Circle of Style: A Guide to Mens Round Glasses

Mens round glasses

While eyewear started as a product to help improve people's vision, it slowly gained popularity in the 1920s and became a fashion symbol. By the 1960s, America was a dominant producer of sunglasses, with wayfarers and aviators shown on many billboards, advertisements, and print media all across the country.

As luxury brands like Dior and Yves Saint Laurent entered the industry, mass-market eyewear took off. Past trends continued to shape future products. However, there was one category that became an instant hit and is still here today: round eyeglasses.

While circle frames were less exciting back then, people started to realize that they were more versatile than other types of eyewear. They look great on nearly anyone, regardless of their facial structure, and can suit most outfits.

Our styling guide on round eyeglasses aims to help you explore why these types of eyewear are trending and the impact of the different face shapes on how these frames look. 

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or improve your personal style, this post will go through everything that you need to know about circle glasses.

Should Men Wear Round Glasses?

Round glasses can be a fantastic choice for men, as they are incredibly versatile and a trendy option that can complement most types of facial structures. They create a softer environment than Wellington, square, or wayfarer frames, giving off an intellectual and elegant vibe.

While round glasses may not be suitable for creating an edgy look, they are fashionable. Manufacturers and designers are incorporating modern styles and angular features to bring this vintage-inspired eyewear into the contemporary fashion scene, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.


Who Looks Good in Round Glasses?

In theory, round eyewear may suit anyone due to its simplistic and humble design. However, that's not the case, as pairing these types of glasses can be more challenging than you think. If not carried properly, it can lead to a disastrous look.

It's important to understand that the wearer doesn't choose round frames. In fact, it's the other way around. These types of glasses suit people who know what they want. They also look fantastic on individuals with a strong jawline.

Over the years, rockstars, business icons, celebrities, and intellectual thinkers have all worn a pair of men's round glasses. What's striking is that most of these people didn't wear round glasses to make a "style statement" but unintentionally ended up making one.

What Face Shape Suits Round Eyeglasses?

Round eyeglass frames can complement many different facial structures, including the following:

Oval Face Shape

A pair of circular frames is an excellent option for anyone with an oval face due to the balanced proportions and gentle curves. They further enhance the natural symmetry of the facial structure.

Since these types of eyewear bring a soft touch without being too overwhelming, it's not surprising to see celebrities sporting various styles of men's round glasses at different events.

Square Face Shape

Often characterized by wide cheekbones, strong jawlines, and a broad forehead, a square face shape has sharp edges, which may make it challenging for the individual to choose a frame that suits their facial structure and style.

Fortunately, round glasses can help soften the curves and angular features. Since these types of frames rest higher on the nose due to the square shape of the face, they can create a flattering look.

If you're looking to rock these types of glasses, make sure to buy a dark and contoured frame, as that could draw more attention to your facial features.

Round Face Shape

A round face lacks angular features but has soft curves. While pairing circular sunglasses or eyewear with this type of facial structure may seem challenging, it's certainly possible. They can bring more definition and create a more balanced look.

The secret is to get spectacles that are well-proportioned and slightly bigger than your facial contours.

Heart Face Shape

A heart-shaped face features a broad forehead with a narrow chin and prominent cheeks, resembling an upside-down triangle. Thin or softly tinted round frames can bring emphasis to the top part of the facial structure and ensure a bit of balance to the bottom.

To add style and bring a contemporary touch to your heart-shaped face, consider round frames like those shown above.

What Are Round Glasses Called?

Here are a couple of names that people use when referring to round glasses:

John Lennon Glasses

Dita Believer DTX 506 01

During the 1960s counterculture movement, John Lennon, one of Britain's most iconic rock stars, took over the world with his hippie style, long Jesus-like hair, and world-famous round eyeglasses. After his passing, the frames went to an auction, fetching over $1.5 million in July 2007.

The eye-watering bids and the superstar's individual style may explain why these spectacles are commonly referred to as "John Lennon glasses."

Panto Glasses

Frames with rounded lenses and a keyhole bridge are also referred to as Panto glasses. They create a vintage-inspired look, perfectly matching the orbital area of the human anatomy.

Developed in the early 1930s in the UK, this type of eyewear has a style that is recognized by most people. However, the name didn't catch on, which is why you may not have heard of Panto glasses.

Circle Glasses

While the Panto design has a flattened top and a rounded bottom, circle glasses have a perfectly round shape. This type of eyewear offers a bold and distinctive aesthetic, which may require a wardrobe overhaul to achieve the desired look.

