The Timeless Charm of Hugh Grant's Glasses

Hugh Grant Glasses

In the realm of Hollywood's leading men, few have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide quite like Hugh Grant. With his charming wit, endearing charisma, and undeniable talent, Grant has become a cinematic icon.

Yet, amidst his numerous accolades and memorable roles, there's one subtle accessory that has often accompanied him on-screen and off, adding an extra layer of sophistication to his persona: his glasses.

Hugh Grant's glasses have become as much a part of his signature style as his debonair demeanor. From the early days of his career to his more recent ventures, Grant's choice of eyewear has not only complemented his on-screen characters but has also made a statement about his personal fashion sense.

With each pair he dons, Grant effortlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary flair, solidifying his status as a timeless fashion icon.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating journey of Hugh Grant's glasses, exploring their evolution over the years and the impact they've had on both his on-screen presence and his off-screen image.

From the iconic wire-rimmed frames of his breakthrough roles to the sleek designer eyewear he's been spotted wearing on the red carpet, each pair tells a story of its own, reflecting Grant's evolving tastes and the ever-changing landscape of fashion.

Join us as we take a closer look at the frames that have framed Hugh Grant's captivating gaze, examining the role they've played in shaping his identity as not just a talented actor, but also as a style icon whose influence transcends the silver screen.


Hugh Grant Glasses: Four Weddings and a funeral


In the annals of cinematic history, "Four Weddings and a Funeral" stands as a landmark film, not only for its brilliant storytelling but also for catapulting Hugh Grant into the spotlight as a leading man of unparalleled charm and wit. Central to Grant's portrayal of the affable yet bumbling Charles was his iconic tortoiseshell glasses, which became inseparable from his character's persona.

Hugh Grant Wearing Glasses in Four Weddings and a Funeral

These distinctive frames served as more than just a visual accessory; they became a symbolic extension of Charles's endearing quirks and lovable idiosyncrasies. Grant's characteristically self-deprecating humor and awkward charm found a perfect complement in the slightly outdated yet undeniably stylish glasses, which lent an air of sophistication to his on-screen presence.


As Charles navigated the tumultuous terrain of love and relationships, his glasses became a reassuring constant, subtly underscoring his journey from uncertainty to self-assuredness.


In essence, Grant's iconic tortoiseshell glasses in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" not only enhanced his character's charm but also solidified his status as a cinematic icon, setting the stage for a remarkable career filled with memorable roles and enduring style. As this film will be 30 years old this year it's safe to say the actual frame Hugh is seen wearing is most ceratinly in the 'vintage' category.

 Rounded Square Dark Havana Spectacles

But if you are looking to replicate this style we'd recommend our new B Model in Midnight Havana. This frame features that vintage style 'saddle bridge' seen on Grant's 90's classic. The deep hues of the havana acetate would suit those with mid to dark coloured hair.

Oliver Peoples Mickett Glasses

Another option would be the Oliver Peoples Mickett frame. People's are no strangers to on-screen appearances, being a favourite 'go-to- brand for many a Hollywood celebrity: Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr and Jennifer Aniston to name a few. 

This could be a great alternative if looking for that slightly more lighter weight frame with a vintage feel.


Hugh Grant's Glasses in Notting Hill

To cement his status in the industry as a rom-com heartthrob, Hugh Grant knew he had to be the one portraying the character of William Thacker in the 1999 film, Notting Hill. We honestly loved everything about Thacker, including his “just throw this on” vibe that made his fashion sense cool and relatable.

Hugh Grant Wearing Round Wire Spectacles in Notting Hill

Grant's signature sleek frames in this movie deserved a special spotlight, because they added elements of intellectualism to William’s persona. For the record, those were not the stereotypical “nerd” glasses that we’re all used to seeing. His version was very stylish, and sort of balanced his laid-back demeanor, making him an even more intriguing character. 

Saville Row Round Eye Glasses



In the scene where Thacker confesses his feelings to a young lady, we get to see the glasses act as a window to his soul. Everyone could see the raw emotions in his eyes, thereby amplifying his sincerity.

Unfortunately though, finding those exact frames in our local stores won’t be easy, as so much time has passed. But the good news is, we’ve always had alternative versions that offer that same retro vibe. A good example being the Savile Row SRO 007 001 iteration.

These glasses are just as durable as any model with a fantastic build, and they also have round frames to balance out small chins (or minimize prominent jawlines). 


Hugh Grants Glasses in Operation Fortune

Hugh Grants glasses in Operation Fortune


In "Operation Fortune" Hugh Grant exudes his trademark charm and sophistication, elevated even further by his eyewear: vintage Lumiere 1016 aviators. These iconic French aviator sunglasses, renowned for their timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship, add a touch of retro allure to Grant's character, enhancing his on-screen persona with a dash of old-school cool.

What makes the selection of the Lumiere 1016 aviators particularly noteworthy is their rarity. No longer in production, these vintage sunglasses have become increasingly elusive, coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike for their unique design and limited availability.

As Grant's character navigates the high-stakes world of espionage, the Lumiere 1016 aviators serve as more than just a fashion statement—they become a symbol of his suave sophistication and unwavering confidence. With their sleek metal frames and iconic silhouette, these vintage sunglasses effortlessly complement Grant's debonair demeanor, adding an extra layer of intrigue to his portrayal.

In "Operation Fortune," Hugh Grant proves once again that he is not just a master of his craft but also a connoisseur of style. By wearing the vintage Lumiere 1016 aviators, he pays homage to a bygone era of fashion while simultaneously cementing his status as a true icon of timeless elegance.

