston brings to life her character in the 2019 drama 'Morning Show' with an added flair of intellect and style, courtesy of her thick-rimmed Havana glasses. These classy thick frame frames, known for their distinguished tortoiseshell pattern, combine both comfort and high-fashion appeal, seamlessly blending with Anniston's portrayal of a sophisticated news anchor.

The glasses feature a bold, rounded square shape that complements her facial features, while the warm tones of the Havana pattern add a subtle yet captivating pop of colour.

For a similar look, check out the Garrett Leight 'Naples' glasses frame. Made from this beautiful 'VINBRT' acetate, these Bordeaux hues are perfect for adding natural looking warmth to your complexion.

Three quarter view of Havana thick frame eyeglasses



Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones wearing thick rimmed black eyeglasses

Image credit: Boston Globe

Rashida Jones, known for her role as Louisa Fenn in the millenium Fox drama "Boston Public", effortlessly merges her sophisticated persona with her notable selection of black, thick-rimmed eyeglasses; a testament to her chic fashion style.

These glasses complement her versatile looks whilst echoing her Harvard intellect. Her stylish rectangular frames (seen above) are a nod to her polished, thoughtful, and creative character.

To get Rashida's look, check out the Cutler And Gross 1406 spectacle frame. These chunky eyeglasses are designed to make a statement with their brutish black frame front and laminated caramel-coloured temple arms.

Side view of thick rectangular black spectacles frame



Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Wearing Thick Black eyeglasses

Image credit: Pop Sugar

As seen above, Kate Winslet is another ambassador for the thick rimmed glasses style. Her stark black frames are big, bold and incredibly dominant against her fair complexion and blonde hair. If you're tempted by large frames, they can be a defining attribute to your appearance, especially if they're as thick as the Celine CL50066I glasses frame.

Side view of large chunky black frame eyeglasses



Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson wearing Thick Rimmed Black Glasses

Image credit: Pinterest

Scarlett Johansson is also a fan of the thick glasses frame style. Seen above, she adorns the ever-popular RayBan Wayfarer in black. Since their release in the '50s, these ubiquitous frames have become one of the most famous glasses styles in popular culture.

Regardless of your face shape, long, round or square, the Wayfarer is a easy go-to if you're tempted by the thick frame glasses style. This versatile shape is the perfect balance between round and square that will ease you-in to this stark but stylish optical look.

Three quarter view of black RayBan Wayfarer eyeglasses frame



Zooey Deschanel

Zoe Deschanel in New Girl wearing blue blouse and thick rimmed glasses frame sitting on leather couch

Image credit: Reddit

Zooey Deschanel, known for her role as the quirky and beloved Jessica Day in the 20th Century Fox sitcom "New Girl", brings her signature vintage flair to life with the iconic Oliver Peoples Sheldrake glasses.

These thick rimmed glasses, with their distinct round shape and keyhole bridge, perfectly encapsulate Deschanel's nerdy style, making them an essential part of her character's look. These glasses, made from 'Cocobolo' acetate have a timeless tortoiseshell pattern, which complement her 'girl next door' appearance and hilarious on-screen demeanour.

Side view of Havana pattern thick frame glasses



13 best thick men's thick frame glasses

Thick eyeglasses have surged back into the fashion spotlight, commanding attention with their bold outlines and distinctive charm. For men aiming to spice up their style or add a layer of sophistication to their appearance, these frames are a steadfast choice. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, thick rimmed glasses convey confidence and a sense of individuality.

Whether you lean towards the classic Wayfarer vibe or something uniquely avant-garde, there's a pair out there to suit your unique personality and face shape. Explore the curated selection below for optical inspiration that promises to elevate your frame game.


Dean Levy

Portrait view of actor Dan Levy wearing oval shaped eyeglasses

Image credit: Pinterest

Actor Dean Levy's eyewear style pays homage to the quintessential '50s, featuring chunky, thick-rimmed glasses that exude a mix of intellectual allure and retro cool. The glasses' exaggerated frame thickness and square silhouette are reminiscent of the era's bold optical fashion.

Men can channel Levy's vintage aesthetic with the Linea B Midnight Havana spectacle frame, which mirrors the classic '50s design with its robust structure and striking dark Havana finish.

Rounded Square Dark Havana Spectacles



Samuel L Jackson

Greyscale portrait of Samuel L Jackson wearing bow tie and clear round spectacle frame

Image credit: Golden Globes

In his typically effortless cool style, Samuel L Jackson often sports clear round spectacles, adding an intellectual yet approachable vibe to his overall look. These glasses strike a perfect balance between contemporary and classic, offering a subtle nod to vintage styles while firmly remaining in the realm of modern sophistication.

