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Men’s eyewear trends 2024

This article explores the top trends in men’s eyewear expected to be popular in coming years, as well as some of the classic styles that never go out of style. To get started, hit any of the quick links below and learn more about the latest men’s eyewear trends.


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Men's 2024 trends

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Men's classic styles

Thick frame glasses
Men’s tortoise shell glasses
Vintage Aviator glasses
Men’s clear glasses
Clubmaster glasses



70’s men’s glasses

Greyscale portrait of man wearing large black 70's style eyeglasses

Retro eyeglasses styles are here to stay.

These bold men’s glasses is inspired by popular trends in 70’s fashion and culture. We took inspiration from some of our favourite artists like David Bowie, George Harrison, and John Lennon who regularly wore these frame styles.

70's glasses have an incredibly oversized look, prompting memories of your favourite retro fashions such as bell bottoms and platform shoes. Vintage shapes are common including Aviator frames with bold colours, rounded square lenses, and sunglasses with round wire rims.

Thick '70s style black eyeglasses


Three quarter view of man wearing a beanie hat and oversized acetate Aviator spectacles

Young or mature, any man will suit the 70's glasses style. If you're looking for a confident look, large Aviator or butterfly styles are an incredibly fashionable way to bring your eyeglasses to the fore.

Tortoise shell acetate Aviator style glasses frame


Male actor from the film Argo wearing 70's style eyeglasses

The 70's was a time of experimentation with eyewear styles and the Argo movie gave a great example of the trend. The film took place in 1979 Iran, an era best known for its dark, heavy eyeglasses, long hair and moustaches. These eyeglasses were more than just a fashion statement; they helped cover up the spies who were hiding in plain sight.

Tall square tortoise shell pattern eyeglasses


Ending scene of 2012 film Argo

There's an undoubtedly nostalgic feel to these very large frames. But with the resurgence of beards, corduroy and throwback fashion, 70's inspired eyewear has its place amongst this kind of ensemble.


Grey haired man in street wearing oversized eyeglasses and blue denim jacket

Workwear garments such as denim and open chore jackets are very much on trend for 2024. These authentic-inspired pieces hark back to 'simpler times' and pave way for vintage eyewear such as the bold rimmed Aviator.

Thick rim pilot eyeglasses


Vintage style crimson coloured spectacle frame lying folded


For a bold, vintage look, these pilot-style glasses are handmade from a decadent crimson coloured acetate. With their chunky stature and dominant browline, they exude a '70s style that super on trend right now. A bold style for those who're looking for some statement spectacles.


Young man wearing retro black spectacles with yellow tinted lenses and brown leather jacket

For the ultimate 70's look, stark frame colours are the way to go. Black, burgundy or tortoise acetates all have that retro vibe, especially in enormous frame shapes that dominate your look. (Cravats are optional.)


Blonde haired mature male wearing chunky green coloured eyeglasses pointing at viewer

Bold thick frames are very much on trend for 2024.

The 70's really were the era for dominant eyewear and yield an incredibly confident look. If you're unsure about this style, it's probably because you're just not used to such bold frames.

But with time, they'll be an asset to your confidence and 'in the know' appearance.

Rectangular transparent green acetate spectacle frame




Tinted glasses

Jonah Hill wearing round black glasses with purple tinted lenses

New men’s eyeglass trends for 2024 include bolder, more noticeable glasses.

An emerging style are tinted glasses: clear lenses with a subtle hint of colour. This is an exciting trend because it works with your prescription, but also brings a sense of charisma to your everyday wear.

You can incorporate a lens colour that fits your personal taste, rather than picking from neutral colours that don’t demonstrate your personality.

Thick rimmed black eyeglasses frame by Tom Ford



Front view of curly haired man wearing round wire spectacles with orange tinted lenses

Seems bold?

Tints don't have to be wildly strong. They come in various darkness's but can also be graduated meaning they fade to clear at the bottom of your lenses.

For style and practicality, a slight gradient tint can really elevate your new glasses with added depth and character.

Round gold wire RayBan eyeglasses frame


Jeff Goldblum wearing thick black spectacles with lightly tinted lenses

In today’s celebrity realm, colour tinted lenses have become commonplace in Hollywood's most famous bespectacled wearers. Well-known celebrities have been spotted wearing tinted glasses, ranging from Jeff Goldblum, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt.

Round blue crystal acetate spectacles


Brad Pitt wearing large black eyeglass frame with green tinted glass lenses

Tinted lenses are a great way to incorporate colour to your outfit in addition to the shape and style of your frame. Tints come in a variety of colours ranging from yellow, to blue to green. For that added hue, you can truly be at the forefront of men's optical fashion.

