No Hair? No Problem: The Best Glasses for Bald Men

Best glasses for bald men

Gone are the days of baldness putting you at a styling disadvantage.

No sir. Today, some of the most stylish gents are proudly embracing their no-hair, no-fuss look. Thanks to the resurgence of beards and growing awareness for menswear, there's never been a better time for us chaps to look our best.

If you're looking for new glasses, inspiration of some friendly reassurance, this guide lists the considerations bald men should make to when it comes to their choice of eyewear.

Let's dive in.

Bald man wearing black glasses frame

What style of glasses look best on bald guys?

The best styles of glasses for bad men are currently full-rimmed frames made from thick acetate, metal or both. The best glasses shape depends on style preference and facial structure, however bald men have a unique opportunity to make their glasses their key focal point. The trick to great looking frames is to create visual balance, contrast and proportion that harmonizes with your face's shape and features.

Sounds great, but how exactly do I make that happen?

When hunting for your new glasses it can be tempting to let convenience win you over. Especially when you 'exit through the gift shop' at your upcoming eye test. But rarely does the 'easy' option result in a pair of glasses you'll truly love wear for years to come.

So, before your your next optical investment, it's important you consider the following four aspects listed the following sections below.

  1. Your face shape
  2. Your skin tone
  3. Your dress style
  4. Your prescription
  5. Choosing the right frame style



5 Step Guide to Finding the Best Glasses for Bald Men

Illustrated outlines of different face shape types

#1. Find your face shape

Your face shape is arguably the most important factor when choosing your new glasses frame.

And before you say it, not all bald men have a round face shape. Your lack of hair has nothing to do with your facial structure, so you can put that straight to bed.

Combed, faded, or shaved, your hair (or lack of it) doesn't inform your face shape. Instead, this primarily defined by the relationship between your forehead, jawline, cheeks and chin.

You probably have an idea of which face shape you have, but the 7 most common ones are listed below;



Round faces tend to suit square glasses frames. You’re best sticking to angular glasses shapes where their sharp corners overhang your cheeks. This will bring your face balance and contrast. Rounded corners are okay, but try to avoid circular or round-eye frames.

Diamond faces have 'high' defined cheekbones with strong definition in your cheeks, jawline and chin. With such chiselled facial features, glasses with rounded rims are a great way to bring balance and softness to your face.

Square faces tend to have a wide jaw line. You should try to choose a tall frame which give a narrowing and lengthening appearance to your face. Tall boxy frames, perhaps with rounded corners is the best way to go. Best avoid slim rectangular frames as they tend to make your face seem wider.

Triangular faces typically have a broad forehead and narrow chin giving you a mildly triangular or diamond-like face shape. Similar to a heart face shape, you’re oblong face shape will suit a round-eye frame style to contrast your pointed chin and narrowing jawline. Square frames are ok too as they’ll broaden the mid-section of your face.

Oval faces are fairly adaptable and suit most glasses shapes. If you have more of a round face, stick to large boxy frame styles. If your face is bonier and more skeletal, you can definitely opt for a round-style glasses frame. Oval face shapes are a mix of triangle and heart so you have a little more freedom to experiment.

Heart faces are more commonly defined by a “widows peak” hairline. If you have very short hair and your wavy hairline is still visible, you may find that you have a heart shaped face. If so, you’ll likely have defined cheekbones and a narrow facial appearance which generally suits round-eye glasses. Try and stick to frames which have rounded corners to soften your angular features.

Long faces are typically quite narrow in their appearance with a high forehead and long chin. Tall glasses frames with equilateral lenses such as square or round are a great way to visually 'shorted' the appearance of your head.


Bald man wearing black square glasses talking to a group of people

#2 Skin Tone

Just like frame shape, the key to frame colour is all about creating contrast.

The colour of your glasses should juxtapose the colour of your skin to create a nicely balanced look. This is why black glasses for men are so popular, simply because they contrast every skin tone.

However, introducing colour, transparency and patterns can be very effective to inject personality into your appearance. Depending on your skin tone, here’s some handy tips to help you choose the right colour of frame.

Pale skin tones tend to suit dark, earthy glasses colours. If you’d like a mono-colour frame, opt for dark brown, black, burgundy or amber. For a patterned frame, tortoise or Havana acetate is a fantastic option to add natural warmth and a classic aesthetic. Avoid lightly coloured glasses as they’ll wash you out. Transparent frames are great too, but avoid rimless frames to prevent looking older.

