Finding Your Perfect Match: The Best Glasses Frames for Men

Eyewear can refresh your look and communicate your unique style, but you'll hardly achieve this if you don't choose the right pair of glasses with the ideal frames.

Finding the perfect men's glasses won't be easy and requires time, as you'll have to consider many things, such as your face shape, age, hair color, and skin tone.

However, your hard work will pay off because the right design will complement your individual features, highlight your physical attributes, and enhance your overall appearance.

Are you struggling to find the ideal pair of glasses for you? We've carefully crafted this comprehensive guide to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. Read on!

Understanding Face Shape

When searching for the best men's eyeglasses, one of the first things you should do is identify your face shape. Don't know how to do it? Follow the steps described below:

  1. Take a dry-erase marker

  2. Stand in front of your mirror

  3. Trace your face in the mirror

Common Face Shapes

Identifying face shapes is essential to choosing the right frames since there's an option for each type. These are the most common:

  • Oval face shape: These faces are proportional with narrow foreheads and chins.

  • Round face shape: Also proportional, these faces are visually balanced because they have the same length and width.

  • Square face shape: With long foreheads and jaws, these faces are well-defined and proportional.

  • Triangular face shape: These faces often have angular cheeks, but their foreheads are wide. Also, the chins are narrow.

  • Heart-shaped face: As the name suggests, these faces resemble a heart since foreheads are wide and chins are narrow but cheeks are rounded.

  • Oblong face shape: Also classified as "rectangular," these faces are similar to square-shaped faces, but they're longer than they're wide.

  • Diamond face shape: On these faces, cheekbones are the most prominent feature because the forehead and chin are smaller. They're similar to heart-shaped ones but often have narrower foreheads.

Best Glasses Frames for Your Face Shape

There's an ocean of men's glasses styles. Some are classic, maintaining the traditional square or round shape that most people know, while others are bold and boast unique designs that create the most authentic looks.

Most of today's eyeglasses for men differ in one important element: the frame shape. Of course, this can also make or break your appearance.

You shouldn't just pick stylish frames but choose the one that fits your face shape. Thus, it's so important to consider your facial angles. We recommend the following:

Sharp Angles

Does your face have sharp angles? Square, oblong, diamond, and heart-shaped faces fall into this category, for example. By identifying this, you'll be able to make a better choice when picking frames.

If you want to choose the right frame for you, look for a contrasting shape based on your facial angles.

Is your face square or heart-shaped? Curvy or round frames can be excellent options because they'll soften sharp facial angles, giving you a thinner appearance.

This also rings true if you have an oblong, triangle, or diamond-shaped face. Round glasses can draw attention away from your forehead to give you a more symmetrical appearance.

Soft Angles

Oval or round faces are the opposite. These shapes are more delicate and have softer angles. Therefore, square, cat-eye, or aviator glasses might be better options.

By giving more definition to round or oval faces, these frames can make them look smaller while maintaining their proportion.

Although they have sharp angles, heart-shaped faces could also benefit from these frames if they're wider, as these designs can have a similar effect on wearers' appearance.

Choosing Glasses by Face Shape

Below is a comprehensive list of the best frames for each face shape, so you can explore the available options and make the best decision.

  • Round faces: Rectangle, square, aviators, and geometric frames

  • Oval faces: Round, cat-eye, rectangle, square, wayfarer, aviators, browline, geometric, and oval frames

  • Square and rectangular faces: Round, cat-eye, wayfarer, aviators, browline, and oval frames

  • Triangular faces: Round, cat-eye, wayfarer, square, geometric, aviators, browline, and oval frames

  • Heart-shape and diamond faces: Cat-eye, rectangle, wayfarer, browline, and oval frames

Age Considerations in Choosing Frames

Glasses are ageless accessories. Young people can choose vintage round frames, such as those from our Linea G, to create unique outfits inspired by the fashion trends of previous eras, for example.

Older men with a keen fashion sense can wear designs with clear-glasses frames, such as our B-LGHT-GRY, to create modern looks with futuristic vibes.

There are no age limits or rules when it comes to choosing men's glasses styles. However, you'll always make the best decision if you consider certain aspects.

Glasses for Older Men

Men's facial features change as they age, so certain frame styles may become more flattering.

Oval and Round-Shaped Glasses

These options are ideal for older men who aren't sure about which frame to choose. Oval and round shapes are a safe bet for almost any face type and look.

Rectangular or Square-Shaped Glasses

These frames are a popular option among older men because they add a retro appeal to their looks. Plus, they create balance and can soften sharp angles and features on people with angular faces.

Hexagonal-Shaped Glasses

As timeless fashion pieces, hexagonal-shaped frames are suitable for older men who want to look great through the years and exude confidence with every outfit. They're perfect for wearers who prefer masculine looks.

Seniors must consider their special needs to make the right choice. If they should have broad vision at a distance and nearby for reading, for example, men's prescription eyeglasses with larger and wider frames might be the best options.

The Impact of Hair Color on Frame Selection

Although this aspect is often overlooked, hair color can also impact your frame selection when looking for eyeglasses for men.

