17 Gifts for glasses wearers

Gifts for glasses wearers

There will be no novelty items here.

Unapologetically, spectacle wearers simply deserve better.

If you’re looking for optically enhancing gifts, this concise and tasteful list will surely please any glasses wearer in your life.

From decadent lens cloths to charming spectacle stands, this guide showcases the some of the best optical accessories you could possibly gift.


The 17 best gift ideas for people who wear glasses

Large yellow glasses cleaning cloth on blue background

Luxury Graphic Lens Cloth

An oversized and playfully vibrant lens cloth for keeping your beloved spectacles nice and clean. Measuring at 30cm square, this hem stitched beauty features a multi-eyed head who, aptly titled, is 'always watching'. With a written reminder to 'keep your lenses clean' on the reverse of this cloth, it's a decadent duvet for your spectacles.


A large green glasses cleaning cloth with hand drawn artwork printed on it

Luxury Lens Cloth

Like a pocket square, this oversized cloth takes lens-care to a pleasingly sartorial realm. Forget the token napkins from your optician. Unfurling this decadent duvet, you can enjoy the ceremonial polishing of your beloved glasses. The sheer size of this piece makes cleaning incredibly easy. No more shirt rubbing. Limited edition, each microfibre beauty features original artwork by Astrid Jaekel. At 30cm square, this cloth an indulgent gift for any glasses wearer who likes to keep their glasses clean.


A microfibre glasses cleaning cloth being removed from small brass tube

Lens Cloth Capsule

This handy keyring attachment is the ultimate gift for any spectacle wearer. Made from stainless steel or brass, the tubular cavity stores a travel-sized microfibre lens cloth for on-the-go lens cleaning. Simply unscrew the threaded cap and unfurl the limited-edition cloth within. Thanks to the O-ring seals, the Cloth Capsule is completely watertight, ensuring the lens cloth is clean and dry whenever you need it. Kept on your keys means you've always got it to hand when you leave the house. An ideal Christmas or birthday present.


Aerial view of white coloured 4 tier eyeglasses stand

Yamazaki 4 Tier Accessory Stand

If you're looking for a stylish way to keep your sunglasses and glasses frames organised, then this natural wood and white metal 4 tier storage stand from Yamazaki is the perfect solution. The four tiered trays have lipped edges so that nothing can slide off, making it a safe place for your daily accessories. You can also use it to organise your wardrobe or as a general catch-all in your bedroom or living room. Simple self assembly required.


Three white tubes of Nerdwax beside each other

Nerd Wax

First seen on American business TV show ‘Shark Tank’ this ingenious chap-stick is designed to stop your glasses from sliding down your nose. Nerd Wax is made from all natural materials including beeswax and coconut oil which you simply apply to a spectacle frame’s nose pads. This wax creates a grippier surface that helps keep your glasses in their proper place. A thoughtful little gift for glasses wearers who’re always pushing their frame back up.


Brass eyeglass holder with orange coloured sunglasses on beige background

Craighill Eyewear Stand

This little spectacle stand is casted from solid steel or brass and is designed to poise your eyeglasses on your desk or side table. Designed by American accessories and hardware brand Craighill, these minimal podiums are a tactile way to store your beloved spectacles or sunglasses.


Person holding a tan leather glasses case outside on sunny day

Leather Glasses Case

This leather glasses case is made from top-grain leather complete with a woven paracord lanyard and travel-size lens cleaning cloth. Instead of a clunky box, these cases are a stylish way to keep your spectacles or sunglasses protected. Inside your bag, jacket pocket or around your neck, the suede-lined interior prevents scratches. Available in tan or chestnut leather variants.


Blue leather briefcase with cream interior containing six glasses frames

Lunetterie Générale Luxury Glasses Collector’s Storage Case

This luxury eyewear case is made by French optical brand Lunetterie Générale. The exterior of the briefcase is wrapped in blue leather whilst the interior uses a cream-coloured velvet lining. With 6 compartments, spectacles and sunglasses frame are neatly organised all in one place. Decadent polished brass buckles and clasps make this a truly indulgent glasses wardrobe.


Three colourful glasses cleaning cloths inside gift box

Lens Cloth Trio Gift Pack

Oversized, vibrant and playful, these microfibre cleaning cloths are the perfect accessory for any glasses wearer. Featuring a bespoke pattern, each cloth bears a central 'eye' artwork with intricate geometric detailing. The pack includes three coths; navy, green and light blue. They're a luxurious size of 18x18cm with a classic zig zag edge. Stashed inside a glasses case or folded neatly in a pocket, these cloths would make a great gift for the bespectacled person in your life.



A white gift box containing glasses cleaning spray bottle and optical screwdriver

Chimi Sunglasses Care Kit

A charming cleaning kit for spectacles or sunglasses. Beautifully packed inside a lift off lid presentation box, the foam interior nestles a microfibre lens cleaning cloth, lens cleaning fluid spray bottle and a keyring optical screwdriver. An affordable and thoughtful gift for glasses wearers.


