The best wooden spectacle holder stand for glasses

Sadly, most wooden spectacle holders are designed as a novelty item - designed to resemble a nose, a woodland creature or some kind of cartoon character.

If you're looking for a refined eyeglasses stand, we've done the hard work for you and found what we believe to be the best one on the market.

Three quarter view of wooden spectacle holder stand for glasses


  • Protect your glasses - The wooden spectacle holder provides a safe perch for your glasses, preventing them from getting scratched or crushed.
  • Solid Construction - Crafted from high-quality beech laminate, this eyeglass holder is a simple two-part construction which provides a stable podium that won't scratch your frame or lenses.
  • Easy Assembly - The holder comes in two parts - the adhesive base and the wooden holder. No tools are needed for assembly, making the setup process quick and easy.
  • Compact Design - The square base measures 75x75mm, taking up very little space on your bedside table, desk, or countertop.
  • Versatile Gift - This glasses holder would make a thoughtful gift for various occasions, including Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, and more.
  • Additional Jewellery Holder - Designed with jewellery friendly notches, the holder also serves as a convenient place for storing your rings and other small accessories.


Wooden spectacle holder stand on desk beside computer and pen pot

The benefits of beech

What we love about this wooden spectacle holder is its understated form which could integrate with a contemporary environment.

Furthermore, it's made of two flat-pack components which are easily slotted together without the need for any tools. This way, it can be easily shipped without the fear of breaking or being overly bulky or heavy.

Instead of being sculpted into a solid block (resembling a nose) the spectacle holder is made from two flat sections of beech laminate. This hardy material is the best option to avoid warping or splintering thanks to the cross-laminate construction. Furthermore, beech has a fine, pale grain which makes it very consistent in terms of surface finish.


  • Strong & stable
  • Consistent grain
  • Unlikely to warp
  • Won’t scratch spectacles
  • Tabletop friendly
  • Sustainable


Side view of wooden eyeglass stand holding round tortoise spectacle frame

Why not just use a glasses case?

Using a protective case for your glasses is one of the best ways of protecting your glasses.

Even better, you could have several cases to always have somewhere to keep your glasses frame when you aren’t wearing them.


Taking them in and out can get a little tedious, especially if you aren’t moving around all that much. Working at your desk or on top of your nightstand, a handy podium for your glasses frame is a nice balance between protection and convenience.

In order to achieve this, the wooden glasses holder has a 75mm square base-plate which makes it stable and bottom-heavy. Perfect for bleary-eyed mornings as your reach for your glasses to start your day.

And thanks to the beech laminate, it won’t scratch your frame front, bridge or nose pads. Ideal for everyday use, on and off.

Once you decide where you’d like to put your glasses holder, it’ll be there to keep your spectacles away from any clutter, grit or spilt drinks.


Aerial view of beech wood eyeglass holder on white side table

Protecting your glasses

Your glasses are a crucial part of your life. Besides helping your vision, they’re integral to your identity. So, it’s pretty important you take good care of them.


Trouble is, spectacles are one of the most easily misplaced items, not to mention one of the most expensive. According to the data below, the average UK cost for a glasses frame is £120.

After all your consideration and expense, you’ll likely want to keep your glasses in good working condition. Which isn’t easy when you wear them for up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending on your prescription, whether you’re a full time or a part time glasses wearer, your spectacles ideally need to last you until at least your next eye examination.

To do so, there’s various measures you can take to prolong and protect your glasses from daily wear and tear.

  • Use a hard-case/s
  • Regularly clean the lenses with a microfibre cloth
  • Don’t wear them on top of your head
  • Avoid cleaning them with your clothing.
  • Keep them away from hair-spray/cosmetics
  • Avoid hanging them from your clothing
  • Store them on a glasses holder


Close view of wooden spectacles stand on office desk

The back story

Wearing glasses is a full-time job.

And whether you like it or not, once you start wearing them, they become an integral part of your life. They have to work so efficiently but also make you look and feel…like you.

Which is why we felt there a large dis-junction between sophisticated spectacles wearers (you) and the novelty spectacle stands you see online. Looking around, there’s an abundance of nose-shaped or animal-shaped solutions.

Not particularly minimal.

Instead we found sleeker method of storing your glasses. The best wooden spectacle holder that you could happily place on your office desk or on your kitchen counter at home. Alternatively, you might like this solid metal glasses stand instead?

Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other Eyewear accessories blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

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