The 19 best sunglasses boxes

Multiple sunglasses frames inside optical storage box

If you're a serial collector, you'll need a sunglasses box to store them all in one place.

Not only are they more space-efficient than individual cases, but they're also a great way to keep your shades safe, organised and scratch free.

If you have a growing sunglasses shrine, this blog will help elevate your eyewear storage game. For your closet, bedroom or hallway, we’ve compiled a list of the 19 best sunglasses boxes and where you can buy them.

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Best display sunglasses boxes
Best travel sunglasses boxes
Best luxury sunglasses boxes
Best sunglasses chests
Sunglasses storage FAQ's


      Dusty pink sunglasses organiser box lying on marble table

      Best display sunglasses boxes

      A display-style sunglasses box is perfect for integrating your sunglasses collection as part of your daily life in your bedroom or home décor. For collectors, these organisers usually feature a clear or glass lid so you can see which of your sunglasses are inside. With aesthetics in mind, these boxes are often quite sleek and elegant, ideally to harmonise with home's interior fixtures. This type of box is great for people who have a lot of sunglasses frames and want to organise them in one place. Scroll below for the best display boxes available.


      Person placing clear lid over sunglasses inside a white storage box

      Stackers Sunglasses Storage Box

      The Stackers Sunglasses Storage Box is the perfect way to keep your sunglasses collection safe, organised and scratch free. The blush pink faux leather with a contrasting soft grey lining is stylish and modern, while the 3 removable dividers let you customise the space to your needs. Whether you use 4 dividers to store 4 pairs of sunglasses or one divider to store 1 pair of sunglasses alongside other accessories or jewellery, the choice is yours. To increase your sunglasses storage capacity, you can easily stack another box on top. Stackers offer customisation options for your other accessories such as charm bars, watch pads, ring rolls etc. The Stackers Sunglasses Storage Box makes for a great gift idea.


      Front view of black sunglasses box with in built mirror

      Blackzmith Sunglasses Collectors Wooden Display Box

      This black wooden box with silver grey velvet is the perfect storage and display solution for your sunglasses collection. The high-quality wood is near indestructible while the soft interior flannel lining protects your glasses from scratches and scuffs. The built-in mirror is perfect for everyday use, and the rose gold button makes opening the box easy and convenient.


      Wooden glasses wardrobe with clear lid containing sunglasses frames

      Cokritsm Rosewood Sunglasses Organiser

      The Cokritsm Sunglasses Organiser is a stylish and elegant way to store your sunglasses. Made of high-grade rosewood, the box has 8 separate compartments to organise your frames. The inner part is made of soft grey velvet, which gives the box a luxurious feel and plush appearance. The scratch-resistant clear acrylic top window offers great light transmission, clearly displaying your sunglasses within. This sunglasses box can be used for exhibition, home decoration or personal storage in your bedroom.


      Grey coloured sunglasses organiser tray with 12 slots

      WElinks Velvet Sunglasses Organiser Box

      This 12 frame sunglasses organiser by WeLinks is an open-top style grid box for storing your sunglasses inside your closet or wardrobe. Made from a wooden carcass, the tray is lined (top and bottom) with a soft, matte grey velvet lining to prevent scratches on the frame and lenses of your sunglasses. Without a lid, this style of sunglasses tray is best kept within your wardrobe to minimise the build-up of dust on your sunglasses. Kept on a shelf in or inside a chest of drawers, the WeLinks Sunglasses Organiser Box is a simple but effective storage system for your favourite frames.


      Wood sunglasses box with glass lid lying on beige table top

      Oyobox Maxi Sunglasses Box

      The Oyobox Maxi Sunglasses Box is the perfect way to store and organise your sunglasses. This display box features a generous interior capacity, capable of hosting up to 8 pairs of frames - from everyday reading eyeglasses to large style sunglasses frames. Uniquely, the box doesn't use diving partitions and instead uses a padded central column. This internal ridge locates up inside the nose bridges of each frame, both supporting and displaying your selection of eyewear. With its stylish design and clear-lid display, the Oyobox Maxi Sunglasses Box is a great addition to any bedroom, closet, foyer or office.