The translucent frames lighten the visual contrast on your face, making them a versatile choice for a variety of occasions and outfits. This choice is perfect for those who appreciate subtlety but still want to make a statement.

Thick round clear frame eyeglasses



Jonah Hill

Close view of Jonah Hill wearing round black eyeglasses frame

Image credit: WSJ

Hollywood legend and all-round nice guy Jonah Hill's eyewear signature lies in his choice of dark round spectacles. These thick rimmed frames effortlessly blend vintage style with modern minimalism.

If you're looking to add a sophisticated yet cool element to your choice of glasses, these classic looking frames are a testament to the enduring charm of round eyewear, updated for today's fashion-forward individual.

Transparent Dark Grey Spectacles with Keyhole Bridge



Tom Hanks

Mature male wearing clear frame eyeglasses

Image credit: Variety Magazine

Thick rimmed frames are inherently chunky and can feel very bold on your face. A great way to ease yourself into some chunky glasses is to opt for a thick clear frame made from transparent acetate.

Tom Hanks, an icon of both screen and style, frequently opts for clear square spectacles that embody sophistication and intelligence. These versatile frames are incredibly easy to wear, blending effortlessly with any ensemble, from casual to formal. Constructed from premium quality acetate, these frames feature a subtle grey tint that harmonizes with various skin tones, ensuring a polished appearance.

Front view of square shape clear frame spectacles



Christian Bale

Christian Bale acting as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho wearing pinstriped suit and glasses frame at his office desk

Image credit: Pinterest

In the 2000 cult classic American Psycho, Christian Bale's character, Patrick Bateman, is seen donning round tortoise spectacles that perfectly encapsulate the sleek and sinister aesthetic of his murderous persona.

These frames, with their rich, deep hues and distinctive round shape, add an element of sophistication and enigmatic charm to Bale's sharply tailored suits. Men looking to replicate this iconic look can turn to the Oliver Peoples O'Malley spectacle frame, which mirrors the luxurious and timeless design of Bale's eyewear.

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, the O'Malley frames feature a classic tortoise design that is both versatile and striking, making them a perfect choice for those aiming to channel a bit of Bateman's polished elegance.

Three quarter view of round streaky brown eyeglasses



Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly wearing Thick rimmed black plastic glasses

Image credit: Pinterest

Buddy Holly stands as the quintessential originator of the thick-rimmed glasses trend, famously adorning chunky black cat-eye frames that have since become emblematic of his style. His iconic eyewear not only defined his personal aesthetic but also paved the way for glasses to become a statement of individuality and flair in fashion.

Holly's choice of bold, attention-grabbing frames broke away from the utilitarian view of glasses, transforming them into a symbol of coolness and charisma. These glasses, far more than a mere vision aid, became an integral part of Holly's legacy, inspiring hipsters and countless fashion-forward individuals to adopt similar styles in a nod to his pioneering influence.

Front view of black rectangular thick frame glasses



Michael Caine

Michael Caine Wearing Thick Rimmed Black Glasses

Image credit: Pinterest

Another early adopter to the thick rimmed glasses trend has to be mentioned - Michael Caine. His choice of bold frames became synonymous with his suave London cockney persona, often in burly silhouettes like that seen above.

Frames likes these are super-thick, both in terms of the rim and material thickness of the frame itself. For a similarly bold glasses style, the Cutler and Gross 9289 is a vintage-inspired frame that is sure to make a statement.

Side view of retro style thick black eyeglasses frame



Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman wearing clear acetate glasses in front of dark background

Image credit: Pinterest

Gary Oldman, mainly known for his impeccable acting, also has a strong choice of eyewear, particularly with his clear rectangular spectacles (seen above). These transparent glasses have a subtle aesthetic despite being such a thick frame.

If you're hesitant about stark looking glasses with thick rims, the Linea L Sandstone Ecru offers a less bold aesthetic with it's lightly nude-tinted acetate. This neutral spectacle is a versatile choice which can be paired with any mode or colour of attire.

Transparent beige wayfarer style spectacles



Bill Nighy

Greyscale portrait of mature gentleman holding tea cup wearing thick black spectacles

Image credit: Gentleman's Journal

Bill Nighy's choice of thick black spectacles transcends fleeting fashion trends. This distinctive eyewear choice enhances his distinguished perception with an undeniably sophisticated look. Men aiming to replicate Nighy's glasses style should check out the chunky Cutler and Gross 0692 spectacle frame.

These Italian-made frames are meticulously crafted from cellulose acetate in this mid-century rectangular silhouette. With pronounced thick rims and sleek black finish, this stylish frame is perfect for those seeking to add a touch of refined elegance to their look.

Side view of '50s style thick frame glasses



Colin Firth

Colin Firth wearing thick rimmed eyeglasses frame

Image credit: Pinterest

There are few optical line's designed specifically for film placement. However, the British legacy brand Cutler and Gross famously collaborated with the British multimedia franchise 'Kingsman; for their series of action comedy films.

