13 Best glasses wardrobe organisers

So, you’re obsessed with glasses?

As an eyewear aficionado with a healthy collection of frames, we’ve pulled together some of the best spectacle and sunglass organisers on the market.

Ranging from luxury travel cases to single eyeglass holders, these are the best eyewear storage solutions for yourself or gifting to that glasses wearer in your life.

Let’s dive in.


Table of contents

Best Luxury Glasses Wardrobe
Best Travel Glasses Wardrobe
Best Home Glasses Wardrobe
Best Wall Mounted Glasses Wardrobe
Best desktop eyeglass holder
DIY glasses organiser ideas
Glasses frame care FAQ's


Best Luxury Glasses Wardrobe

Oliver Peoples Eight Frame glasses wardrobe trunk

#1 Oliver Peoples Eight Frame Trunk

This lavish collector's case by Los Angeles optical brand Oilver Peoples is made from genuine leather, featuring metal clasps, a plush-lined interior, and a handle for easy handling. Emblazoned with the Oliver Peoples logo, this glasses wardrobe organiser is offered in two colourways; chocolate brown or dark navy. 

  • Cost: £575
  • Capacity: 8 frames
  • Size: 34 x 9 x 27.5cm
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Colour/s: Brown or Navy
  • Brand: Oliver Peoples


Blue leather briefcase with cream interior containing six glasses frames

#2 Lunetterie Générale collector’s storage case

This luxury glasses wardrobe is made by Japanese optical brand Lunetterie Générale. The exterior of the briefcase construction uses real dark blue leather and a cream-coloured velvet lining. With 6 compartments, your spectacles and sunglasses are neatly organised. Decadent polished brass buckles and clasps make this a truly indulgent way to store your prideful eyewear collection. Handmade in France.

  • Cost: $800 USD
  • Capacity: 6 frames
  • Size: 33.5 x 2.1mm x 7.5 cm
  • Material: Leather & velvet
  • Colour/s: Dark blue & cream
  • Brand: Lunetterie Générale


Purple glasses wardrobe with grid compartments containing eyeglasses and sunglasses

#3 Jacques Marie Mage glasses collector briefcase

An indulgently luxurious glasses wardrobe for any serious eyewear collector. Made in Jura, France, this cowhide leather optical briefcase offers 6 felt-lined compartments for storing your most treasured spectacles and sunglasses frames. Tactile chrome plated clasps and buckles yield a decadent interaction.

  • Cost: $580 USD
  • Capacity: 6 frames
  • Size: 24 x 33 x 9 cm
  • Material: Leather & felt
  • Colour/s: Burgundy & grey
  • Brand: Jacques Marie Mage



Best Travel Glasses Wardrobe

Aerial view of Garrett Leight eyewear collectors case

#1 Garrett Leight Collector's Case

A four-frame travel case, made by Los Angeles optical brand Garrett Leight. This high-quality protective case features a reinforced (animal-free) suede construction and softly lined interior for keeping your optical assortment safe from impacts, dust and knocks. Aimed at the luxury glasses collector, this would make an ideal travel case when taking just one frame simply isn't enough.

  • Cost: £67
  • Capacity: 4 frames
  • Size: 180 x 300 x 57mm
  • Material: Animal-free leather.
  • Colour/s: Brown, Ultramarine, Mint, Terracotta, Grey
  • Brand: Garrett Leight


Aerial view of black eyeglasses travel case

#2 Moscot Travel Case

The Moscot Travel Case is the perfect accessory to safeguard your precious collection of glasses with style and security. Meticulously handcrafted, this sturdy case accommodates up to 4 frames ensuring their utmost protection. The interior is thoughtfully lined to prevent any unwanted scratches or damage to your lenses and frames. With complimentary shipping and an extended 24-month warranty, you can confidently invest in the Moscot Travel Case, knowing that your cherished eyewear will remain safe and secure wherever your adventures take you.

  • Cost: $45 USD
  • Capacity: 4 frames
  • Size: 9.5' x 2.5' x 6'
  • Material: Vegan leather
  • Colour/s: Black
  • Brand: Moscot


Black leather sunglass organiser

#3 MoKo roll up glasses travel case

A roll-up glasses wardrobe, perfect for travelling. The clever origami construction unfurls to reveal your 5 spectacle or sunglasses frames stored safely within. Featuring a single-loop handle and two metal stud fasteners, the interior compartments are lined with microfibre to keep your eyeglasses separated and scratch-free. If you regularly travel, this storage solution is incredibly space efficient and is quickly rolled up and packed away in your luggage.

  • Cost: £19.99
  • Capacity: 5 frames
  • Size: 11.94 x 16.51 x 12.7 cm
  • Material: Faux Leather, Microfiber
  • Colour/s: Black - White Lining
  • Brand: MoKo


Square black and cream coloured travel case for storing spectacles and sunglasses

#4 Cokritism travel sunglass organiser

This sunglasses travel case is the perfect size for your favourite three frames when going away on holiday or business trips. With its simple clam-style zip enclosure and three internal compartments, this handy case keeps your glasses safely stored inside.