      Man carrying olive coloured travel bag in front of silver car

      Best travel sunglasses boxes

      For holidays or weekends away, a travel sunglasses box allows you to pack multiple pair of your favourite sunglasses together. Organisers like these are built with space-efficiency in mind, so they tend to be fairly compact with divided compartments and zip enclosures to separate your frames. Travel sunglasses boxes come in different sizes, materials and shapes, usually with a capacity between three and six frames.

      When choosing a travel sunglasses case, consider its size, material, and features. Make sure that it will suit your needs and preferences. (If your luggage may become wet, a leather travel case may not be the best option!) The size of the case should be able to accommodate all the sunglasses or spectacles you may need to bring with you. Check out our best suggestions below.


      Aerial view of leather travel case containing 4 sunglasses frames

      Garrett Leight Sunglasses Travel Case

      Looking for a stylish and luxurious way to store your sunglasses? The Garrett Leight Sunglasses Travel Case is perfect for keeping your favourite frames organised and scratch-free. Made from non-animal leather, this simple organiser comes in brown or pastel colours and has a dual zip enclosure to keep your sunglasses safe. With space for up to four frames, this case is perfect for taking with you on holiday or weekends away.


      Green leather sunglasses box lying on wood writing table

      TwelveSixtyNine Small Collectors Travel Case

      Bring your frames to-go with the 3 slot TwelveSixtyNine collectors traveling case. Available in green or burgundy leather, this luxurious sunglasses box is hand-crafted by French artisans. With a tactile hinged enclosure, the case has an in-built strap to support the sumptuous leather lid. For improved visibility, the soft interior is lined with a contrast light grey suede. Simple, indulgent and perfect for packing your favourite three frames, this handy case is the perfect way to travel with your eyewear in style.


      Aerial view of black eyeglasses travel case

      Moscot Travel Case

      The Moscot Travel Case is the perfect accessory to safeguard your precious sunglasses collection with style and security. Beautifully made from vegan leather, this sturdy case accommodates up to 4 frames ensuring good impact resistance within your travel bag or suitcase. The soft-lined interior deters unwanted scratches or damage to your lenses and frames. With free shipping and an extended 2-year warranty, the Moscot Travel Case keeps your favourite shades safe and secure wherever your next adventure takes you.


      Black and cream hexagonal sunglasses travel case

      MoKo Roll Up Glasses Travel Case

      The MoKo Roll Up Glasses Travel Case is made of high-quality PU leather and features a soft, smooth lining to prevent your glasses from being scratched. With a capacity for five frames, it can be used for spectacles or sunglasses of varying sizes and thicknesses. With its origami-style design, this case efficiently folds up into a protective box making it perfect for travel. When unfurled, the interior slots allow you to hang the case on a clothes hook or shelf to save space in your hotel room. This is a clever little travel accessory for packing your favourite selection of frames.


      Black leather sunglasses travel case lying on grey table

      Brynnl Sunglasses Travel Storage Box

      This travel sunglasses storage organiser by Brynnl is the perfect way to store and protect your sunglasses while you're on the go. Made with a PU leather exterior and a soft lined interior, this case is easy to clean and maintain. It's neutral black design ties-in with any interior whether you're at home or travelling away. The folding case design features three separate large compartments to keep all your frames organised, as well as a handle that makes it easy to move around. It's the perfect way to keep your sunglasses safe, organised and scratch free while you're on the go.


      A zip enclosure sunglasses travel case with a grey interior lining

      Blackzmith Leather Sunglasses Travel Box

      The Blackzmith Leather Sunglasses Travel Box is the perfect storage solution for your next trip away. It's handmade with real leather, and offers a buttery smooth grain and meticulous texture on the exterior. The interior is made of soft flannel, which prevents any scratches on your lenses while you're on the move. With a dual zip enclosure, the case has a convenient carrying strap for easy transport. Whether you're travelling by plane, train or automobile, this sunglasses travel case is a must-have for keeping your sunglasses frames safe and scratch-free.