Worn by actor Colin Firth, one of the most recognisable glasses frames from the Kingsman films were his thick rimmed Pilot style glasses. This iconic design, known for its single-bridge (slightly Aviator) shape adds a retro edge to any ensemble, blending vintage allure with contemporary elegance.

Unsurprisingly, these exact frames weren't just one-off film props. If you're looking to capture Firth's polished aesthetic, you can get the exact Kingsman X Cutler And Gross Galahad 0847 spectacle frame.

Three quarter view of Pilot style thick rimmed spectacle frame



Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds wearing Garrett Leight Glasses on WSJ cover

Image credit: WSJ

Ryan Reynolds often sports a sophisticated yet effortlessly cool look with his choice of eyewear, favouring frames that blend acetate and metal for a sleek, dynamic appearance. These materials combine the best of both worlds: the warmth and Havana of acetate with the strength and slim profile of metal, creating a frame that's both comfortable and sturdy.

Men aiming to replicate Reynolds' distinctive style can opt for the Oliver Peoples Davitt spectacle frame, which mirrors this aesthetic. The Davitt frame, with its refined craftsmanship and timeless design, offers a versatile option for those looking to inject a dash of Hollywood charisma into their everyday look.

Side view of Havana rim, metal bridge eyeglasses frame



Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum wearing thick framed glasses

Image credit: Pretavoir

As one of the most suave and stylish glasses wearers of our era, this blog post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Jeff Goldblum. The silver haired specimen routinely wears thick rimmed glasses which have become an integral part of his refined attire.

For years, Jeff wore chunky Tom Ford glasses, usually in thick angular frame shapes. However, he (and the rest of Hollywood) have fully embraced the decadent and ornate allure of Jacques Mari Mage. Seen above, he wears the now ubiquitous Dealan model; a flagship frame by the Los Angeles luxury brand, handmade in Sabae Japan.

Inspired by Bob Dylan's sunglasses, this stylish spectacle is a contemporary play on the classic wayfarer. It’s 50’s inspired look with slightly flared wings give it that retro feel without looking too ‘costume’.

Thick black eyeglasses frame lying folded on top of white marble surface

Image credit: Jacques Marie Mage



Stanley Tucci

Close view of Stanley Tucci wearing thick rimmed eyeglasses

Image credit: ENTS24

Actor and renowned foodie Stanley Tucci is, by our measure, one of the most stylish spectacle wearers around. Representing the aspiring mature gentlemen, his choice of frames are typically thick rimmed, made from dark broody acetates such as brown or black.

For bald men, bold frame glasses are a fantastic way to bring definition to your appearance. Hairless himself, Tucci embraces chunky rectangular black spectacles that perfectly complement his distinct, polished look.

Men looking to emulate Tucci's stylish look can opt for the Linea J Onyx Black/Havana. This frame’s onyx black colour offers a versatile and timeless appeal, while the subtle Havana temple arms provide a hint of warmth and depth. An ideal choice for those aiming to channel Tucci's sartorial excellence into their own wardrobe.

Black Rectangular Spectacles with Dark Havana temples



Considerations when choosing thick rimmed glasses

Your face shape plays a crucial role in selecting thick eyeglasses because it affects how the frames balance and complement your facial features. For instance, round frames may soften the angular features of a square face, while rectangular frames can add structure to a rounder face. The right style of glasses will help enhance your facial aesthetics, ensuring that the glasses look like a natural extension of your style rather than an afterthought.

Frame colour is an essential consideration when selecting your new glasses (especially thick ones) as it significantly impacts your skin tone and hair colour. Classic black frames offer a sleek and timeless look. Vibrant colours or patterns are much more of a fashion statement. Clear frames are much more subtle.

Frame size is critical for ensuring comfort and optical performance. Glasses which are too large for you will constantly slide down your nose and rest on your cheeks. Glasses which are too small will be uncomfortable to wear and typically make your head look larger than it really is.

Selecting the right frame size ensures that the glasses enhance your features, provide adequate coverage for optimal vision, and contribute positively to your personal style.



Thick rimmed glasses FAQ's

Guy Wearing super thick frames

Why are thick rimmed glasses popular?

Since the mid-noughties, primarily due to the rise of the modern hipster movement, thick spectacles frames have resurged in popularity. With their vintage aesthetic and retro styling, full rim frames worn in the '50's, '60s, '70s and '80s made from thick acetate appealed to the trendsetting nature of early-adopter hipsters. Since then, thick frames have once again become popularised, fashionable and commonplace in today's optical fashion.


Why do some people wear thick glasses?