Three quarter view of Marc Jacobs black acetate pilot-style spectacle frame


Christian Bale wearing wire Aviator spectacles with orange lenses looking at viewer

American Hustle is a 70's style satire directed by David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook). Christian Bale plays Irving Rosenfeld, a con artist who wears wire aviators with tinted lenses throughout most of the film. A bold vintage look which suits his witty character perfectly.


Three quarter view of young man wearing round wire glasses with yellow coloured lenses

Prescription tinted lenses are a great way to bring colour to your dress code, but also have the secondary benefit of visual comfort.

By adding a tint, the amount of visible light is therefore reduced. This doesn't protect your eyes form UV light but makes your frame more versatile, especially on bright sunny days.

You can learn more about tinted lenses here.

RayBan gold round wire spectacles


Side view of bearded man in suit wearing blue tinted eyeglasses

Tints come in various colours such as brown, grey, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and blue.

If you're keen on some coloured lenses, aim between 20-40% absorption (ABS) so you can still wear your glasses indoors. Any darker and they'd be more like sunglasses than spectacles.


Seth Rogan wearing thick tortoiseshell spectacles with lightly coloured tinted green lenses

Tinted lenses have been popularised by the likes of Elton John (purple) or Johnny Depp (blue). If you regularly wear a certain colour of clothing, you can really set this off with a matching or contrasting lens tint. 

Who doesn't love some green tinted lenses?

Brown speckled Wayfarer style spectacles





Men’s sustainable glasses

Black male wearing brown thick rimmed eyeglasses made from sustainable recycled plastic

A growing trend in men's eyeglasses frames utilizes sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and wood.

These frames are made by eco-conscious companies who use the most earth-friendly methods possible. Depending on your budget, frames can be handcrafted by artisans, injected from recycled fishing nets or made from recycled water bottles.

Check out our top picks for our favourite sustainable eyeglasses.


Young Asian male wearing sustainably made Aviator glasses with orange tinted lenses whilst laughing

Los Angeles based Bonnie Clyde produce playful, high-quality eyewear designed for comfort and dancing. They take pride in their quality and the standards they hold to be comfortable, built to last, planet-conscious, and sensibly priced.


Clear colour eyeglass frame sitting on stone plinth

The green scene

For thick, full rimmed frames, there's much greater scope for sustainable material use.

To reduce the impact of your eyewear, numerous eco brands prioritise sustainable materials like wood, bamboo, fabric or like above; water bottles. Even if you opt for plastic glasses, they can be recyclable and bio-degradable.

In today's climate conscious era, material-use is becoming more important as these glasses will be part of our lives for a long time to come.


Man with geometric sunglasses on top of his tilted head wearing thick knitted jumper

Summer habits

Don't make your sunglasses a last minute thought. Instead of updating them each summer, why not invest in some ethically made shades which will last longer than your next holiday?

Statement frames like these are a great talking point, especially if they're eco conscious. Spectacles or sunglasses with an ethical spin can be a stylish standpoint for your wardrobe.


Caucasian man with curly hair outside wearing blue rimmed eyeglasses smiling

Increasingly, more new optical brands are taking advantage of recycled materials and new manufacturing processes to make their eyewear. For example, Eco Eyewear use recycled ocean plastic which has been injection moulded to make their eyeglasses.


Black male wearing thick rimmed recylced plastic spectacles looking directly at viewer

Regardless of ethics, frame design and style are always a crucial factor.

Thankfully Genusee have adopted just one but very stylish 50's frame shape with a classic keyhole bridge. Made from water bottles, these frames are great for your style and great for the planet.


Three quarter view of young male wearing blue sunglasses frame made from recycled plastic

Mita also use recycled water bottles to make their frames. In their effort to reduce ocean plastics, their frames use 5 reclaimed PET bottles to make each pair of their sustainable glasses.


Man beside tree adjusting his clear frame eco friendly eyeglasses

Acetate spectacles are commonplace, but do you know what they're made from? Cotton and wood pulp is the primary ingredient for this incredible bio-material which can eventually biodegrade.

To learn more about cellulose acetate click here.


Man with long hair looking over his shoulder wearng round red recycled plastic spectacles frame

One of the leaders of ethical eyewear are See to Sea.

All of their eyeglasses are made in countries that respect workers rights. This way, you can feel good about your purchase. Furthermore, these glasses are crafted with recycled materials, ensuring they are stylish without damaging the planet.




Men’s oversized glasses

Grey haired man staring directly viewer wearing thick red glasses frame

You can achieve a bold and trendy look with a large pair of eyeglasses.

