Eyeglass styles | 2024 Ultimate guide to trends & classic eyewear

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If you’re looking to level-up your glasses game, this spectrum of stylish spectacles have been curated for your optical inspiration.

From classic frames with modern twists to bold and unique designs, there’s something for everyone in this 2024 eyeglass styles guide.


Men’s eyewear trends 2024

Men's vintage eyeglasses

Greyscale portrait of man wearing large black 70's style eyeglasses

Vintage eyeglasses styles are here to stay.

These bold men’s glasses is inspired by popular trends in 70’s fashion and culture. We took inspiration from some of our favourite artists like David Bowie, George Harrison, and John Lennon who regularly wore these frame styles.

70's glassess Tom Ford TF5822-B have an incredibly oversized look, prompting memories of your favourite retro fashions such as bell bottoms and platform shoes. Vintage shapes are common including Aviator frames with bold colours, rounded square lenses, and sunglasses with round wire rims.

Thick '70s style black eyeglasses



Three quarter view of man wearing a beanie hat and oversized acetate Aviator spectacles

Young or mature, any man will suit the 70's glasses style. If you're looking for a confident look, large Aviator or butterfly styles are an incredibly fashionable way to bring your eyeglasses to the fore.

For a retro aesthetic, check out the David Beckham DB 7087 086. These frames are a modern take on the classic 'Pilot style' glasses with a bold double bridge and thick Havana acetate frame. The thick acetate temples add to the vintage charm, making it the perfect choice for those who want to channel their inner 70's fashion icon.

Tortoise shell acetate Aviator style glasses frame



Male actor from the film Argo wearing 70's style eyeglasses

The 70's was a time of experimentation with large eyewear styles and the 2012 Argo movie gave a great example of this trend. The film took place in 1979 Iran, an era best known for its dark, heavy eyeglasses, long hair and moustaches.

As seen above, enormous glasses like the Gucci GG1003O are a must-have for recreating the look of the 70s. These bold square frames feature thick acetate with subtle tortoise detailing on the frame temples, adding a touch of sophistication to the oversized style.

Tall square tortoise shell pattern eyeglasses



There's a very nostalgic feel to these retro-inspired frames. But with the resurgence of beards, corduroy and throwback hipster glasses, 70's inspired spectacles have a strong foothold in 2024 optical fashion.

Ending scene of 2012 film Argo



Grey haired man in street wearing oversized eyeglasses and blue denim jacket

Workwear garments such as denim and open chore jackets are very much on trend for 2024. These authentic-inspired pieces hark back to 'simpler times' and pave way for vintage eyewear such as the bold rimmed Aviator.

For a bold, vintage look, these pilot-style glasses are handmade from a decadent crimson coloured acetate. With their chunky stature and dominant browline, they exude a '70s style that super on trend right now. A bold style for those who're looking for some statement spectacles.

Vintage style crimson coloured spectacle frame lying folded



Young man wearing retro black spectacles with yellow tinted lenses and brown leather jacket

For the ultimate 70's look, stark frame colours are the way to go. Black, burgundy or tortoise acetates all have that retro vibe, especially in enormous frame shapes that dominate your look.

The Cutler And Gross 9289 frame is a perfect example of this. The oversized square frame is made from a unique, striped green havana acetate, giving it an eye-catching vintage feel.

Side view of vintage style tortoise shell eyeglasses frame



Blonde haired mature male wearing chunky green coloured eyeglasses pointing at viewer

Bold thick frames are very much on trend for 2024.

The 70's really were the era for dominant eyewear and yield an incredibly confident look. If you're unsure about this style, it's probably because you're just not used to such bold frames. After some getting used-to, they'll be an asset to your confidence and 'in the know' appearance.

For a thick frame glasses style, check out the Linea J Midnight Havana spectacle frame. These frames feature a thick rectangular Havana acetate front and temples, giving a modern twist to the classic retro look. These glasses are sure to elevate any outfit and add that extra bit of edge.

Rectangular dark Havana pattern eyeglasses



Men's tinted eyeglasses

Man wearing thick frame eyeglasses with purple tinted lenses

New eyeglass trends for men in 2024 feature bolder and more eye-catching designs. One emerging style is tinted glasses, which feature subtle colour tinted lenses. This slightly retro trend can be made to your prescription whilst adding a little more charisma to your everyday look.

This is your chance to experiment with lens colours that resonates with your personal style, allowing you to showcase your personality. The Linea D glasses frame in Viridian green acetate is a prime example. The subtly tinted lenses give a playful yet sophisticated touch to this bold glasses look.

Large Transparent green Spectacles



Front view of curly haired man wearing round wire spectacles with orange tinted lenses

Are tinted lenses in style?

Yes, tinted lenses are definitely in style. They have been gaining popularity in recent years and are a great way to add some personality to your eyewear. Tinted lenses come in a variety of colours and darkness levels, making it possible for everyone to find a shade that suits their dress and lifestyle. They also offer practical benefits such as reducing glare and improving contrast in certain lighting conditions

Tints don't have to be wildly strong. They come in various darkness's but can also be graduated meaning they fade to clear at the bottom of your lenses. A set of round wire glasses with colour tinted lenses are '60s look that John Lennon would surely approve of.

Three quarter view of round metal wire eyeglasses frame



Jeff Goldblum wearing thick black spectacles with lightly tinted lenses

In today’s celebrity realm, colour tinted lenses have become commonplace amongst Hollywood's most famous bespectacled wearers. Well-known celebrities have been spotted wearing tinted glasses, such as Jeff Goldblum, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt.

