Glasses design guide

Your glasses are easily the most personal item you wear.

Each day, they emit your sense of personality, sense of style and make you… you.

Heck, they even help you see better. They’re a pretty big deal.

At some point, you’ve probably wondered if you could design your own pair.

Now there’s an idea.


A PDF guide to designing your perfect glasses

A step by step PDF guide to designing your own glasses.




Designing glasses frames kit

We get the sense you’re into creating things.

Oh and you already wear glasses. Right?

Here’s your chance to design your perfect pair of glasses using our designing glasses guide.

  • It’s immediately downloadable
  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s free.


Designing glasses using an A4 paper template and drawing utensils


The idea

Glad you asked.

As designers and makers of glasses, we receive a steady stream of requests ranging for bespoke glasses frames to commercial collaborations.

We wanted to create an easy to use, understandable way of designing your perfect glasses frame.

To make your ideas a reality, we’ve created a digital eyewear design book that we wish we’d been given when we started designing glasses.

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Designing glasses using pens and yellow pastel chalk for ideation


Who's the kit for?

The guide can be used by anyone. Whether you’d like to give glasses design a quick-go or if you’re interested in working with us on a project you have in mind.

Here’s some examples of what the guide is for.

  • Weekend projects
  • Bespoke, one-off frames
  • Commercial enquiries
  • Design students
  • Design enthusiasts
  • Architect glasses frames


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GIF carousel of designing glasses kit contents


What’s in the kit?

Whether you’ve already got an idea in mind or you’re starting from scratch, we’ve included the following components in our designing glasses guide.

  • Introduction
  • Industrial anatomy of a glasses frame
  • Pre-positioned guidelines & dimensions
  • Design template
  • Example designs


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Designing glasses using pen pencil template and ruler


How do I use the kit?

No design experience necessary.

This is the whole point of the designing glasses guide.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to design your eyewear, whether it’s a pair of spectacles or sunglasses.

With a pencil, a pen, a pair of scissors and some good music, you can get started with the guide in a matter of a few minutes.

Oh, you’ll need a printer to produce your templates, but that’s it.

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Yellow glasses design cut from acetate sheet on white table



How a product designer does it




How much does it cost to manufacture a pair of glasses?

The costs of having your glasses design made for you, depends on material, process, volume and time.

The more resolved it is, the easier and quicker it will be for us to quote you.

The best place to start is by using the designing glasses guide. There, you can really hone and tweak your design to perfection using the template provided inside.

You’ll be amazed how addictive it is, trying to get your lines as smooth and fluid as possible. 

In a market of imported predictability, your bespoke glasses are exactly what your corner of the world needs.

Besides, life’s too short for boring eyewear.

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Rows of glasses frames hanging from pegs inside workshop


How much does it cost to make glasses frames?

This depends on a few factors.

  • Are they bespoke?
  • Are they biodegradable?
  • Are they part of our collections?
  • Are they made in the UK?
  • Are they made in Asia?


In today’s mass market, the majority of glasses frames are imported from overseas.

You know the ones.

They look just as good as ours but they’ve got more miles between where they came from and where they end up.

Just like our frames, the cost to make them depends on their quality, materials and production processes.


Tortoise shell sunglasses frame being made in the UK


How do they make sunglasses?

Many brands can talk about it.

Few brands can actually do it.

At Banton Frameworks, we manufacture our own spectacles and sunglasses frames within our small but proudly run workshop.

It’s based by a loch in the outskirts of Glasgow. Usually, it’s rather serene. Unless of course we’re machining, riveting or polishing the latest batch of glasses frames.

Once a month, large sheets of high-quality acetate arrives outside our workshop doors. We work inside a pretty small unit, so we have to cut the sheets down so we can handle them easier.

One day, we’ll have bigger doors and an even bigger factory.

To learn how we manufacture our frames from start to finish, hit the button below.




A PDF guide to designing your perfect glasses

A step by step PDF guide to designing your own glasses.




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