Oversized glasses have been growing in popularity in recent years and are likely to continue to grow more popular through 2024.

If you have a very distinctive face shape, oversized glasses can create balance, drawing attention away from any problem areas on your face. When choosing an oversized frame, choose one that’s big, burly and noticeable.

Here are our favourite looks for the year to come.


David Beckham wearing oversized rectangular glasses

Oversized frames is a style borrowed from women’s fashion. Oversized designer glasses have been seen on various celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake, both of whom wear eyeglasses as part of their personal style choices.

Rectangular square black eyeglasses frame


Black man wearing a red hat and very thick oversized spectacles looking downwards on train
If you have very little hair, or a shaven head, dominant glasses are a great way to bring definition to your face and eyes. Like an oversized watch, you can really make a statement with burly glasses, especially in black acetate.


Side view of white male wearing chunky Aviator spectacles

For a more elegant look, large lensed frame can also be very thin. Like the image above, the frame is very large but with a fine dark rim. This keeps the weight down with the benefit of big lenses to look through. Ideal if you use varifocals.

Slim black men's eyeglasses frame by Tom Ford


Greyscale image of man wearing cardigan and thick black oversized black glasses frame

This flat-top frame has a very austere look thanks to it's straight browline. If you like bold looking frames, why not go for something stark and punchy to really get people's attention?


Three quarter view of Actor Chris Evans wearing chunky oversized two tone eyeglasses

Actor Chris Evans wears these lovely two tone frames. The benefit of this kind of acetate is the assertion it gives your browline, the most expressive part of your face. For a balanced confident look, two tone acetates are usually bold up-top but have a less stark colour in the lower rim. A timeless style, reminiscent of Clubmaster style eyeglasses.

Brown and honey crystal coloured spectacle frame for men




Transparent glasses for men

Side view of a Caucasian man wearing yellow clear frame glasses

Men’s eyeglass styles will follow several trends in 2024.

One of these is the ever fashionable transparent glasses.

Clear glasses frames with anti-glare and blue light blocking lenses are popular amongst young people who want to look trendy and modern.

It’s likely that translucent acetate frames will be favoured by men of all ages for years to come.


Three quarter portrait view of young man wearing very large clear frame eyeglasses and beige coat

First up, the classic crystal acetate frame. Glasses like these have been popular since the 1950's thanks to their neutrality and minimal aesthetics. If you have a colourful wardrobe, clear eyeglass styles prevent clashing with your clothes.

Rounded square crystal grey acetate eyeglasses


Street style view of black male wearing hat and clear glasses listening to music on headphones

For darker skin tones, transparent frames can create a flattering contrast with your complexion. Better still, it leaves room for any colour of clothing you happen to wear, for work or casual settings. Clear frame glasses are a super versatile eyewear choice.


Well dressed man with swept hair and bear wearing yellow tinted acetate glasses

For added warmth, why not go for a tinted crystal acetate? Subtle hues of yellow, blue or green are modern way to inject personality to your eyeglasses with the benefits of a transparent frame front.

Yellow tinted crystal coloured spectacles frame


Jürgen Klopp wearing clear frame glasses

Transparent men's glasses are a great way to showcase your eye colour. If you have strongly coloured eyes, flaunt them behind a crystal acetate frame. The neutral acetate will compliment your eye colour.

Round transparent spectacles frame


Dark haired male looking downwards at handheld camera wearing clear frame spectacles

If you have dark hair, clear acetate spectacles can give a nice degree of balance. This eyeglass style wont wash you out and the highlights will contrast your dark hair and eyebrows nicely. 


Street style view of man wearing clear acetate spectacles frame leaning on ledge

Another benefit of transparent frames is their inherently modern look.

Their transparency showcases the fine details of the frame such as the rivets, hinges and internal hardware. Plus, if you have some anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings (MAR) you'll get these awesome purple and green reflections across your lenses.

Transparent grey walnut shaped glasses frame




Classic men’s glasses

Actor Dan Levy wearing thick Jacques Marie Mage spectacles frame

For men who want to keep it traditional, there are many great glasses options out there.

For starters, you can always try a pair of traditional black acetate frames. These look great with any outfit, and are a particularly good choice for men with smaller faces.

Transparent eyeglasses have been popular in recent years; these let you flash your true fashion sense by mixing metals and shades.

Black-framed aviator frames make a bold style statement, but might not be suitable for all occasions. They work best with casual outfits or if you're trying to appear slightly mysterious (or sexy).

Round frames are less exciting than aviators but they're also more versatile; they'll probably suit most outfits and look great on nearly anyone.