As worn by Jeff himself, the Tom Ford TF5379 glasses a '50s style thick rimmed frame which look excellent with his lightly brown tinted lenses. Neutral black glasses like these look great with Transitions (photochromic) lenses in brown, grey or green.

Side view of thick frame Tom Ford eyeglasses



Three quarter view of bearded man wearing vintage pilot shape eyglasses with brown tinted lenses

Tinted lenses are a great way to incorporate colour to your outfit in addition to the shape and style of your frame. Tints come in a variety of colours ranging from yellow, to blue to green. For that added hue, you can truly be at the forefront of men's optical fashion.

Vintage inspired glasses work especially well with coloured lenses. For a truly vintage aesthetic, the Lite 009 Alpine Oak is a single-bridge Pilot style frame with warming Havana hues. A light brown lens tint adds a subtle touch of colour, making the glasses standout without being too bold.

Front view of light brown Pilot eyeglasses frame



Three quarter view of young man wearing round wire glasses with yellow coloured lenses

Are tinted lenses the same as sunglasses?

Yes - tinted lenses and sun lenses are the same. Both use a coloured dye to darken the lenses which reduces the amount of visible light they transmit. Their darkness can be controlled for visual comfort as well as for fashion purposes. However, regardless of their darkness level, they must always provide you with UV protection against the sun's damaging rays.

For 2024, round wire frames are very much on trend. Fitted with lightly tinted lenses, they can look very fashionable as an indoor and outdoor eyewear accessory. A lost cost option are the Ray-Ban Round Metal RB 3447V spectacles with a gold wire rim and tortoise acetate temple tips.

Round Ray Ban wire frame eyeglasses



Black male wearing brown thick rimmed eyeglasses made from sustainable recycled plastic

Men’s sustainable eyeglasses

A growing trend in men's eyeglasses frames utilizes sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and wood.

These frames are made by eco-conscious companies who use the most earth-friendly methods possible. Depending on your budget, frames can be handcrafted by artisans, injected from recycled fishing nets or made from recycled water bottles.

Check out our top picks for our favourite sustainable eyeglasses.


Round black glasses frame being hand fitted with metal pad arms

5 best sustainable eyewear brands


Handmade in Ukraine, Ochis are the world's first recycled coffee eyewear brand. Their sustainable frames are made from coffee grounds and other natural materials, including wood and cotton. Not only are these frames eco-friendly, but they also have a unique look with a subtle coffee scent.



Spanish brand Sea2See creates stylish eyewear frames using recycled marine plastic collected from the Mediterranean Sea. Their mission is to clean up our oceans while providing quality eyewear and timepieces.


Proof Eyewear

Founded in 2010, Proof Eyewear is another sustainable eyewear brand that uses repurposed woods, cotton-based acetate and recycled aluminium to create their frames. They also give back to underdeveloped communities by funding sight-restoring surgeries for those in need.


Eco Eyewear

ECO Eyewear is a brand under MODO, a company dedicated to sustainable eyewear. Their frames are made from recycled stainless steel, ocean plastic and bio-based materials, such as castor seeds. They also partner with non-profits to plant trees for every frame sold.



Genusee is a US-based eyewear brand that turns plastic water bottles from Flint, Michigan into stylish frames. Their mission is to not only create sustainable eyewear but also provide jobs for the community and support their local economy.


Clear colour eyeglass frame sitting on stone plinth

The green scene

For thick, full-rimmed frames, there is a wide array of sustainable materials available for use. Many eco-friendly eyewear brands prioritize materials such as wood, bamboo, fabric, and even recycled water bottles to lessen the environmental impact of your glasses.

Even if you choose plastic frames, they can still be recyclable and biodegradable. In today's environmentally conscious world, the choice of materials is increasingly vital as eyewear plays a lasting role in our daily lives.



Men’s oversized eyeglasses

Front view of bearded man wearing thick round eyeglasses frame

Achieve a masculine and fashionable look by wearing large-style eyeglasses.

Oversized frames have surged in popularity and are projected to remain on-trend through 2024. This style is ideal for fashion-forward gents who want to make a statement with their eyewear.

Men’s oversized glasses are available in various shapes, including square, round and Aviator. These frames offer a bold look that is perfect for both casual and formal attire.

Here are some of our favourite looks for you to browse.


David Beckham wearing oversized rectangular glasses

Back in the '70s and '80s, oversized glasses were just... regular glasses. Big and bold, these dominant frames were the norm with enormous lenses and thick-rimmed frames. As seen above, British footballer David Beckham wears his DB 7020 807 thick frame glasses.

Boxy looking frames like these suit long, round or oval face shapes. The angular details help visually 'sharpen' your cheeks for a more balanced and define look.

Side view of large thick frame black eyeglasses



Bald black manwearing thick blue coat and thick black spectacles in street

Similar to pilot or Aviator style glasses, these straight-brow frames exude a strong aesthetic. If you're bald up top or have very short hair, opting for a bold set of frames can bring a masculine touch to your look.

The Linea D spectacle in Onyx Black stands out with its D-shaped lenses and flat brow design. Crafted from high-grade acetate, this burly frame brings definition to your face asserting a confident look to onlookers.

Thick black retro style spectacle frame lying folded on beige background



Side view of white male wearing chunky Aviator spectacles

For a more elegant look, large lensed frame can also be very thin. As seen above, the Tom Ford TF5869-B frame is very large but with a fine dark rim. This keeps the weight down with the benefit of big lenses to look through. Ideal if you use varifocals.