Mid skin tones are far more adaptable to more adventurous frame colours. Asian complexions can easily adorn a green or blue glasses frame, just as easily as a traditional black acetate. Your choice is far broader as your skin is neither pale nor very deep. Most, if not all glasses colours will suit you as long as they are the correct shape for you. 'Two tone' glasses are a quirky option where your frame front and temples are different colours.

Deep skin tones can suit shiny metal frames or even pale, milky coloured acetates. Due to the deep tone of your complexion, you can go either very light or dark with your choice of glasses colour. Transparent or semi-transparent acetates are also a fantastic option here, especially with smart details such as rivets, wire and nose pads. These shiny, intricate components will contrast your skin as they catch the light, yielding a refined, sophisticated sort of look.



Man with no hair wearing thick black glasses and red T shirt

#3 Dress Style

Possibly the most fun aspect of wearing glasses, your choice of frame is your chance to project your sense of personality. They can be a bold fashion statement or subtle/everyday wear depending on your wardrobe.

Consider your glasses as an integral item in your daily appearance. In the creative industries, architects, designers, photographers and artists are best known for their bold glasses styles.

Without hair, your glasses will do all the talking.

For a versatile and professional look, squarish spectacles in dark colours such as black acetate are an obvious option. The neutrality of monochrome frames lend themselves to any occasion whilst running zero risk of clashing with any of your attire.

For some thing bolder, thick full rim frames are very much on trend. Burly glasses frames made from chunky acetate are an easy way to exude confidence and style. Taking centre stage in your appearance, their strong contrast is a bold look that compensates perfectly for your lack of hair. You only have to look at the celebrities and examples further below for inspiration.

If you have a lot of colour in your wardrobe, your choice of glasses can tie-in to your dress. For men, deep earthy spectacle colours of brown, black and amber are typically the best options as they tend to work with most outfits. For something a little more adventurous, transparent (crystal) frame colours such as green, beige or blue are also a fantastic way to incorporate some colour to your perception.



Bald man in street adjusting his glasses with one hand

#4 Your prescription

If you have a strong prescription, or use multifocal lenses such as varifocals (progressives), your choice of glasses may be slightly more limited.

Factors such as lens thickness and lens height can both influence the style of frame you wear, especially if you require high index (thinned) lenses. For example, very thin or rimless glasses aren't particularly well-suited for strong minus prescriptions as they're always thickest at their edges. To avoid lenses 'spilling' out your frame, thick rimmed glasses help keep this in-check.

For varifocal prescriptions, spectacles with tall lens heights are more favourable as they simply offer larger real estate for you to look through. As a varifocal/progressive wearer, it's beneficial to have a little more lens height (from top to bottom) so you can utilise the graduation of focal power.

For more lens information, scroll further below.



#5 Choosing the right frame style

Based on the criteria above, we've listed some of the most stylish glasses frames for men with no hair. Depending on your face shape, skin tone and sense of dress, look below for a cheerful dose of optical inspiration.


Best Glasses for Bald Men

Close view of Stanley Tucci wearing thick rimmed eyeglasses

Mid-century classic

If there was one style of glasses you could wear for the rest of your life, these classic thick black frames would certainly be a great choice. Often referred to as Wayfarers, these traditional spectacles are both timeless and modern. Not only do they suit most face shapes and skin tones, but the neutral acetate makes them a safe but stylish option.

Our best suggestion would be the Linea C in this gloss black acetate. Handmade in this ovalized frame shape, the solid pin rivets and burly rims are an easy way to emit confidence and masculinity.

Thick oval black eyeglasses frame lying folded on beige background



Bearded mature man standing in doorway wearing brown suit and thick black eyeglasses

Something more boxy?

If you're looking for something a little more conservative, a pair of black rectangular glasses will serve you nicely. For round or oval face shapes with very little definition in your cheeks and jawline, angular glasses like these are an ideal style to bring contrast to your perception.

As seen above, frames such as the Oliver Peoples OV5393U can be dressed up or down with whatever colour or style of clothing you desire. Furthermore, the flat brow line adds a sense of seriousness to these glasses that reinforces confidence and your inherent masculinity.

Side view of black rectangular glasses frame



Bearded bald man wearing semi opaque thick glasses frame

Tinted crystal glasses

A contemporary optical style that complements a minimalist aesthetic. For bald men, translucent frames such as the Saint Laurent SL 523 006 highlight your facial features without being overly attention seeking. These glasses are subtle yet bold allowing for a balance between a 'statement' style and timeless elegance.