Thick black eyeglasses frame with triple rivet hinges


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Men’s clear glasses
Clubmaster glasses




Thick frame glasses

Three quarter view of bald man with beard and thick rectangular black eyeglasses

This year’s hot trend in men’s eyeglass frames is thick, larger frames.

If you want to make a bold statement with your eyewear, consider choosing a pair of glasses that are edgy and sporty.

Thick rimmed glasses look great with a suit or blazer but can also be dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt. For an extra dose of coolness, try adding hipster-esque rectangular or Aviator frames to create an offbeat ensemble.

Thick rimmed square black spectacle frame


Grey haired man wearing blue speckled acetate spectacles looking into mirror

With their bulky shape and thick temples, chunky glasses are a style that will never go out of fashion. Men have been wearing these since time immemorial. Chunky glasses are best suited to larger faces as it balances out proportions and tonal acetates gives a bit of colour to your look.

For a guide on how to choose the right glasses for your face shape, check out this handy blog.


Man wearing boxy black glasses frame with swept back hair in front of white marble background

For an austere look, black thick frame eyeglasses are a sure bet. Whether you have a pale or warm complexion, square frames like these are an age-old classic. You really can't go wrong with this eyeglass style.


Actor Dan Levy wearing dark brown thick rimmed eyeglasses and pink shirt

For warmth, it's a good idea to stick to earthy natural tones.

Actor Dan Levy is famous for his exceptional eyewear style and wears these brown acetate glasses perfectly. If you have similarly dark hair, warm tonal acetates will give you a friendly, approachable look.

Round brown acetate spectacles with thick rims




Men’s tortoise shell glasses


Tortoise shell is a truly timeless look.

Warm tones make it perfect for any kind of setting, for working or weekending.

Flecks of amber, black and brown have made it the most quintessential patterns since the 1930's. Lately, it’s been trending in all kinds of cool variations, like matte tortoiseshell sunglasses or eyeglasses with a light lens tints for that added touch of style.

Check out these styles for 2024.

Thin brown and amber coloured round spectacle frame


Side view of Japanese man wearing round yellow glasses with tortoise acetate temples

Double trouble

One of the more alternative eyeglass styles in 2024 will be two-tone frames featuring tortoiseshell.

In this example, this chap's frame features differing opacities. A stylish round semi transluscent front and opaque tortoise temples give an impactful look.

A nice balance of modern and classic in one great pair of glasses.

Round transparent yellow spectacles with tortoise shell acetate temples


Blonde haired male wearing classic round tortoise glasses frame

Fine acetates doesn't mean you have to play it safe. Even with thin full-rim eyeglasses, there's plenty of opportunity to wear speckled patterns like tortoiseshell. For the ultimate traditional look, walnut shaped glasses are an absolute fail safe.

Round tortoise shell spectacles for men


Young man with moustache and orange hat looking upwards wearing tortoiseshell windsor rimmed spectacles

Less common but oh so stylish are the classic Windsor rim eyeglasses style. These fine frames use an acetate sleeving around the metal rim for an added touch of colour. This type of frame was popularised by John Lennon and suits literally anyone who wears them. An authentic optical look if you like a traditional aesthetic.

Round tortoise shell Windsor rim eyeglasses




Vintage Aviator glasses

Greyscale portrait of young man wearing large acetate Aviator spectacles

Vintage is a throwback style that will look good with a variety of outfits.

Glasses in deep, rich colours like chocolate brown, dark green and navy blue can help you nail down your retro look without going overboard.

Wire Aviators are very popular among men who want a vintage look with modern features. Thick acetate Aviators have a bolder, more 70's look than wire frames.

These larger lens sizes are great for any type of prescription lenses, especially progressives. Don't be afraid to go big!

Thick black Aviator spectacle frame


Asian man wearing beanie hat and large wire Aviator spectacles

Aviator frames tend to suit those with large heads and soft facial features. Sharp lens corners and an angular crossbar bridge help bring definition to your face.


Portrait of blonde male wearing wire Aviator spectacles and orange jumper

The beauty of Aviator frames are their sheer dominance. Large lenses and the angular frame shape detract from your nose and cheeks and bring all the focus to your eyes. If you have a large nose Aviators are a good way to go.

Gold wire Aviator spectacle frame




Men’s clear glasses

Young black male wearing neutral clear glasses frame standing under tree branch

The clear glasses look is a great option if you don’t want to clash with your clothing.

Clear frames also have an incredibly modern aesthetic, especially with metal hardware and hinges visible within.

If chunky acetates seem too bold for you, clear acetate frames are incredibly forgiving and feel less dominant on your face than dark acetate colours. For guys with softer features, a bold frame may be too much of a distraction.