Three quarter view of black Aviator style eyeglasses frame



Greyscale image of man wearing cardigan and thick black oversized black glasses frame

This flat-top frame has a very austere look thanks to it's straight browline. If you like bold looking frames, why not go for something stark and punchy to really get people's attention?

The Tom Ford TF5634-B is a bold looking frame with a heavy upper half and thick temple arms. The jet black acetate and signature T hinge accents adds a luxurious touch to the overall look, perfect for those who want to make a statement with their eyewear.

Side view of very thick black eyeglasses frame



Three quarter view of Actor Chris Evans wearing chunky oversized two tone eyeglasses

Actor Chris Evans wears these lovely two tone frames. The benefit of this kind of acetate is the assertion it gives your browline, the most expressive part of your face. For a balanced confident look, two tone acetates are usually bold up-top but have a less stark colour in the lower rim. A timeless style, reminiscent of Clubmaster style eyeglasses.

Front view of gradient two tone rectangular shape eyeglasses



Men's transparent eyeglasses

Side view of a Caucasian man wearing yellow clear frame glasses

Are clear frame glasses in style 2024?

Yes, transparent glasses for men have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their versatile and modern look. Compared to fully opaque spectacle frames, clear frame glasses are much less dominant on your face. They offer a subtle yet stylish touch to any outfit, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Transparent frames also work well with different face shapes and any type of skin tone, making them a great choice for all men. One of the most popular shapes for clear eyeglasses is the walnut/oval style like the Saint Laurent SL 523 006 frame seen below.

Side view of round clear frame eyeglasses



Close view of man wearing clear frame eyeglasses drinking coffee from white cup

Will clear glasses go out of style?

Clear frame glasses are a timeless style and are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. They offer a classic and sophisticated look that can easily be incorporated into any outfit. Additionally, clear frames have been around for since the mid-century and have maintained their popularity throughout the years, proving their staying power in the world of fashion.

If you have very cool tones in your skin, a lightly tinted crystal acetate is a good way to bring warmth to your complexion. The Linea L glasses frame in this Sandstone Ecru acetate offers a subtle 'nude' hue.

Front view of nude crystal eyeglasses frame



Side view of hipster man with moustache and round clear glasses wearing floral shirt

Clear frame glasses offer a versatile and stylish option for men, easily complementing any outfit and facial shape. Unlike bold, thick-rimmed glasses, clear frames deliver a subtler, more elegant look that enhances rather than overpowers the face. This makes them a prime choice for those who embrace a minimalist yet fashionable aesthetic.

Their transparent design ensures compatibility with both casual and formal wear, adding a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair. Frames like the Linea K in Arctic Grey stand out as perfect examples for men who prioritize fashion and functionality, allowing for personal expression without compromising their look.

Round transparent frame spectacle frame lying folded on beige background



Mature man with grey hair adjusting his round clear eyeglasses frame with one hand

Do clear glasses suit grey hair?

Clear frame glasses are especially flattering for mature men with grey hair, as they offer a harmonious balance that complements your natural silver tones. The translucent quality of clear frames ensures that they don't clash with the cool, understated elegance of grey hair.

Furthermore, clear glasses frames carry a contemporary vibe that can inject a subtle, modern twist into your overall look, proving that style transcends any age barrier. Their versatility and timeless appeal make clear glasses an excellent accessory for adding a touch of class.

Thick clear frame oval shape eyeglasses frame



Street style view of man wearing clear acetate spectacles frame leaning on ledge

Transparent frames offer an inherently contemporary aesthetic. Their clarity reveals the intricate details of the frame, including the rivets, hinges, and internal hardware. Moreover, if you opt for anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings (MAR), captivating purple and green reflections on your lenses are even more prominent for a premium, high-end look.

If you find crystal frames to be overly light, you should consider a grey smoked acetate like the Oliver Peoples Riley. This transparent acetate is lightly tinted which gives greater depth and slightly more contrast against your skin.

Three quarter view of round transparent spectacle frame



Young black male wearing neutral clear glasses frame standing under tree branch

Do clear glasses look good on dark skin?

Yes, clear glasses can look fantastic on dark skin tones. The contrast between the transparent frames and darker skin creates a striking visual effect, making your glasses a statement piece. They also allow your natural features to shine through without overwhelming or overpowering them.

Additionally, clear glasses frames are incredibly versatile and can be paired with a wide range of outfits and styles. Whether you're going for a professional, sophisticated look or a more casual and laid-back vibe, clear glasses can elevate your overall appearance.

Side view of thick transparent frame glasses



Three quarter view of ginger man wearing clear glasses and striped blue shirt

Do clear glasses look good with ginger hair?

Clear frame glasses are a superb choice if you have ginger hair, as their neutral colour does not compete with the vibrant hues of red and orange typically found in ginger hair tones. This neutrality ensures your glasses complement rather than clash with your hair colour, making it easier to pair with a wide variety of clothing and accessory colours.

As seen above, the transparency of the Gregory Peck glasses frame 'makes room' for the strong shades of ginger hair. These classic round glasses are the perfect eyeglasses if you struggle to balance colour with your fiery locks.

Side view of circular frame clear eyeglasses



Blonde guy wearing yellow tinted clear glasses frame outside

Who looks good in clear frames?

Clear frame glasses look good on almost everyone, regardless of age or gender. These frames are versatile and can be paired with different outfits and styles, making them a go-to choice for many people.