This chap is making the most of this yellow transparent acetate. The amber tinge in this frame is perfect for bringing warmth to his pale skin. A good example of how to wear glasses with style when you're bald.

Round yellow crystal eyeglasses frame



Small man with moustache and round clear glasses on

Image credit: Drakes | Tumblr "D-e-t-a-l-e-s"

Transparent round eye glasses

Exploring transparent frames further, the classic 'round eye' glasses frame is a perennial optical style for men who like a traditional sort of look. Round crystal frames are particularly popular if you're bald, bearded and have a long face shape. Circular frames like these add a sense of softness and balance to an otherwise bottom-heavy face. Cutler and Gross's GR01 03 frame is a prime example of this style, with its transparent temple arms and beautifully detailed interior hardware adding a robust touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Side view of circular nude tinted crystal spectacle frame



Bald man with beard wearing round tortoise shell glasses frame

Round tortoise frames

If you have a long or oval face shape, round frames are a timeless glasses style you can rely on. Circular spectacles such such as the 011 Hazelnut Tortoise visually 'shorten' the look of your face for a more balanced appearance.

Equilateral lens shapes like these give the impression of a shorter face as opposed to very short/slim rectangular glasses frames. And if you happen to have a beard, there's a certain studiousness that comes with round frames that makes you look very informed and refined.

Circular tortoise shell acetate glasses frame



Black man wearing vintage style Havana spectacles in front of yellow wall

Retro throwback

Hailing from the oversized optical fashion of the 1980's, retro looking spectacles are a great look for men who want to make a statement. These thick-rimmed frames reminiscent of a by-gone era and are great for adding some personality to your look. Their larger size also makes them perfect for men with larger faces or with strong facial features.

Frames like the Lite-009 in Rosso Red are a perfect example, made from a speckled Havana pattern acetate featuring warm flecks of dark brown, amber and black. The boxy stature of this frame with its large lenses are a bold look for men with no hair.

Front view of vintage style Havana pattern eyeglasses



Bald black manwearing thick blue coat and thick black spectacles in street

Bolder still?

Akin to pilot or Aviator style glasses, these flat-brow frames are strong look. If you're bald up-top, a chunky set of frames will add a masculine edge to your appearance. The Linea D spectacle in Onyx Black is a great option with its bold outline and flat brow design. Made from high-grade acetate, these glasses feature an angular frame shape that adds definition to the face.

Thick black retro style spectacle frame lying folded on beige background



Serious looking man with blue shirt and brown suit jacket wearing round tortoise spectacle frames

Slim and sophisticated

Thin round tortoise eyeglasses epitomize timeless sophistication, embodying an intellectual appeal that's universally respected. For the bald gentleman, their subtle but distinct pattern exudes a natural elegance that complements the absence of hair, drawing attention to the eyes and balancing the facial symmetry. Their classic round shape softens the jawline and frames the face without overpowering, making them an impeccable choice for all occasions.

For an effortlessly stylish pair of glasses, check out the coveted O'Malley glasses frame by Californian optical bran, Oliver Peoples. These frames have been worn by the likes of Christian Bale in the 2000 satirical come sartorial thriller American Psycho.

Three quarter view of round Havana spectacle frame



Bald man wearing round black glasses frame

The architect look

Round black glasses have surged as the quintessential accessory for the style-conscious bald man, blending utilitarian function with a profound aesthetic statement. Commonly worn by architects, these glasses echo a minimalist ethos while exuding an air of studious sophistication.

The stark roundness of the Linea H glasses cerates a stark contrast to the strong lines of a bald head, creating an intellectual frame for the face. This austere silhouette is not just a fashion statement; it's a nod to a heritage of classic eyewear design. You can't go wrong with a set of these.

Round black glasses frame lying folded on beige background



Bald man with moustache arms folded wearing white shirt and Clubmaster eyeglasses frame

Image credit: jamestaylorphotography

Clubmaster glasses

Looking for a pair of glasses that exudes sophistication and style? Look no further than the classic Clubmaster frame. These iconic '50s style frames feature a distinct browline design, with a chunky acetate rim on top and thin metal rims on the bottom. This top-heavy combination draws attention to your eyes and brows in a stylish and timeless aesthetic.

