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Johnny Depp sunglasses - what’s the deal? Why is he always wearing them?


As a fan of Johnny Depp I’m sure you’ve wondered at some point why he is always seen wearing those famous shades? He admits himself: 'I'm blind as a bat in my left eye' and has struggled ever since childhood with his eyesight. Therefore, relying very heavily on his prescription glasses. He is most commonly seen wearing tinted sunglasses and has a vast array of different colour tints.

What kind of glasses does Johnny Depp wear?

Depp is rarely seen without glasses these days both on and off screen. He is most famous for wearing the Moscot Lemtosh, usually paired with a custom tinted lens.

But here we’ll take a look at some of his most favourite frames both on and off screen and where you can find yours.

Johnny Depp wearing blue tinted Moscot glasses

Johnny Depp's blue glasses are his most famous look. And is almost always wearing the Moscot Lemtosh glasses frame with blue tinted lenses.


What size moscot Lemtosh does Johnny Depp wear?


He wears them slightly undersized, so has opted for the small of the sizes Moscot has available. In the image shown above, his frames have a very light blue tint, most likely a 30% tint. He is also wearing the tortoise acetate version. Blue tints are not to be mistaken for blue light blocking glasses. And as far as we’re aware Johnny Depp wear doesn’t wear blue light glasses, this coating can usually be detected quite easily on the surface of the lens.

Johnny Depp Wearing Moscot Lemtosh Glasses with Purple tinted lenses

Johnny Depp’s purple sunglasses

An alternative version of the American optical icon that is the Lemtosh by Moscot shown here on Depp in classic black acetate. However, this time with an unusual purple tinted lens, we have to say its a pretty bold look, but one we’re here for.

Johnny Depp Wearing Tortoise Moscot Glasses

Another example of Johnny Depp’s love affair with Moscot in the timeless Lemtosh style. Again undersized narrow version of the frame and in havana tortoise acetate. However, this time without his signature tint, opting for a simple prescription clear lens.

What brand of glasses does Johnny Depp wear in court?

Johnny Depp wearing AM Sunglasses in Court

We couldn't write an article about Johnny Depp’s glasses and not address the elephant in the room… that real life courtroom drama which played out over the spring of 2022. And of course that nude, pink frame he was sporting on several occasions throughout the case.

The brand name is AM Eyewear and they are based in Australia.

The frame name of the style worn is AVA and the colourway is Mellow Yellow. It was a limited edition frame where only 75 pairs were ever made and apparently the brand has no plans to reissue the design to meet the demand. Some were found on sale on ebay for as much as $2000.

AM Eyewear Ava Worn by Johnny Depp in Court


It is also thought that Johnny Depp bought the frame himself as the founder of the company states they don’t do any celebrity gifting.


Johnny Depp’s Aviator sunglasses

No blog about Johnny Depp’s eyewear would be complete without a mention of another staple frame in his glasses wardrobe.

Johnny Depp wearing Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses

Again featuring his signature blue tinted lens, this one if from USA brand Randolph engineering. All produced in the USA by master craftsman for over 40 years. This particular style has been finished with jewellery grade 23K white gold. This particular style features a bayonet style temple which is actually designed for better comfort under headgear.

Randolph USA 23k white gold aviator with blue tinted lenses

Johnny Depp Wearing Randolph Sunglasses with Blue tinted lenses


Johnny Depp’s Glasses: Secret Window

The 2004 thriller featuring Johnny Depp: The Secret Window showcases Depp’s signature Moscot Lemtosh look. Throughout the film he is seen wearing the brown havana version of this frame, which is laminated on the back with a transparent acetate. However, from the movie poster for this film he is seen wearing the classic all black version.

The Secret Window Movie Poster Johnny Depp Wearing Black Moscot Glasses


This scene known as the “split personality” scene gives us a chance to check out this frame twice! If you don;t know what I’m talking about watch the clip below:


Knowing Depp’s love affair with Moscot, we think it’s safe to say the glasses worn in the movie were “the actor’s own”. As we know Johnny’s eyesight isn’t the best, these were most likely his own frames rather than a prop for the character.