Furthermore, clear glasses are a nice way to get used to wearing thicker frames. If you previously wore rimless or semi-rimless spectacles, clear acetate will seem much less dominant on your face despite being a more chunky stature.

Front view of yellow transparent eyeglasses frame



Men's thick frame eyeglasses

Actor Dan Levy wearing thick Jacques Marie Mage spectacles frame

Are thick framed glasses in style?

Yes, in 2024 thick frame glasses are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their bold aesthetic and somewhat retro styling. Thick, full-rim frames add a bold and trendy touch to any outfit, making them a fashion statement of perceived intellect and confidence.

Due to the boldness of chunky eyeglasses, it's important to choose a frame that suits your face shape. The safest styles are typically rectangular or slightly rounded frames as they tend to look the most classic. As seen below, the Linea E spectacle is semi-rounded rectangular shape with a keyhole nose bridge - a timeless look for any man who seeks a thick rimmed frame.

Transparent Dark Grey Spectacles with Keyhole Bridge



Man in grey sweater wearing thick frame square eyeglasses

Should I wear thick eyeglasses?

Yes, thick eyeglasses are a great choice for men looking to make a stylish statement with their eyewear. Not only do they add a bold and trendy touch to your overall look, but they also offer more durability compared to thinner frames.

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to wearing thick eyeglasses - it ultimately depends on personal preference and how confident you feel in them. If you're considering a thick set of frames, a boxy frame shape such as the Linea A is a great way to balance out round or oval face shapes.

Front view of thick square black spectacles frame with tortoise pattern temple arms



Jeff Goldblum wearing thick framed glasses

Who suits thick eyeglasses?

Thick eyeglasses can be a flattering and bold choice for anyone looking to make a fashion statement with their eyewear. However, certain face shapes may suit this style better than others.

For example, those with a round or oval face shape can benefit from wearing thick rectangular spectacles as they help balance out the softer curves of their features. Rectangle or boxy frames can also add sharpness and definition to rounder faces.

On the other hand, individuals with angular, well-defined faces may want to opt for slightly rounded frames to soften their angles. Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing thick eyeglasses is finding a frame shape that complements your unique facial features and personal style.

Three quarter view of chunky black eyeglasses frame



Man wearing boxy black glasses frame with swept back hair in front of white marble background

For a sophisticated and commanding appearance, eyeglasses with thick black frames is a fail-safe option. Popular amongst men during the '70s and '80s, burly glasses gave the impression of confidence and sophistication, a trend that's made a return for 2024 and 2025. For those seeking a bold and striking look, the Cutler and Gross 9289 presents a retro, vintage-inspired design that is sure to make a statement.

Side view of retro style thick black eyeglasses frame



Actor Dan Levy wearing dark brown thick rimmed eyeglasses and pink shirt

Not everyone can pull-off a stark black glasses frame. For some, opaque black can be too overpowering against your skin. If that sounds like you, perhaps an earthy coloured translucent acetate is a more forgiving option.

Actor Dean Levy's choice of eyewear pays a stylish tribute to the iconic '50s, showcasing chunky, thick-rimmed glasses that blend intellectual charm with a touch of retro chic. The exaggerated thickness and square shape of the glasses nod to the era's fashionable optical trends.

Men aiming to replicate Levy's classic vintage look should consider choosing the Garrett Leight Jack glasses frame. These glasses reflect the iconic 1950s style through their robust construction and mottled brown acetate.

Three quarter view of amber coloured thick frame eyeglasses



Men’s tortoise shell eyeglasses

Man in street wearing suit and round tortoise shell glasses frame

The warming hues of tortoise shell acetate makes it ideal for any wearer, no matter your face shape or skin tone.

Since the 1930s, its distinctive flecks of amber, black, and brown have made this speckled pattern a perennial-cool optical style.

Recently, there has been a revival in its popularity, with modern twists like matte finishes and lightly coloured lens tints for added flair. Explore these stylish trends for 2024.




Are tortoise shell glasses in style 2024?

Yes, tortoise shell glasses are definitely in style for 2024. They've been a timeless and versatile choice for decades and show no signs of going out of fashion anytime soon. In 2024, you can expect to see more variations of tortoise shell glasses, from traditional browns and blacks to bolder colour combinations.

If you have a long or oval shaped face, you should consider wearing rounded glasses frames. Not only do they have a timeless preppy aesthetic, but they help balance your facial features without looking too stylised or overly bold. A good example of this is the Cutler And Gross 1356 with earthy shades of black, honey and crimson.

Three quarter view of chunky tortoise shell spectacle frame



Side view of Japanese man wearing round yellow glasses with tortoise acetate temples

Double trouble

In 2024, one standout trend in eyewear will be two-tone frames, particularly those incorporating tortoiseshell. Take, for instance, this gentleman's eyeglasses, which play with varying levels of opacity. They boast a chic, round semi-translucent front paired with opaque tortoise shell arms, creating a striking visual impact.

Handmade in the UK, the Linea K two-tone tortoise shell glasses is a hybrid of modern and classic aesthetics, resulting in an exceptionally stylish pair of glasses.

Round yellow crystal eyeglasses frame with tortoise pattern temple arms



Mature man wearing round tortoise pattern spectacles

Fine acetates doesn't mean you have to play it safe. Even with thin full-rim eyeglasses, there's plenty of opportunity to wear speckled patterns like tortoiseshell. For the ultimate traditional look, walnut shaped glasses are an absolute fail safe.