Plus, clear lenses let people focus on your eyes instead of your glasses.

Here's our top picks for 2024.


Three quarter view of ginger man wearing clear glasses and striped blue shirt

Tinge of the Ginge?

Strongly coloured hair or clothing can often clash with chunky acetate frames.

To compensate, a neutral crystal acetate will balance everything nicely for a suave and modern eyewear style.


Blonde guy wearing yellow tinted clear glasses frame outside

Lightly tinted transparent acetate can bring a fresh look to your repertoire.

A slight tinge of colour can bring definition to your new glasses without being overly dominant. Frame darkness is up to you, but semi-transluscent acetates give you best of both worlds.

Front view of yellow transparent eyeglasses frame


Dan Levy wearing clear eyeglass frame with denim work shirt

Ease yourself in

Clear acetate frames are nice method of getting used to bolder, thicker frame styles.

If you're used to thin or rimless glasses, full-rim frames can often feel very dominant on your face. With clear acetate, you can ease yourself into much bolder, prominent shapes.


Gary Oldman wearing clear acetate glasses in front of dark background

Forever fashionable

Clear eyeglasses are ever-present in optical fashion.

If you want to explore more outlandish frame shapes, lens tints or just want bolder looking frames, clear acetate is the safest bet. There's no risk of clashing with you clothes which makes dressing-for-occasion effortless.




Clubmaster glasses

Three quarter portrait view of black male wearing brimmed hat and coat with clubmaster spectacles touching his face

Clubmaster frames are an utterly classic 50’s style.

Combining wire and acetate together, they really are the best of both.

The Clubmaster is an iconic1950's fashion frame and a cult favourite that continues to be popular among today's hipsters, creatives, and fashion forward men who aren't afraid to go bold.

Here's our top picks for 2024.


Side view of Asian male wearing denim jacket and 50's Clubmaster spectacles in front of white background

The Clubmaster style cam about in the 1950's when designers merged thin wire frames with acetate brow pieces. This gave the wire much greater facial definition with a 'best of both' style which has lasted decades.

If you prefer a slim frame but want more impact, a browline frame gives scope for coloured acetates such as tortoiseshell or havana bringing warmth and depth to your look.

The metal rim, bridge and temples are most commonly silver or gold. Choose which metal which harmonises with your jewellery and accessories for a complete look.

Tortoise shell acetate Clubmaster spectacle frame with gold metal temple arms and nose bridge


Crouching blonde haired male looking up towards viewer through Clubmaster eyeglasses

Do you struggle with frame fit?

Fret not.

Browline frames use swivel nose pads made from silicone, nickel or titanium. These clever little pieces automatically adjust to your nose by tilting. 

Our best advice is to steer away from nickel pads if you suffer with sensitive skin. Silicone or titanium is hypoallergic and reduced your likelihood of developing a rash reaction.

Silver wire and black acetate RayBan Clubmaster spectacle frame


African American man with short beard and Clubmaster eyeglasses touching his head

Arguably, the Clubmaster is one of the most vintage eyeglass styles. But that's not out of hipster irony or faddish novelty.

In terms of design, it brings excellent balance to your face with a heavy upper half. This contrast across your eyebrows yields confidence, class and frankly excellent eyewear taste.

Black acetate and gold metal browline eyeglasses frame




Women's eyeglasses trends 2024

Eyeglass styles are always changing, and 2024 will be no different.

What’s hot in 2024 eyeglasses may not be the same as what’s hot today, but knowing what’s on the horizon can help you get a head start on planning your eyewear wardrobe.

That way, when you purchase a new frame, you won’t be lost in the selection process! Here are some of the biggest trends we expect to see in eyeglass styles this year.


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Women's 2024 trends

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Women's tinted glasses
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Women's classic styles

Cat eye glasses
Women’s clear glasses
Wire frame glasses
Geometric glasses
Thin frame glasses



70’s women’s glasses

In 1972, women had a wide variety of eyewear styles that they could choose from. Retro shades were inspired by vintage shades from 1968 and 1969, plus new cat-eye frames reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor's iconic look in Cleopatra.

Women also started wearing men's style aviator sunglasses in 1972, as well as large tortoiseshell glasses that brought back an older 1950s style. Of course no fashion era would be complete without a set of cat-eye sunglasses and round frames also made it into stores in 1972. 

Check out examples below of popular retro 70s style that’ll be hot in 2024.


Women's Retro Style Sunglasses Acetate


Woman wearing hippie style sunglasses


Perfect for summer, these vintage-inspired shades are a throwback to hippie culture. With colorful frames and fun cat eye shapes, these retro glasses will be your new accessory.

