Are walnut shaped frames right for you?

Walnut shaped glasses are some of the most versatile spectacles you can wear if you’re looking for a great looking all-round frame.

But if you’re new to wearing glasses, or don’t know if this style will suit you, this guide is here to help.

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Young lady adjusting her black walnut shaped glasses frame on her face whilst smiling

What are walnut-shaped glasses?

Walnut shaped glasses is just another name for spectacles which are oval shaped. This means the lens and surrounding rim is organically shaped without any sharp corners, thus resembling the rounded nature of a walnut.

Walnut shaped frames are usually full rimmed, meaning they’re made of a plastic material called acetate. Full rimmed acetate frames come a wide variety of colours, patterns and transparencies which give you plenty of choice when choosing your new pair of glasses.


Do walnut glasses suit me?

Walnut shaped frames are great for long, round or oval face shapes. This is because they’re not overly tall and have very forgiving rounded lenses which suit the majority of female glasses wearers. Due to their versatility and flattering design, walnut eyeglasses are a very popular style for everyday use.


How do I know my face shape?

The best way to know which glasses will suit you is by determining the shape of your face. Understanding your facial geometry helps determine the most suitable spectacle styles to flatter your best features. Normally, face shapes are oval, round, square, triangular, long, diamond-shaped or heart-shaped.

There are a number of ways you can identify your face shape. The easiest is by simply looking in the mirror or using a self-portrait photo on your smartphone. For a more detailed guide, check out this handy blog post.


Woman with auburn hair wearing dark walnut shaped eyeglasses smiling

Top 10 walnut shaped frames and where to buy them

As you know, walnut shaped frames are oval in shape. Not too round, nor too tall on your face, they come a wide variety of styles. To help inspire your new glasses upgrade, here’s a list of our top 10 favourite walnut eyeglass styles.



Young lady touching her black coloured eyeglasses frame

Walnut eyeglasses with a subtle cat eye style are a graceful and trendy choice for individuals. These ‘50s style frames have been around for a long time due to their flattering aesthetic. Frames like these are available in many acetate colours but can be made from metal too. Cat eye shape glasses are best for people with diamond or round shapes.


Three quarter view of black walnut eyeglasses frame


Woman wearing large thick acetate eyeglasses


Thick rimmed walnut eyeglasses like these are a bold look, but they can really suit you if you get the shape right for your face. Sure, they might seem incredibly dominant, but chunky frames like these can contrastingly make your face look slimmer, more dainty and more feminine. By wearing thick glasses, you’ll make your face look smaller whilst yielding your inner confidence.


Large dark grey oval glasses frame

Young woman inside with long strawberry blonde hair wearing tortoise shell eyeglasses

Walnut glasses frames are usually oval, but some styles have a boxier look to them. If oval glasses seem too round for you, frames like the ones above can give you the best of both. If you have a narrow or long face, this taller boxy glasses style will suit you perfectly.

Front view of tortoise shell eyeglasses lying folded on white background


Brunette woman wearing rose gold round wire spectacles


Possibly the most famous spectacle style there is, round wire glasses are incredibly fashionable and suit just about anyone. If thick rimmed glasses are too bold for you, walnut shaped frames made of wire are much less dominant. During the ‘60s and ‘70’s, these eyeglasses rocketed in popularity thanks to Beatles star John Lennon. If thin round frames are your thing, you can’t go wrong with this perennial cool look.


Three quarter view of round wire spectacle frame with black temple tips


Woman wearing clear round eyeglasses

Walnut shaped frames made with gradient acetate are incredibly flattering on the skin and eyes. Transitioning from opaque to crystal, earthy tones of brown and amber bring warmth to your complexion and draw attention to your eyes. Two tone eyeglasses like these are less bold on your face compared to mono-colour frames.

Front view of brown and yellow walnut shaped glasses frame


Woman wearing amber acetate cat eye style glasses

If you have a particularly long face shape, tall eyeglasses help make your face look shorter. Sometimes called ‘deep’ frames, spectacle like these have lenses which are as wide as they are tall on your face. When shopping for tall glasses like these, make sure to choose the correct bridge width for your nose. Otherwise, the frame may end up resting on your cheeks which isn’t good for comfort and overall fit.