Possibly one of the most famous eyeglass styles are the O'Malley spectacles by the luxury Los Angeles optical brand Oliver Peoples. These sophisticated spectacles are made from a muted semi-matte tortoise acetate providing a nod to vintage style.

Slim round tortoise shell glasses frame on white background



Man wearing Windsor rim eyeglasses touching his cheek behind the lens with one finger

The classic Windsor rim eyeglasses, though less common, exude unparalleled style. These exquisite frames feature an acetate sleeving encasing the metal rim, introducing a subtle touch of color. Popularized by John Lennon, this eyewear flatters everyone who dons them, offering an authentic optical look if you appreciate a traditional aesthetic.

For a slender but sophisticated eyeglass style, check out the Oliver Peoples MP-2 glasses frame. Fine filigree detailing, adjustable nose pads and tortoise acetate trims make these frames a classy option for men who prefer lightweight glasses.

Three quarter view of round wire eyeglasses frame with tortoiseshell acetate Windsor rim



Men's Aviator eyeglasses

Greyscale portrait of young man wearing large acetate Aviator spectacles

Are aviator glasses in style?

Yes, aviator glasses are still in style and have been a popular eyewear choice since the 1930s. These iconic frames were originally designed for pilots, but have since become a fashion staple for men who seek large glasses frames.

One of the key features of Aviator glasses is their large, teardrop-shaped lenses that provide ample multi-directional vision. The Cutler And Gross 1394 is a prime example of this popular style, with its oversized lenses and sleek black frame. If big glasses frames are your thing, this enormous frame is the perfect 'statement' style.

Side view of thick black Pilot style eyeglasses frame



Mature man wearing Aviator eyeglasses frame

Do Aviator glasses look good on everyone?

If you're tempted by a large lens glasses frame, Aviators are a universally flattering glasses design. The upper brow line of these frames is typically straight (or flat) which brings definition and structure to your facial appearance. Meanwhile, the rounded lower rims compliment your cheekbones for a balanced look.

For some, Aviator glasses can incredibly dominating which is why the Projekt Produkt RS9 is a more subtle option for wearing as spectacles. The smoked grey acetate rims and slim metal profile give these glasses just the right contrast against your skin, without being too overbearing or 'shouty'.

Front view of clear acetate and wire double bridge eyeglasses frame



Man sitting in artist studio wearing cream jumper and wire rimmed Pilot glasses frame

The revival of a timeless favourite, wire Pilot glasses boast a distinctive double-bridge and wide lenses. This style of frame is perfect for offsetting longer or triangular face shapes, making it an excellent option for those seeking a lightweight yet substantial frame.

A contemporary take on the iconic Aviator design is seen in rounded Pilot glasses like the Oliver Peoples Reymont frame. Their more rounded lens shape makes them more suitable for prescription glasses than the usual Top Gun-style frames.

Side view of round Pilot glasses frame



Men's Clubmaster eyeglasses

Young male wearing Garrett Leight Elkgrove semi rimless glasses frame

Are semi rimless glasses in style?

Yes, semi rimless glasses are very much in style for 2024. These 'top heavy' style frames are a mid-century classic that have resurfaced as a hipster eyeglass style. Also known as 'browlines', these semi-rimless glasses are a hybrid of metal frame with acetate 'caps' which naturally draw attention to your brows - hence their nickname.

Semi-rimless glasses were originally designed by Shuron Ltd in 1947 for their subsidiary "Ronsir" optical brand. These combination-style glasses were hugely popular during the '50s and '60s thanks to their interchangeable components which offered wearers' a unique opportunity for personalisation.

Today, semi-rimless glasses remain as one of the most popular eyeglass styles. A prime example are the Garrett Leight Elkgrove spectacles made from a semi-transparent acetate and brushed silver rim.

Three quarter view of semi rimless glasses frame with brown transparent acetate brow caps



Three quarter portrait view of black male wearing brimmed hat and coat with clubmaster spectacles touching his face

Are Clubmasters for guys?

Yes, Clubmaster glasses are a very suitable, not to mention stylish option for guys. Due to their 'top heavy' appearance, the thick acetate caps across the top of the frame draw attention to your eyes and brows. This gives these glasses a sophisticated and assertive look which makes them perfect for men who want a slightly retro and lighter weight format of glasses.

Semi-rimless glasses are indeed unisex, but there's a certain masculinity that Clubmaster glasses possess that make them such a great option for men with just about any face shape. If you find that round frames are a little too bold on you, semi-rimless glasses are a slightly less 'out there' eyeglass style.

For a low cost option, one of the most famous semi-rimless frames are those by RayBan. Since 1947, Clubmasters have become so well known that the original browline name has been replaced!

Three quarter view of RayBan Clubmaster eyeglasses frame



Close view of man wearing Clubmaster style eyeglasses frame

Are browline glasses good for round faces?

Yes, browline glasses are good for round faces as they balance out the softness of your cheeks and jawline. The thick upper half of the frame linearly intersects your face, creating definition and structure around your eyes and brow line. This contrast helps your face look more structured, thus making your face seem less round.

Although browline glasses are very round/oval in their lens shapes, it's the 'top heavy' look to these frames that make them an exception to usual rule that 'round glasses don't suit round faces'.

To create the strongest contrast across your browline, opt for frames that use dark acetate colours such as Havana or black.