Not only do they look great on any face shape, but also go with most outfits and hairstyles, even if you're not looking to channel your inner flower child.


Woman wearing cat eye spectacles


70s style woman wearing spectacles


We all know that cat eye glasses frames are one of trendiest eyeglass frames.

They provide a bold look without being too overbearing and help you stand out in any crowd. Even though cat eye eyeglasses frame styles were originally created for women, they have been very popular among men as well lately.

Some are more subtly shaped than others and suit most face shapes. So if you are looking for a style which is a bit more feminine a classic cat-eye may be the right choice for you.

Tall havana pattern cat eye glasses for women


woman wearing large retro aviator spectacles

Oversized glasses for women are one of those trends that never go out of fashion.

Retro looking glasses such as aviator frames will be huge next year. Why have a small, subtle frame when you can have a large one that stands out?

Aviators come both square and in round options. So depending on your face shape dictates which would be best for you.

Choosing a more angular aviator if you have softer rounder features; or if you have more angular cheekbones or jaw line a classic round aviator would be the best choice for you.


Close up view woman wearing large tortoiseshell shades



Round eyeglass frames

Bit more of a bolder look for 2024 is the super oversized round glasses frame.

Generally wire rimmed instead of acetate, as due to their size would may be a bit of the heavy side for some wearers. If you are looking for something of a statement piece these supercharged round frames could be your new look for 2024.


Woman wearing oversized round sunglasses

Retro styles are going to come back in fashion again and tortoiseshell glasses frames have always been a big hit among fashionistas. These retro frames would look best on those with round faces or heart-shaped faces.

Oversized round eyeglasses with tortoise shell rims


Woman wearing hippie style round sunglasses



Tinted glasses

2024 will see an increase in subtle tints to RX lenses.

Just as it’s important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it’s important to protect your eyes.

And while we wouldn’t suggest wearing sun lenses all day, if you want a little tint, pick up some lightly tinted lenses—they offer great protection against both UVA and UVB rays. But also look effortlessly cool and continuing that 70’s chic theme.


Meryl Streep wearing light grey tint eyeglasses

Subtle grey tint

If it’s good enough for Meryl Streep it’s good enough for us. Meryl has been wearing subtly tinted eyewear for many years now. A slight grey tint as seen on Streep will help with any eye strain or fatigue. It also won’t distort the colours of the outside world too much either.

Semi transparent grey cat eye glasses for women


Woman wearing oversized yellow tinted eyeglasses

Subtle yellow tone

Looking to improve your focus and concentration? That’s exactly what yellow tinted lenses do, they also help improve your speed of reading.


Woman wearing light brown tinted shades

Brown tint

Ideal for those who are near-sighted or myopia, brown tints can help reduce eye strain. Especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors as it helps you see better contrast.



Woman wearing light green tinted eyeglasses

Green tints

Looking to reduce stress and anxiety? A subtle green tinted lens helps to relax and calm the mind and body. This shade also helps improve your creativity.


Woman wearing light blue tint eyeglasses

Blue tints

Choosing a slight blue tint to your prescription will help awaken your mind, improve energy levels making you feel less tired or lethargic. If you are into outdoor activities or sports this may be the best colour tint for you.




Women’s sustainable glasses

Woman wearing Amanite eyeglasses

Based on research, women are more eco-friendly than men.

They recycle more and use less energy when it comes to driving, so it makes sense that sustainability is a common element in eyewear trends.

Many companies have started creating eco-friendly sustainable glasses frames and lenses made of recycled materials and using optical technologies that are not only stylish but help save energy by allowing less light in through each lens.

For example, a number of companies make sustainable titanium eyeglasses frames out of 100% recycled titanium, which is also biocompatible with many prescription lenses as well as prescriptive sunglasses and photochromic lenses.

If you’re shopping for your next pair of women’s glasses , look out for these styles with an eco-friendly stamp.


Woman wearing fully recyclable eyeglasses


Made from a thermoplastic polymer developed by this eyewear brand  specifically to produce their own frames. It is 100% fully recyclable, and what’s more the material is strong enough to not require wire cores.

Reducing the number of components and allowing for even easier recycling. These stylish frames for women will give you that look you want with an environmental peace of mind that your frame can be recycled after you're finished wearing them.


Woman wearing eyeglasses made from PET plastic bottles

Glasses made from recycled PET bottles

These cool women's frames are designed with upcycling in mind. All produced from PET plastic drinks bottles provides a fantastic way to re-use what would otherwise be waste.


Woman wearing sustainable wooden glasses


Woman wearing eco friendly wooden eyeglasses


Women's wooden eyewear

Due to the brittle nature of wood, this material usually means frames have to be chunkier than the average women’s glasses. However, company Rolfe have developed their own lamination techniques which allow for slim, stylish and feminine shapes unlike any other wooden eyeglasses brand.


