Popular men's glasses: round vs square.




Amid modern male glasses, there’s a division of opinion.

A square peg, round hole sort of situation (nearly.)

Searching for a new pair of men’s eyeglasses 2018, you have to decide which side you’re going to choose. Are you more likely to wear a rounded glasses frame or a squarer glasses frame?

Don’t worry, we know there’s much more to consider when choosing your new pair of specs than just the shape of the frame. But this battle between round and square got us thinking about these popular mens glasses frames.

What makes these particular mens eyeglass styles so popular?




Popular glasses for men round style


The founding father of eyewear. Love them or hate them, the round spectacle frame is historically rich.

Dating back as far as the late 12th century, the earliest versions of spectacles were made from two small magnifying glasses with the handles riveted together. Looking at the image further below, you can see the beginnings of this eternally popular mens glasses style. 

Ever since round spectacles had become the archetypal glasses shape. This was due to the shape of primitive lenses found in early telescopes. Optical lenses were always round, so glasses frame were round. Makes sense really...

Today, contemporary eyewear fashion has seen yet another resurgence of this popular glasses shape in mens eyewear trends 2017 and even more so in mens eyewear trends 2018.

Fashion for men’s casual glasses never strays far from the classic round eye shape.


How round glasses for men became popular


Generally, men’s facial structures tend to be lean and angular. In the public eye, this typically masculine face shape is defined by a strong jawline and high cheekbones.

If you're lucky enough to have a face shape like this, you can join the array of celebrities who frequently adorn this timeless glasses style.

It’s these chiselled facial features and bony details that lend themselves perfectly to round glasses frames. These traditionally stylish men's designer glasses frames are a great option if you want to build an educated and refined aesthetic. Look for frames made from age-old materials such as tortoise or black acetate. These are never going out of fashion, ever.

Modernised versions of the round-eye in coloured acetates can be an interesting alternative. Vibrant acetates such as blue, yellow or green can inject modernity to this traditional glasses configuration.


Popular mens glasses round tortoise acetate


“If you have defined cheekbones and a strong jaw, round glasses frames are the ones for you. The softness of this traditional frame-style is going to completely contrast your facial structure to create balance. A truly timeless aesthetic.” 






Popular mens glasses rectangular black frame



In the oceanic marketplace for men’s prescription glasses, you’ll notice the ever-present square boxy glasses frame. For the reserved man, this spectacle style is pretty much the black derby shoe of eyewear.

Square spectacles for men were popularised in the 1950’s. Social icons such as Buddy Holly and Michael Caine iconised the square black spectacle frame we’ve come to know so well. As you’ve discovered, glasses were usually round and this new angular style was a dramatic change to the previous round eye shape.

Far more contemporary and seemingly less antiquated, this new shape of men’s eyeglasses embodied the change in eyewear fashion. Glasses were becoming an item of fashion, rather than a necessary round-lensed optical solution.


Popular mens glasses from the 1950's and 1960's



Bold and masculine, the architectural style of glasses are far more contemporary. These modernised frames are perfect for less defined features and lend themselves to those with softer cheeks and gentler facial characteristics.

Compared to the traditional round style, the straight lines and sharp corners of a square glasses frame appear more assertive and bold.

These are easily one of the most popular mens glasses styles compared to the traditional round-eye.


“People with higher levels of testosterone tend to be wider-faced with bigger cheekbones, and they are also more likely to have more assertive, and sometimes aggressive, personalities”. BBC article, 2015 via Carmen Lefevre Northumbria University,

Furthermore, according to Scientific American, men with wider faces are also reported to have a larger degree of testosterone and are perceived to be more assertive.


Popular mens glasses large black square frame


"Square glasses are far more contemporary than the traditional round-eyeglass style. Boxy, rectangular glasses are a perfect opportunity to create a bold and confident impression. Straight lines and sharp corners are going to assert your confidence and balance a less defined face shape such as round or oval".





Other considerations


How do I choose spectacles?

When choosing your next pair of spectacles, our best advice is to recognise your facial geometry.

If you have a particularly round face, you can balance this with a square glasses frame. Equally, a square head shape can be contrasted with a round men’s eyeglasses style.

In short, choosing spectacles is all about creating contrast to emphasise and harmonise with your personal characteristics.

Here's a free guide on how find the perfect pair of men's glasses.



Download this guide to find glasses for your face shape.




What eyeglasses are in style now?

Men's eyewear trends heading into 2021 will continue to adorn a modern classic aesthetic.

Acetate spectacles in split colourways are expected to remain as a firm favourite with the addition of coloured metals such as rose gold and bronze.

Simplicity is at the forefront of eyewear current trends and the traditional round eyeglasses style epitomises this perfectly.


What eyeglasses are best for my face?

The balance between your facial structure and the shape of your glasses is crucial to finding the perfect pair of spectacles.

We’ve written an extensive article about this which you can access by clicking here: mens glasses styles face shape


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