Johnny Depp’s Sunglasses in Blow

Next on this list of famous frames worn by Johnny Depp are these rather unusual all aluminium sunglasses worn in 2001 film Blow. It’s a vintage frame originally from the 1970’s, and has also been spotted on Frank Sinatra. The brand who produced these sunglasses were called Cool Ray and the model is named: ‘Fast Back 420’.

Johnny Depp in Blow wearing Aluminium sunglasses by Fast back

It’s rather unusually made from aluminium and has no split which is normally found in a metal frame which allows for lenses to be fitted easily. So these would have to be fitted with lenses cold, which is notoriously difficult to do, especially for high index prescription lenses. You can still get your hands on vintage versions of this frame from many online retailers. Average price coming in at around $110.

In this previously unseen scene, deleted from the original cut we can get a good look at those unique frames worn by Depp’s character George Jung. You can also get a look at those questionable looking sun lenses…

Johnny Depp Fear and Loathing glasses


Johnny Depp wearing Ray-Ban 3138 Shooter sunglasses with yellow tinted lenses in fear and loathing

The 1998 film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas see Depp wearing the Rayban 3138 Shooter sunglasses. Paired with an unusual yellow tint, one can only assume to tie into the “Shooter” name. This frame is very similar in style to the Rayban 3030 Outdoorsman, which also features the ring found in the centre which apparently helps with its functionality. The only aspect we as spectacle makers can think of would be the aspect of air flow? Reducing the likelihood of the lenses steaming up. Which if being used in a hunting/shooting contect maybe quite crucial.You may recognise these from Brad Pitt in A Curious case of Benjamin Button.


However, we think it’s safe to say this frame wouldn’t necessarily be being worn in this film for that reason, and more for it’s unusual style.

This frame is still readily available to buy from rayban and can be seen in the Hitchhiker clip here:


Johnny Depp Ninth Gate Glasses

Depp plays a book dealer in the 1999 film The Ninth Gate, in which he is seen wearing a Savile Row round-eye Panto frame. This frame is handmade in England from 14kt gold wire, not just plated wire! But solid gold wire, as far as we’re aware Savile Row (also know as Algha Works LTD) are the only company in the UK to produce wires from solid gold.

Johnny Depp wearing Saville Row glasses in the ninth gate

This is a timeless style, most suited to Depp’s bookish character Dean Corso. It’s a beautiful little frame which is rimmed with acetate around both the frame front and the sides. It also features curl temple tips which offers great security of the frame around the ear.


Unfortunately, as of 2020 all production at Algha Works LTD has ceased, due to many factors mainly gentrification of their surrounding area leading to them being ousted out of the factory they have been in since 1932. Therefore, until they find a new home for all of their equipment its safe to say production of these stunning frames will have stopped for now. We all hope this will be remedied soon as it would be sad to see the end of production for such lovely eyeglasses. The factory have made wire frames for The Queen, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Sean Connery, Ben Kingsley, Daniel Radcliffe and John Lennon.


Savile Row Beaufort Panto worn by Johnny Depp

Check these beautiful frames out in this scene from The Ninth Gate here:


Johnny Depp public enemies sunglasses

Johnny Depp in Public enemies film with sunglasses


John Dillinger Public enemy number one in the USA during 1920-30s played by Johnny Depp in the 2009 film adaptation of his life and many crimes. In it Depp is seen sporting a vintage sunglasses frame.

The exact model is unknown and most like a vintage frame sourced for the film. And originally from the 1920’s this can be assumed as the acetate used is very thin, unlike acetate used to create frames today. So much so that you can actually see the frame is slightly warped in the opposite direction.

Preciosa model 764 similar to vintage frame worn by Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

If you are looking for a similar style frame we’d recommend the Preciosa Model 764 as the closest match to the original vintage frame. As it can be seen it has the same under-sized style, very close colour match and can be fitted with prescription or non-prescription sun lenses very easily.

