13 best walnut shaped glasses

13 best walnut shaped glasses

Walnut shaped glasses are some of the most versatile spectacles you can wear if you’re looking for a great-looking everyday frame.

But if you’re new to wearing glasses, or don’t know if this style will suit you, this guide is here to help.

Let’s dive in.


What are walnut-shaped glasses?

Walnut shaped glasses is just another name for spectacles which are oval shaped. This means the lenses and surrounding rims are fairly rounded without any sharp corners, thus resembling the rounded profile of a walnut.

Walnut shaped glasses are usually full-rimmed, meaning the surrounding 'rim' is made of a plastic material called acetate. Full rimmed acetate frames come a wide variety of colours, transparencies and patterns such as tortoise shell, which give you plenty of choice when choosing your new pair of glasses.


Will walnut glasses suit me?

Walnut shaped frames are especially suited for long, round or oval face shapes. This is because they’re not overly tall and have very forgiving rounded lenses which suit the majority of glasses wearers. Due to their versatility and flattering design, walnut eyeglasses are a very popular style for everyday use.


Young woman sitting in front of pink wall smiling taking a photo of herself using her smartphone

How do I know my face shape?

The easiest way to know your face shape is by tracing the general outline of your head, noting the ratios between your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and chin. Generally, your head will appear like a simple oval shape - but your facial characteristics are what defines it's classification of shape.

If you're struggling to identify your face shape, it's common to be a mixture of two or more kinds. The most common face shapes include;

  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Square
  • Triangular
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Long


How to know your face shape for glasses

Various methods exist to identify your face shape for glasses, such as using your phone, a face shape app, taking a self-portrait, or simply looking in a mirror. This process aids in determining the frames that complement your facial features, enhancing the overall balance and aesthetics of your look.

#1 Phone method: Use your phone to trace over a photograph or selfie. Using a photo editing pen-tool, outline the fundamental geometry of your face. Don't fret over any shakiness in your tracing; the basic shape will turn out just right.

#2: Face shape app: Download a face shape app and take a photo of yourself. The app can analyse your facial features for a digital-based answer to your face shape.

#3: Self-portrait photograph: Grab a pen and simply trace over a self-portrait photograph of yourself to determine your face shape.

#4: Mirror method: Grab a non-permanent whiteboard marker pen. Looking in mirror, trace your face shape onto the mirror’s surface for a basic outline.



Top 13 walnut shaped glasses

Walnut glasses are one of the most universally flattering shapes. Thanks to their rounded rims, the suit the vast majority of facial structures and skin tones. Regardless off your your age, they're a classy glasses style you can rely on for any occasion or outfit. To help inspire your new glasses upgrade, here’s a list of our favourite walnut eyeglass styles.


#1 Walnut cat-eyes

Woman lying on her front wearing black cat eye glasses frame smiling

Walnut eyeglasses with a subtle cat eye design offer a chic and fashionable option for female glasses wearers. This timeless ‘50s style is renowned for its flattering look, drawing attention to your eyes with its upswept corners.

As you'll have seen, cat eyes can be incredibly stylised with very strong upward 'flicks'. More akin to the walnut glasses shape are subtly cat eyes frames such as the Celine CL50068I available in high-gloss black acetate.

Three quarter view of black cat eye glasses frame



#2 Thick frame walnut glasses

Woman wearing large thick acetate eyeglasses

Thick frame glasses exude a bold style that can complement you beautifully when matched with the right face shape. While they may appear incredibly dominant, thick chunky frames like the Cazal 5000 can contrastingly create a slimming effect, adding a touch of delicacy and femininity to your features. Embracing thick glasses is a great style hack to visually reduce the visual size of your face whilst enhancing your confidence.

Front view of thick frame black spectacles



#3 Squared walnut glasses

Young woman inside with long strawberry blonde hair wearing tortoise shell eyeglasses

Yes, walnut glasses frames are usually oval, but some styles have a boxier look to them. If oval glasses seem too round for you, frames like the Garrett Leight Ruskin 1106 can give you the best of both. If you have a narrow or long face, this taller boxy glasses style will suit you perfectly.