Woman wearing glasses made from ocean plastic


Woman Wearing eyeglasses made from marine plastic


Women's eyeglasses made from marine waste

These stylish frames have all been produced from rubbish collected from the worlds oceans! 1kg of ocean plastic is collected for every frame produced as well. So while looking fantastic in your new glasses you can rest assured you’re doing you bit for the planet at the same time!




Oversized glasses

Woman wearing large thick acetate eyeglasses


Oversized eyeglasses are a classic style from bygone eras, and they have recently seen a huge comeback in popularity.

These retro glasses have been worn by pop stars such as Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato, as well as actors on some of today’s biggest TV shows such as Stranger Things.

Not surprisingly, these cool frames were also sported by some of history’s most iconic figures—think Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Although giant sunglasses might not be ideal for people with tiny facial features, they can actually make you look younger if they balance out your face shape.

This style makes sense when you consider how much larger faces appear when seen through oversized lenses.

Bold black cat eye glasses frame with thick browline and gold details


Woman Wearing oversized butterfly style eyeglasses


These heavy set thicker rimmed examples of oversized style for 2024 is definitely for those looking to make a statement.

Oversized eyeglasses frames for women is popular in 2021 and expected to remain so in 2024. This trend for women’s eyewear was started by supermodels who love oversized sunglasses styles.

Expect to see more celebrities wearing oversized glasses frame for women in 2024, and even more trendsetters will embrace oversized glasses shapes in their style.

Oversized glasses frames are perfect to create a vintage, retro look with a modern touch.


Looking for something a little more subtle?

Try these lighter weight rims which are still in keeping with the oversized trend but not quite as dominating on your face.


Woman wearing oversized gold wire rim eyeglasses


Woman wearing black acetate extra large eyeglasses



Clear rimmed glasses

Woman wearing clear acetate retro aviator eyeglasses


There’s a reason why clear, transparent eyeglasses have become so popular in recent years: there’s something very elegant about a pair of glasses that let your eyes take center stage.

That said, we should point out that not every woman will be able to pull off these kinds of frames. Check out the styles below for some cool examples set to be popular amongst women in 2024.

Oversized crystal clear acetate Aviator eyeglasses frame


Woman wearing clear round eyeglasses


Not ready for crystal?

Try a slight hue of pinks, grey or nudes to add a little colour to your eyewear. These shades will blend and suit pale skin tones nicely. A matte frosted finish can also work well for those looking for something less glossy and shiny.

Women's honey tinted crystal spectacles


Woman wearing frosted matte clear eyeglasses


Woman wearing grey transparent eyeglasses


Round transparent acetate spectacles for women




Stylish eyeglasses for women

No matter what shape of face you have, there’s a classic, timeless eyeglass style for you.

From cat-eye glasses that complement a round face, or ultra-thin rectangle frames that add angularity to a long face – we’ve gathered everything from square faces and heart-shaped faces – so you can choose your new favourite pair of glasses!

If you don’t know where to start looking – be sure to check out our complete guide on choosing eyewear styles first.

Once you know what type of glasses best suit your facial features – it becomes easier to figure out which styles will compliment your overall appearance!


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Cat eye glasses

Woman wearing vintage cat eye style glasses

Cat eye frames have been in fashion, ever since Audrey Hepburn became synonymous with her iconic style.

Today, women are opting for cat eye eyeglass frames again and again thanks to their flattering shape that accentuates eyes and cheekbones. Plus, there’s no denying that these stylish frames give a retro-inspired feel, making them a firm favorite among fashionistas. 

If you’re not sure what type of frame suits your face best or you’re looking for a pair of glasses that can be worn day or night then a classic cat-eye frame may be just what you need.

'50s style black acetate cat eye glasses frame


Jennifer Lopez wearing cat eye style eyeglasses

Jennifer lopez has been seen sporting several pairs of cat-eye frames over the years. Classic and timeless go to for many women - even JLO.


Val garland wearing retro cat eye glasses

BBC’s popular cult hit show Glow Up featuring make up artist extraordinaire Val Garland is never seen without sporting her striking, bold, cateye spectacles. This iconic looks keeps Val looking ageless and classy as the series’ go on.

Black rimmed cat eye spectacles frame




Women’s clear glasses

Blonde haired female wearing yellow crystal eyeglasses eating an apple

If you’re a fashion-conscious woman looking for an upgrade from your average black or brown metal frame, translucent and transparent plastic frames are the perfect alternative look.

