The 6 Best Types of Preppy Glasses for Men

Preppy glasses for men are a key part of the Ivy League style. This smart and polished fashion borrows looks from old American colleges. The right frames can make a big difference in matching this style.

In this article, we'll talk about the eyeglass styles that fit the preppy look well. Each frame has its own charm and fits certain face shapes best.

We want to help you find glasses that not only look good but also feel right. Further below, you'll learn about styles, shapes, and what makes each pair special.

Let's dive in.

Preppy guy wearing square glasses

What Is the Preppy Aesthetic?

The preppy aesthetic, or Ivy League look, has deep roots in the history of American style. It began in the early 20th century, linked to the attire of students at prestigious universities. This fashion emphasizes a clean, classic look, blending comfort with a touch of elegance.

Moreover, key elements include polo shirts, chinos, blazers, and loafers. Preppy glasses add to this refined appearance, offering both function and fashion.


Key Features of Preppy Glasses

Glasses that match the preppy style are usually simple full-rim or semi-rimless frames in traditional shapes such as round or square. These glasses often feature traditional details such as a keyhole nose bridge, with materials and colours that complement a sophisticated sort of look.

Tortoise shell patterns, clear acetate, and fine metal details such as filigree are common amongst preppy-looking glasses frames. These stylish spectacles aren't just for sight but an important part of the whole outfit.



Preppy Guy wearing round glasses

Finding the Perfect Fit

The right pair of glasses should fit you properly whilst looking good. If you're buying your new glasses online (without the help of a sales assistant) it's a good idea to understand how glasses frames are measured to ensure a good fit.

Just like your clothes, spectacle frames use a standard sizing system which is usually labelled on the inner surface of the temples (arms).

For example: 52 [] 20 145 (all in mm.)

52 = lens width
20 = bridge width
145 = temple length

In this particular order, these measurements inform the comfort and your look of your glasses. If you already wear glasses, take a moment to compare them to any new frames you're eying-up online.

Long-term, this is a savvy move that can save you discomfort and poorly fitting frames that either slide down your nose or pinch the sides of your head.



A worker handmaking a spectacle frame in a dark workshop

Quality and Durability

Whilst fashion trends come and go, good quality glasses frames will always last longer, stay in shape and serve you well - ideally until your next eye exam... or beyond.

When every brand throws the word 'quality' around, it can be hard to distinguish between the good and the bad. Which is why the following suggestions of preppy glasses for men have been selected based on style, quality and dependable build-construction.

You can also explore our Stylish Glasses for Men collection, where you'll find a concise range of handmade glasses, crafted from premium-quality acetate and custom hardware.


The 6 Best Glasses for the Preppy Look

Round Frame Glasses

Round-frame glasses bring a classic, studious look that fits perfectly into the preppy aesthetic. These frames, especially in a tortoise shell pattern, offer a timeless style that complements scholarly and sophisticated outfits.

The Linea G Hazelnut tortoise glasses frame is a prime example of this. Its full-rim round design not only enhances the intellectual vibe but also adds a layer of depth to your appearance.

Furthermore, these glasses are particularly suitable for individuals with long, defined face shapes, high cheekbones, and strong jawlines. Wearing frames with a round form balances the facial features and creates a harmonious look.

This style of eyeglasses proves that fashion and function can coexist, providing both a sharp vision and a look. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or keeping it casual, these frames are a stylish choice that promises to elevate your ensemble.



Windsor Rim Glasses

Windsor rim glasses are a standout choice that blends thin wire frames with acetate trim around each lens.

This mix, known as a 'combination style,' offers a slender yet striking look. Moreover, Windsor rims are deeply rooted in tradition and perfect for those aiming for the Ivy League aesthetic.

They balance modern craftsmanship with a nod to classic design, making them a preferred choice for anyone aiming to capture an air of sophistication and heritage.

The Oliver Peoples Coleridge glasses are a prime example of this elegant style, embodying the essence of preppy glasses with their meticulous design and quality materials.

These frames are not just about looks but about making a statement of refinement. Suited for long or oval face shapes with defined cheekbones, Windsor rim glasses are an investment in timeless style and quality.

