Gentleman’s style guide: over 50

5 expert style tips for gentleman over 50

Knowing what to wear once you hit 50 can sometimes be a difficult feat.

Christopher Legard, Managing Director at men’s fashion retailer Joseph Turner offers his expert style tips for the mature gentleman.



"Turning 50 doesn’t mean you have to lose your style.

But, once you reach this age, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to look great.

Certain styles can make you look older, while others can really bring out your sophisticated and mature look. To help you find your perfect wardrobe,

I’ll be going through some of my top tips for dressing when you’re a man over 50.”


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Keep it simple and subtle

"As you get older, you’ll probably find yourself leaning more towards the classics, so pick a few essential pieces to feature in your wardrobe.

Invest in a cosy knit jumper and a turtleneck sweater, which you can layer up over crisp shirts, T-shirts and polos. Then, wear them with a quality pair of slim or straight fit jeans or a pair of chinos.

Of course, you should embrace colour at any age, but try to stick to mostly neutral hues if you can. Then, you can brighten the whole ensemble up with one or two statement accessories like a bright tie or even a bold jumper.

Try to keep large logos and bold slogans to a minimum, too."


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Invest in quality tailoring

"When it comes to suits and shirts, the right tailoring is everything.

And, when you reach 50, structure becomes even more important to your wardrobe. Try to find shirts, suit jackets and blazers that fit your body shape, tucking you in around the waist and broadening your shoulders.

A two-button jacket with wide lapels is ideal, as it has a great natural fit that will embrace your frame.

Your trousers should also be the right length and width — you don’t want to look like you’re drowning in your suit, but it doesn’t want to be too tight either."


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Find the perfect pair of shoes

"When you hit your 50s, comfort is everything, but try to stay away from trainers and overly sporty shoes.

Instead, opt for smarter pairs like leather brogues, loafers and deck shoes. For the winter, classic boot styles, like Chelsea and desert boots, will keep your feet warm and dry, and they’ve got a nice mature style that will work well with your winter outfits.

You should also try to go for shoes with rubber soles, as these will give you more comfort, grip and support than leather soles, without sacrificing on style."


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Men's round tortoise glasses | Model: D-TRT


Accessorise in the right way

"No ensemble is complete without an accessory or two and turning 50 doesn’t mean you can’t add a dash of colour or personality to your wardrobe.

Plain silver cufflinks and black socks can look great, but why not go for something bolder? Opt for colourful pieces that reflect an element of your personality, like your favourite hobby, to add a subtle nod to your fun side.


When it comes to glasses, you might be tempted to keep them simple and opt for a rimless pair, but these could actually make you look older. Instead, go for eyewear with soft, rounded edges and thick frames in a warm colour, like black or brown.


Tortoiseshell glasses are ideal for any age. The pattern is very established and timeless, which makes these frames perfect for anyone over 50. Plus, the colour can pretty much be worn with anything.

As for jewellery, big, extravagant pieces are best avoided. Instead, go for a classic watch with a leather strap and small, minimalist accessories, such as a simple ring or leather bracelet."


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Stay on top of grooming

"Style isn’t just about your clothes and accessories because good grooming can really neaten up your look.

To add to your mature style, you might want to consider growing a beard if you haven’t already. This can accentuate your face shape and help make your jaw appear more defined.

Just make sure you trim your beard regularly, and remember that you might need to pay more attention to any extra ear, eyebrow and nose hair, too.

Don’t try to hide your grey hair either. Dying it could end up making you look older. So, instead, take inspiration from silver foxes like George Clooney and embrace your natural colour.

If you’re noticing that your hair is starting to thin, you might benefit from a different haircut. Your hairdresser will be able to suggest the right style for you that will draw attention away from your thinner areas."


"Dressing well in your 50s is easier than it sounds. Just follow my five expert tips and you’ll be looking and feeling great, no matter your age."


Guest post by Christoper Legard, managing director at Joseph Turner


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