This squarer frame shape provides a striking contrast to the natural curves of the face, drawing attention to the eyes and accentuating facial features with a bold, yet balanced aesthetic. This particular style not only flatters women with narrow or long faces by adding width and structure but also injects a touch of personality and confidence into any ensemble.

Furthermore, the natural, warm tones of the tortoise shell acetate bring a soft, approachable feel to the statement-making design, ensuring that these glasses are as versatile as they are fashionable.

Side view of rounded square tortoise glasses frame



#4 Wire walnut glasses

Brunette woman wearing rose gold round wire spectacles

One of the most iconic eyeglass styles, round wire frames are highly fashionable and versatile. If bold thick-rimmed glasses aren't your preference, consider walnut-shaped wire frames for a more subtle look. Popularized during the 1960s and 1970s, these glasses gained fame through the influence of Beatles star John Lennon. For a timeless and effortlessly cool appearance, opt for thin round frames such as the RayBan 3447V, available in gold or silver wire with various acetate colours of temple tips.

Side view of round metal wire glasses frame



#5 Gradient walnut glasses

Woman wearing clear round eyeglasses

Frames in a walnut shape crafted from gradient acetate are not only stylish but also complement your skin and eyes beautifully. The transition from opaque to crystal creates a warm, earthy tone in shades of brown and amber, enhancing your complexion and drawing attention to your eyes. Unlike bold, single-color frames, two-tone eyeglasses like the Linea K Spiced Quartz offer a subtle look that is gentle on your facial features.

Round crystal and brown gradient eyeglasses frame



#6 Tall walnut glasses

Young lady smiling wearing large eyeglasses frame

If you have a particularly long face shape with a high forehead, tall walnut eyeglasses are a great way to help make your face look shorter and more proportionate. Sometimes called ‘deep’ frames, spectacles like the Garrett Leight Star have tall, equilateral lenses which help balance your facial appearance.

Better still, tall spectacles like these offer ample space for multifocal prescriptions such as occupational or progressive lenses. Instead of cramming those expensive lenses into a tiny little frame, why not embrace a flattering look that draws attention to your eyes?

Side view of tortoise shell cat eye glasses frame



#7 Classic round walnut glasses

Brunette female wearing tortoise walnut shaped glasses frame

Round tortoise glasses are easily one of the most popular types of walnut shaped frames. This acetate contains charming speckles of amber, brown and black which bring warmth and character to this classic eyeglass look.

If you’re going for a hipster sort of look, check out the Oliver Peoples O'Malley spectacle. These slender looking glasses are worn by Hollywood stars such as Christian Bale and Jennifer Anniston to name a few. With its classic keyhole nose bridge and warming earthy hues, these charming frames are the quintessential walnut eyeglasses style.

Walnut shaped tortoise glasses frame



#8 D-frame walnut glasses

Jennifer Aniston looking over her shoulder smiling

A great ambassador for the walnut glasses style is Jennifer Anniston. Seen above, she wears a brown coloured acetate spectacle in a 'D' frame shape. These glasses have a straight-ish brow line across the top with rounded lower rims; a nice in-between if you tend to find round frames don't work too well for you.

An earthy coloured acetate like the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake is perfect for adding natural warmth your complexion, especially if you're naturally quite pale or want to look more approachable.

Front view of thick Havana pattern spectacles



#9 Windsor Rim walnut glasses

Young blonde lady wearing round Windsor rim eyeglasses

A lesser known (but wonderfully stylish) type of walnut glasses are Windsor rim frames. These slender spectacles are made from wire, but thinly cloaked in fine acetate trim. The result? A delicate looking frame that gives you best of both worlds. Lightweight wire with a touch of acetate warmth.