Three quarter view of Havana pattern brow line eyeglass frame



Bald man with moustache arms folded wearing white shirt and Clubmaster eyeglasses frame

Do you struggle with frame fit?

Fret not.

Browline frames use nose pads made from silicone, nickel or titanium which swivel to the width of your nose. Furthermore, they can be also be adjusted by hand, allowing you to bend the metal pad-arms to be either wider or more narrow for your nose.

Our best advice is to steer away from nickel pads if you suffer with sensitive skin. Silicone or titanium is hypoallergic and reduces the likelihood of irritation or an allergic reaction.

The Cartier CT0378O browline glasses feature silicone nose pads which provide gentle but secure grip on your nose. Paired with the luxurious black acetate, exposed temple cores and chrome silver rims, they're a luxury semi-rimless frame for men.

Three quarter view of black and silver semi rimless eyeglasses frame



Women's eyeglasses trends 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of women's eyewear trends continues to evolve, reflecting both a nod to the past and a leap into the future.

This year, we're seeing an exciting blend of retro revival and innovative design, with eyeglasses that not only enhance vision but also serve as bold fashion statements.

From oversized glasses that hark back to the glamorous '70s to sustainable materials making a strong statement about the future of ethical fashion, the trends for 2024 are diverse and distinct.

Get ready to explore the rich tapestry of designs, materials, and colours that will define women's eyewear in 2024.


Women's vintage eyeglasses

Greyscale portrait of woman wearing gradient two tone eyeglasses frame

Are vintage eyeglasses in style?

Yes, vintage inspired frames like cat-eyes, round-eyes, and transparent eyeglasses are proving to popular eyeglass styles in 2024 for fashion-forward women. Chunky frames in these shapes are very much on trend, with '50s and '60s styling in mind.

As seen above, full-rim frames in two-tone acetate yield a retro aesthetic to any outfit. To replicate this old fashioned but stylish look, check out the Linea J spectacle frame. These gradient glasses are both stylish and elegant, perfect for any modern woman looking to add a touch of vintage charm to their eyewear collection.

Rectangular two tone gradient spectacle frame



Female leaning on car door smiling waring oversized vintage eyeglasses frame

Are retro eyeglasses in style?

In 2024, retro style eyeglasses have made a major comeback, with oversized frames being the most popular choice. Inspired by the enormous eyewear fashion of the '60s and '70s, full-rim, and semi-rimless spectacles are very on trend.

As worn in the image above, pilot-style glasses are a large and dominant look. With large-sized glasses being the preferred style in 2024, you can achieve this style with the Lite 009 Rosso Red. These oversized frames are bold and effortlessly cool, perfect for adding a touch of retro chic to your daily aesthetic.

Front view of Havana pattern vintage eyeglasses frame



Women with long brown hair wearing Windsor rim eyeglasses frame

The return of Windsor rims

Vintage frames can take many varieties and formats, spanning decades of optical fashion. However, one of the lesser known but oh-so fashionable eyeglass styles are Windsor rim glasses.

These slender spectacles are a delicate balance of a wire rim frame, intricately embellished with fine acetate trim. If you prefer lightweight glasses and seek a vintage aesthetic, Windsor rims are a nice way to add a touch of colour to your appearance. Instead of being entirely metal, the patterned tortoise trim brings subtle warmth to these fashionable frames.

A beautiful example are the Garrett Leight Wilson spectacles, featuring a speckled tortoise rim and acetate temple tips.

Three quarter view of round Windsor rim eyeglasses with Havana pattern trim



woman wearing large retro aviator spectacles

Can women wear Aviators?

Oversized glasses for women are a great look which makes Aviators a great option for a bold yet vintage optical style. These iconic frames have been a popular choice since the 1930s and continue to be a fashionable accessory for both men and women in 2024.

Traditionally, Aviator glasses were wire rimmed with tear-drop shaped lenses. However, they can take many different shapes and styles including thicker geometric versions like those worn (above).

If you have a round face with soft cheeks and jawline, square lens shapes like the Saint Laurent SL 596 help create angularity and contrasting definition to your face.

Three quarter view of oversized Havana Aviator eyeglasses frame



Women's cat eye glasses

Portrait of mature woman with dark hair wearing beige coat and thick black cat eye glasses frame

Are cat eye glasses in style 2024?

Yes, cat eye glasses are continuing to be a popular style in 2024. This vintage-inspired frame has been around since the 1950s and has made multiple comebacks throughout the years. The iconic upswept corners of cat eye glasses add an instant touch of femininity and glamour to any look.

However, as with all trends, cat eye glasses have evolved over time. In 2024, we can expect to see variations in the classic shape such as thicker frames, bolder colours and even geometric twists on the traditional silhouette.

The Tom Ford TF5880 cat eye glasses are a big and bold style that feature an internally bevelled rim. Sculpted details like this help modernise the cat eye as a modern day classic.

Thick black frame cat eye glasses by Tom Ford



Young blonde woman wearing clear frame cat eye spectacles and green jumper

Who looks good in cat eye glasses?

Cat eye glasses are a versatile style that can suit a wide variety of face shapes. However, they typically flatter those with heart-shaped, oval or square faces. The upswept corners of the frame help to balance out and soften the angles of these face shapes.

Additionally, cat eye glasses tend to look especially good on those with high cheekbones and defined jawlines, as they help to accentuate these features.

If dark acetate frames are too stark on your skin, perhaps a crystal cat eye glasses frames would be a better option for you. If you're fair haired or just prefer less-bold looking frames, the Dita Amorly DTX is a beautiful gold and crystal cat eye that is understated yet sophisticated.