  • Cost: £24.99
  • Capacity: 3 frames
  • Size: ‎18 x 18 x 7cm
  • Material: Faux leather & faux suede lining
  • Colour/s: Black with cream lining
  • Brand: Cokritsm



    Best Home Glasses Wardrobe

    Wooden glasses wardrobe with clear lid containing sunglasses frame

    #1 Homeanda wooden glasses storage box

    This sturdy wooden sunglasses storage box features a transparent lid so you can easily see your favourite frames within. With 8 soft-lined compartments for organising your spectacles or sunglasses, the grid-layout keeps your frames from touching each other and becoming scratched. For a modest collection of frames, this glasses wardrobe rests perfectly in your bedroom for sleek storage.

    • Cost: $28.99
    • Capacity: 8 frames
    • Size: 37.9 x 28.1 x 9.5 cm
    • Material: Wood, cardboard & plastic
    • Colour/s: Wood
    • Brand: Homeanda


    Dusty pink sunglasses organiser box lying on marble table

    #2 Stackers Sunglasses Storage Box

    Sunglasses are a summer wardrobe staple and a must-have for any fashionista. But where do you keep your sunglasses when you're not wearing them? Throw them in a drawer or leave them lying around and they'll quickly become scratched and damaged. The Stackers Sunglasses Storage Box offers a great solution to keep your sunglasses collection safe and protected.

    This wardrobe organiser is finished in a blush pink faux leather with a soft grey lining and features 3 removable dividers. This allows you to split the space to your needs. Use the 3 dividers and store 4 pairs of glasses, use one divider and store one pair of glasses alongside other pieces of jewellery. The choice is yours.

    • Cost: £16
    • Capacity: 4 frames
    • Size: 6 x 25 x 18cm
    • Material: Faux leather & soft grey lining
    • Colour/s: Blush pink
    • Brand: Stackers


    Black carbon fibre glasses wardrobe with cream coloured interior

    #3 Cokritsm multi-tier glasses chest

    This spectacle organiser box is made from lightweight carbon fibre and features a helpful (real) glass lid to easily see your frames within. With three storage tiers, the box has two sliding drawer compartments which offer 18 slots for keeping your sunglasses organised. The interior is lined with a cream-coloured flannel to prevent scratches to your frames and lenses. Not intended for travel due to the glass lid, this sleek storage solution is best kept in your bedroom or wardrobe.

    • Cost: £58.99
    • Capacity: 18 frames
    • Size: 33.5 x 19 x 19cm
    • Material: Glass, carbon fibre & flannel
    • Colour/s: Black & cream
    • Brand: Cokritsm



    Best Wall Mounted Glasses Wardrobe

    Three dark wooden sunglass organisers hanging on white bedroom wall

    #1 Mkono wall mounted glasses storage rails

    This modular sunglasses storage system comprises of three separate hanging rails for storing your everyday eyewear. Each rail is mounted to a white strip of wood where you can easily hang your eyeglass frames on your wall. The wood strips are attached via screws which you can arrange to your desired layout. This glasses wardrobe fixture is more permanent than other solutions, but makes a nice feature display for your home.

    • Cost: £37.02
    • Capacity: 15 frames
    • Size: 35.6 x 5.1 x 0.8 (Three separate rails.)
    • Material: Wood
    • Colour/s: Wood
    • Brand: Mkono


    Grey felt sunglass organiser hanging in front of white background

    #2 Lanulus felt wall mounted organiser for glasses

    For storing inside your wardrobe or hanging on a wall, this sunglass organiser is a low-cost solution for keeping your frames organised. With additional storage features such as the three card slots and nine multifunctional buckle straps, you can store all your glasses as well as your house-keys, headphones and other day-to-day items.

    • Cost: £10.99
    • Capacity: 15 frames
    • Size: 65 x 40 cm
    • Material: Felt
    • Colour/s: Grey
    • Brand: Lanulus



      Best desktop eyeglass holder

      Brass eyeglass holder with orange coloured sunglasses on beige background

      Craighill eyeglass holder

      A stylish way to store your glasses on your work desk or nightstand. This solid metal spectacle holder is a sleek one-piece design which holds a wide variety of glasses types; metal, acetate, thick or thin frames. The reclined angle elegantly poises your frame whist the weighty metal offers tactile stability. This is one of our favourite gifts for glasses wearers who like to take care of their things.

      • Cost: $68 USD
      • Capacity: 1 frame
      • Size: 7.5 x 5 x 3.2 cm
      • Material: Brass or Stainless steel
      • Colour/s: Brass or Stainless steel
      • Brand: Craighill



      DIY glasses organiser ideas 

      Five spectacle frames hanging on a wooden coat hanger inside wardrobe

      How do you make a homemade eyeglass holder?

      You can make your own homemade eyeglass holder from everyday household items or off the shelf DIY materials. Some examples include a coat hanger, an old picture frame or spare wood material. Scroll below for the best DIY sunglass storage ideas.


      #1 Coat hanger

      One of the simplest ways to make your own glasses wardrobe organiser is using an old coat hanger. A wooden hanger is less likely to scratch your frames compared to a metal one. So, keep this in mind if you’re going for this option.