Your glasses can enhance or soften your hairstyle, but this will largely depend on the frame color you choose. The following are the best choices:

Copper Brown/Red Hair

Warm-toned frames boasting orange, brown, and gold tones can enhance your hairstyle and help you create a balanced look if you have copper-brown or red hair.

Blonde Hair

For people with blonde hair, warm colors might also fit well. Besides gold and brown, tortoiseshell could be an excellent option if you want to create a harmonious look.

However, cool-toned frames could also benefit wearers in these cases. Perhaps the result won't be as flattering, but you'll have an attractive appearance that will reflect your style.

Dark Hair

Black and deep brown frames complement dark hair. However, you shouldn't be afraid of trying other options. Tortoiseshell glasses can add a touch of warmth and texture to your look.

Are you an adventurous and energetic person? Vibrant, bright, and metallic colors, such as red and fuchsia, can help your outfit become a bold one.

Grey Hair

Silver, white, and transparent frames can help people with gray hair create timeless looks, but wearers are also free to experiment with other colors.

Gold, brown, and other warm-colored frames can create a balanced but attractive look by adding warmth. Blue, green, and turquoise glasses could also pair perfectly with gray hair for a calm and relaxed look.

Choosing Frames to Suit Your Skin Tone

The best glasses for men have frames that match wearers' skin tone since the right choice will blend with their face shape and hair color to create an ideal look.

As we mentioned, you can get creative and play around with colors, designs, and sizes to choose frames that truly match your style. However, we want to share valuable information to help you find the best options if you need guidance.

Warm Skin Tone

These skin tones include those that are warm, such as yellow, bronze, or golden. In these cases, the following are the best colors for your frames:

  • Olive green

  • Honey

  • Light tortoise

  • Beige

Bright pink, black, blue, and white are the most difficult colors to create looks with if you have warm skin tones since they aren't complementary but contrasting choices.

Cool Skin Tone

These skin tones indicate a cool complexion, which means they're the opposite of warmer ones. Those with blue and pink undertones fall into this category.

If your skin has a cool tone, these are the best colors for your glasses frames:

  • Black

  • Silver

  • Gray

  • Pink

  • Purple

  • Red

Although you can play around with colors to create a look that reflects your style, the following will be more difficult to work with if you have cool skin and want to enhance your facial features:

  • Yellow

  • Bright orange

  • Dark brown

Neutral Skin Tone

Are you having trouble determining if your skin is cool or warm? In that case, it may be neutral!

Many people have neutral undertones in their skin, although most lean more toward warm or cool tones.

A person with a slight olive undertone on their skin would be considered a warm neutral. In contrast, if your undertone is more like peach, you'd be a cool neutral.

The good news is that people with neutral-toned skin can wear almost any color of glasses frames and look stunning. However, you can consider the previous recommendations to achieve the best results.

Additional Tips for Finding the Best Frames

Choosing the ideal men's glasses style, design, and frame can be challenging and time-consuming, but that's what will allow you to pick an option that is comfortable, satisfies your needs, and complements your style.

Do you still have doubts? Below are additional tips to find the best frames for your glasses:

Don't Ignore the Technical Aspects

Regardless of the design or color you choose, your glasses should have the right size, length, and width. Therefore, you shouldn't overlook these aspects when purchasing yours. Instead, consider these tips:

  • Frame height: The top of the frames shouldn't be higher than the line of your eyebrows. Plus, the lower edge should never sit on your cheeks.

  • Frame width: The space between the temples and your face shouldn't be wider than a finger's width.

  • Lens height and width: If your eyes are centered within the lenses, these frames are just perfect.

  • Bridge width: The bridge should sit properly on your nose for a comfortable experience.

Take Your Specfic Lens Requirements Into Account

Do you need glasses with vision correction? Choose models with frames that are sturdy and deep enough to support lenses with such features.

Define Your Expectations

Are you looking for options that will last for years? Thick-rimmed glasses are produced from a thicker acetate therefore reducing the chance of warpage.

Do you prefer lightweight designs? Metal frames may not be the best option. Choose models that don't weigh more than 25g.

Keep this information in mind when shopping for your new eyewear.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Whether you plan to buy stylish glasses for men or are looking for a pair for everyday wear, the option you choose should be practical.

Flexible frames may be ideal if you're an active person who often engages in activities that require physical effort, for example. Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Then potentially upgrading your lens coatings to include UV coating could be a good idea.

Look at the Color Wheel

Do you want to choose the right colors for your glasses frames? Look at the color wheel and choose complementary colors for balanced looks or contrasting ones for bold outfits.

Final Thoughts

The right pair of glasses won't only enhance your vision but will also play a key role in the way you communicate your personality and style. Frames are also part of this.

If you choose suitable frames based on your physical characteristics and preferences, you'll gain confidence while taking your overall appearance to the next level.

We hope you have found this article helpful, be sure to check out our Stylish Glasses for Men collection to find your next frame. Or if you are still a little stuck why not check out more of our style articles here.




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