An excellent example are the Garrett Leight Wilson 3003 spectacles. These rounded spectacles feature a pewter metal rim, beautifully veiled with a fine Honeycomb acetate rim. The ideal candidate for a very slim walnut shaped glasses frame.

Side view of tortoise shell Windsor rim eyeglasses



#10 Blue crystal walnut glasses

Lady with light blonde hair standing in front of wall wearing light blue jacket and round blue eyeglasses frame

Colourful walnut shaped frames are a playful way to add some intrigue to your look. Acetate comes in endless colours and patterns, so why not go for something a little different? Coloured crystal acetate eyeglasses can work with your hair and clothing style for a more unique aesthetic.

The Linea G Tanzanite Blue glasses offer a unique blend of style and sophistication, making them an excellent choice if you're looking for some quirky eyewear. The vibrant sapphire hues of these handmade frames brings a pop of colour that can enhance any outfit, adding an element of playfulness and personality.

Round blue spectacle frame lying folded on beige background



#11 Clear crystal walnut glasses

Woman sitting outside wearing tweed jacket and clear frame eyeglasses

Crystal or clear eyeglasses are a safe bet if you want to avoid clashing with your clothes. Great for any formal or casual occasion, neutral coloured frames made from transparent acetate are hugely versatile and will go with any outfit you put on. Plus, they’re much less bold than your usual solid-black spectacles which makes them less dominant on your face.

For a neutral crystal glasses frame, check out the Gucci GG0738O 006. These pretty, walnut-shaped spectacles are an easy-to-wear style with subtle branding. Ideal if you like an understated optical look.

Walnut shape crystal clear frame glasses



#12 Nude crystal walnut glasses

Blonde haired female wearing yellow crystal eyeglasses eating an apple

If you're hesitant about wearing thick rimmed frames, a handy tip is to consider glasses from transparent acetate. How so? Well, clear frame spectacles are much less bold on your face compared to opaque acetates. And if you choose a lightly tinted nude crystal colour, they can bring a subtle touch of warmth to your complexion.

The Oliver Peoples Romare glasses frame is a great example of a gently coloured crystal acetate. Its pink hues add a delicate touch to the frame and can give your face a soft glow. Perfect if you want a feminine looking frame with subtlety and class.

Side view of coral pink crystal acetate spectacles



#13 Black circle glasses


For a safe bet, a pair of round black glasses is an archetypal glasses style. With their simplicity, sleekness, and versatility, these neutral spectacles are a dependable choice. The thin black frames complement any outfit, ensuring a seamless match with any colour.

For an elegant round black frame, the Cutler And Gross 9001 epitomizes timeless elegance, blending seamlessly into the wardrobe of the modern woman. Their round shape softens sharper facial features, offering a flattering look for various face shapes.

Front view of round black glasses frame



Walnut shapes glasses FAQ's

Blonde woman laughing wearing a hat and walnut shaped eyeglasses

What colour frames make you look younger?

Acetate frames in warm hues can help give you a youthful appearance. Women can opt for frames in jewel tones, cherry shades, or brown to achieve a more youthful look. For men, consider burgundy, grey, brown, blue, or green frames for a classy and youthful appearance.


What type of glasses looks good on a square face?

Glasses with rounded corners tend to look best on square faces. Oval, round, walnut and cat-eye frames tend to square facial faces the best. Avoid tall boxy frames as they’ll make your head seem even more boxy.



What are the best glasses shapes for an oval face?

Luckily for you, oval faces suit the majority of glasses shapes. Round or oval spectacles are usually the best as they aren’t too tall, nor too narrow. This is what makes walnut shaped frames so popular as they’re a happy medium between round and square.


What glasses suit a round chubby face?

Square or rectangular frames suit people with chubby faces. Glasses with straight lines and angular details help visually ‘sharpen’ people who have soft facial features. Spectacles with tall lens heights have a thinning effect, therefore will help make your face appear thinner and longer. Boxy frames also look great in professional settings like your workplace.

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other style blogs for more optical inspiration. Thanks for stopping by.