Ladies Reading Glasses: How to Style Up Your Fashion

Your choice of glasses are crucial to creating a good first impression.

If you’re serious about your perception, the right reading glasses have the power to change both your vision and your look.

Today, wearing reading glasses can be a real fashion statement. But they’re more than just a trendy accessory. They blend elegance and functionality, making close-reading easier and putting less strain on your eyes.

While glasses can be made in many shapes, colours, and sizes, the most well-known ones have developed unique names and histories. You've probably heard of some classic styles, such as hipster, cat-eyes, round glasses, and John Lennon glasses, amongst others.

But how can you tell if your eyewear is cat-eye or browline? Are all square glasses automatically rectangular glasses? What are geometric sunglasses?

To help, we've created a list of the frame names, colours, and sizes to find the best glasses that suit you.


Ladies reading glasses styles

Lady with short dark hair touching her orange cat eye glasses frame

Cat eye

Cat eye glasses are the definition of understated glam. The upper corners, which are closest to your temples, feature an upswept style that draws attention to your eyes. Cat eye frames have a characteristic, curved browline that makes yields a classic ‘50s style that’s never going out of fashion.

Large tortoise shell cat eye glasses for women



Woman wearing hexagonal style glasses

Hexagonal glasses

It's not surprising that the 1940s' popular hexagonal frames are enjoying a comeback to the spotlight now that 70s fashions and other retro shapes are receiving the recognition they rightfully deserve. When lens designs expanded and changed, the 1940s saw the height of hexagonal frame popularity. Frame shapes with adventurous rounded edges, narrow bottoms, and sharp octagonal and hexagonal shapes quickly rose to popularity.

RayBan Hexagonal wire spectacles


Lady with grey long bob haircut wearing formal work clothes and tortoise shell glasses frame

Round Glasses

Circular frames are one of the most timeless eyeglass styles. The classically endearing vibe of round wire frames contrasts with the more hipster trend of thick acetate frames. If you’re looking for a classic look, try round glasses if you have a rectangular, oblong or oval face and like traditional fashion. Round glasses will be a go-to fashion choice for many years to come.

Round black eyeglasses frame with silver staple rivet details


Brunette female wearing large black spectacle frame

Retro Square

If you like a reserved look, retro square frames are a staple spectacle style. Simple and boxy, they’re available in every eyewear collection of most optical brands. Their proportions are perfect for the majority of face shapes, so you really can’t go wrong with this style of frame. Square frames are equally wide and tall and are perfect for people with round, oval, or oblong face shapes. Angular edges and pointed lens-corners provide a much-needed contrast to soft facial features and dimpled cheeks.

Large square black reading glasses frame


Tortoise shell browline glasses frame resting on a book

Browline Glasses

One of the most popular mid-century glasses styles, browline glasses are a combination style of frame made from both metal and acetate. These stylish frames feature a characteristically thick acetate browline that draws attention to the upper half of the frame. Contrastingly, the thin rims and temples are made with metal, usually gold or silver coloured. For a stylish ‘50s look, browline glasses are trendy style for ladies reading glasses.

Tortoise shell Clubmaster eyeglasses by RayBan


Blonde female wearing geometric style eyeglasses

Geometric Glasses

Hexagons, octagons, rounded bottoms with slanted tops, and many other shapes are categorized under geometric eyewear. The lens borders are probably geometric frames if they have more than four clearly defined sides or if they have a shape that is difficult to classify. These glasses are for you if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Large green geometric reading glasses frame


Woman with afro haircut touching her thick round eyeglasses

Thick rimmed

Although thick-rimmed glasses were first made of tortoiseshell or horn, they’re commonly now made of acetate - intended to resemble these materials. As a result, these glasses combine form and function: they create a statement and are a solid fit for long-lasting fashion and daily use. Unlike metal frames, which have a less obvious impression on the wearer's face, they are distinguished by their bold appearance.

Chunky round tortoiseshell glasses


Woman Wearing Over sized hipster glasses

Hipster glasses

Being hipster as opposed to being outdated and out-of-date is what gives these glasses its own category of eyewear. Hipster glasses (otherwise known as vintage-inspired style glasses) have been in fashion for the past 10 years and are inspired by eyewear trends of the past. A current example of this are oversized ‘80s style ladies reading glasses that dominate your face with enormous lenses. To take things up a notch, an old-school frame chain would work perfectly with this glasses style.

Round amber reading eyeglasses frame


Blonde lady using laptop computer wearing cat eye glasses frame

Blue light-blocking lenses

Blue-light-blocking eyeglasses have filters in the lenses that prevent the passage of blue light and, sometimes, UV rays. This implies that if you wear these glasses when using a screen, especially at night, they can help limit exposure to blue light wavelengths that can keep you awake. They are great options for women's reading glasses, especially if the reading is done on a cell phone or computer.