      White glasses frame organiser hanging on white wall

      #2 Picture frame

      A picture frame can make a great glasses wardrobe with some light DIY skills. By drilling some holes in the sides, you can run string across the cavity to make little rails for hanging your favourite spectacles and sunglasses. For a guide on how to make your own one, check out this handy guide.


      Slotted display tray containing wire rimmed Aviator sunglasses frames

      #3 Display tray

      This off-the-shelf display tray is a easy way to elevate your glasses wardrobe. If DIY isn’t your thing, this is a low-effort organiser for your frames. For a large eyewear collection, these trays are a nice to keep all your frames in the one place.


      DIY plywood eyeglass storage display sitting upon wooden wardrobe

      #4 DIY plywood glasses organiser

      If you’re good at making things, this DIY eyeglasses storage idea is the perfect weekend project. With some basic tools, you can make this self-standing plywood display for your everyday eyewear. Check out this blog for a step by step guide.


      Tortoise sunglasses keys and notebook stored on a yellow pegboard wall organiser

      #5 Peg Board

      The modularity of peg boards makes them ideal for storing your everyday items. Thanks to the grid system of holes, the layout options are limitless for making your own custom glasses wardrobe. There’s plenty of low-cost pegboards online which you can paint to your desired colour. This is a really easy way to store your spectacles and sunglasses with lots of options for custom configurations. Neat freaks rejoice!


      Black wire grid wall against white wall with sunglasses and hats hung on it

      #6 Metal grid wall

      Like a peg board, a wire frame grid wall gives plenty of options to store your essential everyday items. From hats, scarves and your favourite glasses frames, grid walls are an affordable way to make your own modular glasses wardrobe.



      Glasses frame care FAQ's

      Three eyeglass frames in a row beside each other

      How do you store lots of glasses?

      If you have many spectacles or sunglasses frames, it’s best to store them in the protective case they were originally sold with. However, if you’d like to store them all together in one place, a glasses wardrobe or sunglasses boxes are both great options. The most protective storage method is a hard-shell carry case with multiple compartments for all your frames. Hard-cases like these keep all your beloved eyeglasses in one place, deters dust and prevents the frames from scratching off one another. For serious eyewear collectors, this saves time searching through individual cases.


      How do I hang my glasses?

      The best way to hang your glasses is via the nose pads on a specifically designed eyeglass stand or spectacle holder. This method simulates how your glasses rest on your nose where the nose pads are the main point of contact. If for any reason your pads become scratched or worn slightly, this will be hidden from view when you’re wearing them. For more ways to hang your glasses, check out these methods you can make yourself at home.


      Man laughing with his head back wearing crooked glasses frame

      Why are my glasses crooked?

      Spectacles or sunglasses made from cellulose acetate have the tendency to change shape over time. This is because acetate is soft and is designed to be adjusted to your face. Spectacles or sunglasses can become crooked for a number of reasons.

      If your ears are asymmetrical, your frame’s temples (arms) can become ‘scissored’ where they don’t sit level on a table. This is perfectly normal and can actually make your glasses more comfortable to wear on your ears. Like a pair of jeans or leather boots, acetate glasses adapt to the shape of your head.

      If you have a particularly strong prescription, your lens curvatures can warp an acetate frame front. Over time, your glasses can become flatter or more curved depending whether your lenses are concave or convex.

      If you keep your glasses on top of your head, this puts stress on the hinges and can eventually make your glasses wider. This is an easy place to keep your glasses when you aren’t wearing them, but long term, this habit can damage the shape of your frame and make it less secure on your head.

      If you take your glasses off with one hand, you’re likely doing this this squint. Over time, this habit can lead to squint temples (arms) and make your glasses wonky. The best way to take your glasses off is with two hands holding the frame front, straight, without pulling the frame to one side. Put them straight in their hard-case.


      Person removing blue glasses frame from tan leather case

      Where do I put my glasses when I’m not wearing them?

      The best place to put your glasses when you aren’t wearing them is inside the protective case they were originally sold with. Spectacle cases prevent your frame becoming squashed or scratched which can lead to terminal or very expensive damage. Avoid keeping your glasses on top of your head as this can warp the frame, making it loose on your head.


      How do you store your glasses without a case?

      If you don't have a glasses case, use a clean sock or plastic food container lined with paper towel to store your glasses. Another method is to wrap your glasses in their microfibre cleaning cloth until you can buy a proper hard-case. A specifically designed glasses case usually has a microfibre lining to stop your frame and lenses becoming scratched.


      Why should I keep my glasses in a case?

      Spectacle or sunglasses cases are designed to prevent your glasses from becoming squashed, scuffed or scratched. Lens damage hinders optical performance, making it harder to see correctly. Misshapen glasses from being squashed will likely be loose, uncomfortable or completley broken. Replacement cases are low cost and readily available online or via your local optician.


      How do you store your glasses at night?

      If you need your glasses first thing in the morning, place them on your night stand using an eyeglass holder or spectacle stand to keep them safe and secure. Another option is to keep them in their protective hard case on a bedside table or nearby flat surface.

      Hopefully you found this article helpful. Please check out our other Eyewear accessories blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

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