Philipp Plein Aviator Glasses Similar to Those Worn By Hugh Grant

You can of course serach high and low to find an exact pair of vintage French aviators if you wish. But the easier option would be to go for the alternative. We'd suggest the Philipp Plein Aviator with a light custom tint.


Hugh Grant's Glasses in The Gentlemen

This time round, Hugh Grant wasn’t playing his typical charming or bumbling romantic role. He completely subverted that image, by taking on a new challenge to showcase his chameleon-like abilities. In The Gentlemen, we were introduced to Fletcher — a private investigator who’s not only cunning, but also very manipulative and sleazy.

Hugh Grant Wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers in The Gentlemen

Fletcher is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind operating in a morally grey area, if that’s what it takes to achieve his goals. You’ll love how he applies unquestionable tactics in his quest for justice, blackmailing different people, and even bending the rules without taking into account the repercussions.


Ray Ban Wayfarer as worn by Hugh Grant in The Gentlemen


To make this character more intriguing and complex, Grant donned the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB 2132 6608/M2 glasses. And they complemented his outfit perfectly. 

It’s important to note that these frames have always had a cultural significance in the film-making business, since the 50’s. This was during the rise of Hollywood’s “anti-establishment” characters, led by Marlon Brando and Bob Dylan

Their association with the brand made anyone who was spotted rocking Ray-Bans be labeled a rebel, even though in the eyes of fashion enthusiasts that was a cool thing.

Front Facing Image of Ray Ban Wayfarer 

The RB 2132 6608/M2 interpretation is an upgrade of the iconic Wayfarer style, seeing as it comes with a slimmer profile to facilitate a more contemporary look. You’ll also realize that they have slightly more subtle curves, and the lenses are polarized. 


Hugh Grant's Glasses in Death to 2020

 In "Death to 2020," Hugh Grant captivates audiences not only with his exceptional acting but also with his character's impeccable sense of style, epitomized by his choice of eyewear.

Hugh Grant in Death to 2020

Grant's character in the mockumentary dons a pair of round tortoise glasses, exuding an air of intellectual sophistication and vintage charm. These distinctive frames, with their classic round shape and tortoiseshell pattern, add a touch of retro flair to Grant's on-screen persona, perfectly complementing his character's sharp wit and keen insight.

As he navigates the satirical landscape of the film, Grant's round tortoise glasses serve as a subtle yet impactful accessory, underscoring his character's depth and complexity while elevating his overall aesthetic to new heights.

With their timeless appeal and understated elegance, these glasses not only enhance Grant's portrayal but also solidify his status as a fashion icon with an enduring penchant for sartorial excellence.

The actual frames worn by Hugh were from fellow Glasgow based optical company Niche Bazaar Studio from their own line of frames by the same name. They no longer appear to stock the exact frame but we've sourced a pretty similar model we think you'd like.

Cutler and Gross 1313 glasses frame

From the cult classic British brand Cutler & Gross, the 1313 model is a good alternative. Featuring that subtle flat edge along the browline and warm havana acetate. 

Hugh Grant's Cutler & Gross glasses


Continuing the Cutler & Gross theme, Hugh Grant is often pictured wearing the British brand off-screen. Particularly the ultra thick rimmed 0692 rectangular frame.


Hugh Grant's sartorial choices have long been admired, and his eyewear is no exception. Regularly spotted donning Cutler & Gross thick-rimmed spectacles, Grant effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of vintage charm.

The iconic British eyewear brand's thick-rimmed frames perfectly complement Grant's classic yet contemporary style, adding a distinctive flair to his ensemble whether he's on the red carpet or strolling through the streets of London.

Cutler and Gross 0692 glasses

With their bold silhouette and impeccable craftsmanship, Cutler & Gross spectacles not only enhance Grant's distinguished appearance but also serve as a reflection of his discerning taste and timeless elegance.

As a longtime fan of the brand, Grant's choice of Cutler & Gross thick-rimmed spectacles has become synonymous with his image, further solidifying his status as a true fashion icon in both the entertainment industry and beyond.


Hugh Grant's Porsche Aviator sunglasses


Porsche Design is a German luxury brand that was founded in 1972 by Alexander Porsche, who happens to be the grandson of automotive pioneer Ferdinand Porsche. This company specializes in the production and distribution of high-performance lifestyle accessories, including eyewear.

Hugh Grant Wearing Porsche Aviator Sunglasses

The Porsche Design 8508 aviator sunglasses are one of their statement pieces, as they’ve drawn their inspiration from the timeless aviator silhouette that we’re all too familiar with.

Crafted using high-quality stainless steel, they also feature gradient lenses to offer UV protection, and ultra-flexible temples that guarantee a comfortable fit. 

Porsche Aviator


The frame's minimalist design is actually the thing that makes it look stylish and modern, but it’s the matte gold finish that brings out that feeling of sophistication and affluence. You’d be hard-pressed to find an A-lister who doesn’t own a classic aviator like this. Since they often come in a unisex design that renders them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. 

Oh, and don’t be fooled into thinking those lenses are fragile because they are made of polycarbonate. A material that’s 10 times harder than glass. 


Hugh Grant’s Eyewear Choices: Conclusion

Hugh Grant’s British accent and gentlemanly demeanor are not the only things that made him distinctively appealing to his television or film audiences. He also embodied a “geek chic” aesthetic, and never forgot to wear his iconic glasses to add depth and nuance to his performances. 

So, the next time you find yourself enjoying one of his films, don’t just pay attention to his hypnotizing dialogues. Take note of his eyewear choices as well, because they are designed to transcend functionality. 

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