Three quarter view of luxury clear frame cat eye glasses



Front view of woman wearing dark brown cat eye spectacles frame

Do cat eye glasses suit round faces?

If you have soft cheeks, jawline and chin, cat eye glasses can help give angularity and definition to your face. Round or oval faces can benefit from the characteristic upward-pointed lenses of cat eye glasses which create structure and contrast to your otherwise softish features.

The softer your face, the more 'pointed' your cat eye frame should ideally be. A classy example is the Garrett Leight Star spectacle; a flowing, feminine frame in a warming tortoise shell acetate pattern.

Side view of tortoise shell pattern cat eye glasses frame



Woman in striped sweater wearing vintage cat eye glasses frame

Will cat eye glasses suit me?

Whether you have a square or round face, cat eye glasses are a versatile and flattering eyeglass style for women of all ages and skin tones. The upper outermost corners of these '50s inspired glasses are what give their feminine aesthetic which can work for any woman looking to add vintage chic to their appearance.

As seen above, her square facial features are softened by a slender cat eye frame. The tall lens shapes help visually 'lengthen' her face for a balanced facial appearance. For a similar cat eye style s seen above, her square facial features are softened by a slender cat eye frame. The tall lens shapes help visually 'lengthen' her face for a balanced facial appearance. For a similar cat eye style check out the Gucci GG0026O spectacle frame.

Tall havana pattern cat eye glasses for women



Women's round wire eyeglasses

Close view of woman smiling wearing round wire spectacles

Are wire eyeglass frames in style?

Yes, wire eyeglasses are definitely in style for 2024. This classic and timeless frame style has been a popular choice for decades as it compliments many face shapes, skin tones and skin colours . The thin metal frames add a subtle touch of sophistication and can easily enhance any outfit.

The minimalistic design of round wire eyeglasses is perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. They're also a great choice for those with smaller facial features, as the thin frames won't overpower your face.

Check out the Oliver Peoples OP-47 eyeglass frame for a modern twist on this classic style. The round lenses are encased in a thin metal frame with a hint of colour at the brown acetate temples.

Side view of round wire eyeglasses frame with brown acetate temple tips



Young woman behind glass window wearing round wire rimmed eyeglasses frame

Are wire glasses attractive?

Yes, wire glasses can be very attractive. They have a minimalistic and sophisticated look that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The thin metal frames also allow the focus to be on the wearer's face, making them a great choice for those who want to emphasise their eyes and facial features.

Wire glasses are also versatile and can suit a variety of styles, from classic to modern . They can be dressed up or down, making them a great option for any occasion. In recent years, many fashion icons and celebrities have been spotted wearing wire glasses, solidifying their place in the world of fashion and style.

For a slightly thicker wire glasses style, have a look at the Garrett Leight Paloma glasses frame. These Windsor rim frames are dainty, gold wire but with an inner black acetate rim that helps accentuate your eyes.

Three quarter view of round gold wire spectacles with black acetate Windsor rim



Women's tinted eyeglasses

Woman in blue sweater with orange tinted Aviator eyeglasses frame

Are tinted glasses in style?

Reminiscent of '80s optical fashion, glasses with lightly tinted lenses are back in style. They add a touch of nostalgia and playfulness to any outfit compared to plain ophthalmic lenses. Lenses can be made in a variety of colours and darknesses, from pastel pink to bold yellow, allowing for a fun and unique look.

However, tinted lenses can be more than just a fashion statement. They also serve a practical purpose by reducing visible light which can help alleviate eye strain or light sensitivity . As long as they provide UV protection, they can be a great option for style and visual comfort on those brighter days.


Are tinted glasses the same as sunglasses?

Yes, if tinted lenses provide UV protection they are the same as sunglasses. However they may be visually less dark than what you'd expect from recreational sunglasses as it depends on how much visible light they transmit.

The more visible light lenses absorb, the darker they will be to look through. The less visible light they absorb, the lighter they'll be. However, UV light is invisible, therefore keep in mind that darkness has nothing to do with UV protectivity and is merely a way to determine visual comfort.



Young woman wearing thick frame Aviator spectacles with lightly orange tinted lenses

That vintage vibe

Tinted lenses evoke a vintage aesthetic, especially when paired with large glasses styles such as Tom Ford Falconer-02 frame, due to their strong association with iconic fashion trends of the past, particularly the '60s and '70s. This era celebrated bold, experimental looks with oversized accessories making a significant statement.

Three quarter view of thick black Aviator spectacles with lightly tinted yellow lenses



Ginger haired lady wearing very large wire Aviator eyeglasses with lightly tinted orange lenses

All time classic

The Ray-Ban Aviator stands as a timeless icon in women's fashion, embodying a blend of classic elegance and bold assertiveness. Its sleek, metallic frame and distinctive pilot shape makes this frame a flattering eyeglass style that complements a wide range of face shapes.

The RB 6489 model is a descendant from the original 'utility' frames worn by WWII fighter pilots. The large tear-drop shaped lenses create an oversized look that makes any woman's' face seem smaller, more dainty and ultimately, more feminine. With some lightly tinted lenses, you can take these classic glasses to a whole new level of retro chic.

Large gold wire rimmed Aviator eyeglasses frame with tortoise temple tips



Side view of woman wearing thick tortoise shell eyeglasses with blue tinted lenses

Blue tints

Known to have a cooling, calming effect on your psyche, blue tinted lenses are also a stylish look for any glasses wearer. They complement a variety of skin tones, giving off a crisp and 'Hollywood' sort of look. Plus, blue lenses are great for reducing glare, making them perfect for outdoor activities like driving or spending time near water or snow.