One of the most flattering and personable aspects to thick glasses frames are the sheer array of colours, patterns and transparencies that acetate has to offer. Unlike rimless or entirely metal wire frames, acetate can bring much more colour and character to your appearance.

Inherently, thick acetate frames pose a much greater opportunity for self expression which is why so many people choose to wear them. They're simply more personable than rimless frames.



Middle aged woman wearing thick tortoise shell eyeglasses frame smiling

Do rimless glasses make you look older or younger?

Due to their sleek and skeletal nature, rimless glasses are invariably very neutral and clinical which can often make you look older. As there's no material surrounding each lens, there's little chance to impart any colour or warmth in your facial perception. Instead, rimless glasses are somewhat soulless in their appearance and their monochrome appearance can add years to your perceived age.


Do bigger glasses make you look younger?

Large full rim glasses (made of acetate) are a good option to make you look younger. Frames with a defined rim such as black, tortoise shell or earthy colours draw attention to your eyes whilst imparting youthful warmth and elevated confidence. Big glasses don't have to be enormous or overly thick to make you look younger. They simply detract from signs of ageing for a flattering optical style.



Greyscale image of woman with long light hair looking confused wearing gradient acetate glasses frame

What shape glasses are most attractive?

For women, large round glasses frames are an easy way to make your face look smaller and more feminine. By means of contrast, large rounded spectacles draw attention to your eyes. For men, bold frames in a rounded rectangular shape bring definition and angularity to your facial structure, yielding confidence and self assurance.

What are thick glasses for?

Thick frames don’t have a specific use as such, but they can help hide very thick lenses. If you have a very strong minus prescription, thick frame glasses will make the lens appear thinner and help contain the lens within the rim. This is because minus (-) prescription lenses are thickest at their edges.



Front view of bearded man wearing thick round eyeglasses frame

Does the thickness of glasses matter?

Thicker frames tend to be more durable and less likely to break. They also provide more coverage for your eyes, which can be beneficial if you suffer from allergies or other environmental irritants. However, thicker frames can also be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Thin glasses, on the other hand, are often lighter and more comfortable. They also tend to be less expensive than their thicker counterparts.

In the end, the decision of whether to choose thick or thin glasses is a personal one. Consider your needs and preferences before making a decision.


Should glasses be wider than your face?

The width of your frames (hinge to hinge) should align with the width of your face at the temples. Any wider and they will likely slide down your nose and rest on your cheeks which can lead to skin irritation and poor optical performance.



Close three quarter view of thick round horn spectacle frame

Image credit: Feaw Handcraft on Instagram

What are horn-rimmed glasses?

Horn rimmed glasses are spectacles made from animal horn. Despite it's misplaced taboo reputation, horn is typically sourced from deceased Ox or water buffalo and has been used to make eyewear for centuries. The natural properties of horn are ideal for spectacle making as it can be easily sculpted, polished and provides ample flexion for prescription lens fitting.

Today, horn rimmed glasses are still produced artisan makers such as bespoke spectacle atelier Masion Bonnet (France) or Feaw Handcraft (Thailand).


Why are horn rimmed glasses so thick?

Generally horn rim frames have to be thicker due to the slightly weaker aspect of the material compared to that of acetate. Although very flexible when heated in water, horn is far more brittle than an equivalent section-thickness of acetate. Subsequently, frame made from horn are generally thicker in stature to ensure longevity and reduced likelihood of splitting during prescription lens fitting.

A secondary factor is that horn can dry-out over time and become less supple. To mitigate brittleness, nourishing cream can be applied to the spectacle frame similar to that of leather balsam.



What are tortoise-shell glasses?

Between the 18th and 20th century, vintage tortoise shell glasses frames were made from the shell of Hawksbill turtles, hence their name. The use of 'real shell' has since been banned in 1973 by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES.)

Thankfully, modern day tortoise shell glasses are made from cellulose acetate; a semi-natural type of plastic which is made from cellulose extracted from cotton and tree pulp. This gooey neutral-coloured compound is dyed and moulded to imitate the mottled tones of the original Hawksbill shell pattern.


Close view of thick round green eyeglasses frame

What are thick-rimmed Pantos glasses?

Panto thick-rimmed glasses is a term used for circular spectacle frames. "Panto" derives from the Greek word "pan", meaning "all" denoting the round lenses have the widest field of vision. Panto glasses were originally designed for use in the theatre, which provided actors with the widest peripheral vision whilst performing on stage.



If you've made it this far, you'll know by now that thick frame glasses are a strong look. In equal measure, chunky frames demand and command confidence. For a strong look, classic black or tortoise acetate frames are the most common frame colours. However, a much subtler option are thick clear frame glasses. Not only are they just as stylish and robust, but they're less jarring against your skin, especially if you have a pale complexion.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other style blogs for more optical inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.