      Burgundy leather sunglasses box containing multiple spectacle and sunglasses frames

      Best luxury sunglasses boxes

      A luxury sunglasses storage box is the perfect way to keep your expensive frames safe, organised and on display. These organisers are typically made with high-quality materials, such as wood, velvet or leather, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Indulgent, decadent and fantastically niche, you can incorporate these sunglass organisers with your interior décor, making them a stylish addition to any room.

      The primary benefit of a luxury sunglasses storage box is that it will protect your frames from scratches and other damage. It's also a great way to keep them all together in one place, so you can easily find the pair you're looking for, instead of rummaging through individual sunglasses cases. Check out our top suggestions below.


      Oliver Peoples Eight Frame glasses wardrobe trunk

      Oliver Peoples Eight Frame Trunk

      This lavish sunglasses box by Los Angeles optical brand Oilver Peoples is made from genuine leather, featuring metal clasps, a plush-lined interior, and a handle for easy handling. Emblazoned with the Oliver Peoples logo, this luxury frame organiser is offered in two colourways; chocolate brown or dark navy. 


      Brown leather lined sunglasses organiser tray with 5 internal compartments

      Marricreo 5-slot Beige Eyeglasses Storage Case

      The Marricreo 5-slot Beige Eyeglasses Storage Case is a luxurious way to store your sunglasses. Made with hand-crafted Italian leather, this open-top eyewear case features five leather lined compartments to safely store your frames in an organized manner. With its luxurious beige colour and beautiful contrast stitching, this case will look great with any interior décor. In your bedroom, walk in wardrobe or on your desk, this luxury sunglasses organiser is a must-have for any fashion-savvy individual.


      Blue leather briefcase with cream interior containing six glasses frames

      Lunetterie Générale Luxury Sunglasses Travel Case

      The Lunetterie Générale Luxury Sunglasses Travel Case is the perfect way to store and protect your sunglasses. Handmade in France from luxurious dark blue textured leather, this case features polished brass plated metal accessories and corner reinforcements. The interior is lined with cream velvet, and comes with 6 compartments to store your sunglasses frames safely and neatly. The Lunetterie Générale Luxury Sunglasses Travel Case is perfect for travelling, or for storing your beloved sunglasses collection.


      Large green leather sunglasses box lying on wood table

      TwelveSixtyNine Large Collectors Briefcase

      With an extensive 20 frame capacity, the TwelveSixtyNine Large Collectors Briefcase is easily the most indulgent sunglasses box for the high-end optical market. Containing two tiered shelves, the grey suede-lined trays offer 10 segmented compartments to store your bulging sunglasses collection. This briefcase exterior is lined with a beautiful green leather featuring corner braces, hinged leather handle and a key-lock combination latch. As optical organisation goes, this large collectors case is the pinnacle of sunglasses storage boxes. (Also available in brown leather.)


      Purple glasses wardrobe with grid compartments containing eyeglasses and sunglasses

      Jacques Marie Mage Luxury Sunglasses Travel Briefcase

      The Jacques Marie Mage Luxury Sunglasses Travel Briefcase is the perfect way to store your sunglasses. It features six frame compartments, lined with felt, ensuring that your sunglasses are protected from scratches and damage. The briefcase is handmade in the Jura (France) from luxurious Burgundy cowhide leather, and it has chrome-plated clasps and buckles that create a decadent look and feel. As one of the leading high-end optical fashion brands, JMM offer this sunglasses briefcase for those who take their eyewear seriously.


      Numerous sunglasses frames inside an organised drawer tray

      Best sunglasses chests

      A chest-style sunglasses box is a great way to store and protect large collections of sunglasses. This type of box is often made with wood, or plastic and is usually lined with velvet or leather. Depending on how many frames you have, the larger capacity sunglasses boxes come in a variety of capacities with multiple internal shelves or drawers. These boxes are perfect for people who have a lot of sunglasses frames and want to keep them all in one place in their bedroom, closet or hallway.


