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Like most of us, you spent a long time choosing your glasses.

The colour, the style, the shape and the right sort of lens coatings.

Because after all, your glasses tell your part of the world what you’re all about. Agreeably, they’re a unique item that do a lot more than just help your vision.

And with all that consideration and care, your glasses should last you at least for the next two years. Or at least, until your next eye exam.

Which is why you already use your protective hard-case. Occasionally the lens cloth that came with your frame. Heck, you might even give them a dip in some warm soapy water once in a while.

Because it’s clear that you like take care of your glasses; the ones you so carefully considered way back when.


Contemporary eyeglass holder with pair of amber spectacles


Introducing a minimal eyeglass holder

For those below the age of 10, the spectacle stand market is a rich and vibrant place.

Where Disney fascinations can be fulfilled via an endless array of animal-based, novelty glasses stands.

But what about you?

For the sophisticated spectacle wearer such as yourself, there’s a distinct lack of choice when it comes to storing your glasses. A perfect podium on which you can store your eyewear that doesn’t resemble a moustache or a nose. You know the ones…

Decidedly, we felt it was high time to introduce a contemporary spectacle stand. One made from high-quality materials that you can keep on your work desk or beside table. A minimal solution for keeping your glasses organised, safe and free from scratches.



Grey spectacles resting on green and grey spectacle holder


The purpose

Sure, if you want to keep your glasses safe and scratch-free, you can just keep your glasses in their hard case.

It’s a tactic we highly recommend, if your good at taking it everywhere you go…

Which is exactly the point. Your glasses hard-case should stay in your bag or your car for when you’re out and about, doing your thing.

But when your back at home at the end of the day, it’d be handy to put your glasses in a safe but accessible place where you can pick them up. Right where you left them.

This scenario perfectly underpins the purpose of the eyeglass holder. Instead of taking them in and out a hard case, the stand is designed to enhance where you leave your glasses the most.

Whether that’s your bedside or your lounge coffee table. Because if you’re a creature of habit, your glasses can be kept consistently safe, aloft and away from the danger zone of spilt coffee or the dreaded grit.


And grit is everywhere, no matter how clean your house is.


If your guilty of leaving your glasses lying around (which is pretty much everyone) the likelihood of scratches is high. Laying them on any old surface, the temples end up being worn like the sole of your shoes on the ground. Eventually, they begin to wear and scuff, each time you lay your glasses down or pick them up.

And please.

Do yourself a favour and don’t be that person who lays their frame lens-side down. If there’s one way to destroy your lenses, that would be it.


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Spectacles resting on a glasses stand on black work desk


The design

The minimal eyeglass holder is a simple, two-part design.

Consisting of a vertical “upright” and a weighty horizontal base-plate, the entire unit is designed to be easily self-assembled in less than a few minutes.

Without the need for any hand-tools, the stand simply slots together using a satisfying friction fit. Reminiscent of a wood-working tenon joint, this method provides a reliable construction taking very little time to build yourself.

Yep, this is a refined DIY glasses stand.

To prevent surface scratches, the stand ships with a self-adhesive felt pad. This attaches to the underside of the base-plate which makes it easy to position and move around on your desk or table.

On the underside of the base-plate is a generous 45° chamfer. Originally, this detail wasn’t intended but it makes the stand much easier to pick up whilst your glasses are stored in the stand’s upright.

For safety and for aesthetics, the upright features fillets on all of the interactive edges. This gives a gives a smooth and tactile handling experience for your hand/s and glasses frame.


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Speactcles resting on an eyeglass stand made from recycled plastic bottles


The materials

These days, plastics have a bad reputation.

Quite right too, when an average 75% of all ocean debris is reported to be made from synthetic, man-made polymers.



“Plastics consistently make up 60 to 90% of all marine debris studied.

Approx. 5,000 items of marine plastic pollution have been found per mile of beach in the UK.”

Surfers against sewage



Which is why we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading experts in decorative, recycled-plastic panels.

Based in Wales, they produce various sheets of recycled plastic panelling for the interiors, kitchen and architectural industries. Cleverly, they take different types of otherwise-harmful waste material and recycle them into these attractive sheets.



For this inaugural edition, we’ve chosen this semi-translucent sheet of 12mm thick PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) to machine into our square base-plates.  

To make the sheet, waste PET has been chipped into tiny parts and fibres, then heated and compression-moulded into solid block.

Resultantly, the base plate is weighty and smooth but contains an almost fibrous interior like that of stone or wood.

Due to the grey colour, it’s also fairly neutral which means it’s more likely to harmonise with your home décor.


  • Material: (Polyethylene terephthalate.)
  • 12mm thick
  • 100% waterproof
  • Moderate scratch resistance


Green glasses resting on an upright eyeglass holder


Wooden version

As an alternative to recycled plastic, we’ve also made a 10mm birch laminate edition of the minimal eyeglass holder.

Machined from high-quality FSC-certified birch laminate, both the base-plate and the upright are made from a 10mm thick section. Just like the recycled-plastic version, it’s equally easy to assemble using the friction-fit slots.

Due to the pale characteristics of the unfinished birch, it provides a warm and contemporary aesthetic, perfect as a work-desk item or even as a thoughtful gift.


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Spectacles resting on wooden eyeglass stand on office desk


The packaging

One of the largest contributors to landfill waste is single-use packaging.

Whether it’s cardboard, paper, plastic or metals, the UK produces more than two hundred million tonnes of waste per annum.



“The UK generated 222.9 million tonnes of total waste in 2016, with England responsible for 85% of the UK total.”




In order to pack your eyeglass holder safely and securely, we wanted to use bio-degradable materials that could eventually decompose.

Additionally, we set the difficult task of reducing the amount of packaging components to further reduce our impact.

To prevent the base-plate and the upright from damaging each other during trasnit, they need to be physically separated from one another. Traditionally, separate compartments, pouches or wrapping tissue would have been helpful however wouldn’t align with our strict design-brief.

Instead, after some lengthy research, we discovered a compostable pouch which could be vacuum sealed. Using negative air pressure, the base-plate and the upright could go into the same vessel but remain separated thanks to the vacuum seal.

Better still, the pouch itself is made from an oxo-degradable Kraft paper which means it can eventually break down and compost. The perfect solution for our two-part design.

For storage and transit, the pouch allows the eyeglass holder to be vacuum sealed as a flat pack unit. Not only does this reduce bulk but also reduces your courier costs as it can fit straight through a regular letter box.

To protect the pouch from damage and losing its tight vacuum seal, we’ve opted for a lightweight C4 cardboard envelope.

For short or long-distance shipping, it’ll act as an outer sheathe to protect the components within.



Blue eyeglass holder with grey frame glasses

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