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How are glasses made?

As Scotland's only eyewear manufacturer, we wanted to show you how glasses frames are made. Here's a step by step guide to how we make our frames.

Glasses manufacturer UK

Collaborate with Scotland's only eyewear manufacturer to create unique spectacles & sunglasses. Designed & made right here in Glasgow Scotland.

Glasses design guide

Your free PDF guide to designing glasses frames. It's easy to use & can be printed infinitely. Start creating your own bespoke glasses design, today.

Sunglasses design guide

Your chance to design your own pair of bespoke sunglasses using this handy template guide. Click to download your free designing sunglasses PDF kit.

We the spectacle makers

Yes, really. We make spectacle frames. A rare skill to have, especially when other “spectacle makers” are better at making social-noise than making glasses frames. Because the reality is, there’s...

Acetate explained

What the heck is cellulose acetate? Click to discover this fantastic bio-plastic, how & where it's made and why we use it to make our glasses.

How are sunglasses made?

A visual guide to the manufacture of acetate sunglasses frames. See how sunglasses frames are made from start to finish.

What are the parts of glasses called?

What are the parts of a glasses frame actually called? In this detailed article, you can learn to locate and name the basic and the detailed components of a spectacle frame.

Create private label eyewear

Create your optical obsession. Utilise our manufacturing knowledge & design skills to make your very own private label eyewear.