      Black carbon fibre glasses wardrobe with cream coloured interior

      Cokritsm Sunglasses Drawer Organiser

      The Cokritsm Sunglasses Drawer Organiser is a stylish and multifunctional storage box for your sunglasses. Made of moisture-proof carbon fibre PU leather, this organiser has 18 separate large compartments to store your sunglasses in an orderly fashion. The interior is lined with soft flannel to protect your sunglasses from scratches and damage. The scratch-resistant transparent real glass top showcases your sunglasses collection while the higher light transmittance ensures easy viewing. If you're looking for an elegant and luxurious way to store your sunglasses, the Cokritsm Sunglasses Drawer Organiser is the perfect choice.


      Black plastic sunglasses storage box with three tier drawer system

      mDesign Sunglasses Display Case (Black)

      If you're looking for a multi-drawer sunglasses box, the mDesign Sunglasses Display Case is the perfect way to organise and store your eyewear. The simple case features three separate drawers which can hold up to nine pairs of sunglasses, making it the perfect solution for anyone with a moderately sized sunglasses collection. The hard-shell case is made from plastic and with metal knob handles. Although the drawers remain unlined, this organiser ensures that your sunglasses are kept together and protected from damage. In your bedroom or wardrobe, the compact dimensions of the case make it perfect for storing on any surface, while taking up minimal space.


      Transparent sunglasses organiser box with three clear plastic shelves

      mDesign Stackable Sunglass Organiser (Clear)

      The mDesign Stackable Sunglass Organiser is perfect for the storage of spectacles or sunglasses of any kind. This transparent organiser comes with three drawers which have three compartments each, providing plenty of space for your sunglasses collection. The see-through exterior shell and internal drawers make it easy to see what's inside, while the chrome plated handles add a touch of elegance. The mDesign Stackable Sunglass Organiser is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their sunglasses organised and safe.


      Sunglasses storage FAQ's

      Multiple sunglasses frames inside green leather storage box

      How do you store lots of sunglasses?

      If you have a lot of sunglasses, it's best to invest in a storage box specifically designed for holding multiple pairs. These boxes often come with multiple shelves or drawers and are usually lined with velvet or leather to protect your frames from scratches.


      Do I really need a sunglasses box?

      For serial sunglasses collectors, sunglasses boxes are helpful accessory and storage solution for large amounts of frames. If you have more than 5 pairs of sunglasses, it's easy to lose track of which frame is inside which box. Generally, protective cases aren't see-through, so you have to individually check each one to find the frame you're looking for.

      This is where a sunglasses organiser box can be really helpful. Not only do they deter dust, scuffs and scrapes, but your frames are all in the one place where they can be easily and quickly accessed. Plus, these storage boxes can look really smart compared to a jumble of random differently sized frame cases, stashed in a pile or shoved inside your wardrobe.


      Where do you put sunglasses when not wearing them?

      If you're not wearing your sunglasses, it's important to store them in a safe place where they won't get lost or scratched. Ideally, you should store them in the protective case that came with the frame. For multiple pairs of sunglasses, a sunglasses box is the perfect solution for storing your sunglasses when you're not using them. As listed in the categories above, these boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs, style and décor perfectly.


      How do you store sunglasses in a closet?

      The best way to store sunglasses in a closet is either in their protective case or a multi-frame organiser. These are open top grid trays which use partitioned slots to store multiple pairs of sunglasses in one single unit.

      The main priority for storing your sunglasses is to prevent scratching your lenses or the frames being squashed with large or heavy objects. A multiple sunglasses storage case is the ideal way to protect large numbers of sunglasses, all in the one place.


      Should you keep sunglasses in their case?

      Ideally, yes. Most sunglasses come with a protective case when you purchase them and this should be used whenever the sunglasses are not being worn. Lined with microfibre or other soft materials, these protective cases protect your lenses from scratches and keep the frame in good condition. If you don't have the original case, there are many aftermarket cases available which will achieve the same goal.


      How can I protect my sunglasses without a case?

      If you don't have a sunglasses case, you can temporarily protect them inside a food container or even a shoe. To prevent scratches, wrap your frame in tissue paper, a lens cloth or stash it inside a sock. However, these are only temporary solutions and you should ideally just purchase a proper sunglasses case, either online or from a local high street optical practice.

      Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other Eyewear accessories blogs. Thanks for stopping by.