The most renowned editions are the RayBan Clubmasters. Nowadays, more people are familiar with Clubmasters than the original name of 'browlines'. For a more sophisticated option, consider the Garrett Leight Elkgrove frame, featuring exquisite 'whisky tortoise' acetate and brushed gold rims. It's a captivating contemporary interpretation of this classic optical style.

Side view of gold and burgundy brow line glasses frame



Disgruntled looking bald man wearing glasses

Image credit:

Transparent round eye glasses

If you're looking for an example of a square head... you've found it.

This guy has a very solid looking composition, especially with his beard and short neck. If you have a similar stature, boxy glasses like the Oliver Peoples Latimore frame are the perfect style for you.

Those rounded corners on his glasses are creating a nice contrast over your cheeks. Little flecks of amber in the acetate are a nice touch, adding some personality and depth to your appearance.

Side view of thick rectangular Havana glasses frame



Man with thinning hair with black circle glasses

Image credit: Drakes | Tumblr "D-e-t-a-l-e-s"

Timeless in tortoise

Tortoise acetate is an undoubted all time classic.

Regardless of face shape or skin tone, these amber hues and dark browns are the perfect choice if you want to go for that timeless look. 

The best aspect about tortoise shell imitation is it can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your clothing. The Linea C glasses frame is perfect for the office through the week or when you're out at the weekend.

Oval burgundy speckled eyeglasses frame lying folded on beige background



Bald man with glasses sitting on pavement in the street

Wayfarer glasses

Regardless of your face shape, a set of Wayfarer style glasses will suit you no matter what. Popularised by RayBan (especially during the '80s) these timeless glasses are an absolute no-brainer if you want a reliable glasses style.

With a mildly 'dropped' brow line, they aren't overly stylised, all whilst balancing that happy medium between round and square lens rims. Furthermore, the saddle bridge has a more contemporary look than the traditional key-hole bridges typically found on a lot of thick acetate frames these days.

For an upmarket version of the Wayfarer style, we suggest you check out the Oliver Peoples Ryce frame with is gloss black finish and sleek 'staple' rivets. Neutral and versatile, these Italian-made specs are perennial cool.

Side view of thick black Wayfarer eyeglasses frame



Choosing the Right Lenses

Optician closely inspecting spectacle lens in laboratory

Whether you have hair or not, the less 'sexy' aspect to choosing new glasses are your lenses. After all, they're what help you see... but can also influence how your glasses look too. Scroll below for some lens considerations in case you're wondering what to go for.


Lens Thinning

Depending on the strength of your prescription, you may require what are called 'high index lenses'. This describes the thickness of of your lenses which is measured in refractive index. The stronger your Sphere or Cyl powers, the higher the index of lenses you'll need.


Lens Materials

If you have a particularly active or manual occupation, you may wish to consider the material of your lenses. While most lenses are made from plastic these days, you might prefer a light weight and impact resistant material such as polycarbonate or Trivex. These lenses can reduce the chances of shattering and the overall weight of your glasses. Typically, they're thinner too but also more expensive as a result.


Lens Coatings

To improve the performance of your lenses, coatings such as anti-glare help to transmit more light through your lenses instead of it being reflected. Not only does this improve visual clarity, but it helps people see your eyes more clearly. It's also super helpful when driving at night to reduce any annoying reflections across your lenses.

As a bonus, scratch resistant coatings are usually incorporated with anti-glare to help minimise scuffs and scrapes and make your lenses last longer.

UV protection is also another consideration to reduce the effects of ultraviolet light. Whilst this is crucial for sunglasses, this upgrade can help minimise eye conditions such as age-related macular degeneration which is commonly associated with extended UV exposure.

With increasing screen time on electronic devices, blue light filtering lenses have also become popular to reduce the effects of digital eye strain. If you work all day using a computer, this upgrade with be worth considering.


Lens Tints

Instead of being full darkened sunglasses, a light tint can provide visual relief from visible light as well as being a stylish touch. As little as a 10% or 20% tint can help 'take the edge off' bright light, especially if you suffer with sensitive eyes. Furthermore, a little colour such as blue, brown, green or purple can bring added personality to your appearance.


Bald man putting on black glasses frame

Styling tips for bald men with glasses

Facial hair & grooming

Current facial hair trends for men range from the carefully sculpted stubble to the more robust full beard, all of which can complement a stylish pair of eyeglasses and enhance overall facial features. A well-trimmed beard or a casual five o'clock shadow adds a touch of ruggedness that balances the distinct lines of solid frames, often highlighting the jawline and drawing attention to the eyes.