Fitted to a tortoise shell pattern frame, lightly blue tinted lenses are an easy way to impart more depth and personality to your choice of glasses. As seen above, her thick tortoise shell frame is beautifully offset with those sapphire panes.

Side view of Havana pattern flat-top Pilot style eyeglasses frame



Women's oversized eyeglasses

Close view of woman wearing very thick flat top eyeglasses frame

Are oversized glasses in style 2024?

Oversized '70s style glasses are back in fashion for 2024 and have been seen on many celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. These statement frames are a great way to add some drama and glamour to your look. From round to square shapes, there's an oversized frame for every face shape.

Flat top frames stand out as a bold glasses style, distinguished by their minimalist and austere aesthetic. These glasses boast a geometric design with a prominent linear brow line, making them a striking choice for those desiring to make a fashion statement.

Tom Ford offers an exquisite collection of flat top glasses crafted from black acetate, featuring their signature 'T' hinge design. For enthusiasts of bold and substantial frames, the TF5634-B model is an impeccable choice.

Three quarter view of thick black flat-top eyeglasses frame



Woman with blonde hair wearing oversized tortoise eyeglasses holding books above her head

Oversized tortoise shell frames

Square tortoise shell glasses have an enduring appeal and widespread popularity. Their rectangular shape provides definition and angles to your facial features, making them an ideal choice for individuals with round or oval faces.

For those seeking an oversized, everyday glasses style, the Garrett Leight Earvin glasses frame stands out as a perfect selection. These bold, oversized glasses combine shades of dark brown, amber, and honey to create a sophisticated, striking look that complements any outfit.

Three quarter view of square tortoise shell spectacles frame



Young woman wearing very thick oversized spectacles

Who looks good in oversized glasses?

Oversized glasses are a versatile choice and can complement various face shapes. However, they are most suited for women with round or oval faces due to their angular, often dominant frame design.

Large boxy glasses such as the Cutler And Gross 1397 help balance out the natural curves of these face shapes, providing definition and structure to the overall look.

Additionally, individuals with strong facial features such as prominent cheekbones or a defined jaw line can also pull off the oversized glasses look effortlessly. These frames add a touch of sophistication and style to any ensemble, making them a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals.

Three colour variants of retro style spectacles frame



Close view of Jackie O wearing large oversized sunglasses

The OG of oversized glasses

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, affectionately known as Jackie O, was the First Lady of the United States from 1961 to 1963, married to President John F. Kennedy. She was renowned for her timeless fashion sense, which included a specific fondness for oversized spectacle frames. These glasses became one of her signature accessories, symbolizing both elegance and mystery.

Jackie O's style choices, including her preference for large, bold frames, significantly influenced fashion trends and elevated the status of oversized glasses to an icon of chic, sophisticated style. You too can replicate her eyeglass style with the Tom Ford TF5769-B frame.

Side view of oversized butterfly spectacle frame



Women's clear rimmed eyeglasses

Side view of young brunette lady wearing clear frame eyeglasses

Are clear eyeglasses in style 2024?

Yes, clear frame spectacles are on trend for 2024 thanks to their neutral aesthetic and versatile nature. Transparent frames made from acetate are less bold on your face and suit the vast majority of skin tones. This why they remain such a popular style for men and women.

Clear frame glasses offer a unique and versatile look that can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. They blend seamlessly with any outfit, making them a must-have accessory for those who want a subtle yet chic look.

Round Transparent beige Spectacles with tortoise temples



Woman with tied up brown hair wearing white shirt and clear eyeglasses frame

Not ready for crystal?

Lightly 'nude' tinted clear acetate glasses are the perfect accessory for adding subtle warmth to your complexion without overpowering your features. Their gentle hues catch the light beautifully, casting a soft, flattering glow on the face that can brighten your appearance and add a touch of color, especially during the colder months.

For those looking to experiment with this style, the Cutler And Gross 1378 in this aptly named 'Granny Chic' acetate offers an understated elegance. This stylishly round frames has a subtle tan colour to the acetate for a gently warming hue.

Round tan crystal eyeglasses frame



Woman wearing transparent yellow large frame eyeglasses

Continuing the theme of nude-coloured glasses are these large square spectacles. Notice how the boldness of the frame design is softened by the almost imperceptible blush tint. The Lite 001 Sandstone Ecru from Banton Frameworks offer a minimalistic yet sophisticated look that can elevate any outfit without being too overpowering.

Their contemporary 'boxy' design makes them versatile for any face shape whilst the rose gold temples add an feminine touch to compliment the sandstone crystal acetate.

Large nude crystal eyeglasses frame



Ginger haired woman wearing round clear frame eyeglasses

Tinge of the ginge?

Clear frame eyeglasses are a fantastic choice for women with ginger hair, providing a subtle elegance that complements rather than competes with your vibrant hair colour. Transparent frames act almost like a natural extension of your facial structure, allowing your bold and beautiful shades of ginger hair to remain as the focal point.

By their nature, clear frames such as the Oliver Peoples Cary Grant don't overshadow delicate facial features, such as freckles, allowing them to shine through. This transparency creates an effortless balance, enhancing your natural beauty without the need for bold frames that might otherwise be too dominating.

Oval shape clear frame eyeglasses


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