Ozzy Osbourne is one of the many iconic celebrities who made circular spectacles a symbol of counterculture and artistic expression.

Oval Glasses

Unlike circle glasses that are completely round, oval eyewear is a cross between classic circular-lensed frames and sleek, narrow shapes, giving you the best of both worlds. People with angular faces may appreciate the contrast created by the soft lines of these types of spectacles.

Oval frames are great for people who are looking for the vintage appeal of round glasses without the pronounced circular shape.

Windsor Glasses

Also known as "granny glasses," Windsor frames feature almost circular spectacles. This elegant and sophisticated style first became popular in the 1880s and is often characterized their nearly perfectly round wire rim. It also fetaures what is know as a 'saddle-bridge' and hooked temple arms which wrap arround the ear holding the frame in place. If you are looking for a style like this we recommend you check out this vintage eyewear store here.

Are Round Glasses Flattering?

Whether you have a square or heart-shaped face, a pair of men's round glasses can be flattering for various facial structures. Depending on the wearer's personality, this type of eyewear can give them the confidence to conquer their day.

To give a person's face a more balanced look and a softer appearance, round glasses with a thin frame can help soften sharp facial features and highlight prominent ones. There are many styles when it comes to this type of eyewear, catering to the needs of different people.

Round frames are incredibly versatile, as they suit a wide range of facial structures. You can choose from a wide range of thicknesses, colors, and details, allowing you to select a pair of glasses that complements your individual style and enhances your physical features.

Past trends and vintage-era looks influence modern styles. Round frames slowly gained popularity in the 1920s (wayfarer and aviator sunglasses), and they're here to stay for a long time. Their classic appeal makes this type of eyewear a flattering choice for any occasion.

Why Do Round Glasses Look So Good?

While there are many ways you can style round glasses, this type of eyewear looks good for various reasons, some of which include the following:

People Associate Round Frames with Intelligence and Creativity

Throughout history, prominent world leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Senator Arthur Vandenberg, and Ho Chi Minh have worn round glasses for most of their lives.

Due to its acceptance among iconic figures, people often associate round frames with intelligence and creativity. 

Steve Jobs, for example, was a modern-day visionary who famously wore circle glasses, further cementing the relationship between this style of eyewear and innovative thinking.

Round Glasses Can Soften Facial Features

While some people can easily rock a strong jawline and a broad forehead, others may lack the confidence to do so. Round glasses can help soften facial features and bring a touch of warmth to the wearer's appearance, allowing them to be confident in their own skin. 

Circular spectacles create a friendly demeanor, making people more approachable and enhancing their social appeal.

There Is a Variety of Styles That You Can Buy

From classic wire frames to rimless designs, bold features, and more, round glasses come in many different styles. If you're wondering why this type of eyewear looks good almost all the time, it's because there are a lot of options to choose from.

Who Should Not Wear Round Glasses?

While round glasses may suit many different face shapes, some people may be better off with other types of frames. These include individuals with the following:

Round Face

People with perfectly round faces may find that circular frames further accentuate their facial structure. To add some definition and contrast, they could opt for rectangular or geometric spectacles.

Large Facial Features

Not everyone has facial features that are proportionate to their face. Some may have large noses or wide eyes, and wearing round spectacles can draw a lot of attention to them. For a more balanced look, consider oversized or bold rectangular frames.

High Cheekbones

Round glasses might be uncomfortable for people with prominent cheekbones, as they may sit a bit higher, creating an unflattering fit. To overcome that, choose frames with adjustable nose pads or semi-rimless ones.

Small Face

If you're someone with a small face, wearing oversized round frames may create an overwhelming look. It's best to stick with a decent-sized pair of circular spectacles.

Do Round Glasses Look Good on Chubby Faces?

Men with chubby faces often look great with oversized angular frames. However, they can also wear round glasses as long as they choose the right size, width, and color.

While rectangular spectacles are fantastic for people with chubby faces, trendy cat eyes are also a good option and can highlight your facial features.

Final Thoughts on Men's Round Frames and Sunglasses

Round glasses for men will remain trendy for years to come. Since their advent over a century ago, these types of frames have been closely associated with intellect and creativity. They're more than just a trend: you can wear circular spectacles as an expression of your personal style.

When choosing a pair of round glasses, it's important to consider your facial structure, features, and style. Our guide provides all the information you need to help you make an informed decision.

We hope you have found this article helpful, be sure to check out our Stylish Glasses for Men collection to find your next frame. Or if you are still a little stuck why not check out more of our style articles here.

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