Designing Sunglasses: a free guide


Eyewear designer: free guide

Your own custom sunglasses.

Sounds pretty cool right?

You could design your own pair exactly the way you want them, in exactly the right shape in exactly the right style.

How about this designing sunglasses guide?






Clearly you’re curious about sunglasses design.

Here’s your chance to do it yourself, with the aid of an exclusive-free template and some basic drawing tools.

Take our free designing sunglasses guide for a spin so you can start creating your perfect sunglasses frame today.

Who needs the excuse of having children to do some good old arts and crafts anyway?

  • Downloadable PDF
  • Easy to use
  • Free




What's the idea?

You can start designing sunglasses in just a matter of minutes.

Sure, you could sketch them on a black piece of paper, but that would be guessing your way through with trial and error.

Instead, this handy guide does all the hard work for you.

Using a template and standard dimensions, you can use this guide to design your perfect sunglasses frame, exactly the way you want it.

You’re pretty lucky though…

We wish we had something like this when we began making our own sunglasses frames.

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How do I use this guide?

Got a pencil?

Your sunglasses design career is ready to begin.

Using the templates and guides, you don’t have to be a seasoned sketcher or an artistic genius to use this designing sunglasses kit.

Here’s what you’ll need.

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Is this guide for me?

Clearly, you've got an idea for your own sunglasses design.

Hey, you’ve probably sketched some ideas on a napkin somewhere…

Geeky is good. We love geeky. Downloading this guide is going to lead to many great things.

Does this sound like you?

  • Weekend warrior
  • Bespoke sunglasses idealist
  • Commercial enquirer
  • Collaborator with Banton Frameworks
  • Design enthusiast
  • Architect glasses wearer




What's inside the guide?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Go on then.

Here’s your sneak preview of what’s inside the designing sunglasses guide.

  • 17 page PDF guide
  • Industry jargon buster
  • Instructions
  • Guidelines & standard dimensions
  • Exclusive design template
  • x5 lens tint options
  • Exemplar sunglasses design

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Can you make my sunglasses design?


Bespoke sunglasses enquiries

Your bespoke sunglasses concept can be turned into a reality.

To make your dreams come true, we’ll kick things off with a few emails to establish what we can do for you in terms of material, design, processes and volume.

You can contact us using the form below to tell us about your sunglasses design.


Commercial enquiries

If you got a big project in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

Select your enquiry genre using the form below.



How much does it cost to manufacture a pair of glasses?

Your bespoke sunglasses cost will be determined by some basic factors.

  • Material
  • Process
  • Volume
  • Time

If you have a fully resolved sunglasses concept, it can make the development stages much quicker and cheaper to fully develop with us using the form above

Your best bet is to make use of your designing sunglasses guide. This way, you can sculpt and refine your sunglasses design to the point where you’re happy to have it made.

Making your sunglasses look perfect takes several iterations so we’ve made a low-ink template you can use over and over again.

This ’ll  help your design journey… and your ink consumption.

You’ll notice that you can quickly become obsessed with getting your design as smooth and as flowing as possible.

Who knew sunglasses design could be so addictive?

Once you’re ready to proceed with your eyeglass design, send us an email using our handy contact form.

Rather than using a standard price, we can take a look at your sunglasses design and consult you with a quote.

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How are sunglasses made?

Before you go any further, can we clear something up?

All eyewear is handmade, but most eyewear is handmade somewhere else.

Even in today’s automated world, manufacturing sunglasses still requires a lot of human skill and intervention.

Fitting hinges to inserting screws, there’s still a large degree of manual labour that goes into the production of acetate spectacles and sunglasses frames.

You’ll notice that many sunglasses brands are happy to talk about designing sunglasses, but very few brands mention where their frames are actually made.

You’ll be glad to know that we make our frames in our small workshop here in the outskirts of Glasgow Scotland.

It’s a special place.

We’re based right beside a loch where it’s usually very quiet…

Unless we’re machining our latest batch of sunglasses frames of course.




Each Week or so, large sheets of premium-grade cellulose acetate arrive outside our small workshop doors.

Ironically, they can barely fit through, so we have to cut them down before we can begin machining them into your sunglasses.

Inside, we lovingly manufacture spectacle and sunglasses frames using a series of in-house processes, marvellous machinery and hard-earned skill.

You can learn more about how to make plastic glasses frames by clicking the button below.

It’s a rare thing you know.




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