Ladies colourful reading glasses

Three quarter view of woman wearing bright green browline eyeglasses

Green reading glasses

Green glasses are a very current optical fashion trend and a particularly nice option for folks with warmer skin tones. It’s a versatile colour that looks especially good in transluscent acetates, bringing olive-coloured warmth to your complexion.

Round green reading glasses frame


Woman with red hair and red eyeglasses sitting in meadow outside on sunny day

Red reading glasses

People with warm skin tones look great with red eyeglass frames. Bold red is a stunning colour, common amongst vintage eyewear. If you wear a lot of red in your attire, this colour of frame would make an excellent eyewear choice.

Gradient red and crystal coloured reading eyeglasses


Young blonde female in pink top and round blue spectacles

Blue reading glasses

Blue glasses are a bold colour of glasses. If you’re looking to make a stament with your eyewear, blue is one of the most vibrant frame-colours you could possibly wear. For added depth, crystal blue acetates will glow in sunlight, often revealing the hinges and hardware within.

Round blue reading spectacles


Lady wearing tortoiseshell cat eye glasses frame

Tortoiseshell reading glasses

Nobody can refuse tortoise-shell-coloured eyewear. It is both classic and timeless, and in terms of fashion, it is both retro and current. The tortoise's colour is flat and garish but also exudes personality through its subtlety. The turtle frame is a must-have in your collection and is suitable for everyone fashionable.

Thick tortoise shell acetate reading glasses frame


Three quarter view of lady wearing thick green eyeglasses smiling standing beside house plant

Mint green reading glasses

Mint eyeglass frames have a softer look and give youthful vibe with a literary and artistic flair. The enhanced brightness of the mint glasses frame makes it better suited for persons with fair or cold white skin because its colder tone complements a calm demeanour and fair complexion.

Crystal acetate mint green eyeglasses frame


Women with long brown hair looking directly at viewer through yellow tinted crystal coloured eyeglasses

Clear frame glasses

Crystal clear glasses are forever fashionable. Neutral and transparent, they’re the chameleon of eyeglasses. If you wear a lot of colorful clothes, transparent glasses avoid the risk of clashing with your outfit.

Yellow crystal acetate reading eyeglasses


Lady wearing black cat eye glasses frame

Reading glasses sizes

Choosing the right size of reading glasses depends on your facial structure and the size of your head. Like shoes, or clothes, eyewear has it’s own sizing system which surprisingly few people know about. This is usually because optician’s make size suggestions for you, thus limiting your familiarity with what size of glasses is best for you.

When choosing new reading glasses, there are three key measurements to consider.

  • Lens width (mm)
  • Bridge width (mm)
  • Temple length (mm)

Lens widths vastly vary between frame styles, so this is less important than the width of your bridge. Spectacles that don’t sit correctly on your nose can be uncomfortable or frustratingly slide down your nose. Correct temple length is also important to help position your glasses correctly on your face.

For a detailed guide to frame sizing, click here.


Woman with long brown hair wearing square black glasses frame smiling

Large reading glasses

Big ladies reading glasses will have large lens widths of around 50mm. Bridge widths can vary between 16 ad 22mm, depending on their shape and the brand.

If you need large reading glasses, look for the dimensions printed on the frame, usually on the inner surface of the temple arms. Big reading glasses can be incredibly stylish and ideal for those with big heads or who want to channel the Jackie Onassis' glasses look.

Just be sure that the bridge is the correct width for you to prevent your glasses sliding down your nose.


Mature lady wearing cat eye glasses frame sitting in front of colourful wall

Small reading glasses

Small reading glasses frames can either be small-fit or have small lenses. If you have a small petite head, small reading glasses have lens widths ranging between 45 to 50mm and generally have narrow bridge widths between 14 to 18mm.

If you struggle finding glasses with narrow bridge widths, you’ll likely have experienced the annoying sensation of frames sliding down your nose or resting on your cheeks. (So irritating!) If this sounds familiar, look for frames with narrow bridges or adjustable nose pads.

Spectacles with metal pad arms can be bent to make the bridge width narrower, thus preventing that oh-so-annoying habit of constantly pushing your glasses back up your nose. To help your further, glasses with short temples (less than 130mm) are another way to help keep your glasses in-place.


Woman with short grey haircut wearing oval black eyeglasses frame


Reading glasses can be a real style statement. If you regularly wear your glasses for close-vision tasks, it can be uplifting to have a stylish frame you feel confident wearing. Reading a restaurant menu, your phone or latest novel binge.

The right glasses will make close-reading a breeze, but they can help revolutionize your style and even make you look younger.

Hopefully you found this article helpful.

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