8 benefits of a spectacle holder

As a glasses wearer, you know the worry of misplacing your beloved frame or worrying about damaging their precious lenses. But what if there was a simple solution to keep them secure?

Enter the spectacle holder - a game-changer for glasses wearers who like taking care of their things. This handy accessory is more than just a desk organiser; it's a practical investment for your eyewear.

In this blog post, I've listed eight reasons why you should invest in a spectacle holder. So, let's dive in and explore how this handy perch can make a big difference in keeping your eyeglasses safe and sound.


8 reasons to use a spectacle holder

Three quarter view of brass spectacle holder

1. Prevent losing them

Sorry to break it to you…but it’s likely you’ll lose your glasses.

“A study of 2,000 adults found we will typically misplace four items a month with keys, mobile phones, pens and glasses the most common.”

Daily Express

Which is why it’d be a good idea to always put them in same place, each and everyday. Because ritualism is the secret to being organised, everybody knows that. By using a spectacle holder, you’ve got the perfect place to store your glasses when they’re not on your face. Right where you left them.


Round wire spectacles on black eyeglass holder

2. Protect your lenses

Come on, it’s you who paid for those lenses.

Why not keep them safe?

Because if you don’t, you might have to replace them. Nobody wants that.

“In addition to reflecting light and interfering with vision, scratches can affect the impact resistance of the lenses. For optimum vision and safety, the best thing to do if you notice significant scratches is to purchase new ones.”

Gary Heiting, OD - All About Vision

Moral of the story? Don’t be that person who puts their glasses lens-side-down. Even if you’re new to wearing them, that’s a cardinal sin when it comes to taking care of your lenses. To prevent lens scratches, keep your frame the right way up by keeping it on this spectacle holder.

Your lenses will be kept aloft, away from dust and dirt and will last you much much longer. (You can thank us later.)


Round black eyeglasses resting on brass spectacle stand

3. Your case comes, your stand stays

Oh yea, glasses cases are a great option if you remember to take it with you… everywhere you go.

They’re a great way to avoid crushing or scratching your glasses frame whilst you’re out on your daily grind. But if you want our advice, you should take your glasses case with you in your bag or in your car.

But when it’s time to come home, your handy eyeglass holder will be waiting for you to hang up your frame, kick back and relax.


Rectangular crystal eyeglasses frame on brass spectacle holder

4. Safe from spills

Lens-scratches are a nightmare. But sticky glasses? Eugh. Anything that’s lying on your workdesk is fair game when it comes to the next tsunami of tea, fizzy juice or coffee.

And just like your soggy-wet paperwork, your glasses are going to get covered in whatever liquid that’ll be dripping onto your lap sometime soon. A spectacle holder is a safe bet to protect your glasses when you aren't wearing them.


Black wire rim eyeglasses resting on metal glasses stand

5. Reduce frame scuffs

Are your glasses made from acetate? If so, they’re just as easily scuffed as your lenses.

Lens-side up, a folded spectacle frame will rest on it’s temples. By laying your glasses on kitchen worktops or desks, tiny particles of grit and dirt are just waiting for you to drag your sacred spectacles right across them.

Whilst you did the right thing by protecting your lenses, it’s your acetate frame that takes the brunt of dreaded grit. By keeping your frame elevated and off these gritty surfaces, you’ll keep your frame in better condition, free from scuffs.


Thin wire spectacle frame on black upright glasses stand holder

6. Stay organised

Chances are, you’ll have a desk and maybe even a desk-tidy or a pen-pot. You know, for all your boring work stuff.

So why wouldn’t you do the same for your glasses frame?

Going back to reason no.1 here, a desktop eyeglass stand is going to keep your glasses nice and organised so you can get on with being professional.

Just like your parents always told you, just put them back where you found them.


Green rimmed sunglasses frame on black spectacle plinth

7. Make an impression

There’s a great saying;

“What you allow in your presence is your standard.”

And after your eye test, purchasing the frame, getting the lenses fitted and getting the frame adjusted, surely, you’ll want to take care of your glasses?

Because your standard is as high as you want to set it. In this case, it’s 76mm tall, made from precision machined brass (or steel) and will take your glasses game to the next level.

In your office or workspace, everyone will clearly see that you like to take care of your things.


Three eyeglass stands beside each other on white background

8. Prevent drops

Do you keep your glasses on your bedside table?

First thing in the morning, or last thing at night, you’ve dropped them a few times. Right onto the floor where you might end up scratching your frame or lenses.

An eyeglass stand keeps your frame aloft, safe and poised for some evening reading or bedtime TV. In the morning, it’ll be within arm’s reach, right where you need them, ready to start the day.

If a metal glasses stand isn't for you, you should check out this wooden edition.

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