Johnny Depp’s Rum Diary Sunglasses

An unusual style worn by Johnny Depp in the 2011 film The Rum Diary. Originally produced in the 1960’s by eyewear brand Renauld. Worn religiously by motor racing icon Jim Clarke and the ultimate Rock n’ Roll legend Elvis Presley. This frame was brought back into production by Renuald in 2021 for a limited batch of 200 pairs - so are still available at the time of writing.

Renauld 61 sunglasses worn by Johnny Depp Rum Diary

“Cezanne green” lenses are worn in Johnny Depps frame throughout the film. Available in both silver and gold plated versions of the frame, but Depp’s character wore the gold plated version. This is a unique, patent protected frame design, featuring a full wrap around base curve; usually found on sports frames. These are fitted with Divel Italia performance lenses as well, they really are a premium pair of sunglasses.


The frame can be seen in action here, also featuring a certain actress whose name we probably shouldn’t mention…


Johnny Depp dark shadows sunglasses

Johnny Depp wearing sunglasses in the dark shadows film

Made especially for the film Dark Shadows, these sunglasses are rather odd. A ‘D’ shaped lens which is also mirrored in the side guards and fitted with Royal Blue lenses; makes for an eccentric looking frame matching that of Depp’s character. Produced bespoke for the film by wire frame specialists Algha Works (as mentioned previously as producing Depp’s frames for The Ninth Gate Film). The actual frames were put up for auction a matter of months after the films release and fetched $3250 with 14 bidders on the item.

Frame worn by Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows film made by savile row


The sides feature the markings of Algha Works trading name “Saville Row CE”. Obviously as these were produced as a prop for the film they cannot be purchased. However, there are several “Cos-Play” interpretations available for purchase. Most likely for use at Halloween…


Check out Johnny Depp in action here:


Johnny Depp Black Mass Sunglasses

Depp is seen wearing a Porsche Carrera 5623 frame in the 2015 movie Black Mass. This is one of the world's most coveted vintage frames on the market.

Johnny Depp in Black Mass


The wire frame is a classic aviator and this particular model is gold plated with brown gradient tinted lenses; not surprisingly the most popular colour combination.

Porsche Carrera 5623 Aviator sunglasss worn by Johnny Depp

Interestingly this frame has interchangeable lenses, meaning you can purchase additional lenses for use in different light conditions.

Brand new versions of the 80s classic (not pre-owned) can be purchased from the Vintage sunglasses shop. They offer a fantastic selection of vintage original sunglasses.

Watch it in action here:


Whitey Bulger played by Johnny Depp seems to partial to an aviator as he is also spotted wearing a DITA DRX2004 Super Genius.

Johnny Depp Black Mass Wearing DITA DRX Super Genius

This is a full acetate, dark havana frame handmade in Japan by one of the finest eyewear brands in the world.

Johnny Depp’s Glasses in The Professor

Johnny Depp in the professor wearing sunglasses

Being honest probably not the most exciting frame we’ve reviewed in this article but worn by Johnny Depp nonetheless in The Professor. A simple black acetate frame with a black nickel plated side arm and fitted with black sunglasses, isn’t going to win any prizes for innovation… However, produced by Luxottica under the brand name Giorgio Armani, would be a reasonable quality, lightweight frame.

Georgio Armani Sunglasses worn by Johnny Depp in the Professor



Its slim profile, simple rectangular frame makes this a very wearable frame for most face shapes. Its metal sides are thin in profile making this a lightweight frame to wear. 


Check it out in this scene with Depp’s characters alternative teaching methods:


So there you have it, a run down of all of Johnny Depp’s glasses worn both on and off screen. From the weird and wonderful to the everyday frames, but the clear favourite of Depp’s has to be the Lemtosh style whether it’s made by Moscot or not. The classic keyhole bridge and softly rectangular frame style made iconic by Depp’s choice of bold lens tint be it blue or purple. It’s definitely a look worth giving a go if you’re feeling bold enough. 


Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other eyewear icons. Thanks for stopping by.


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