Create private label eyewear

Private label eyewear

So you want your very own eyewear line using your designs, logo and branding?

Look no further.

Avoid generic consultancy and team up with us, Scotland’s only eyewear manufacturer. Seeing as we make frames ourselves, we know a thing or two when it comes to eyewear production.

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Close view of unbranded round tortoiseshell sunglasses

Private label sunglasses

Design your own sunglasses line from start to finish.

  • European or Asian production
  • Starting price: Based on frame design
  • MOQ: 300 pcs per frame shape

You’d like to generate a single or multi-frame collection of unique sunglasses which have your brand name on them. These frames can vary in colour, shape, material and style to suit your audience, ready for your brand’s spring/summer season.

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Multiple rows of private label spectacle frames

Private label spectacles

Start your own optical line with your own branding.

  • European or Asian production
  • Starting price: Based on frame design
  • MOQ: 300 pcs per frame shape

You want to create your own collection of private label luxury eyewear with your practice name on them. These glasses frames can vary in colour, shape, material and style to suit your clientele’s tastes.

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Create your optical obsession.




Octagonal orange sunglasses frame surrounded by drawing utensils lying upon white paper templates


Considerations for your own eyewear line


Have drawings. This way, the designer has a point of reference to refine your concept/s. Most, if not all projects start this way and a basic line drawing can really help the initial 2D development phase.


MOQ’s. If you want private label frames, expect to meet factory minimum order quantities (MOQ’s.) These vary depending on the factory, but usually start at 300 pcs per frame design.


Stock or bespoke. Depending on the volume of frames you’d like made, certain eyewear factories may offer ‘stock’ and /or 'bespoke' frame designs. Stock refers to lower cost, lower volume pre-designed frame shapes which have been made before. Bespoke refers to higher cost, higher volume frames which are unique to your specifications.


Know your parts. It’s always helpful if you have a basic understanding of the different parts, components, materials and regions of a glasses frame. Like every industry, there’s various terminologies for optical frame manufacture which you can discover here.


Lead times. Developing your own eyewear line can take several months to fully design, refine, test and produce, long before market entry and sales. To achieve your best collection of frames, be prepared to invest time towards getting everything right.

'Stock' factory frame designs have shorter lead times as very little development is required prior to production. You'll have choice on the colour of your frames as well as the positioning of your brand logo on the spectacles or sunglasses.

'Bespoke' frames tend to have longer lead times as custom tooling and fixtures are required to produce your unique frame designs. As they’re bespoke to your line, these additional procedures are more costly and take time to finalise for production.



Black sunglasses frames being tumble polished during manufacture

How do I start my own glasses line?

Starting your own glasses line begins with the designing of each frame model as part of the collection you’d like to create.

This is done in conjunction with a specialist frame designer who realises your concepts into basic 2D shapes, then 3D prototypes before fully functioning spectacles or sunglasses.

The development of your own eyewear is the most crucial stage in the process to ensure the frames are the correct shape and form. This is to satisfy both the style and ergonomic requirements of the wearer.

Production or “lead times” vary, depending on the amount of SKU’s (designs) being made and the production schedule of the responsible factory.



Side view of chunky black sunglasses frame

How to create a sunglasses line

Working with a specialist frame designer, preliminary 2D frame concepts are created prior to prototyping and further development.

Once fully revised, only then does full manufacture commence in accordance with the factory’s productions schedule and standards.

To create a sunglasses line, you must have a clear understanding of the frame shape/s, your target customer and their optical requirements. There are various formats of frames and lenses which can be tailored for specific uses.

For example, injection moulded frames with high base curvatures are better for sports. Traditional acetate or metal wire frame sunglasses with low base curvatures are more suitable for recreational use.

Traditionally, the optical “season” begins in early spring when the first annual trade shows commence. Whether you're looking to sell to customers directly or via wholesale, the best time to launch a sunglasses line is early spring which maximises the seasonality of their sales potential.



Worker handmaking sunglasses frame

So you make frames too?

Yep, we’re Scotland’s only eyewear manufacturer.

We design and make spectacles and sunglasses ourselves in our own production facility in the outskirts of Glasgow.

With over 16 years combined experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to handmaking prescription and non-prescription frames.

Sheet acetate arrives at our workshop and leaves as glasses frames. So, yea, you’re talking to designers and makers combined.

A rare thing in this part of the world.