Assortment of black spectacle frame cleaning accessories including a brush spray bottle and carry case

URTH Cleaning Kit

For camera or spectacle lenses, this precision cleaning kit by URTH is for the serious neat-freak. Inside the recycled black nylon zip case is a silicone dust blower for gently removing any particles, an ultrafine dust brush for those hard-to-reach lens edges, a non-toxic lens cleaning solution and microfibre cleaning cloth. Made from recycled materials, this gift pack is for the spectacle wearer who likes to keep their frame and lenses crystal clear.


Blue sunglasses frame lying on white table attached to metal chain

Craighill Eyewear Chain

The retro frame-chain but modernised. Made from the same Milanese chain found for watch straps, this handy accessory is the perfect way to keep your spectacles or sunglasses on-hand. The Eyewear Chain from Craighill is equipped with silicone loops that secures your frame and allow you to smoothly adjust the chain to your desired length. Cleverly, it also doubles as an AirPod chain to keep your wireless buds safe too. How cool is that?


Steel optical screwdriver kit with burgundy glasses cleaning cloth lying on marble surface

Jacques Marie Mage Performance Screwdriver

Over time, the screws that articulate your spectacle hinges can become loose; a disappointing sensation that spoils the joy of glasses wearing. To prevent this sad occurrence, the Jacques Marie Mage eyewear performance kit contains a beautifully made screwdriver for utterly delightful frame-maintenance. Complete with Philips, flat and T3 driver heads, the kit also incudes a microfibre cleaning cloth and burgundy wrapped cleaning spray bottle. A charming gift for any glasses wearer who takes pride in their possessions.


Tortoise eyeglasses lying beside birthday cake and a gift card

Prescription Lenses

No glasses wearer fantasizes about new lenses. For them, it’s all about upgrading their frame and getting a fresh new look. As a practical but crucial gift, you can buy vouchers from 3rd party lens labs that covers the costs of prescription lenses. This way, your giftee can focus on the fun of finding their next new pair of glasses. Depending where you’re based, there are many lens labs who offer this service. In the UK, we recommend Lensology. For the USA and Canada, we recommend Lensabl. Depending on their prescription, you can choose various lens packages that suits their lifestyle including anti-scratch and anti-glare lens coatings.


Silver metal glasses case floating in front of grey background

Ayres Luxury British Glasses Case

Designed and made in the UK, Ayres luxury spectacle and sunglasses cases are designed to last a lifetime. Precision machined in Somerset England, the exquisitely refined exterior shell is made from aerospace-grade 7000 series aluminium; the same material used to make aircrafts. Aimed as “the last glasses case you’ll ever need” Ayres have elevated spectacle storage to a whole new level. For any full time glasses wearers, this thoughtful gift will last them for many years to come.


Woman wearing wire rimmed spectacles with thick gold frame chain hanging around her neck

Frame Chain Glasses Chains

All fashion is circular, but a notable comeback has been the ‘50s glasses strap. Yep, these vintage inspired optical accessories have made a recent resurgence, and in great style too. British company Frame Chain specialise solely in various chains and loops to attach to your glasses as a retro, but oddly useful way to keep them on-hand when you aren’t wearing them. For men and women, Frame Chain make precious metal, polymer and fresh-water pearl spectacle straps for just about any occasion or personal taste. A quirky but useful gift for the glasses wearer in your life.


A worker handmaking a spectacle frame in a dark workshop

Mosh Frame Makers Spectacle Making Course

For the optically obsessed, this spectacle making course lets you design and make your very own pair of glasses from start to finish. Canadian brand Mosh offer their intensive workshop course which guides entrants through the various stages of spectacle design and hand craftsmanship. For eyewear aficionados, this course is one of the most intimate and immersive experiences you could possibly gift.


Tortoise glasses frame lying beside Christmas wrapping paper and scissors

Can you order prescription glasses for someone else?

Yes, if you have their prescription details and know their frame-size, you can order prescription glasses for someone else. This ensures their lenses can be made accurately and the glasses frame will fit them properly.

The easiest way to give glasses as a gift is to let your giftee try the frame on before buying the prescription lenses. This lets them decide if they like the style, look and fit of the frame before proceeding with prescription lens fitting.

To gift the right size of glasses, you’ll need to know three basic dimensions. If they already wear glasses, you can quickly (and discreetly) find their frame size by looking for a series of three numbers that look like this; 60 [] 18 145. See the image below for an example.

White sunglasses measurements printed on black sunglasses arm


These numbers indicate the lens width, bridge width and temple length of your giftee’s glasses and will help you select the right size of frame to gift them. For a more detailed guide on glasses sizing, click here.


Bearded man with long hair wearing round sunglasses frame

Would you give Sunglasses as a gift?

Sunglasses are a great gift as they don’t require prescription lenses. However, prescription sun lenses can be fitted after gifting to make them even more tailored for your giftee. When buying sunglasses as a gift, be sure to choose the correct size of frame so it’s comfortable for the wearer. Like spectacles, sunglasses are measured the same way; lens width, bridge width and temple length. For a detailed guide on sunglasses sizing, click here.

If your giftee has Asian genetics, it's worth mentioning that there are spectacles or sunglasses specifically designed for a better fit. Taller nose pads and narrower nose bridges help the wearer’s comfort and stop the frame sliding down their nose. To learn more about Asian fit sunglasses, click here.


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