Translucent and transparent coloured eyeglasses typically come in light pastel shades like pink, green and blue, so they’re ideal if you want a soft and subtle style.


Three quarter portrait view of young man wearing very large clear frame eyeglasses and beige coat


Woman wearing transparent yellow large frame eyeglasses


Woman wearing transparent cat eye style glasses

Around from the early days of the dreaded NHS prescription spectacles of the 50s and 60s these transparent styles have remained a constant. Looking for something subtly chic and elegant, a crystal clear frame will stand the test of time.

Yellow transparent eyeglasses frame for women with silver rivets and hinges



Woman wearing large transparent pink eyeglasses


Woman wearing crystal acetate spectacles




Wire frame glasses

Blonde woman wearing retro style gold wire aviators

If you are looking for something that has been a classic and stylish look since it was first introduced, then you will definitely want to take a look at wire rimmed frames.

These classic eyeglasses have been in style for over 100 years and there is no reason why they won’t continue to be. There are so many different styles of wire rimmed frames out there, as well as manufacturers that specialize in making these types of frames.

The key to choosing an eyewear frame with traditional wire rims is just taking your time and being patient. Go online or go into stores that specialize in these kinds of eyewear products; if you know what looks good on you then choosing them should be a breeze.

Gold rimmed RayBan wire Aviator spectacles frame


Jennifer Aniston wearing gold aviator eyeglasses

Jennifer Aniston has been sporting wire rim aviators for years. Most recently though on the much anticipated Friends reunion show. This classic looks comes fresh from the 70’s but still standing the test of time.


Woman wearing rose gold wire eyeglasses


Brunette woman wearing rose gold round wire spectacles


Another classic example of wire rims is the undeniably the round eye or ‘panto’ rim. Looks fabulous on women with delicate features and in search of something with a slight vintage feel to it.

Round gold wire eyeglasses frame by RayBan


Woman wearing black metal rimmed eyeglasses



Geometric glasses

Woman wearing geometric style eyeglasses

Geometric frames have a bold look that’s perfect for women who want eyewear that will draw some attention.

Since they come in so many different shapes and styles, there are plenty of ways to wear them. Geometric frames tend to be more suitable on square and heart shaped faces, but can also work on rounder face shapes as well.

Make sure you consider your face shape when picking out new glasses; different frame styles work best with different facial features.

Geometric frames are generally quite simple in form, almost 2d in nature. Which in contrast can create quite a bold look.

Check out the examples below:


Woman wearing bold black geometric square sunglasses

Hexagonal and even octagonal glasses frames suit many women's faces, especially those with softer, rounder facial features. Contrasting your softer features with sharper angles may be the best way to go.

Chunky square black sunglasses frame by Tom Ford


Woman wearing hexagonal style glasses

Bold square shapes

These frames are for the faint hearted, but for those amongst us brave enough to don this style of eyeglass frame will remain looking futuristic for years to come. 

Suited more to a larger head size, as those with smaller features may be too swamped by a frame as large as this.


Woman wearing bold colourful round eyeglasses

Perfectly round frames. 

You may assume that a lot of classic glasses are perfectly round, but it’s actually quite rare to find a frame that is a perfect circle.

Namely in our opinion for prescription lens fitting reasons to ensure the lenses don’t rotate within the frame, throwing off the axis of your prescription.

However, it is a bold style which can be seen from the examples below.


Woman wearing white half rimmed round eyeglasses


Woman wearing white rimmed geometric eyeglasses


Woman wearing white round eyeglasses




Thin frame glasses

Woman wearing large square thin rimmed eyeglasses

Thin glasses can even help round out features.

However, it’s not just their stylishness that makes thin eyeglasses so popular; these kinds of glasses are also lighter, making them more comfortable and easier to wear.

While there aren’t as many styles available in a thin frame shape as there are in thicker frames, you will find plenty of options from most high street brands.

We’ve given our top picks for thin frames below:


Sarah Jessica Parker Wearing Eyeglasses in Just Like That

Get the look of Sarah Jessica Parker with this large rectangular metal rimmed glasses frame. Larger frame is contrasted well with a lightweight metal material which keeps the style looking effortlessly elegant and not too dominating on the face. 

Geometric thin wire eyeglasses frame


Oprah wearing large round thin framed glasses worn during Harry and Meghan interview

These frames worn by Oprah during the much anticipated Harry and Meghan interview were a hot topic of discussion amongst glasses wearers more than the interview itself! These flat, thin lightweight rims are contrasted well by their large round shape.

See some examples below to get Oprah’s style, but maybe a little less bold.


Woman wearing white thin framed eyeglasses



Woman wearing white rimmed thin spectacles



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