Side view of women's tortoise shell spectacle frame


Three quarter view of young lady wearing round tortoise eyeglasses in front of brown wall

Round tortoise glasses are easily one of the most popular types of walnut shaped frames. This acetate contains charming speckles of amber, brown and black which bring warmth and character to this classic eyeglass look. If you’re going for a studious look, these are the glasses for you.


Person holding a round tortoise shell spectacle frame in their hand


Jennifer Aniston looking over her shoulder smiling

A great ambassador for the walnut glasses style is Jennifer Anniston. Seen above, she wears a brown coloured acetate frame made by Oliver Peoples; model OV5155 Pierson. With her blonde hair and fair complexion, an earthy acetate like this is perfect.


Yung blonde lady wearing double bridge Windsor rim eyeglasses

Wire glasses with two cross bars are also known as double-bridge frames. Made from wire, these glasses are a utility style which often come in a walnut shape. If you’re looking for something adventurous, these eyeglasses can be a unique addition to your wardrobe.

Front view of double bridge wire eyeglasses with tortoise shell acetate Windsor rim


Lady in forest wearing bright blue eyeglasses frame

Colourful walnut shaped frames are a playful way to add some intrigue to your look. Acetate comes in endless colours and patterns, so why not go for something a little different? Coloured crystal acetate eyeglasses can work with your hair and clothing style for a more unique aesthetic.


Bright blue walnut shaped glasses frame on white background


Blonde woman wearing crystal clear eyeglasses and beige hat looking downwards smiling

Crystal or clear eyeglasses are a safe bet if you want to avoid clashing with your clothes. Great for any formal or casual occasion, neutral coloured frames made from transparent acetate are hugely versatile and will go with any outfit you put on. Plus, they’re much less bold than your usual solid-black spectacles which makes them less dominant on your face.


Round transparent grey eyeglasses frame

Mature lady in round spectacles with long grey hair


Blonde haired female wearing yellow crystal eyeglasses eating an apple


The beauty of walnut shaped glasses is their classic style. Early optical lenses were invariably round in shape, which is why spectacles were this shape too. For this reason, round glasses are forever fashionable and remain one of the most popular eyeglass styles for men and women.


Yellow transparent glasses frame folded on white background


Lady with long grey hair wearing round black glasses


If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a pair of round black glasses. Simple, sleek and straightforward, neutral spectacles like these won’t ever let you down. Thin black frames can be worn with any colour clothing without fear of clashing. These are the ultimate walnut shaped frame for any occasion.

Three quarter view of round black walnut shaped spectacles


What colour frames make you look younger?

Warm coloured acetate frames are a great way to make you look younger. For women, colour frames like jewel tones, cherry tones, and brown are great options to look more youthful. As for men, go for burgundies, greys, browns, blues, and greens to look classy and young.


What type of glasses looks good on a square face?

For square face, glasses with rounded corners are the best option. Oval, round, walnut and cat-eye frames tend to suit square faces the best. Avoid tall boxy frames as they’ll make your head seem even more boxy. For a guide on choosing glasses for square face click here.


What are the best glasses shapes for an oval face?

Oval face shapes suit most styles of glasses. Round or oval spectacles are usually the best as they aren’t too tall, nor too narrow. This is what makes walnut shaped frames so popular as they’re a happy medium between round and square.


What glasses suit a round chubby face?

Square or rectangular glasses frames suit people with chubby faces. Glasses with straight lines and angular details help visually ‘sharpen’ people who have soft facial features. Tall spectacles have a thinning effect, therefore will help make your face appear thinner and longer. Boxy frames also look great in professional settings like your workplace.


Are my glasses too wide for my face?

Glasses width is determined by their lenses and bridge. If either are too wide, your frame is likely to sit loose and slide down your nose. To avoid this, you should choose new glasses where your pupils align with the centre of each lens. The bridge width should also be suitable for your nose to prevent the frame from resting on your cheeks.

For a guide to choosing the right size of glasses, click here.


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