Eyeglasses serve as not just a vision aid but an accessory that can accentuate personal style. When paired with a well-kept beard, eyeglasses can underscore a sense of sophistication and offer a modern yet timeless look that stands out in both casual and professional settings.


Sartorial accessories

Don't forget the smaller details. Your accessories and everyday carry items are not merely functional; they're an extension of personal style and an expression of individuality. A well-chosen watch, belt, or wallet can speak volumes about your attention to detail and appreciation for craftsmanship.

When coordinated thoughtfully with eyewear, these accessories can create a harmonious ensemble that enhances your outfit as a whole. For instance, a leather-strapped watch can echo the warmth of tortoiseshell glasses frames, while a pocket square peeking from a pocket could complement the colour of your beloved spectacles. By considering the textures, colours, and design elements of eyeglasses, you can assemble a curated look that is both cohesive and stylish.


Your wardrobe

Neutral and classic pieces create an ideal backdrop for eyeglasses to shine as a focal accessory. By choosing timeless clothing colours like black, white, grey, and navy, your wardrobe won't compete with your eyewear—in fact, these subdued hues can make your glasses the star of your ensemble.

This sartorial strategy allows for a range of spectacle styles to take centre stage, from bold, colourful rims to minimalist wireframes, ensuring that your glasses always remain a highlighted feature of your personal aesthetic.


Bald Men Glasses FAQ's

Partially bald man wearing thick black glasses and denim shirt

What style glasses make men look younger?

Thick, full-rim acetate frames tend to make men look younger. Chunky frames exude a sense of modernity and fashion-forward thinking, particularly when they are in rounded rectangular shapes. These styles offers a refreshing contrast to the natural contours of the face, often softening and de-emphasizing any angular features or lines that may suggest aging.

The boldness of the acetate rim brings attention to the eyes and can serve to balance facial proportions, which might otherwise be more noticeable with thinning hair or a receding hairline. Furthermore, the playful variety of colours available in acetate allows for a youthful pop of colour against the skin, giving the face a brighter and more vibrant appearance.


What kind of glasses make you look more masculine?

Angular and geometric frames tend to convey a more masculine appearance. Top-heavy looking frames with straight brow lines and thick rims can help add definition and structure to the face, creating a more chiselled and strong aesthetic. These types of frames are often associated with traditional "men’s glasses," such as aviators or classic Wayfarer styles.

Darker acetate colours like black or tortoise help provide a more masculine look, as they tend to add depth and contrast to the face.


Do men with glasses look more attractive?

Absolutely. Glasses are a great way to add sophistication and intelligence to your look. Adorning spectacles exudes intelligence, confidence and wisdom whilst framing your eyes; the most attractive and expressive aspect of your face. For proof, check out the video below;



How can guys look attractive in glasses?

Men can look more attractive in glasses by confidently embracing their need for optical correction. As opposed to the outdated 'alpha male' stereotype, it's men who display intelligence, empathy and trustworthiness who are often at an advantage; traits often associated with the use of eyeglasses.

As listed in this LinkedIn post, some of the most attractive attributes to men who wear glasses are increased perception of intelligence, maturity, sophistication, trustworthiness and confidence. Pondering this further, you could argue that hunter-gatherer physicality has less significance in today's dating-game compared to alluring notions of a male spectacle wearer.


Do bald men look better with or without glasses?

Simply due to age, bald men are more likely to require glasses anyway. Therefore, the addition of glasses are a great way to yield the impression of maturity, knowledge and experience. Additionally, glasses can also help draw attention away from hair loss or imperfections on the face. Ultimately, whether a bald man looks better with or without glasses is subjective and depends on personal style and confidence in wearing them.


Stanley Tucci wearing thick rimmed vintage glasses frame


  • When choosing new glasses, consider your face shape first
  • Additional aspects such as your skin tone, dress style and prescription can also influence your choice of new glasses
  • The best glasses for bald men are typically full-rimmed frames made primarily from thick acetate in colours such as tortoise, Havana or black
  • Translucent crystal acetate frames are less bold, but still exude confidence and style
  • Glasses enhance your appearance by accentuating the eyes whilst bringing symmetry and balance to your face
  • Men who wear glasses are perceived as more attractive due to associations with intelligence, maturity, and trustworthiness.
  • For bald men, glasses add to a look of maturity and experience and can shift focus from hair loss to facial features.


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other guides to choosing glasses. Thanks for stopping by.