Are eye tests free?

Depending on where you live and your personal circumstances, your test can be free of charge. Discover if your eligible...

How are glasses measured?

Demystify those weird numbers on your glasses to understand the size of your glasses frame. A handy guide to know your dimensions & for buying glasses online.

PD Ruler: Free download

Missing your pupillary distance from your prescription information? No worries. Here's a free PD ruler you can use to easily measure it yourself.

How to read eye test results

Jargon bust those strange numbers & abbreviations on your prescription with this helpful guide. How to read eye test results. SPH, CYL, AXIS and PRISM explained.

What happens at an eye test?

A reassuring explanation of what to expect during your eye test. Read about each stage of the process in this helpful article.

Eye test chart

A free online eye test chart. Download & print this PDF eye test for either UK or USA paper sizes. Test your distance visual acuity at home. Printer required.

What are anti glare glasses?

Anti glare glasses helps to increase light transmission, reduce glare and gives people a better view of your eyes. Read the benefits of this worthy lens coating.

What are high index lenses?

A helpful guide so you can decide if you should get high index lenses. Using your prescription, let’s see which lens thickness is best for you.

Spherical vs aspherical lenses

Strong prescription? A guide spherical vs aspherical lenses for flatter, lighter, sleeker looking lenses. Ideal for reducing lens-bulk.

What is Astigmatism?

Read about the symptoms and causes of astigmatism and the ways of which it can be corrected.

Do you fit prescription lenses?

Yes we do. As a small team of just two makers, our shop is only open a handful of times throughout the year. The prices for prescription lenses will be...

New lenses, same frame

Update your lenses but keep your current frame. We’ll happily fit your new prescription in any of our handmade glasses. Here's how.

Why are my glasses crooked?

7 reasons why your glasses are crooked and how to fix it. Plus, learn better ways to handle your glasses to stope them becoming squint.