Three quarter view of round Windsor rim eyeglasses frame



Clear Frame Glasses

Clear-frame glasses stand out for their adaptability and subtle style. Made from transparent acetate, they blend well with literally any outfit, whether it's casual or formal. This makes them a perfect match for preppy accessories such as neckties and blazers.

The Linea C Arctic Grey model is an excellent example of this understated elegance. These transparent glasses suit those who prefer not to wear thick or bold frames but still want enduring eyewear that looks good.

Clear frames are ideal for anyone seeking a low-key yet fashionable option that doesn't dominate their face. They're especially suitable for a wide range of face shapes as they create minimal contrast and geometry on your face.

Oval shape clear frame eyeglasses



Square Frame Glasses

Square frame glasses carry a classic '50s flair, with their full-rim design making a strong statement.

These eyeglasses are known for their versatility, suited towards any face shape whilst adding a touch of traditional style.

Our Linea A Graphite Grey glasses are a perfect pick for those with round faces, as the square shape adds balance by creating an illusion of a more defined jawline.

While ideal for soft cheeks and gentler jawlines, they are a go-to choice for anyone looking to infuse a retro vibe into their look.

Large square transparent grey glasses frame



Two-tone Glasses

Two-tone glasses offer a subtle yet distinctive look with their gradient acetate frame front. These full-rim spectacles artfully blend two shades, darker on the top, fading into a lighter or clear bottom, creating a slightly less bold statement than fully opaque glasses.

The Linea J Midnight Vertigo model showcases this style with elegance, featuring a '50s-esque combination of black and clear acetate.

With a darker upper half, these vintage style frames naturally draw attention upwards towards your eyes and brows. This style is particularly popular for men as the 'top-heavy' appearance of these glasses can yield a strong and confident sort of look.

Furthermore, the two-tone effect gives these frames a unique character, making them a smart choice for anyone looking to add a touch of minimalist style to their eyewear collection.

Rectangular gradient two-tone spectacle frame



Semi-rimless Glasses

Popularised during the 1950's, Clubmaster (also known as browline frames) characteristically combine fine metal rims with distinctive acetate 'brow caps'. This contrasting assembly and oozingly vintage aesthetic make these semi-rimless glasses one of the most popular eyewear designs for hipsters and those seeking a preppy aesthetic.

These 'combination' glasses strike an ideal balance, offering the sleekness of metal with the statement-making appeal of acetate. The Garett Leight Elkgrove frames are a fine example of semi-rimless glasses that fit perfectly within the preppy aesthetic.

Their construction is not just about style. It's a sturdy yet elegant option that suits a variety of face shapes thanks to the intersecting bold upper half of these glasses.


Three quarter view of black and gold semi-rimless glasses frame


Preppy Glasses FAQ's

In this section, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about choosing the right preppy glasses to enhance your style and complement your features.


What Glasses Are in Style for Men Right Now?

Stylish glasses with a preppy look are popular for men right now. Think classic frames that bring a sharp look. Popular styles include clear acetate frames, Clubmasters, and the perennial-cool round style spectacles.


Do Glasses Look Good on Guys?

Definitely, a well-chosen pair of glasses can greatly enhance a man's appearance, providing a smart and sophisticated edge. The secret lies in choosing the right frame shape and size that harmonizes with your facial features and reflects your personal style.

Whether it's for professional settings or casual outings, the right glasses can be a game-changer, boosting not only visibility but also self-assurance.


What Glasses Are Most Popular for Men?

Full-rim (chunky) square and round frames are currently the most sought-after eyeglasses for men. Their timeless design is versatile, easily transitioning from everyday wear to professional settings.


What Colour Glasses Should Men Wear?

Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, the most flattering colour of glasses for men are typically warm earthy hues such as Havana pattern (tortoise) dark brown, black or amber. These warming colours bring natural warmth to your face, especially in thick-rimmed frames which create contrast on your face.

These tones serve as a solid foundation for building any look, ensuring that your glasses enhance rather than clash with your outfits.

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